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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 08, 2019, 04:32:27 am »
I'm a little bit worried that some people will think that I took "creative liberties" with the script so I might as well get this out of the way now so that people won't question it in the future.

In the Japanese FF1, not all of the text is written in a fantasy-esque way, but some of it is written in a way that kind of gives off a humorous Earthbound-esque vibe; for instance, the description for the Rat's Tail: "なんか くさくないか これ?! すてちまおうか? いーや まずいんじゃない!" ("Gosh this stinks, doesn't it? Why not throw it away? Ughhh it's just so gross!") I'm not saying all of the text is like that, but it's definitely not as 'formal' as later Final Fantasies which makes sense because it was the first game in the series and they were still finding their footing for setting the tone of the franchise.

With that said, the shop owner for weapons/shields kind of gives off a lazy and impatient vibe that was lost in the original US localization (probably due to that really tiny text box for the shop). I don't want people to think I'm taking "creative liberties" so I might as well clear it up now and post some comparison screenshots:

In the Japanese version he actually gets impatient with you when asking about who will hold the weapon (the US localization just had, "Who will take it?"). Anyways I thought about just not mentioning this at all but I figured I might as well point out odd things in the original Japanese text so that people don't assume that I'm taking creative liberties if something is very different from the original US localization that people are used to playing.

With that said, here's some unrelated screenshots:

As you can see I'm focusing on menu and battle text right now, the main story NPC text will be the last part I work on. (And don't worry, I will provide a font patch for the original US font so people can get some form of nostalgia)

I’m not a professional translator and I’ve never played FF6 so I might be missing some context, but I decided to break this down for fun and to help out.

Original text:

Words translated, Japanese grammar left intact:

(those things)とは(no relation)(world)に(living in)


(Blackjack)(symbol to indicate model name)で(skies)を(soaring)(man)

Rearranged to English grammar:
A man who soars the skies gambling on his Casino-bearing ship the Blackjack, a world where the concept of right or wrong are irrelevant.

This translation is not meant to sound like natural English, I’m just presenting the original information in a readable manner and hopefully that could help with coming up with new lines that convey the relevant information in a tone consistent with the rest of the game. I don’t know who the character is or what parts are relevant to the story of the game.

Personal Projects / Re: Mother 1 GBA Color Restoration [completed]
« on: July 06, 2019, 04:25:17 pm »
It's been a while since I've updated this, but I've finally gotten around to doing this.

When the original color patch was made in 2015, it used an earlier version of FirebrandX's accurate NES palette but he's updated it since the original has come out. I've now updated the patch to use his finalized NES palette, called "Smooth(FBX). I've also included the palette used for NES Classic Edition.

Here is the download link to the new set of patches:

Here are some comparison screenshots:

Mother 1 + 2:


NES Classic Edition:

Wii U Virtual Console:

Personally I prefer the font used in the game currently but if it were made into a VWF to bring the letters closer I wouldn't be against that. I just hate how thin the FFV GBA script port font is.
If a VWF were to be implemented I think it goes without saying that Chicago should be used to make it consistent with other Square localizations when they started using VWF (otherwise it would look like FF4 PS1 - not a fan of how they used a font meant to be 8x8 as a VWF). The menus and battles would still use the old monospaced font of course, unless if a VWF could be implemented for those. But I think the menus and battles should still use a monospaced 8x8 font just to be consistent with FF5 and FF6.

Personally I would like Namingway Edition's script ported to the Super Famicom ROM.
And I’m interested in doing exactly that (with your permission of course), but also implementing a variable width font for the main NPC dialogue box. But that’s not something I’ll look into for a while, not until I’m done with my NES projects at least.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 05, 2019, 04:03:58 pm »
A Color restoration for the GBA version of FFIV is a great idea but the idea of include downscaled battle backgrounds from the PSP version is where i automatically disagree
Not to veer too off-topic regarding FF4 but you can’t “restore” the colors in the battle backgrounds from the GBA version because they were redone completely and there’s no reference material to restore it to, but they’re still overtly bright because it’s a GBA game. It’s not pixel art, it’s already a downscaled painting/drawing to begin with. And most of the battle backgrounds from the PSP version seem to be based off of the same source paintings/drawings that the GBA version used, just not brightened. Either way the PSP battle BG’s is the only thing closest to reference colors for the GBA battle BG’s.

With that said I’m not sure if I’ll ever mess with FF4 GBA. While working with GBA is convenient for a variety of reasons, the GBA port suffers from lag and the fast pace of the original SNES version is completely ruined in that. Maybe someday it could be fixed.

