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Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: October 23, 2017, 03:04:09 pm »
Sorry about my last message.  I didn't want to pirate the game, I just wanted to know if anyone had gotten it for less than the $100-$200 that I'm seeing at a lot of places.
It seems like it's going to cost you if you want play this legally. Even used, $114 is the cheapest I've found on Ebay. Good luck on your hunt!

Do the spoils gained in Co-Op unlock any additional units?  :o
You've probably already found an answer to that question after this time... To my knowledge, there is only 1 spoil that can be obtained (no. 41) and it doesn't unlock anything.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: August 23, 2017, 06:32:26 am »
Good to see it confirmed. Thanks!

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: August 18, 2017, 11:48:54 am »
Are the changes made from transferring the save file from tactics 1 translated too?
To my knowledge, the only thing that transferring a savefile from RTT1 does, is change the default name (Jade Ross) of the hero that defeated the Bydo in their homeworld in RTT1, to the name you gave him in RTT1. In other words, the name in the screenshot (Jade Ross) would change to yours from RTT1.

Feel free to try it out. I've never played RTT1 (only R-Type Command), so I couldn't test it.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: August 07, 2017, 02:50:50 pm »
Does this mean you updated the translation patch? Both the subtitled and sub-less patches are still marked as v1.1. Thanks again for your hard work!

I meant that I changed them in our translation sheet and that I'll add them on a future update. I'll wait a little longer until more changes have been made, before submitting a new version. Also... it was my pleasure :)

Just checked, it's 16 that has Michael and that I ran into problems with. But I don't have any jammers showing up in R&D. Did I miss a pickup somewhere? I have spoils 1-24, and the last one was in Oberon Revolt, so I feel like I should have everything. I didn't have any problems at all with the Dobkeratops mission though

Jammers are available after obtaining a spoil in mission 17, so that advice is useless for now. Just make sure that you have Bombers and Future Worlds. The Bombers' Balmungs are for getting through all the annoying lasers (focus on 1 at a time and have units healed or retreat to a carrier if they are near death). For Michael, there's actually a trick to it. If you take a unit that has a at least a 5 speed stat like Future World or Owl Light, to the bottom right of Michael's area, you'll see he can't reach you. Check where my cursor is on the screenshot below.

Make a suspend save first, then use a decoy unit (or a unit, then reload the suspend save) just to see what other hex space he can't reach (IIRC it's about 4 hexes above the safe zone I described).

Once you're there, it becomes easier. You'll be able to move next to one of his satellites and attack it so that it won't be able to fire on the next round. Keep bringing in more units until you can safely start attacking Michael.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: August 06, 2017, 05:19:51 am »
Name translations:

Questionably Relevant Bug:

I like the patch and was really happy to see it was done, there's just a few little things to look at. Also the game's hard.

Thanks for your input! I've changed the following translations:
- Haxan to Hakusan
- Prince Dan to Princedom (even though ダン (dan) is used instead of ドン(dom) in the Japanese version)
- The Rwf-9gr to Rwf-9rd designation (even though it was wrong in the original Japanese version of the game)

I'll leave the other units as they were, for consistency purposes with RTC.

Regarding the Ragnarok II/Cyclone force units, it has been mentioned before that they're probably unfinished DLC that act as a dummy right now:

Lastly, regarding the game being ridiculously hard, there are a few tips I had jotted down once, which might make the game more bearable:
- The key to winning in most missions, is optimal use of charge attacks. Let your fighters charge, while avoiding being hit. Otherwise, they'll have to start from scratch again.
- Ships can now be loaded with units during the deployment fase, as well as Shiva, when it's already occupied at mission start, like in chapter 1, mission 5.
- Don't deploy warships/cruisers at all costs. They use up a lot of deployment space and are only useful in large, open maps. Better to go with smaller ships and more units instead. The Hraesvelgr (Destroyer) is a great trade-off IMO in terms of firepower, speed and docking space.
- Don't upgrade Heimdall to Tyr to avoid wasting resources. The reason will become clear much later. Tyr's improvements are marginal anyway.
- Make Ragnarok as soon and as many as you can, they... rock
- Make Jamming units as soon as you can. They're great for stealth attacks, and absolutely essential in later missions.

