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Of note is that this same technique seems to be present in Tactics 2's Bydo unit names as well (I found a Japanese fansite/wiki-thing for Tactics 2 that seems to show it (, so it'll probably show up in your translation.
It wasn't yet, I just unknowingly translated the katakana directly. I'll be sure to put it in as it's such a sweet little easter egg!

Heh, funnily enough, you actually have more gameplay experience with R-Type than I do. I haven't played a single game - I don't even like shump gameplay, in general (tactics is up my alley though) - but one day, I was trawling wikis for some reason or another, and ended up reading about the Bydo... and quickly fell in love with R-Type's setting, and the combination of unsaid-yet-horrible potential subtext and interpretations of the story. I have, however, watched playthroughs of all R-Type games so far, so I can still recognise various things (like the Xelf-containing level of Bitter Chocolate being a massive whole-stage copy-of/reference-to the first level of R-Type Final).
So did I. Also loved the mix of a great sci-fi setting with the tactical gameplay. It could be glanced off as a generic good guys (humans) vs. monsters (Bydo), but when you look closer it's actually pretty deep for game that was originally just a shoot-em-up. And I haven't even started on that little plot twist which you probably already know. Tactics II is more about factions warring against each other at first though, which deepens the story a little more. The Bydo may be a horrific lifeform, but they can't really drive an emotion driven story that we little humans like so much :D

R-99 R-WALTZ's
Luckily the precursor doesn't appear in Tactics II, they're all Last Dancers.

Slack? Do I need to sign up for this service, or create a profile on it or something? How does this work?
August or Black will send you a PM containing more info.

Note, if you plan on using the translation for the opening subtitles - or anywhere else that mentions 'the Devil's Weapon' -, I'm really iffy on the way I translated that phrase. if I didn't know you were doing this translation, I would've gone back and change mine to be more literal by now. I kept saying 'Bydo-Derived [weapon/device/etc]' because I didn't want first-time players to misunderstand, but thinking about it, R-Type has always been a game that gives no explanations and forces the player to look online for understanding, so I should have left the 'poetic' version in.
Wait a minute, could you be the "bydolord" that made the translated trailer on youtube If so, nice work dude! We're all amazed at how well you managed to clean up the Japanese text like that. That said, "the Devil's weapon" was something that made us frown too (even though it is the literal translation). You'll be able to read up on our thoughts once you join slack.

...Admittedly, I also can't say I was a big fan of the original translation anyway; they might have correctly translated the hidden message in the default Bydo Pilot-names (read them from the first capitalship down, the names form a message), but they messed up a bunch of ship names (Rebo rather than Revo, Kombiler/Compiler - but most damningly, renaming the R-99 Last Dancer into the R-99 R-Waltz; I guess they were a Gundam fan)... and made the blue ore 'Solonium' instead of 'Solumonadium' - which I have a sneaking suspicion was supposed to be a reference to Solomon (the biblical figure who found a way to bind demons into servitude for the good of his people, before it backfired on him... you know, like the way the Space Corps binds the "Demon's Weapon" into the beneficial Forces with control rods, which may well be made from this metal?).

That is all some very interesting stuff. Thanks for the pointing out the hidden message, it had completely gone over my head... For the other stuff, I guess Atlus has some excuses for their translations. The unit name of the Kombiler/Compiler for example is B-BSCnb, which I suppose stands for "Bydo-Battleship Conbiler". This would mean both translations are incorrect. About Solonium there is no excuse, in Japanese it's ソルモナジウム, "Sorumonaziumu" in Romaji, which would be Solumonadium in English.

To be honest, I'm no expert on R-Type as a series. I merely loved the tactical subgenre from Command, which led me to translate Tactics II. This means that I'm not familiar with how things were named in those older games. Still, for continuity's sake I'd still rather stick to Atlus' work (hopefully I won't displease too many fans of the original games). Interestingly though, since you mentioned the R-Waltz, I decided to look it up and found a wikia page where it states that the Waltz is actually a predecessor to Last Dancer, only appearing in Command.