Don't want to double post so I'll just edit this, but here's some screenshots of progress on FF1:

Some things to note:
* key items capped at 9 tiles
* regular items capped at 7 tiles
* equipment capped at 8 tiles
* spells capped at 7 tiles
* enemy names capped at 10 tiles
* these abbreviation choices are not final; I’m considering implementing icons for staffs and hammers

I do plan on expanding player names to 5 or 6 characters. So far ASM edits haven't been too bad because Disch's FF1 disassembly has been useful (even though the disassembly is for the US FF1, the offsets aren't too far off from the Japanese version anyways so it saves me a lot of trouble).

Obviously this won't be as fancy of a makeover as Final Fantasy Restored. I'm not trying to make the definitive FF1, I'm just trying to make an English version of the original FF1 as it is and approach it the same way that I did FF2 and FF3. Hope you guys can understand that.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 05, 2019, 02:14:23 am »
If you're patching the Japanese version, are you going to include any of the graphical improvements made to the US version?
No because then that would kind of ruin the point of translating the Japanese ROM in the first place.

Probably sprites like the Ninja casting a spell, the Master's hair, the White Mage and Fighter injured, and the White Wizard's head. I'm also curious if you were going to use the weapon icons as well, just used in reverse of how FFI US did it (Wooden (nunchuck icon).
I’m not going to change any of the sprites because I didn’t change any of the sprites in FF2 or FF3 either.

But, I may end up using weapon icons (but format them like how FF2 and FF3 does). I’m still messing around with expanding menus and such, so I haven’t fully decided the parameters for item names yet (probably going to be capped at 9 characters for key items and 6 characters for regular items unless people don’t mind the quantity number being printed right next to the item without a space, then could be 7 items).

Hey, Chaos Rush, I've played your retranslation of FFIII up to Tozus so far, and I'm happy to report that I have found only one minor bug in that time. The bug in question is that the in-battle message for when an enemy wakes up seems to be bugged, as shown on the below screenshot.

I know you're probably focused on translation FFI at the moment, but could you please take the time to look into this bug? I like your retranslation so far, and so I want to see it become even better.
Thank you for pointing that out. Can you confirm that you’re playing v1.2? I have a theory on what’s causing it (it’s probably reading from a DTE char even though I thought I disabled it for battles) but first I want to make sure you have v1.1 or v1.2 because in those versions I fixed the repeated character bug that people were talking about in earlier pages.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 03, 2019, 07:39:23 pm »
Will Garland still threaten to knock you down?
Yes, him, Garland, will knock you all down!!

Just like the spoony bard, there's just some things you don't mess with.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 03, 2019, 06:56:44 pm »
You said you weren't going to rebalance the game, but would you consider bugfixes and the b-button dash like you did for FFII? Or at least making it compatible with Final Fantasy Restored?
Of course I’ll consider bug fixes, I would like to include them as optional patches (I know that right now the FF2 translation has the b-button dash by default but I’m going to make it optional in a future update because some people have requested that I remove it for authenticity). There’s a boundary between translation and hack, and I don’t want to cross over that boundary hence why I think anything that changes non-text behavior of the original game needs to be optional.

As I’ve said before, I’m not sure what I could do for Final Fantasy Restored (aside from using the new script I’m working on) because that’s already a complete finished project by someone else. Do people have issues with the script in that? I’ve added support for both Japanese FF1 and US FF1 in my new text editor I’m working on, so maybe once I’m finished with my script it might be possible to import it into FFR.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 03, 2019, 06:10:10 pm »
I've began preliminary work on Final Fantasy. Not much to show right now, but I'm approaching this exactly the same way that I approached FF2 and FF3. Also, I got single-spaced line breaks working on the original Japanese ROM.

Here's some screenshots:

I want to make it clear that this is NOT the US ROM, this is a translation of the original Japanese ROM.

I've also renamed this topic to be a general thread for my translations of the trilogy, as opposed to just FF3.

I wonder why Square Enix likes to redo their translations so much lol. Seems like every other time they port a game to a new system they redo the translation as well (slight exaggeration, but you know)

Despite the quality of the Pokémon RPG’s decreasing heavily in the past few years (not to mention the total shitshow that’s going on right now with their upcoming game), one thing I’ve always appreciated was their commitment to continuity and sticking to translation decisions even if they were to make a different choice today. They’ve never renamed items (except to un-abbreviate them), nor have they ever renamed the monsters unlike Final Fantasy. In addition to that, when they remade the first Game Boy games on the GBA, they kept the original translation but fixed mistranslations of the original, so no one complained about the remake’s script. Meanwhile Square Enix has 3 different scripts for FF1 alone (NES, PS1, GBA/PSP/iOS). Of course, the first Pokémon game was localized in 1998 and the original game didn’t have a bad translation to begin with, so maybe things would be different if Pokémon began in the 80’s. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m glad Final Fantasy localizations ditched the “FIRE1” “ICE3” stuff.