Unless I really screwed this up, here's a complete list of what all the possible unlock commands would be:
I have no idea how you obtained this list, but it works like a charm! I think I might blaze through the game one more time with Team Red now, consisting of only red-dyed units/ships :)

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: July 30, 2017, 07:45:42 am »
I thought PSP games are still sold by buying them with a PS3, PS Vita (limited selection), or web browser.
Closing the PSP storefront didn't remove its ability to download games after purchase.
New digital releases seem to be possible too. Class of Heroes 3 hasn't yet been declared cancelled yet.

Closing down the PSP storefront is only part of it. The main problem is that IREM has pulled all of its content from Playstation stores altogether since August 2011. Supposedly because of some beef they had with Sony. Also, the 2011 earthquake/tsunami/fukushima disaster forced them out of the video game business somehow. So as I said before, there is no way to legally obtain the DLC anymore.

The only exception to Irem games being pulled, is R-Type Dimensions, because it was sub-licenced to Tozai Games.

Either way, I'm done with discussing the DLC. As the RHDN staff deemed it illegal, I've regrettably abided. Given the criticism I publicly received for it (a PM would have been just as good to communicate this), I no longer have the motivation for it anyway. Wish I could have finished this project on a better note, but so be it.

If there is any feedback on the translation part, I'll be happy to hear it though.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: July 27, 2017, 03:08:48 pm »
Patch 1.1 submitted, awaiting staff approval.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: July 27, 2017, 12:24:26 pm »
I've had this discussion with my team as well, taking into consideration that IREM has pulled out of the game developing business completely. I figured that as long as you own the original game, it would be ok to get the DLC in whatever way, given that it was completely free anyway. Obviously, I was wrong in my judgment, so I have no choice but to remove any mention of DLC in the game. I'll submit a patch update as soon as I can.

If the community (or RHDN staff) has any other way that isn't illegal, that would be great.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: July 27, 2017, 01:56:20 am »
I'll see if I can find that thread again although it was quite some time ago that I found and read it.
I found a link myself, but it was on a Chinese website that I had to google translate. It helped me find Fine Motion II though. I've been drooling over the Nastrond Destroyer and Patrocross II for a long time, because they're so powerful, but I haven't been able to crack the code on those yet. For anyone willing to study this and go indepth, I'll put the link in spoilers:

Regarding Fine Motion II, I found that two missions in the Bydo campaign contain the link to obtain it and a how-to-tutorial on how to create the EDAT file in order to unlock it in-game. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but I just wanted to point this out.
Yeah, that's a remnant of how I was originally going to handle the DLC. Given that it's a bit more technical, I went with google links instead. It would have solved the "preservation" point that Dominorail made though. You could see it as an invitation to try figuring out how to make extra DLC yourself. :)

Aside from that, I found the rest of the DLC rather easily (I replayed the WHOLE Bydo campaign scouring for links). Thanks for the units that are currently available, and I hope you manage to find more in the future! :thumbsup:
I should have expected such devotion from you, given those detailed "Let's play' videos you made. ;)
You're right, no resources for the Bydo campaign. I figured that you'd need them more in the resource intensive Chapter 2. Also, resources carry over to Chapter 3 anyway.

I cannot find the folder that I am supposed to put the DLC files in. My PPSSPP Emulator folder is on my desktop but when I opened it and tried looking for folders that were on your path I could not find any. (THIS PC > DOCUMENTS > PPSSPP > PSP > GAME > ULJS00233 > CMD) I also checked my documents folder and found no ppsspp folder, is it possible to just create a folder to place the DLC file in?
This is the path that is used since PPSSPP 1.4 (as I put in my tutorial post). Please check if you're still on a lower version. If so, you can upgrade to 1.4 and the path will created automatically. Then, it's a matter of finding your old PPSSPP folder (which is most probably in the folder where PPSSPP.exe is) and copying your savedata (I would wait on erasing anything until you've confirmed everything works in 1.4). If you need more help, let us know.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: July 24, 2017, 05:11:01 pm »
I signed up just to thank you for this patch - I've been wanting to play this game for years and to see it in English is amazing. However:
You're welcome, I hope you have fun with it!

