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Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: June 10, 2017, 05:56:32 pm »
I updated the patch in my original post. Hopefully it will be better now. The PSP freeze I also had after testing the patch some more on my PSP is now gone, so I'm hopeful.

i can try it on vitatv with adrenaline if someone points me to the direction of the patch.

You can find the patch in my original post, just follow the mini-guide ;)

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: June 09, 2017, 05:44:42 pm »
The patched ISO runs fine on PSP. Just tested it. I'd do as Mugi suggested. Try on PPSSPP. If it works, it's your Vita. If it doesn't, something's wrong with your patched ISO.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: June 09, 2017, 03:28:09 pm »
You seem to be having fun, for which I'm glad :)

We've already covered the DLC. It will be added on the final release. I didn't include it in the beta patch because it has no added value for testing. Don't expect too much of it though. It's *spolier*
merely a bunch of stronger units and free resources.

Regarding "Granzella", I had translated it as "Granzera" since the beginning, but as Tom suggested out earlier in this thread, we changed it because the old irem staff went on to found a company called "Granzella" after leaving irem, referencing R-Type.

After the patch the game does not work on PS Vita 3.60 Adrenaline.
What could be the problem?

I haven't tested the patch on Vita because I don't own one. I'll try it out on regular PSP.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: June 07, 2017, 12:55:38 pm »
Thanks, flame. I hate to brag, but I think it looks pretty good! It's not just my baby that's been released into this world. It's been a long 1,5 year road and I couldn't have done it without you, or anyone else who has helped out (we're all in the closing credits of that youtube movie I released ;) )

That said, it is a hard game indeed, but challenge is what also makes it so much fun for me, aside from the interesting and somewhat innovative gameplay. I may have said this before in the thread, but playing it on PPSSPP gives you a great edge with savestates. They may not be necessary in the early stages, but the game becomes pretty brutal later on if you don't know what to do. Do mind that gamesaves can be transferred from PSP to PPSSPP, but they don't work from PPSSPP to PSP as far as I know (this is due to the way PPSSPP stores the data differently). Keep that in mind if you'd like to play ad hoc with 2 PSP's.

I might make a gameplay video of the first stage as proof of concept of the patch, also acting as a mini-tutorial.

Hi everyone,

I have a specific problem in my translation project that is nearly finished (thread is here:

I would like to add English subtitles to a video in RTT2 that is entirely in Japanese. I understand that the process is as described in the title:
1) PMF to AVI+WAV (using GBOOT v2, or MPlayer+Mencoder)
2) Add hardcoded .ass subtitles with Xvid4PSP
3) Convert the WAV to WAV PCM 44.100 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo 172kb/sec with Sound Recorder or whatever
4) Use UMDstreamcomposer to join subbed AVI+WAV into an .MPS file
5) Convert .MPS file to .PMF file with Gameboot

The thing is that it works... partially. I can start the video ingame and it plays perfectly fine, until it stop unexpectedly. I've been thinking that my file could be imperfect in some way, but then you'd think it wouldn't play at all.

Here is the .ass file for anyone who'd like to try it out:

I'm not specifically looking for someone who could make the .PMF for me, but rather a method that enables me to make it myself without errors.


Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH IMMINENT
« on: June 06, 2017, 03:09:14 pm »
June update added to the original post.

Nice work on those GIM fixes, flame! All that's left now, is the GIM files that don't have an R-Type Command counterpart.

UPDATE #7 (May 2017):
Pardon the long hiatus. Things have been going slow and were basically out of my hands. Due to circumstances, Black can no longer work on the GIM files, so here is another call to anyone willing and able to work on them. Everything is fully translated and flame can provide technical assistance. Details are further in the thread, starting around September 2016.

Because of the romhacking server crash, my post from last week got sent into oblivion. I'll try to recollect what I wrote.

Hey, I'm sorry for the name differing, but I am Bydolord from that older video of the trailer. I'm not quite sure how I can prove that other then talking about some specifics of it. The trailer itself is not my editing, and is the result of splicing a few changes from an older now lost english version of the trailer. From when Irem apparently was still gunning for an english release. The trailer itself had some differences (namely a scene cut from the battle part of the trailer) which I spliced back in, but it honestly isn't perfect. You can see this towards the end with a bit of a jitter when the bydo show up.

Though I mostly registered to upload a hack I just did to experiment with assembly level hacking. I'm very excited to see a translation effort rolling on this game. Love the series.

Hi Bydolord/darklord92, glad to finally be able to get into contact with you! As I said before, you have some pretty mad editing skills. AND you're a fan of the series, so if you feel up to it, we could use your help with inserting a translated subtitled version of the trailer and the intro movie. The process is simple enough (extract .PMF video from the game, convert to .MP4+.WAV, hardcode subtitles, convert to .PMF, reinsert back into the game), but requires a bit of finesse to make it look good. I already did it, but the video quality suffered too much. It was my first try, so it should look better from someone more experienced, like you. Give me a call if you're interested. If not, I'll just release my version on youtube.

