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Hey man. Cross out Shinsenden. A fully playable English translation patch for it is already available here.

And, don't worry, mate. Lord Monarch (SMD) is STILL being worked on! Check this latest video from Nov 2016 (And member's comment below it).

No, Shadowrun (Sega CD) is NOT abandoned :banghead:! You just need to check the team members' comments properly. It's been put on hold for now in favor of easier projects due to insane memory allocation programming bugs.
Quote from: Mugi on April 23, 2017, 07:11:04 AM
Im working on the engine side for now until i figure out what to do with it. (or something else that I find worth doing.) I have plenty of projects that could use my attention
(utawarerumono portable, utawararerumono 2, utawarerumono 3, girlfriend of steel 2nd still needs a bugfix patch, the first girlfriend of steel i hacked some aeons ago and could just work out too, magna carta for psp is halfway there, the list is endless...), but ultimately they all have the same issue; they're missing a translator. I could google translate things and spit out a new translation patch once a week if i so wished, but what good would that serve ?. not much.

Oh, I just realised after learning from the rather difficult to read Wikipedia page on the whole Utawarerumono series that both sequels (On PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. No longer PC and PSP like the original.) will be released worldwide next month and in the fourth quarter respectively this year. Perhaps, most likely, only the PS4 ports of both sequels may be released in English like some competitors (ie. Persona 5).
I checked before then that both of those games do have rather nicer looking engines that I like more than the original iteration (No judgment on your choice of games nor translation. The visuals for the first game look alright and are cohesive if a bit dry.).
So the question is why would you want to be working on translation hacks for both of those sequels if they'll come in English?

I have checked that youtube link on your translation hack of the first game's PSP version and saw in the comments section that the battle gameplay had received huge improvements over the English-localized PC version. So that's all good and well.
Yahoo! :crazy:

Has anyone taken a look at this interesting retrospective video on this specific game and that also explains some of the cool mechanics in it? Buckle in your seat, it's 27 minutes and a half long! I'd think that it'd be a good primer for you before playing this patched up game.
This more recent video (11.5 mins long) discusses the history and time system in the game's story and is much better than the above video. It has dubbed captioning!
Quote from: MrFwibbles on April 04, 2017, 07:07:16 PM
Thanks, rainponcho! I've used the tools you provided to edit the company names and title screen, and submitted v1.00.
Wow, you've got talent, that's for sure! ;D :beer:
Also would you add rainponcho's name to your project's credits roll for his hacking help?
Quote from: kuoushi on March 10, 2017, 05:54:36 PM

First, and this will probably annoy a number of people, no eroge (adult games). Things that push the boundaries of that a little are okay, so long as it doesn't go too far (e.g. Rusty).
Second, PC-98 exclusives are preferred. Or at the very least, the PC-98 version of the game is the definitive version out of all the different ports and versions of the game.
Ah, well, that takes Dragon Knight 4 (The uncensored PC-98 version) out of the pool, which is bad luck as I'm now pretty keen on this game's series.
Have you considered The Magic Candle, ported 2 years after the original Western computer formats by the company behind King's Bounty (PC-98 & FM Towns ports)? Why? Because I think both the art & interface of it do look a lot better than the PC DOS version. Not really compulsory to work on as it's obviously been released in proper English any other way.

Quote from: kuoushi on March 10, 2017, 05:54:36 PM
Those are really the main two things we're looking at. Other things we tend to steer clear of are Visual Novels or Adventure games, but that's mostly just a personal preference for us. If a game from those genres is phenomenal we will of course consider it, but we probably won't be doing a lot of those.
Well, have you checked out Makyouden? It's gotten very positive opinions and I like the art style & setting. Also I love the sepia-like look of Ougon no Rashinban heaps, what with its isometric perspective, coming from the uber-famous (in retro gaming fan circles) Riverhill Soft! It's a bit like an Agatha Christie murder mystery story. Up to you if the story's interesting or not. There was another title in the series that came beforehand which also has an enhanced remake on the Nintendo DS.

* Forgot to add this: Whatever the things are that your team is working on I'm sure that all of us are absolutely happy to see these sorts of progress and reaching completion status with any project ever because it is relatively unheard of before for such a team that has strong sustained momentum continuing to tinker away at their list of titles from an old Japanese computer platform, especially the PC-98! And, IMO, those games that you folks do like to translate are cool as and very interesting for us as well!
Yeah, the zip file is working properly now. Thanks Spinner 8.

