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Yea, you can use this thread to give us feedback and point out mistakes that need fixing, like people did last year with the Disc 1-only patch. So the current v2.0 release, while a major milestone, doesn't change anything as far as this thread goes.

Glad to hear that!

Another thing that I have been wondering about now that we have released the full game: If its possible, whenever there is an update iteration released for the translation as a whole, can we start posting release announcement and its information here to serve both as de-facto change-log and as referential material when we report issues to make it more clear and avoid confusion? This stems mainly from the observable fact that people have been using USEA Today's comment section for this purpose, which can get messy down the line if we are not careful about it.

On this monumental day of the project, I can finally say with certainty the very sentiment that the rest of our community has already and wholeheartedly expressed: our dream of seeing Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere in English proper, a dream that many of us used to perceive as an impossibility all these years, has now become a meaningful and tangible reality. This dream might have been small and niche in the grand scheme of the video game industry and life at large, but one thing for certain: its fulfillment has not only provided great warmth to our existence, but also renewed vigor and hope for a better future of humanity and life amidst (and there I say, against) the bleak transpiring of events in the world at the moment.

Now, with the release of the full game's translation proper, next will come countless amount of both enjoyment and playtesting on the community's end, and I believe during this process we will discover more instances for improvement to the release that can be iterated in the future. In this regard, will we still keep and operate this RHDN topic as the repository for such reports? I hope it can be the case so that we can reach the best possible state of quality and completeness for the translation.

Once again, I wish to express on behalf of our dream, the extreme gratitude and respect for every single member of Team NEMO, current or past, that has ever participated and contributed their time, effort, and passion to this endeavor.

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Yes, finally...




Really exalted to see the project being in the hands of individuals that do care and are willing to dedicate time and effort into ensuring works are carried out and done properly. Such positive and constructive characters are frankly rare in this world, and thus should be respected, treasured and nurtured.

Do your best guys! And remember, should you need help in any manner or form, the community is here to lend a hand in any way we can to make sure it is done right. After all, we started from the humble beginning of reading an ad-hoc list of directly interpreted dialogue lines to where we are today, and a lot of us actually thought we would never have a chance to enjoy the game proper back then. As such, to finally bring this whole endeavor to fruition will be a triumph for all of us.

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Firstly, its good to finally see things back in action proper. I attempted to contact you when I saw the need for help you mentioned in your State of the Project 2016 post back in August, but I am glad that things managed to go well for you guys immediately after and allowed the project to pick up the pace again.  :cookie:

Onto the game, were you patching 1.0 or 1.1 into SLPS-91214? Considering we did face a little bit of kerfuffle back when we were transitioning from 1.0 to 1.1, maybe its worth checking again just to be sure. Additionally, it might be beneficial to have others here help you guys out by experimenting with patching it as well to see if we could get it to work some different way, or at least attempt to replicate any possible pattern to aid in debugging this (with that said, not sure if SLPS-9121x version is as available to people as 0202x one was, so might have to figure that out as well).

Hopefully things can be smooth sailing from here on out, at least for the main game translation of disc 2.  :thumbsup: 

No offense to this guy, but I'm starting to think there should be a "patching" forum somewhere.

Its probably best for the Project Nemo team to post a little instruction on their blog, or on the patch download page on ROMhacking here, especially since the patching process has gotten much simpler with their 1.1 release as .xdelta file.

@Sonic2_3: To patch the game, download xdeltaUI on ROMhacking here and run it. You will see the "Apply Patch" tab, which is what you need to use. Point "Patch" path to where you store the 1.1 .xdelta file, "Source File" to where you store your ripped AC3 disc image, and "Output File" to where you want the patched image to be. If no issue comes up, the disc image will be patched in short order and ready to be played, simple as that.

Found a couple of text texture glitches for 1.1:

1/ Mission 7 - No Clearance: There is a Unicode presentation bit being left in Rena's last dialogue part with Dision:

2/ Mission 9 - Scylla and Charybdis: The 2nd page of the news section before the mission got stretched, not rendering properly:

Other than those two, nothing game-breaking, fortunately.  :cookie:

The reason why I emphasized that the console should be unmodded is so that, if there is any possible chance of it happening, we can rely on the console built-in DRM engine to get triggered by something related to data integrity of the discs and maybe figure out what's going on from there. Just a little idea to try out, not sure if it could even help with anything.