Hmm. Seeing as it's just the translation aspect of the Menu items, and not the actual image editing (beyond Paint-tier writing text in boxes), I imagine this is something I can do. However, I'm lacking some of the data - the image files from Command and Tactics, specifically, so I'll need to use these google docs... and I have no mobile device to use this mentioned Google Translate app on (I've been doing my Kanji recognition with for the most part, and as far as I can tell I've gotten good at putting a Kanji together from its radicals; in the cases I'm not sure, messily drawing it into not-mobile Google Translate's recognition finds me the rest).

Great to hear! We actually do most of our discussions on Slack, where you'll be finding all the necessary links. So if you're ready to give it a go, you'll probably get an invite soon from Black soon :) I think recognition through radicals takes more time, but is probably less error-bound since the image files are borderline low-res for the google translate app.

I agree it's probably better if you handle all the main language files' translation. While I haven't minded my attempts at figuring out putting sentences together, I see you appear to be going for an 'as faithful as possible' translation approach, given your screenshots in the first post, while I naturally gravitate to a 'make as many changes as needed to have the text sound like native-spoken English' approach. Mixing those approaches would just look weird, so sticking to the menu items sounds like a good idea.

My native language isn't English, so that might have something to do with it ;) I try to avoid "Engrish" as much as I can though, and my translations could use some reviewing from a second person. It's always harder to detect spelling/grammatical errors in something you wrote yourself after all.

Certainly. The section I've done already doesn't amount to much, but anything you can use from my efforts is yours to take.

Much obliged!

Hi Host24, it's great to see you put up the desire to help translating this game. Your translations looks quite nice actually, though I do intend to stick as close to the R-Type Command I translations as possible. Did you think to use those, or did you have a reason not to? I haven't translated that section yet (only the entire "1. Game Basics" section, which puts the "Rules/help" section closer to 15% completion), so I'm not sure how much has changed/ was added in R-Type Tactics II. That said, I think it's best if I handled the EBOOT and CMN.DAT translation, so that I'll be better able to fix any problems that might occur. Would it be ok if I used some of your translations that don't occur in Command?

As August suggested, the image translations would be something you could really be a help. It mostly revolves around Kanji recognition (Google translate app ho!), so you don't need to have a deep understanding of Japanese sentence structuring. It's also a little less time consuming, and still just as fun  ;D

Just to give an example of how it works:

The left image file is from R-Type Tactics II, the one on the right is from R-Type Command I. If the R-Type Command I file is incomplete (as you can see it's 6 vs 3), or if there is no image file from Command (because the words are all new), then I made a simple table with the translation on the bottom. Mind that this example is very basic. Other image files may provide more of a challenge  ;)

Remember that if you'd have any questions, we'll be glad to help! You don't even need to worry about the technical stuff thanks to 2 great programmers being at our disposal 8)

May 2016 translation update in my original post!

Thanks for the hint, Dog. Haven't found a way around it on PSP yet, but on PPSSPP it seems to be in English automatically.

Also, added a translation update in my original post.

Just a quick question for anyone who might know: Is there any way to force English as the system language for Japanese games? This is important for loading and saving your game mostly. I think it might be something the PSP reads from the start of the UMD/ISO files, but I haven't been able to locate it yet.

Also, being able to switch the X and O buttons would be nice (O is the action button, X is the cancel button in JP games). It can get pretty confusing playing the game with O and then load/save with X if you're not used to it.

Lastly, an update on the translation progress: So far I've translated 16% of the total storyline (captain's logs), of which the Coalitions (Earth) storyline is about 50% translated till mission 12 of 23. I've made use of the holidays to play the translated parts a bit and make notes on stuff that needed corrections, so the part until mission 12 is starting to look pretty good.

For the menu translations, I tried to do that stuff by myself with the help of Blackdog61, but it just got too technical and riddled with obstacles for which I'm just not tech savvy enough yet to deal with. That's why Black was kind enough to take to look into it himself!  :woot!:

Lots of work still needs to be done, so time to get back into it.

Small update on the menu translation: I think I finally managed to locate the menu graphics (through TextER, then used GimViewer to pick out any GIM's that looked interesting, then converted to png with GimConv). So I have 2 .png files now on which all the Japanese menu texts are crammed:

So what is next? Do I open paint or photoshop and change it into English words, then reinsert into the ISO? Or do I have to use TiledGGD?

