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Since this game comes in multiple disks, do you have plans one releasing a hard disk image?

Someone else has already released an .HDI of this game. We'll release a patch for the 5-disk .FDI version as well as the single .HDI at the same time.

The .HDI is particularly nice because you can play it on real hardware, too. Our graphic designer SkyeWelse has a PC-98, and he got our translation running on his machine just fine a few weeks ago.

Any interest after this is done to look at an SNES remake? New levels? I always found the original game ended too short. Happy to help with graphics/story :)

While I would totally play an improved E.V.O.: Search for Eden, I'm only interested in doing translation hacks at the moment.

Oh, yeah! I did really like the dusty color blending of Racoon Sam's mockup, that would be a great thing to try to recreate.

Kuoushi did tons of translation work, and is zeroing in on the game over screens/alternate endings right now. I am working on stamping out some nasty crashes, as well as writing a script to typeset the game's text correctly.

The plot to this game is really something else. I can't wait to share it with you all!

I wanna know, what NEC PC-98 emulator are you using to run this game?

I use anex86 most of the time, and a debug version of Neko Project II on occasion. All the screenshots are from anex86.

On the contrary.  There is a book called "On the Origin of Species", which is very important:  It argued for the existence of evolution, and explained the mechanics by which it occurred.  Darwin's efforts gave legitimacy and popularity to evolution.

Hahaha, I am aware of that book and its influence. And I do recognize that despite the word "origin," its contents still apply to the evolution that occurs elsewhere.

But the very first screen of the game asks us not to compare it to 'real' theories of evolution like Darwin's:

The evolution in this game definitely isn't Darwinian - slow and incremental "descent with modification" wouldn't make a very exciting game, I think.

This is embarrassing, but does anyone have any tips on beating Lucifer at the end of Chapter 5? Trying to test some reinsertion in Chapter 6 but I am not good enough at the game to get there again.

Edit: Figured it out thanks to a Let's Play. Most of the game's combat is pretty simple, but halfway through Chapter 5, you unlock an "Item" combat option and I'm not sure what any of the suboptions do! To beat Lucifer you usually have to use lots of items, which is tough without understanding.

Anyway, I'm happy with the title E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution. I had thought about something like E.V.O.: The Origin of Species, since it alludes to this being the prequel, but this game is just as much about the future of life as it is the origin of life.

It looks like kuoushi might be able to translate the manual as well, so don't worry about that part! I'll let you know when I want your help laying it all out.


This is a fantastic resource! This would be a totally fun resource to include with the game. Translation of it probably won't happen until after the game translation is complete, but I'm definitely interested in seeing it happen.

And yeah, the game is really picky about changing the length of any file, or any text block, so it was booting to a black screen for me for the first month of attempting reinsertion.

You mentioned titles - were you playing around with the title images or something else?

Heh, I've been waiting for this to happen for a long time. I remember introducing the game to Kuoushi along time back and talking about the various differences the game held in comparison with its SNES successor. It's a very interesting little project so I'm glad to see it's getting some attention after all this time in relative obscurity.

Well, you've definitely done us all a favor by getting kuoushi interested! He's obviously been crucial to the project. So thanks!

:angel: So amazing to see some legit translated text in these screenshots! I worked for months on extracting and translating this game, and had so many issues I had to give up!
Anyway, see attached my full IMGUR album for fun:

Wow, that album looks great! Is that little black booklet in the PC-98 version box an instruction manual? Is there anything noteworthy inside?

Super cool that you were trying to work on this as well. What kinds of issues were you encountering? I'd love to compare notes if you have anything from back then; even if you gave up you may have figured out some stuff I didn't. (Like, I still don't know how the game decides which creature you evolve into next.)

By "Alternate Endings", do you mean the events that happens when you evolve the "wrong" way?  :laugh:

Yup, that's what I mean! There are tons of them - they represent about 15% of the game's total text, so we'll be spending a while on them. Hopefully they'll be funny enough to justify the effort!

I'm excited to check this out! SoA is one of my favorite games, so I'm excited someone tweaked it and made it harder. I can't wait to see what the new balance is like.

Thanks! I had some trouble with the data first too, but I found it by relative searching "ENIX" from the opening credits, then "TAKE IT EASY" from some of the dialogue right before the final boss. It's Shift-JIS and stored in the executables ST1-ST6.EXE, plus OPENING.EXE and ENDING.EXE, plus the encyclopedia SINKA.DAT and the endings list SEND.DAT. A lot of these files didn't show up when I first extracted the FDI using EditDisk, since they get marked as hidden automatically in Windows for whatever reason...

That's a cool title screen mockup, but it sounded to me like SkyeWelse wanted to do the graphic edits. I am working with M-bot from the Heroes of Legend PC-98 forum to write a codec for the .GDT image format, and we're not sure about the limitations quite yet - I wanted to figure that out before any images get created for the project. Plus, no word from kuoushi about the title yet. I appreciate you whipping that up super fast, though.

Now that this project is really getting somewhere, I've started a thread in Personal Projects to show its progress.

The Game
46 Okunen Monogatari: The Shinkaron (PC-98, 1990) is the predecessor to E.V.O.: Search for Eden (SNES, 1993). We're titling our translation of it E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution.

Our translation is complete! Download it here on RHDN or here on our team website.

This game is a turn-based RPG about evolution, and is rather darker, with a more fleshed-out story than its sequel Search for Eden. Unlike the SNES game's body-part-based evolution system, here you evolve by allocating points to one of four stats, and you evolve into an entirely new creature when you cross a certain threshold. Here's a Hardcore Gaming 101 article about both E.V.O. games, if you want more details.

Watch the trailer here.

Project Scope
Translate all text and images in the game, including the creature encyclopedia and game over stories.
Patch should work on real hardware.
Translate the manual as well.
Help out people who are just getting started with PC-98 emulation.

Project Status
Done: Mapping, Dumping, Translation, Reinsertion, Revision, Bugfixes, Image Reinsertion, Formatting, Finishing Touches, Manual Translation, Manual Layout, Beta Testing

Release Date: December 28, 2016

46 OkuMen (Core Team):
hollowaytape - Hacking
kuoushi - Translation, Editing, Trailer
SkyeWelse - Chapter Title Graphics, Manual Layout, Promo Art

Racoon Sam / SkyeWelse - Main Title Graphic
M-bot - Graphics Hacking
sonofashark / Ultimate - Manual Scans
not_log - Manual Scanlation
joseji - Special Thanks
Highwang, SkyeWelse, Arboreal, RadGalaxy, measuredincm, gonameyourself - Beta Testing


Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: EVO: The Search for a Translation
« on: November 11, 2015, 11:47:25 pm »
Hey all! Making steady progress. I've dumped all the in-game text, and I'm writing a decoder for the .GDT images, the compression of which I just figured out. There's plenty of text in the chapter title and joke ending images, so I want to make sure I have it all before I send it off to kuoushi for translation.

I found some pretty standard pointer tables, but unfortunately they point to some of the more mundane things - error messages, system stuff, menu items, cinematic text, skills. I've yet to locate the dialogue pointers. I have a feeling they're lurking in the map files, so that'll take some additional work to find. I can work on finding them during the translation as well.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: EVO: The Search for a Translation
« on: September 25, 2015, 12:47:23 am »
Hey! I played this game over the summer and loved it. I am messing around with the game files right now, trying to figure out where most of text is hiding. I don't know yet if I am in over my head, but I am definitely interested in helping out on the programming side of things. I'll send PMs to the previous two posters.


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