COPY 1 (SLPS 02020-1) : DATE Thursday 20/05/1999 04:00:00
COPY 2 (SLPS 02020-1) : DATE Thursday 27/05/1999 03:20:00


Maybe Alchahest's comment of "While "pure" jpn release can either be 1.0 or 1.1" could actually be part of what happened here.

P.S happened to me a very strange thing .
With the first copy SLPS 02020 , the image I created it right away , it was a lightning thing .
With the second copy SLPS 02020 , drive was about 5-7 minutes to create it .

That's even more interesting...and I have a little idea about what to try here. Do you have any unmodded PlayStation console with the laser-head and rotor in good working condition to try both of these discs and see if anything weird happens?

The metadata I mentioned is the standard way developers implement it into PlayStation 1's game, so this is strictly format-dependent and only relevant to our game or any other PlayStation 1 game at the moment, not in a general sense (besides, any file format would have their own way to implement data, metadata, and have their own properties and quirks).

Going back to our focus at hand, all that I have mentioned about the disc's contents are simply about the actual files in the disc, and as such they can be easily observed with any program capable of parsing disc image format, as long as the data integrity of the whole image itself is not off. For example, below is how the disc's contents look like from Windows's File Explorer, reading the disc directly being parsed in from the optical drive:

Here is another look from UltraISO, reading the CloneCD formatted rip of the disc:

As for the release date, I referenced the same information from, so its possible that something is misplaced here. Coupled that with what D.O.Eraven tried, maybe how Namco published the game was not as straight-forward as it should.

I agree that it's simple, it just seems we have conflicting sources/information. You seem to know how to check if an image is "1.0" or "1.1", as I said before I'd be glad to check my files for 1.0s or 1.1s, more information can only help. Do you know of any such program that can do this?

If I do have a 1.1 Japanese release, then the SCPS release is supported but I'll need someone to report back before I can include this in the readme as officially compatible. I can't include it just because of hearsay, I'm sure you'll understand. I'm available to analyze my copies but mine are SLPS, so it's a different release.

Reply to ser evergreen:

My copies clearly show SLPS-02020~1, no SCPS anywhere, and they even say "for Japan Only" and are also marked Not for Resale (both, but there are Rental versions out there). Google search shows the SCPS version as having slightly different information in the back cover, completely different from my copies.

You can even find a scan of Disc 1 I made years ago in my picasa gallery:

Clearly marked disc, packaging, all in line with the regular Japanese release.

I can't be any more clear than this, I've been repeating the same information for a while now. This is my source, first-hand, and I stand by it. Somehow this seems to be conflicting with your information but what is your source and what release of AC3 do you have? This is important if we're to discuss and understand this.

At first, I thought I was having SLPS-02020 actually, but taking a closer look into the disc's content revealed that they got a datetime tag of 1999-05-27, which corresponds to the release date of SCPS-45397. When I voiced this disparity up, including the fact that there was also the metadata SLPS_020.20.bin included in the disc, Alcahest cleared it up that 1.1 is pretty much a 1 to 1 copy of 1.0, with a tiny bit of change to it. This, coupled with the details of the change provided by D.O.Eraven, I am now convinced that I in fact have SCPS-45397.

Now that we know what that tiny bit of change is, thanks to D.O.Eraven, you can simply complete Mission 9 to invoke a disc 2 change and see if the disc change graphics corresponds to 1.0 or 1.1's. Of course, you can also try to redump it and re-verify checksum again, both MD5 and SHA-1 just to be absolutely sure.

All the posts relevant to what I mentioned here can be found back Page 12, Reply #232 to #236. Hope this could be of help to you.

It does seem quite possible that you own the SCPS-45397 version in the end, DSXIII, as looking back at the previous posts, it became more clear that we were all thinking that we were supposed to be owning and patching SLPS-02020, but instead we have been using SCPS-45397 instead.

This is most evident from Reply #217 by D.O Raven, Reply #224 by niko_holder, Reply #228 by Ikkyu, Reply #229 by Alcahest and Reply #231 by contra, as well as my own realization which was confirmed by Alcahest.

And to be quite frank, I would not be surprised, considering I have noticed how much more widespread ownership of SCPS-45397 seems to be compared to legitimate SLPS-02020 when I looked around online.

Yeah, the old version of 1.1's xdelta is mismatched for some reason, but I can also confirm the new version to be working. Much appreciated for you and your team's effort, DSXIII.  :cookie:

@Alcahest: Ah I see, so its still the same source as SLPS 02020/1, just tweaked a bit to turn it into revision 1. I didn't know SCPS 45397/8 was meant specifically for the Republic of China's market, considering the releasing model at the time was quite weird for what constitutes the "Asia" region.