I’ve never played any version of Final Fantasy VI but I think I’ll give my thoughts on the accuracy vs. sounding-natural debate. As someone who has somewhat of a bilingual background (not stably, I was initially raised as bilingual, then moved countries during childhood and slowly became monolingual but then in recent years made efforts to become bilingual again), to me translation is more like getting the same ideas and concepts across in a way that sounds natural in either language; finding cultural equivalents to evoke similar emotions from the audience. Sometimes it involves saying something completely different but actually means the same thing when cultural context is applied (for instance if I wanted to say something to my dad I would say it a certain way in language A, whereas if I wanted to say the same thing to my mom in language B, what I would say would not be a direct translation but instead a cultural equivalent).

I’m not a professional translator nor have I played any version of FFVI so maybe I’m not qualified to say any of this, but from what I can gather it sounds like Woolsey’s way of doing things was to make things sound natural, and Slattery’s way of doing things is to translate literally but in a way that’s grammatically correct. I think I would prefer Woolsey’s way (as long all important bits of information relevant to the story are maintained), hence why Slattery’s translations are always criticized as ‘dry’. I played through the English DS version of Chrono Trigger (the only version of CT I’ve ever played) and it was difficult to follow the plot because the way the script is written was just so bland.

Eventually when I get around to playing Final Fantasy VI, I’ll play it in Japanese first and then in English using TWUE (and maybe look at clips of the English GBA version on YouTube).

To be fair, I'm not sure how NES FFI, in any form or shape, can be recommended to people as the 'definitive' Final Fantasy I, with the PS1 and PSP remakes around. I played the GBA version, PSP version, and finished the PS1 version of FF1 a few weeks ago, yet I've never even considered touching the NES one. All the others (I prefer PS1 over the others because of presentation and translation) seem much better. All this goes for FFII too.
Personally when playing through a series for the first time, I like to play a game in its original form rather than a remake so than I can see how its gameplay, graphics, and presentation evolved. Going from GBA/PSP FF2 to NES FF3 is a little strange to me, because then FF3 isn’t really much of an upgrade. Likewise going from DS FF4 to SNES FF5 is just as strange to me. Of course, once I’ve beaten a game in its original form then I’ll play the remake so I can appreciate the updates it offers.

For example, going from NES FF1 to NES FF2 you get to see how FF2 improved on these areas:
* improved battle HUD with new sliding menu
* expanded battle backgrounds a teeny tiny bit
* final boss actually has its own music
* an improved text engine with line scrolling within text boxes
* a much more character-driven story with twice the dialogue

Sure, the remake versions of FF1 already offer all of that, but then going from remake FF1 to remake FF2, FF2 suddenly upgrades a lot less to FF1.

Likewise, going from NES FF2 to NES FF3 you get:
* the classic “big blue bar at bottom” battle HUD is established for the first time
* improvements to battle HUD in general, such as the ability to view your entire inventory
* auto-targeting is added
* bosses now have boss music too, not just final boss
* major improvements to menus all-around, the original FF3 established the basic menu layout used from FF3-FF9

Again, you lose all these things when going from remake FF2 to either version of FF3, since then FF2 would already have all of these improvements, making FF3 suddenly offer a lot less that’s new.

I won't have any problems playing his translation, I just wish that his translation was also made as an addendum for either FFRestored or Grond's FF.

Because those two hacks are what I consider the definitive Final Fantasy I game.
I think you’d be missing the point of doing a FF1 translation, to be honest. Sounds like what you’re looking for is a title screen patch for FFR or GFF.

The whole point of translating the Famicom version of FF1 is so that people who want to play the original game with all of its original quirks intact can play it as it is. My projects aren’t “definitive edition” hacks, they’re just plain and simple translations with no gameplay alterations whatsoever. I would have no idea what kind of “addendum” I would do to a complete hack like FFR or GFF.

