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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Editing Kirby's Dream Land sprites
« on: August 24, 2021, 11:55:40 pm »
Hal lab uses a custom compression.
You will have to use this (de)compression tools.

Maybe you can also be interested in work on the colorized version

Newcomer's Board / Re: medarot ds english translation
« on: August 09, 2021, 02:07:03 pm »
Do you have at least the script to translate?

Many of the pokemon games have been dissasembly, if you only wanna change sprites and names thats the way to doit, all those include a repack file. It requieres low hacking skills, probably install and run some cmd commands, if you wanna make something more difficult as change moves, create new items, change video secuences etc... that will requiere to learn asm,coding and study the console cpu.

I would like to make a small team to help out with this passion project.
Try to sell your project, your sentence sounds like you wanna people to do stuff for you.
If you have something done, show it up will be a good idea too.

I used tilemolester.
I check it again, and could not found the handakuten/dakuten glyphs on the font.

I can't comment about the romhacking part.
But your .tbl have missing many of the dakuten handakuten glyphs.
On the bank 15 image, have 2 kanji together
Try to find the font with any graphic program and correct the. tbl before dump the text script.

The font is at $165CB

You will have to dump the text into a script.
then people can translate it for you.
Idk if you can do the dump/insert part.

I would like to get some help to id this kanjis.
I know some are easy to id like 用光小山大当ニカ天化...
This 8x8 px font is hard to read to me and also I cant recognise well some radicals.

I edited the image adding some space in between, ill let the original pic in case i did a mistake somewhere.

I know this will be easy for you guys.
Thank you in advance.

Edit: Ryu have sent me the answer already.


Well, that is because after given a lot info, that guy keep asking me to do the .tbl, the script dump, and more of the 99% of the work. their translation skill are just copy paste the text into google translation, as the game is a japanese game it will give the same problem as always, short text strings, the needed of update the pointer or in some cases repointer the whole text and the translation itself. He doesn't speak japanese and their english is unclear.This game have kanjis that level up the translation complexity to astronomical levels. I can share knowledge with him but he keep saying he will use "their methods" (raw hexedit) so I don't wanna lose my time telling him every text string offset, making a 750 value table file, program a dte or vwf text engine to allow english script. If I do all, I can translate the game myself. so I don't need his "translation" help. Even if he finish the translation himself I don't wanna be credited because probably the translation will be very poor.
He is interested in this translation, I gave him the Lamborghini keys, now he have to drive it.

Saddly the graphics are compressed.
They are around $28E000

The color pallete is at
The tilemap is at

You will need help to decompress them, I dont know asm, so I cant help.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Confused about GB pointers
« on: July 11, 2021, 04:56:04 pm »
Gb pointers are usually located at the same bank where the text is.

once you know your text offset and calculate your pointer.
then you move at the bank Start offset and do a hex search for the pointer.

I'll write you an example.
Imagine your text is at $106091

so your text is at bank 26

the bank 26 start at the offset $104000

0x106091-0x104000+0x4000=0x6091 > 9160 pointer

You move to 104000 and search the hex string 9160.

it should be between 104000 and 107FFF

I need help to translate this game I was trying for days trying to translate this game with my methods but no method of mine works but I don't know if I use a specific method if you know a method to translate "nobunaga ambition lord of darkness" tell me how

I think you are trying relative search.
For japanese language the most effective way is using a value scan.

On aoki ookami to shiroki mejika genchou hishi
the font is at $81C00

Already have english characters on 8x16px

There are also 248 kanjis on 16x16 at $84010 the kanji #7 is only 16x8px that's why everything before looks moved.

With this notes, i guess you can now make the .tbl and read/edit/dump the script.

That intro text string is at 0x1DC55
also notes that B1=あ.

Edit: Now I notes that 1B acts like a switch byte. and BC as a control code, take in mind this values.
Enjoy your translation.

You have to find the tilemap and edit it.
Use your emulator Vram viewer and track each tile hex code, make an hex string and search it on the rom.

You can cut your text in bigrams and use 2 letters per tile.
five tables seems enough to fill an entire book.
Instead write
C,A,R. <==three tiles.
You can write
CA,R_. <==two tiles.

You don't extract text from a game to a .tbl.

You extract text from a game with .tbl help.

when you open a game on any Hexadecimal editor, you see, music,images,instructions,text,sprites, as numbers from 00 to FF.

a table file is just a text file with custom extension .tbl
in that table you indicate the hex to text conversion chart.

that way you can isolate where the strings of text are written.