I vehemently disagree with this stance. Partly because, while innovative, it was not the original creator's intent. You have redesigned a part of the original creator's work, inserting tracked google links along the way, just to assuage your curiosity.

First off, I don't feel like I have to defend myself here tooth and nail, nor do I want to shamelessly bombard you with counter-arguments. It's just that I've thought hard before doing it this way, and only after relaying it to the team. Hopefully it will clarify things for others as well.

In my opinion, going against the creator's intent doesn't readily apply here because:
1) This game was never released outside of Japan. Playing it outside of Japan goes against the creator's intent in a way.
2) I haven't made any modifications to the game itself, merely altered at what time you can get each DLC. Furthermore, this is something that is already completely optional and has nothing to do with the 99,9% of the other content. Playing the DLC outside of Japan goes against the creator's intent in a way.
3) The DLC merely unlocks units/resources through a certain code. No unit/resource data is created. They're already in the game.
4) You're always free to ignore the links and play it as if there wasn't any DLC. If I hadn't included these links in the game, most people wouldn't be able to enjoy any DLC at all, because PSN is down for good. They'd have to scour the internet the way we have and spend a lot of time figuring it out. You're always free to do so yourself, but it goes against the creator's intent... in a way.
5) I never inserted google links just to assuage my curiosity. My main reason has always been to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. I know from unlocking all the DLC that getting everything at once doesn't add much, because it either overpowers you slightly, or the units your receive are for chapters later in the game that you can't use yet anyway. Getting the google link counts merely let's me see if this method works or not.

But my main objection is from a stance of preservation. There is no guarantee that those links will be up 5 years or even 5 months from now. A small part of the romhack ethos is to help preserve works for the distant future, and hiding content behind obscure links that may be deactivated flies against that. And even in the likely scenario those links are collected and archived here, they are still there littering the translation in game when they weren't in the original, and ten or twenty years from now they will just confuse and frustrate.

I really hope you reconsider this stance in the next revision.
To respond to your preservation point, I once again, respectfully have to counter it with my own Wave Cannon.
1) There is no option on RHDN to upload DLC, it would go against RHDN's other beliefs
2) Any link that is used to preserve this DLC can go dead at any time, whether it be from google drive, mega or whatever.
3) I'm not about the kick the bucket yet, or vanish into thin air. The links will be available for a long time. Suspension due to TOS violation notwithstanding.
4) When I said I'd leave it up to the community, it meant that the community is free to unite every DLC into a single zip file, and create its own download links however it wants (though it'll still be subjective to dead links. I just don't feel that I should do all of this myself because I am not the nanny of this game after all, and because I don't believe in that method due to reasons listed above.
5) The "DOWNLOAD" menu might confuse and frustrate right now, let alone in twenty years, because it already doesn't work anymore. These things happen when you play older games that aren't officially supported anymore.
6) I backed up the patch with subtitled movies in the same way, yet I hear no argument there. Maybe you'd just like to have all the DLC handed to you on a platter?

In short, while I do agree with some of your points, I think you went off on how things ideally would be, instead how it can be practically achieved. Either way, I still stand behind my stance, but the community is welcome to change things how they please. After all, I'm not the creator of the game. I merely gave it a second breath.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH RELEASED
« on: July 24, 2017, 08:03:17 am »
I replaced my personal link to patch 1.0 with the one from RHDN, as it has been approved now :D

@blood_falcon, XRey360, TideGear and Andray: Great to hear, feedback is appreciated!