You might consider changing "Granzera" to "Granzella," considering that the old irem staff went on to found a company called "Granzella" after leaving irem, referencing R-Type.

That's actually a great idea since both are a possible translation from the Japanese katakana. It took me some time to find source on whether they specifically named it after RTT2, but I found it on the Japanese wikipedia page of "Granzella".

Hey everyone!! So sorry for my long absence! I'm terribly sorry, my computer died on me (lost everything on it, CPU died due to overheating) and so I've lost everything I had on it, I've recovered Photoshop and am ready to continue work, once again I deeply apologize to the team for my disappearance, I had no other way to contact everyone :( I'm terribly sorry if what happened came across as a betrayal or me running away with the Beta Patch. :( Hopefully I am forgiven and we can all continue work on the translation.

P.S: It's also my birthday today :D ahem, anyways good to be back on the saddle ^^

Hey Allplay. Glad you're still alive at least. You must live in a pretty isolated area if you your pc was your only access to the internet  ;) Anyway, it doesn't matter much now.

Blackdog is working on the GIM file translations. Once he's done, we can release the patch. Mind that it will probably be in a rough form (I'll add a step-by-step guide). Someone with more experience in patch releases will be welcome to refine the process.

We'll probably release a patch in a matter of weeks (ranging from 2 to 100 ;) ). People will be free to relay any errors/suggestions if they like. Hang tight!

made an account almost purely to say that i love this! r type is one of my favorite psp games and i hope you'll share with everyone ^^

We will definitely share the translation with everyone, but it has to be as comprehensive as possible first. Delivering an unfinished product would be really half-assed now that we've come this far. ;)

Hello, how is everyone?  :)

I added a December update to share our progress. I thought I recognized your username from somewhere... You're the same person that commented on bydolord's translated trailer of RTT2 on youtube, right? With that said, do you have a way of contacting him? :)

Hey Allplay, send me your e-mail address in a PM. It's needed to invite you to :) Chatting and files sharing is a lot easier there.

flame is working on a way to replace the GIM files ourselves. That way you can test the stuff you've photoshopped by yourself.

I have dumped my clean ISO of the game from the UMD onto my computer, and I have downloaded PPSSPP :) It runs sorta good everywhere except for the missions where it could be a bit of a slug.

Well, I guess it depends on how powerful your PC is. It runs perfectly fine on mine, but on my android phone not so much. Sound can be choppy depending on the stage I'm playing. And when I desynch a unit, framerate drops big time with a chance of turning the screen black. Tweaking with the settings and a more powerful phone might help though.

I'm also quite interested in obtaining some 3D models of the game (if that is even possible, after looking through the game's files I haven't seen anything related to models, I'm sure it'd be inside the CMN.DAT file, however I can't extract it :/)

Since you're so interested in doing this, you've probably already heard of Noesis? I just looked up a solution to extract 3D models from games and that program came up. I wasn't able to open/extract the CMN.DAT with Noesis though. Maybe you should ask on a more specialized forum?

As for the font, I have no experience whatsoever with typefont crafting, I'd guess compiling one WOULDN'T be too hard if I knew how to do it though, I could get educated quickly if it's required

I don't know anything about font crafting either, but I assume it is as simple as creating an alphabet+the numbers from 0-9? If so, you could just rip it from words from the GIM files of R-Type Command.

That looks pretty awesome! Great job to both flame and Allplay :) That said, I do agree with Blackdog that it should be like the rest of the text like "speed", "radar", "evade" and "skill" + align it with the Desynch Sonar icon. That way it would look more like R-Type Command:

Will need testing in-game to see length limits.
After that, set flags for the length limit for each kind of line & do automatic line wrapping according to the flag, or do the line wrapping manually.

You may already know this, but if you want to see how it looks in game, I've noticed the terrain descriptions are listed respective to the missions, i.e. Mission 1 terrain descriptions are listed first in the CMN.DAT, Mission 2 is next, etc.
CHAP0000: Chapter 1 Coalition side
CHAP0001: Chapter 1 Granzera side
CHAP0002: Chapter 2 Joined campaign
CHAP0003: Chapter 3 Bydo campaign

I think this is the last of the text. There's also the chapter select screen which I inserted too, but I'm unfamiliar with this game and thus unable to test.

To "unlock" the chapter selection screen, you need to have completed the first chapter (either on Coalition or Granzera side). Then, if you load your gamesave from the start screen and select the single player campaign, you'll be brought to the Chapter menu to choose which chapter you want to play.

We have lots more images to work on too until "fully playable"
I'll get right to translating the remaining RTT2 GIM files. Now that I've translated all weapon types (+descriptions), I have a nice list of English weapon types to build upon. It still won't be easy though, because the game uses a really low res quality font for those attacks (e.g. in the image flame last posted, right under the already translated "VULCAN").

Hey there again! Sorry for apparently disappearing D: (I've had some recent issues in life that needed taking care of :) )

No worries, we all have our stuff we need to take care of sometimes :)

The font comission I've requested has had no attention at all :T so what is the plan?