Off course as you are converting hex to text, sometimes you can see pictures as text. but this text doesn't have any sense because isn't mean to doit.

even better, games have pointers tables for text. thise pointers can be array in blocks or also before each text string.

with the help of the pointer table and the table conversion. you can successfully extract just the game text without touch anything else.

even better, if your translate text is bigger that the actual game space, you can send your new text wherever you want and just update the pointer table.

The first thing you have to do in other to translate any game is find the font, create a .tbl and reverse engineering the gamecode to find text pointers.

with those data you can use any script extract/insert tool to change the text.

For your Sakura wars translation you can use the in-game font and apply a DTE, that should be enough compression to fill 28 characters per line without do assasembly changes. the game uses 5 tables.
5 * 256= 1280 bigrams to use.

On your other post you said that you are translating sakura wars and your text start at  0x106091 if that is the case, this is my explanation.

As KingMike have said each gbc bank have $4000 bytes

Your text is at bank 41


your bank start at the offset 0x104000 and ends at 0x107FFF (108000 is bank 42)

your pointer table have to be between those offsets.

0x106091 this is you text offset.

take the last four digits of the offset, and cut off the rest.


now a couple of rules:
If the offset is from 0000-3FFF, add 4000 to the offset.
If the offset is from 4000-7FFF, do not add anything to the offset.
If the offset is from 8000-BFFF, subtract 4000 from the offset.
If the offset is from C000-FFFF, subtract 8000 from the offset.

6091 is from 4000-7FFF, so do not add anything to the offset.

Because Game Boy is little endian, switch the first two digits with the last two

9160 this is your pointer.

You can go to your bank offset 0x104000
and do an hex search for 0x9160 value. the hole blocks is your pointers table:

Take in care that sakura is an MB5C game. and have a lot of text.
and probably the pointers are in 3 Byte Pointers mode.

The same logic apply to other games if your question isn't about sakura wars.

To do this math you have to use a calculator in hexadecimal mod.
there is gameboy calculator pointer out there too.

The english version is a leaked version. is full of bugs. was taken without creator permission. somebody put it on cartridges and selling it on the internet illegally. if you wanna play that buggy version you will waste money and also will make that people that are working on the real translation lost interest in the project. I did the Spanish translation and fix some problems on the French version. both patch will not work on the english version. Romhacking is a hobby, people put years of their life to create this translations. the translation will be release at the proper time. just to let you know this game have 1495 maps and around 600 have text for each of the 12 characters so. image the amount of text that have to be inserted/translate and be tuning for a gbc console. there a few limitations and conditions that have to be sorted to realese this translation. people usually dont drop low quality translations. nobody want their name on a bad one. for now you have to wait. or try to do your own translation.  ;)

Newcomer's Board / Help finding pointers (GBC) SRP
« on: May 18, 2021, 12:45:12 am »
Hi there, I am trying to translate super robot pinball for the gameboycolor.
I have managed to extract the font of the game and its 3 tables, I want to extract the text of the game using cartographer, but at the moment I am having trouble finding the pointers.

My first text is at the offset $0x40061 so i do my math:


0x40061-0x40000+0x4000=0x4061 > 6140 pointer

$40000-$43FFF //Table pointer should be around here.

but doing a hex search i cant find anything.

I try with my next texts.

0x40140 4140  4041 pointer
0x40210 4210  1042 pointer

and still nothing. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

I am trying to extract from offsets
0x40061 to 0x42796.
via raw but that ends on a huge file with a lot trash data in between texts.

Text looks like this

The first text is 122bytes long so I look right after and before the text searching for $7C value or any close and still nothing.

Any help is appreciated.

If you open that game on a tile editor you can see the font. isnt compressed at all and have all the english characters.

This game have 1byte table and 4 tables full of kanjis of 2 bytes.

After working for two years in this game, I have been translate, insert the text and also redraw some game images.
Now I'm looking for help to remove some bugs from a final spanish version.

This game initially has 3 text tables.
Hiragana and

To switch between tables, a byte is used that acts as a momentary switch.
5E for table two and 5F for table 3.

at not being able to program a vwf, romhacker opted to expand tables and use a squishy text engine.
that means that every pair of letters that make up the text of the entire game has been drawn on each tile.

Now the game use 5 tables and 2 more switches


What is really needed is to modify the routine that
Take switches 5E, 5F, and expand them to 18 and 19.
not only in the maps (BECAUSE IS DONE) but also in the profiles, in the main menu and also in the video scenes.

because the current text routines explit the bytes 18XX as to different bytes showing two tiles, instead of a single one.

any help about this is appreciate.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Trouble Patching .nes file on Mac
« on: January 11, 2020, 11:06:10 am »
What programs are you using for patch and for emulate?

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