But I have to ask one thing: is it normal the bigger patch with movie subtitles results in a smaller game file?  :huh:

The base patch yields a 1.58Gb file (same size as the original) but the other one gives a 1.12Gb file which seems a lot less! I guess the movies themself are compressed unlike the original ones, but I still would like to know if it's safe to use or there is something wrong :P

This has to do with the way the patch is created. My steps were:
1) Extract original ISO content with UMDGEN
2) Replace the 2 original movies with the subtitled ones Mugi made for me.
3) Reconstruct ISO with UMDGEN, which made me end up with a smaller ISO around 1050MB
4) Modify that ISO with all the stuff that we translated
5) Have the Xdelta patcher program make a patch roughly 150MB large by comparing the original ISO with the one from step 4
6) Apply patch from step 5 to the original ISO, and voila. You get an ISO with the size you mentioned.

I already tested it myself and didn't get any errors. The reduced size is just a nice bonus. Also, if you extract the original ISO (step 1) and reconstruct it again without making any changes (step 3) by skipping step 2, you'll get a similar result.

Question: Can we get a full list of the DLC links so we can mirror them, just in case?

I think I'll leave that one to the community itself. You're free to do what you want and back it all up yourself of course. I just provided the shortened google drive links to get a better record of how many times each DLC has been downloaded so far. I can simply list all 14 DLC though:

Using your question as a shoehorn for my own question... this is a request to anyone who ever has downloaded the DLC from back when PSN was still available for PSP: If you have any DLC that isn't in the list above, PLEASE let me know. I've been trying to get more, but I can't get the code right for them.

Hey @Isourou-san, I'd like to ask if it's likely to this patch to be updated once someone figures out how to make multiplayer work.
As I wrote in the patch description, multiplayer works on both PSP and PSVita, but not on PPSSPP. This is due to PPSSPP itself, not due to the patch. I once started a thread on for someone to help solve this problem, but there was no reaction. If anyone feels up to asking again or starting a new thread on, that would be appreciated. Here's the link of my thread:

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) FULL PATCH IMMINENT
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:25:47 am »
Added full release in the original post!

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: July 07, 2017, 12:33:11 pm »
EDIT2: Nevermind again; used Imgur. Sorry for this, first screenshot posting. Link
As you can see in this screen, it is now fixed!

By the way, I meant the cannon, it's called Sexy Wave, and it remains empty during the battle. The unit does move (very slowly as usual). EDIT: Nevermind, @Yukari-Sama answered it. Thanks!
Man, there is some serious ninja-posting going on. Or it could just be that new posters undergo moderator checks, hence the delayed appearance of some posts.

Yukari-Sama is right. Without the original unit, they become regular decoys, unable to use charge weapons. Interestingly, their max HP also reverts, depending on the Sexy Dynamite's pilot experience, with the detracted experience from just now being defeated (being 5 quarters). Yet the current HP is unaffected. This means your Sexy Gel (or any other decoy unit) can have higher current HP than max HP.

Also, is it helpful to point small errors? I'm playing the game and aiming for a 100% complete so I can find some. (E.g. Level 12 Granzella is spelled in-game Fort Geirrod SEIge, and the description for Hades tells its attachment is the Flexible Force, while it's actually the Anchor Force)
Please do! It depends on this kind of feedback whether the quality of the final patch will be better or worse. As I mentioned before, singling out every small spelling error by myself is nigh impossible. Both those errors are now corrected, btw.
EDIT: Do try to bundle your remarks, and in bullet points if you can. Otherwise we might lose the overview.

I´m truly grateful for this patch, I always wanted to try this game.
With pleasure! It's heart-warming to hear for us after so much work. :)

A question, the inital movies are not translated I think, they are gonna be translated with the final patch?
They will be, although it makes the patch very big. The subtitles for the movies can't just be patched in because the system (.PMF) doesn't allow soft movie subtitles, so the modified movies will need to be patched in as a whole. You'll be able to choose between regular patch, or patch with movies for download.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: July 06, 2017, 12:10:49 pm »
Hey guys! First, thank you so much for this patch! It's awesome! :thumbsup:
Great to hear! And thanks for your feedback! Do mind that this isn't the final version yet, so errors like you mentioned are abound. We're getting close to the final release though. Should be out at the end of the month or sooner. It will feature a patch with most errors gone, an option to patch in the videos with subtitles, and some DLC.