Oh, and the web addresses of the forum topics, including those that Mr. Fwibbles put up in his recent help ad for this game, in their old format are working fine now. Phew!
Ah, it seems that the webmasters have forced a redirect from the old format for any topic links to the new format (? and = in place of / and , respectively) automatically, which is good news, definitely.

Added: The 'Relevant Link' email address is missing in the OP above. But I can see the address when you hover the mouse cursor over the same 'Relevant Link' on the front page news for this project.
Hey. Congratulations on fully translating this GB peer to the (as yet un-translated) SFC/SNES game.

But the version 0.98 patch file right now on that game's translation patch page doesn't work as an archive. It's only 6KB or something. Can you fix it? Also the two links in your recent help ad for this game are down - maybe you deleted them or more likely as I've found in some other link in another thread that these sort of topic links seem to be broken or disappeared completely.

* Found the error: I think RHDN may have slightly changed the formatting of those forum topic addresses without at least providing room to accept the old address format.
Part of one of the old links in the help ad (Can be applied to any other forum topic basically):

Well, it should be changed (Perhaps RHDN can make an automatic way of doing that?) with two replacements to:
"...index.php?topic=18895" (Notice the ? replacing / and = replacing a comma [,]).

* Never mind the above. A day or two after I discussed the aforementioned topic link addressing error this website finally managed to make them work properly now!
Cool. I shall be keen to find out more about those other games that you've been working on.

But here's a bit of a fun fact that I've found out recently. You know 'Sugar & Rockets' was the developer behind the Yarudora (and PoPoLoCrois) series? Well they once were called 'Exact' whom worked on several Sharp X68000 and PSX games before they merged as an entity with the Sony Computer Entertainment Interactive body.
So, it was by then that I now can see the special sauce behind these Yarudora games, so to speak!
I like Font 4 the most for readability. Font 3 is better than Font 5. Font 2 is pretty.
Quote from: filler on March 30, 2017, 05:37:50 AM
Thanks, that helped. I thought maybe there was something special, but it just uses the OS clip board.

Don't get your hopes up too high regarding the pedigree. :P It seems like a cute, interesting game, but it was probably more like a publicity stunt back then. Expect much idol nerd wish fulfillment.
Thanks. Though, fortunately, I've never said that this game was 'great' in its subjective term, :police:, haha! But perhaps see it as a beginner's sort of game development, 'testing the waters', for these developers before they each went on to make better and more famous games!

QuoteI heard the same thing about "later versions of the game", but where are the later versions? I'll see what I can do.
Well, I found this in the third paragraph in this strategy wiki article for this game but they've never referenced it to anywhere.
Ah, good. I now can see that you already do know about this website. I saw a forum topic about this group of mods made by you over at theisozone the other day. Will you be submitting all of your completed hacked Saturn game mods officially on this site for increased visibility?
Yahoo!  :crazy:

I'm glad that this game may be being translated into English due to its considerable pedigree, and the unusual way in which the player back then could contact a phone service over the FDS network to hear voice recordings from an actress for story and tips!

This wiki page actually has transcripts of those voice recordings, but they're in Japanese. Perhaps you could actually edit it over there and upload your English translation? The phone numbers were cut off soon after the game's release and will never work again, so there goes that. However, the messages and hints are displayed in text form in subsequent versions of the game.
Personal Projects / Re: Independent Girl Translations
February 09, 2017, 01:54:54 PM

Quote from: mz on February 04, 2017, 01:37:39 AM
I live just a few kilometers away from the real Aconcagua mountain, so I've always been very interested in that game!

The Japanese version already has an English font, regular SJIS encoding once the file is loaded into RAM, a lot of dialog already written and/or voiced in English and Spanish, the UI is in English... And I think there was a full longplay translated in YouTube, so it seems to be a bit easier than the others.
Thank you so much for beginning to work on Aconcagua. About time! It's nice to see people who start new projects on the cult classics & hidden gems for the PSX! Did you know there are some retrospectives for this game on the web?

Considering your previous efforts you must be a professional romhacker! :P :thumbsup:

* Addendum, after your response: Well, there is another retrospective on listal with a link to that HG101 article. BUT as of this day (10th of Feb 2017) the entire server is down! Disappointing.
Re-edit: The server is back up and working, a few hours after I saw that it was down. If you check the review the user who did that has also made several lists for a number of PSX games like the Hidden Gems list and Horror games lists and other retro games.
* Whoops, I only found this on Google search because I was trying to look for the translated English title of this game. This thread wasn't on the 'Personal Projects' page which I usually look over, so... But this sub-forum here makes sense from your perspective (Atomizer_Zero's).