Anyway, glad to hear that the .xdelta of Ikkyu works properly for you. Hopefully it could work for the rest of the people as well.

(It is true that DSXIII and Project NEMO have put in a lot of effort to make sure the edited script images of the FMVs blend as seamlessly as possible, and it works even better when forcing anti-aliasing/dithering onto the textures, for it feels as if the translated texts actually belong in those subtitle boxes. Once again, thank you so much for the time and sweat Project NEMO spent on this high-quality translation!)

@contra: Hmm, since I used 1.9.1 instead, maybe 1.9.25 could have provided certain fix or workaround to the overflowing graphic cache? I will try it out.

Regrettably, because I used a non-standard method to rip my copy (ripped with UltraISO through an ISO volume filter using an HP DVDRAM GU70N SCSI drive), I could not dump a completely perfect copy, resulting in a hash that is off from the database to verify properly which version I have. However, I noticed an odd detail: among the contents of the disc, I can see a .bin named SLPS_020.20 (and appropriately enough, SLPS_020.21 on disc 2), but all the data on both discs contain the date/time tag of 1999-05-27 08:20, which matches the release date of SCPS-45397/8 instead. I am not sure how relevant this could be, but it certainly looks strange and adds more to the confusion already expressed by Alcahest.

Regardless, since my ripped image works flawlessly with the IE 1.0 patch, here is the .xdelta in case it can be of use to anyone here:

Hopefully we can keep finding out more clues to the nature of the game and the patching process in order to improve and perfect it to allow everyone a chance to enjoy what is arguably the finest release of the AC series!

After having played all the missions in Disc 1 and achieved both the Electrosphere (A) and Geopelia (B) endings, I can confirm that the International Edition Disc 1 1.0 patch works properly. First and foremost, I would like to express sincere appreciation and gratitude to DragonSpikeXIII and the rest of Project Nemo team for all the works they did the past years (been following you guys from the start back in 2009). Secondly, having spent an adequate amount of time testing both the patching process and its result after, I am going to list all that I have found so far in hope of offering a workable solution to anyone that is still stuck with some bug or exception preventing them from enjoying this translation.

1. About Ripping SLPS 02020/1:

- To ensure smooth caching and streaming between the motherboard's northbridge to your IDE/SATA controller to which your optical drive is connected to, make sure you have the most up-to-date chipset drivers of your respective motherboard chipset. By having the most up-to date drivers for this case, it will ensure your ripping process to be as smooth as possible.

Note: This is especially important to Intel chipset boards, which started implementing independent IDE/SATA controllers since late 2008, necessitating the use of the respective Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) driver for them to function the way they should. Depending on when your chipset was manufactured, the controllers will only be compatible with a certain driver major version that is compatible for that chipset. For example: Intel 5 series (P55, H55, H57, etc.), circa 2009, is compatible with version 10 or below; Intel 6 series is v11, Intel 7 and 8 are v12 and Intel 9 is v13.

- Due to the way PlayStation CD format works, it is recommended to rip your SLPS 02020/1 game discs first into the CloneCD format (.img/.ccd/.sub) as the original disc image to ensure your ripped image has the most redundant CRC and data integrity as possible, suitable to be the original version for storage and working on. Afterward, you can then convert them into bin/cue as required.

2. About Patching:

- Open a Command Prompt/Windows PowerShell at the location of your patch folder and run the batch process from there to ensure you are able to monitor each step of the patching process and know when something goes wrong to take action. This is especially important in anticipating whether your ripped image was created properly, as the tools will refuse to patch your image if they encounter mismatched checksum with the image file (the error and status messages of the tools are in Italian since the tools being used are from, and it would be nice to have them in English to facilitate smoother communication for debugging).

3. About Playing:

- For the most part, having played it through various emulators (with most game time and completion on ePSXe 1.9.1), I can confirm that the patched game functions normally as it should throughout. However, I did encounter emulator crash after the Namco logo through one particular setting: texture scaling. It seems that if high texture scaling is used, it will overflow the emulated cache right when the game starts loading after the Namco logo, crashing the emulator (this might be because the game was made late in the PlayStation life-cycle and used all of its capacity). As such, if your emulator's graphic plug-in supports texture scaling, runs it as low as possible or disable it entirely (this of course comes at the cost of not having high-resolution texture for nowadays' displays, making graphics less-than-ideal).

I will keep looking out for any additional exception related to this patch. Hopefully the above information can be of help to everyone!

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