Related to this, I'm kinda curious how all these Japanese words get divided up by the PSP and how it knows where to put them in the menus. I wonder, because in the png files, the words are listed 1 after another, but ingame they're separate in their respective menu's.

Anyway, thanks for the recommendations, Gideon Zhi. They're already on my wanted list.  :) Guess I'll have to try SRW too now, since it's the game that TitanAnteus translated (in the thread I used as guidance for text translations).

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) menu translation guidance
« on: November 17, 2015, 03:45:24 pm »
I'm glad you're taking up this game. I enjoyed the first one, even if it's maybe a little less stellar than other tactical RPG's, so I'll be one of your players when the time comes!

Glad to hear it! At the time, I thought it was 1 of the best tactical RPG's I'd played, but other good ones followed after that. Empire at War, for example. Really liked defending my lvl.5 space station with only a few fighters in that one.  :D Tactics II seems to offer (from what I've played so far) more of the same, but with a lot more options like lieutenants helping you, more unit types, more storytelling, some (rather unnecessary) dialog options, more personalization options, etc.

Understanding pointers and either programming or using Atlas / Cartographer should help with that. Hopefully. ;D

I still have some reading up to do on that one. Tried getting Cartographer started once, but nothing much happened when I ran it. The Getting Started section probably has the documentation I need.

I'd recommend you post a screenshot or two to help you get people's attention. Mark it as preliminary work or something. ;)


I think that's not an entirely correct explanation.
First, if we are talking about menus, they could very well be graphics instead of text. You typically get to understand that by launching the game (in ppsspp) up to a menu screen of your choice (ex: when you start a new game, you choose to be with the evil Bydo or the humans). Open the graphical (GE) debugger (Ctrl-G) and
- click "step frame" once, to look at what the game does to display the screen from the empty screen (it won't display black immediately, wait until the next thing to do)
and then
- "step tex" to let the game use a texture as much as it wants. It starts typically with background graphics, then eventually frames graphics (in small pieces), then at last it selects text
- use "step draw" to see each use of the texture. I would typically do that as soon as I see the game render a frame, so I'm sure not to miss the time it will select text.
- at some point you'll see the game prepare to display text. Look at the texture: if it has the whole word in one go, likely it means it is a graphics with all pre-rendered inside, and you need to find & edit the graphics. This seems to be the case for the top right and top left faction names on that screen.
- If however you see characters appearing in several times (one by one or word by word or whatever), then this is indeed text.

Tried it. Seems it's all graphics indeed. No wonder I couldn't find it in the EBOOT.  :( Would be neat if I could just edit the graphics in PPSSPP, but that would be too much considering how awesome it is already.

You could typically use CrystalTile2 or TiledGGD to look for graphics. The PSP tends to use the GIM graphics file format quite some, so you may have to use TextER to extract them and gimconv to get an usual format image file.

Seems pretty advanced stuff, but I'll give it a try when I have the time.

As for looking for text, you seem to already know its encoding since you're editing it, right? So what is it - UTF8, SJIS? You can open other files than EBOOT with your hex editor to look for other text there.

The encoding seems to be SJIS. Tried UTF8 when you mentioned it, but that one just gives me gibberish. Should I try other encoding on other files, or will they be encoded the same as the EBOOT?

With regards to tables and pointers, please check the getting started section. In a nutshell:


Now, hopefully that wasn't too obscure. If it was, please excuse me for not explaining correctly and have alook at the tutorials in the "Getting Started" section. They do a better job. :)

Yeah, that explanation will take some time to absorb... I'll read through the Getting Started section first, I'm sure it will become clear after that. I just assumed from the above mentioned thread I followed that pointers weren't really explained in Getting Started, because they "are beyond the scope of this section". Honestly, I just abbreviate the hell out of some text,  use shorter synonyms, or just paraphrase it into something understandable.   8)

In the end, I'd recommend you "dump" the text from the game. If you are lucky it can be done via Cartographer & Atlas. Then you edit actual text files (much easier!) and you have to have an "inserter" program to push these edits into the game files. Then re-generate the ISO (which you said you already know how to do).