Whoa, congratulations on your first great success, Atomizer_Zero! >:D You've finally beat Aeon Genesis with one of his dormant projects to the punch!

Though, seeing as the title screen hasn't been changed in this patch, would you be willing to translate that or ask someone else to do likewise? It might be nice to translate that subtitle "Juuma Houkan" (Giantbomb translates the full title as "3x3 Eyes: Respectful Restoration of the Magic Beast") on the graphic screen.
Hey. I was looking up the superfamicom profile for Glory of Heracles 4, which you all know has just been translated, when I noticed an eye-catching name near the end to the bottom-right side. There is Shoji Masuda who was the supervisor of that Glory of Heracles 4 game!

As Cargodin already knows Shoji has done Linda Cubed Again, Abarenbou Princess and a couple Tengai Makyou projects!
I don't know if DragonSpikeXIII can see this but I just wanted to add my message of congratulations to him and his huge team on a great success for a worthy project that I myself and I'm sure along with many others weren't aware that the game itself had another world of storytelling that was contained behind 'closed doors' in Japan! I've read the blog by the project leader for several years and have acknowledged what a huge endeavour it was to get this mammoth task fully done! I've gone through a little bit of the first disc with an earlier patch last year so I can attest that it's a top-quality translation and hacking job as I'm sure this final patch is plus more!
Quote from: CrocMagnum on December 27, 2016, 11:57:30 AM
This news is glorious indeed, cheers folks!

Honestly I didn't expect any new translation for the holidays. Actually up until today I wasn't in the mood to play videogames, but you at Transcorp really know how to push my buttons! :laugh: So I have no choice but to taste some Herakles goodness. ^^

Kudos to all the staff at Transcorp and, more generally, to every single good souls who took part in recent projects: I mean this year has been really good for fan-translations.
YES! :beer: Congratulations on adding another top-quality fan-translation to an epic RPG to add to the cream of the SNES RPG's crop! Thank you to Nightcrawler and nanashi, especially the latter for carrying over the conventions of the translations and story-telling styles from the older Glory of Heracles games over to this iteration!
It's also fabulous that the English language localizations of this full series are now completed. Wow. :happy:

Quote from: Nightcrawler on December 29, 2016, 08:42:14 PM
There were enough other required utilities to work on that I was not interested in such endeavors. I was far more interested in developing a universal VWF modular system with it to work with all games. I believe I succeeded on that front and I shall never need to code another one again. :)
Wow, man. :angel: This is a really significant development for the SNES romhacking community. And I for one can't wait to see how it would help the other programmers (besides yourself hopefully) to speed up their translation insertion and romhacking efforts in practical ways!
I had checked DDSTrans' Twitter feed when he just posted a new Tweet only 3 hours ago with a huge revelation! He said that Avicalendriya has come back to provide DDStranslation his files for Goemon 2, including for the title screen visuals. That is GREAT NEWS! :crazy:

Quote from: reyvgm on November 14, 2016, 11:26:49 PM
Hopefully they don't use that font either!
And, yes, DDS agrees with a few of you regarding the original font shown in his graphical hack for this game. So now he's been replacing the old font with a new, more elegant font type. ReyVGM has already seen them. DDS has also posted several other tweets about this project as well as his cooperation with Tom on another SFC game called "Far East of Eden Zero". (20 Nov 2016) (29 Nov 2016)
Ah, these are very sound explanations from the two top experts in this game (pun!). So now I agree with you totally to avoid the X68000 version for gameplay and pacing reasons. Gurh! For every location to basically be a constrained maze one after the other does seem very tedious.

I do like sci-fo adventures. More of these please! They're so unique and radically different from the fantasy, sword and sorcery RPGs, not that these are not any fun. But they each naturally lend to different storytelling styles.
Quote from: celcion on November 05, 2016, 04:24:22 PM
Not really. PC-88 SC graphics was a way worse than SMD one. There were barelly a 20-30 polygons onscreen. But, then again, PC-88 was an 8-bit platform, without any graphics acceleration, so nothing better could really be there. But X68000 version came a year later with 16bit-color (65K colors on-screen) and full-screen 3D-graphics. And that must've been very spectacular.
Yeah, I have learnt about that spectacular dedicated Sharp X68000 version in the recent past. But is your newly formed group too scared to do that one or would you really like to move on to other unique games?
And congrats on a great release!