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Hello everyone!

I've recently picked up a neat little project for myself, delving into formerly unknown territory of rom hacking!
It's a specific game, Rurouni Kenshin: Juuyuushi Inbou Hen (otherwise known as Kenshin RPG). I've checked the game's
page on the site, no info. I've searched google, little to no information.
Now I know that the compressing is different with pretty much every psone game, so I understand that there is no universal way to go about doing this. I've tried all of the tools this site and many others have to offer. The only ones that have given me any result are PSound (simply for the soundbytes) and JPSXDEC (which enabled me to access all of the files it could read: the MOVIE files. So i'm good to go with the sound and movie data.

But what I'm really after, is the graphics data.

Inside the game's .bin file I've got a bunch of other .bin files (including one which is named BTLCHAR.BIN, to which I can only assume are the character sprites for the battles) and a bunch of .GRP files (which I am unable to access).

Using .tim search tools like PSicture didn't work...

Any advice or tips on what steps I can take to increase my results?

Thank you for your time

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