I wanted to mention that, for some reason, my end screen message "Mission Accomplished" looks a bit distorted. Is it normal or is my PPSSPP glitching? (I do have a screenshot if needed; "accomplished" is squeezed and offset.)
Yep, we are aware of this. The reason is that in the Japanese version the GIM file is made up of 4 Kanji in total. We replaced those GIMs with the ones from R-Type Command, but I guess they are drawn up per Kanji, hence the English words are cut up exactly where the next Kanji begins. I could try to modify the English GIM, but that might mess things up even more.

Also, when I surrendered at Granzella mission 19, facing Neptune's winds, I got 1 screen with Japanese text. (I'm sorry, this time I didn't take a screenshot  :-[).
It may be due to patch v0.2. That error may have been corrected already, because my more updated version is all English. If possible, do make a screenshot of this.

An unrelated note, but do the Sexy Gels at Granzella level 13 charge? Because mine don't....
In some missions, the AI is programmed not to advance. E.g. in mission 12 "Fort Geirrod Siege", all fighters remain at their original position to defend it. Only after their radar can see you, will they engage. Try to enter their radar field (for Sexy Gel it's 2 hexes) and see if they move then.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: June 25, 2017, 03:21:28 pm »
This getting off-topic, but I found a guide that let's you play through PPSSPP on a non-jailbroken iPhone:

You may need to test it with different games, because some games aren't compatible (yet):

Honestly, as it isn't RTT2 related, it would be better to ask for this kind of stuff on other specialized forums like

Mugi and I had some very fruitful exchanges via PM and the video's are now translated in-game. This will be another addition to the final release of the RTT2 patch.

Round of applause for Mugi!  :thumbsup:

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: June 18, 2017, 06:59:02 am »
So nice to see this finally making it out! Congrat's, Isourou-san and Flame!
(Goes off fighting his urge to play this right here right now...)

Thanks! You're the one who jumpstarted this project a few times when it was stuck, so credit goes to you too.

No need to fight the urge, man. Give in... and report any errors to me! :)

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:21:56 pm »
Please do! That's what beta-testing is for :)

June 17, 2017, 08:20:49 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I know this is skirting the rule against making specific requests, but since the work is already done, I hope the moderators will make an exception. I don't have a PSP, or PSP emulator, but I'm very interested in the lore of R-TYPE. Is there an easily readable file with story stuff, unit descriptions, anything plot related, etc? If not, then forget I said anything. I'm only asking in case you already have it, and you are under no obligation to make one.

Whoops, didn't notice your post there.

We have our translation file, but the problem is that it contains everything, which is referral codes, summed up player choice lines, defeat lines, repeated lines like "Next page"or "Go Home", text box titles, etc., so it certainly wouldn't be like reading a book. More so, I think if you haven't been studying this game like we did for the past 1,5 years, it would be really hard to follow. We could filter out all of that stuff and put into something more readable, but considering that there are over 9000 (yes, literally) lines for the story alone, you'll understand that would take too much time.

Your best bet would be to get PPSSPP (it's completely free if you don't wish to donate), the RTT2 original ISO and someone's endgame savefile that has unlocked everything to view all the units. Do mind that for the story, you'll still need to finish each mission, given that after winning a mission, there are also a few pages of text.

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:37:29 pm »
I started up the missions you mentioned, but didn't encounter any freezes/errors with PPSSPP. I tested mission 12 on PSP as well, but nothing went wrong, so I don't think it has anything to do with the patch.

PPSSPP does require some minimum specs for a PC to run it though, but given nowadays computers, it would be unlikely you didn't meet those. You could check to be sure. Have you tried/ can you try on PSP?

Newcomer's Board / Re: R-Type Tactics II (PSP) BETA PATCH RELEASED
« on: June 11, 2017, 03:58:18 am »
The correct patch version is uploaded now. I had to do it in a hurry last night and screwed up with the link. It should be a-ok now.

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