You requested that to make a sort of alphabet in the same font as R-Type Command's right? Make doing that all by yourself would take too much time?

About the translation of the GIM files, I've had yet another go a few minutes back and came up with this I've tried to do my best with the allignment, as well as giving the English letters some sort of outline or stroke as the Japanese characters also have :) If I had some way to test these directly in my game it'd be easier to check if it works or not, however one of my PSPs hit the fritz and the other needs to have the speaker replaced, I have no idea if my computer runs PPSSPP as well, but I'm eagerly looking forward for the patch! :D let's do our best :)

That's looking a lot better! I'll be sure to relay it to flame so that he can test it out in game (he's a little busy at the moment himself, I think). We'll see how it goes from there.

PPSSPP doesn't need to be on a PC. It can also run on Android devices like a tablet or smart phone. Usually emulated games are horrible on touch screens for me, but R-Type Tactics II is actually pretty much perfect for it, given that it's a strategy game and not some action/platformer where your input needs to be 1:1. I play it all the time on my android phone ;)

November updated added.

Hi chief, been using this site on and off in the past months and just today learned there was a sequel to R-Type Tactics. Bit the bullet and registered on this forum specifically to let you know I appreciate that you're seriously working on a translation and have been for a while. Keep it up!

Thanks for the encouragement! It's well needed :) The EBOOT is as good as fully translated now (+99%) and has seen another revision for errors. All that is left before we can release a patch is translating those GIM files. No idea how long exactly that will take.

flame inserted the file into the CMN.DAT file and came up with a rather disappointing result. First image is the original, second image is the translation of the text + a portion of the file you photoshopped (it's in the text box, under the unit icon):

There seem to be 2 major problems here:
1. Color: you'll need to use white text instead of black

2. Height: the English version needs to be the exact same height as the original, otherwise you get the above result. As far as I understand, the game summons certain text from a GIM file such as yours, but the address it "dials" to do this, is determined by its pixel location. So if it's even one pixel off, you get a shift in text that is displayed ingame like in the screenshot. For the same reason the width is slightly less important because if you made it shorter than the original, you'll simply summon some empty pixels along with the word. Just don't make it longer than the original. I hope that made some sense.

Honestly, I thought the result would've been better as well, but as you can see this will be a trial/error thing until we get the first one right. After that, things will go much smoother. The next issue will be choosing the appropriate font, but first things first.

Good luck!  ;)

PS: That big lump of Bydo sure was a doozy... One of the few missions I had to retry, even with savestates from PPSSPP. You'll also notice that I translated "GailRose" as "Geirrod" because it is one of many names derived from Norse mythology (other examples are Utgarda Loki and Glitnir). It's also depicted in one of the images in the captain's logbook I believe.

Thanks for the English version, Allplay! It requires some more finetuning, but that was to be expected. Listen to flame, he knows his stuff. Even if photoshopping is not his strong suit :o Something Blackdog just said on Slack is to be sure the font is as close the the original as possible. Otherwise it just won't work properly. He suggested copying from other game images as an option. I think we (as in flame or Black, it's all Chinese to me *cough*) can provide you with that.

As for save files, I know for sure I have a save file (everything unlocked, including the Super Dreadnoughts UBFS-AE series) I have to find it among the mass of savedata in my SD Card, I'll run the game and see if the Savedata works then pass it to you

I already provided mine to flame, no worries :) PPSSPP can run PSP save games, but not the other way around. Maybe you can run a conversion tool though.

PS: You finished this game only half understanding how everything works? That's some serious determination, man!

Hey Allplay! This time you can really help the project given you and your sister's familiarity with Photoshop. As it has already been explained higher up in the thread, the goal is to take a GIM file (i.e. a file with an image from a PSP game) provided by flame which has Japanese text on it, and photoshop it with an English translation we also provide. That's it :) The whole process is as follows:

1) flame extracts all Japanese GIM files with Japanese text on them from a file called CMN.DAT on the ISO
2) You edit the files
3) flame reinserts them in the CMN.DAT file
4) He'll check how it looks ingame (flame might provide a tool to check it yourself). If good: hurray! If it looks bad: back to editing

The tools to reinsert the files are still being finalized, so flame asked me wait a few more days at the most. His screenshots look promising! We'll probably invite you to, because it's easier there to chat, help each other out and share files.

As a little test to see if you're up to it, maybe you could edit this little four-word file (make sure you don't exceed the available space):



For the last one simply "CONSTRUCT" is also ok. There isn't a lot of wiggle room there.

October update added in the original post.

TL;DR: We need a photoshop image editor for this project.

September update added in the original post.

TL;DR: We need a programmer to continue this project.

Hi Allplay1997, great to see such excitement for this game! We welcome other people testing out our translation, but unfortunately we don't have a patch out yet to hand out to other players. Distributing the EBOOT would only get us into legal trouble too. So hang tight, but don't expect it to be done any time soon. We're all doing this in our spare time, so you're looking at a time frame of 6-9 months to get everything translated and have a working patch.

We'll keep you posted on our progress.

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