Yes! That's my second objective if I want to translate this beast of a game effectively  (first objective being menu translation).

You are right to be reluctant. The only thing you could post here is a "difference" that shows your changes to the file, i.e. a patch file (generated by xdelta for instance). And that's how you would deliver your final game patch, too. (You would probably want to deliver a patch on the iso itself instead of on EBOOT.bin, though. I guess you still have time until that happens.)

Reinserting the EBOOT seems easier to me right now, simply because I've done it a lot. But I get that it's more user friendly for normal players to just patch the ISO. I remember doing that myself for Monster Hunter Portable 3 and it was pretty self-explanatory.

I hope this helps.
Keep it going!!  :thumbsup:

It sure did! Thanks for giving some basic pointers. Hopefully you'll give me more advice later, because I'll need it!  ;) It's great knowing I can rely on such an awesome, helpful community.

Newcomer's Board / R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: November 15, 2015, 09:42:57 am »
UPDATE #11 (edited) (July 22th 2017):
Our team is happy to announce that a full release of the patch is here! What is included:
A) The updated patch without movie subtitles.
Patch instructions:
1) Download the "RTT2patch v1.0.xdelta" patch file from: and unzip it.
2) Download the xdeltaUI from:
4) Put downloaded files from step 1) and 2) along with the original RTT2 ISO in the same folder
3) Double-click on the the Xdelta Ui.exe
4) Select the "RTT2patch.xdelta" patch file under the "Patch" box
5) Select the original R-Type Tactics II ISO that is in your possession under the "Source File" box
6) Fill in how you want to name your patched ISO, e.g. "RTT2patched.iso"
7) Click on "Patch". Depending on your PC it may take seconds to minutes. The program will let you know when it's done.
8) Enjoy!

B) The patch with subtitles for the Opening and Trailer movies. Note that this makes the patch much bigger (around 150MB). Download it from
Simply replace that file with the one from step 1) in the patch instructions and go from there.

C) DLC is removed as of 2017/07/27

And that's it. For all intents and purposes, with this release the project is hereby completed for our team. I may make another updated patch later on, but that will depend on the amount of feedback I receive from you guys. It's safe to say that I'll be closing a 1,5-year chapter in my life with this. It has been very fun and educational, but I'm also happy that it's over now.

One more time, I'd like to thank flame, Blackdog69 and AugustNagro for their hard work, as well as all the others that have contributed. And of course all the fans that are willing to play this difficult and unforgiving, yet very rewarding game! :) I hope you'll all enjoy it as much as I have thanks to the patch.


UPDATE #10 (June 10th 2017):
The first beta patch was giving people who were playing on PSP/PSVita trouble, so I updated the patch in the mini guide below. Hopefully this will resolve any errors.


UPDATE #9 (June 7th 2017):
Without further ado, here is the first beta patch you have all been waiting for!
(See update #11 for the latest version)

Be sure to tell us what you think. And spread the word about the patch release! We want to reach as many fans as we can with this.


UPDATE #8 (June 2017):
Flame and I have been hard at work editing the GIM files by ourselves and it's honestly been going a lot smoother than I had thought thanks to Flame's guidance.

Therefore it is with great pride and joy that our translation team presents the first beta patch for R-Type Tactics II: Bitter Chocolate! This is not yet the final version, but it gives community members a chance to play the game and give feedback and suggestions on what can be improved in terms of spelling/grammatical errors, words that are displayed only partially, etc.

As a teaser, I've uploaded our version of the opening movie provided with English subtitles:


UPDATE #7 (May 2017):
Pardon the long hiatus. Things have been going slow and were basically out of my hands. Due to circumstances, Black can no longer work on the GIM files, so here is another call to anyone willing and able to work on them. Everything is fully translated and flame can provide technical assistance. Details are further in the thread, starting around September 2016.


UPDATE #6 (December 2016):
As can be seen below, we've been hard at work replacing the GIM files. (stuff that was here concerning Allplay has become irrelevant, so I deleted it)...

But enough of that. Luckily Blackdog The Immovable Rock turned into a Ferret (sorry, inside joke) and threw himself on the GIM's (despite his work on SRWAP, mind you), so we made up for some lost time. We did hit a little snag concerning the coordinates defining where text is taken from the textures, so if you could help us out again, flame, that would be great! (We already collected all the dragonballs and spoke the magic words "Arise, flame!", but to no avail)

Secondly, I managed to hardcode English subtitles in the intro movie of RTT2 and put it back in the game, but some video quality was lost during this process. Anyone with more experience on video editing/conversion is always welcome to help out. Ideally I would have bydolord join us because he did a really good job on the trailer, almost seamlessly replacing the Japanese text with English in this Youtube movie: Whoever knows him and is able to contact him directly, please do so. :)

Lastly, I made a thread on for someone to help on getting online to work on PPSSPP, but no reaction so far. Be forewarned that if you ever want to play online battles, it only works on PSP for now. Gamesave exchange between PSP and PPSSPP somehow doesn't work yet either. It only goes one way from PSP to PPSSPP, so it would be advisory to progress on the PSP since you can always make the jump to PPSSPP, but not the other way around.

- Story: 100% (4/4 chapters)
- Units: 100% (Coalition/Granzera/Bydo/Other units translated)
- Unit list of attacks: 100%
- Missions+descriptions: 100% (Coalition 100%/Granzera 100%/ Expedition 100%/ Bydo 100%)
- Menu's: 30% (we re-used some GIM's from RTCommand, but for coherence's sake, everything will need to be redone with a custom font eventually)
- Menu descriptions: 100% (single player 100%, multiplayer 100%)
- Help menu: 100%
- Spoils of war: 100%
- Spoils of war descriptions: 100%
- Victory/defeat conditions: 100%
- Terrain+descriptions: 100%
- Officer text lines: 100%
- Trailer/Intro movie subtitles: 100% (our method leads to some video quality loss at the moment, but our translated version can be inserted into the game at least)


UPDATE #5 (November 2016):
- Story: 100% (4/4 chapters)
- Units: 100% (Coalition/Granzera/Bydo/Other units translated)
- Unit list of attacks: 100%
- Missions+descriptions: 100% (Coalition 100%/Granzera 100%/ Expedition 100%/ Bydo 100%)
- Menu's: 0% (preparations already made, see above)
- Menu descriptions: 100% (single player 100%, multiplayer 100%)
- Help menu: 100%
- Spoils of war: 100%
- Spoils of war descriptions: 100%
- Victory/defeat conditions: 100%
- Terrain+descriptions: 100%
- Officer text lines: 100%
- Intro movie subtitles: 0% (preparations already made)


UPDATE #4 (October 2016):
I'm very happy to announce that my little plea from last month has paid off, because flame was sent from the heavens (cue theatrical music) to aid in this project. Thanks to him, we've been able to make great progress on the programming part, which has also sped up translation big time (see below). That said, a sub-goal of our project was to also modify the Japanese that is contained within certain graphics. flame and Blackdog69 are finalizing extraction and reinsertion of the GIM files (the image files the Japanese text is caked into), and I have translated about 80% of them. So all that's left, is to edit those images with a photoshop program. None of us are really skilled with photoshop however.

Therefore, anyone who has good photoshop experience would be very welcomed to join. It's something that I don't expect to take a very long time to complete, once you know what to do.If you're interested, post in the thread or send a PM :)

Translated so far:
- Story: 100% (4/4 chapters)
- Units: 100% (Coalition/Granzera/Bydo/Other units translated)
- Unit list of attacks: 70%
- Missions+descriptions: 100% (Coalition 100%/Granzera 100%/ Expedition 100%/ Bydo 100%)
- Menu's: 0% (preparations already made, see above)
- Menu descriptions: 85% (single player 100%, multiplayer 50%)
- Help menu: 100%
- Spoils of war: 100%
- Spoils of war descriptions: 100%
- Victory/defeat conditions: 100%
- Terrain+descriptions: 4%
- Officer text lines: 55%
- Intro movie subtitles: 0% (preparations already made)


UPDATE #3 (September 2016):
This will be a short update, but an important one. Due to our programmer being MIA for over a month now, I am unable to continue translating. A lot of programming work has already been done, but there is some technical stuff that I'm simply unable to do. Therefore, anyone who is good at programming and loves this game, is more than welcome to help out! Just post in this thread or send me a PM.


UPDATE #2 (May 2016):
An estimate on what is translated so far:
- Story: 80% (3.5/4 chapters)
- Units: 100% (Coalition/Granzera/Bydo/Other units translated)
- Unit list of attacks: 30%
- Missions+descriptions: 100% (Coalition 100%/Granzera 100%/ Expedition 100%/ Bydo 100%)
- Menu's: 0% (preparations already made; found a programmer now, see below)
- Menu descriptions: 75% (single player 100%, multiplayer 25%)
- Help menu: 1%
- Spoils of war: 100%
- Spoils of war descriptions: 100%
- Victory/defeat conditions: 100%
- Terrain+descriptions: 2%
- Officer text lines: 55%
- Intro movie subtitles: 0% (preparations already made)

I'm also very happy to welcome augustnagro to the team, a very talented programmer who already figured out how to edit the menu graphics text, and as a little bonus: how to change the subtitles in the intro movie!  :thumbsup: Another round of applause to Blackdog61, whose experience and advice have been indispensable in this project.

In other words, translation of R-Type Tactics II is going great, much better than I hoped. Stay tuned for more updates, things will only pick up from here on out.


UPDATE #1 (April 2016):
An estimate on what I have translated so far:
- Story: 50% (2/4 chapters)
- Units: 60% (Coalition/Granzera units translated)
- Missions+descriptions: 65% (Coalition 100%/Granzera 4%/ Expedition 100%/ Bydo 50%)
- Menu's: 0% (I need a programmer for this, since GIM files need to be modified)
- Menu descriptions: 75%
- Help menu: 1%
- Spoils of war: 100%
- Spoils of war descriptions: 55%
- Victory/defeat conditions: 100%
- Terrain+descriptions: 2%
- Officer text lines: 55%

Anyone who can help with the menu translations is welcome to do so. Blackdog61 would be happy to help, but he has another project to deal with atm.


Being a big fan of the first R-Type Command (Tactics in JP version), I decided I wanted to play Tactics II. Unfortunately, it never came out in the West, so for the past 2 months or so I've kept myself busy with translating bits of the story, units, unit descriptions, lieutenant texts, menu descriptions, etc.

My knowledge of Japanese is not great (I completed my first year of evening school Japanese), but it's not nothing either at least. This means I know my kana's, obviously, and some basic sentence structuring in Japanese. Gotta say it's going pretty good mostly, thanks to google translate. Though still scratching my head over some text, with character limitations not helping.

I followed this thread,14729.0/nowap.html?PHPSESSID=e5b8q3v38jkbn4k1bdv5avdd20 on for guidance on how to extract the EBOOT and decrypt it. Already learned about character limitations and can successfully put it back together in a working ISO. Also worthy of note: English is not my native language and I have no programming skills to speak of.

Anyway, the real problem I have, is the fact that I can find menu descriptions fine, and they're already translated too, but the menu's themselves are a total mystery to me on where to find them. Everything I've translated so far, was in the EBOOT file, but there seems no trace of the menu's so far. The thread I've followed goes on about doing a memory dump and then subtracting the difference to make pointer tables. I'm a pretty DIY kinda guy, but that's where I start to pull my hair out...  :banghead:

I'm a bit reluctant to upload my translated EBOOT, not because others can't use my work (it's free for all who want it!), but because I'm not sure about the legal consequences of spreading a modded EBOOT. Though I'm sure I'll need to do this if anyone wants to help me.

That's it in a nutshell. I'll be very grateful if anyone can help me figure out where to find the menu's and maybe compose a pointer table for easier translation (so far I've been doing it through FlexHEX, manually entering sentences in Google Translate). I might not be the fastest to post back in advance due to work and family, so apologies in advance.

EDIT: a few screenshots as proof of concept.

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