I frequently recommend your FFII and III translations as the definitive versions of each, but the definitive version of FFI simply doesn’t exist yet. If you complete the trilogy, that would be amazing. Also excited at the prospect of you translating FFIV for all the same reasons you listed. Really glad you’ve returned to give us more great translations to play for years to come, and more importantly that you’re enjoying it.
Well, I don't think my FF1 translation would become the "definitive" FF1, since it's just the Japanese version in English with all the original bugs and inbalancedness intact and such. It probably wouldn't be much better than the actual US FF1.

But anyways, here's a screenshot of a new text editor I'm working on. I plan on having it support the entire FF NES trilogy.

Once I finish coding this tool, my FF1 translation will begin :) Yes I'm committing to doing it.

Actually, just to point out, if you're gonna hack the title screen, you might as well use the ones on the cover boxes here, either that, or the original FF boxart (which is somewhat similar to the FF4 rendition but not really). IMO if you want to go full purist I'd say FF1 but I honestly prefer tbe stylized ones in the FF2/3 boxart. Buy hey, that's if you want to hack them, obviously. You didn't hack the FF3 one iirc (not sure about FF2, because there is a title screen hack of FF2 so I'm unsure), so I'm guessing you're not doing the same for FF1. Just throwing ideas, as usual.
You’re confusing me with the person you replied to  ;)

None of my projects have a hacked title screen. I like to have things presented how they originally were.

My question is if it's worth doing a mega project like Final Fantasy Restored or Grond's FF for Final Fantasy III (and if it's worth it, Final Fantasy II) where all the bug fixes are fixed, there's Quality of Life hacks, and it there's anything else to actually make this game beginner-friendly but challenging for everybody.

Also, someone here mentioned Final Fantasy I * II FC. What can be done about that multicast? I kept having ideas in the past where if it was feasible to port Final Fantasy Restored to its FF1 half, and Chaos Rush's FFII translation to its other half. I think nobody has said anything about this.

Also, @Chaos Rush, I wanted to ask again. Do you think it's possible that, even with your translation, FFIII can be disassembled and reverse-engineered for the purpose of reconstructing its source code and recompiling it? I may not have knowledge on this, but at least I wanted to get this question off my chest.
On the topic of gameplay enhancements, I’m not interested in making one myself but I think it would be cool to see one, and I know that several for FF3 already exist.

As for the FF1+2 multicart, I have ideas for that but first I want to polish up my FF2 a bit more because I think I can optimize free space better now than I could two years ago. And also it depends on if I can get FF1 done. I haven’t fully committed to it yet, but I think if I do FF1 I’ll work on translating the FF1 portion of the multicart simultaneously with standalone FF1 - a quick look at both shows that the data offsets for the FF1 portion seem to be exactly the same.

As for a disassembly, well yeah of course it’s possible - any game ever can be disassembled but it’s not a matter of whether or not it’s possible but whether or not someone wants to do it. I don’t have any plans to work on one nor would I know where to start - I’m not exactly a “advanced NES hacker” I’m just someone who previously hacked Pokémon games with a passive interest in computer science, thus that was more than enough basic ASM knowledge to do stuff like changing menu coordinates in a NES game. But an entire disassembly, that’s quite a tall order lol. Of course it would be cool to see a 16-bit FF3 and I’ve thought about someday in the far far future either making a GBA homebrew or GameMaker recreation of the first cave in FF3 as a “proof of concept” (but not any more than that, don’t want to upset Square Enix’s lawyers)

I do recommend replaying Namingway Edition since I recently overhauled a LOT of the script. If I had my way I would port it over to the Super Famicom ROM, add in the B Button Dash, and then look at expanding other parts of it with the limitations I had (spell and monster names especially). I prefer the older font for the classic games but options are always nice. Thinner fonts are harder for me to read.

As for FFI, I too would love a cleaner update to it as FFRestored and Grond's FF changed too much from the original. Things like expanding the battle window, a B Button dash, longer character names, setting the Battle Speed higher by default, fixing certain bugs (Tent and Cabin saving before restoring your MP for example), and the like are all great additions and are worth having in ANY Final Fantasy I project.
Thanks for your input, Rodimus Primal. I’m definitely leaning towards seeing what I can do for FF1 as the poll shows that people apparently want to see that too. I’ve already started work on a new text editor coded in C# (this time I plan on adding support for the entire Famicom/NES trilogy so I can push out updates easier - I also want to go back and update my FF2 a little bit since my coding skills are better now)

I’m playing through the first six FF’s in Japanese right now in their original versions (still on FF1 though lol) so maybe in the future after I beat FF4 I can provide thoughts on it and maybe we could bring over the Namingway script over to the original SFC version + implement a VWF. But for now I’m leaning towards doing a FF1 project and polishing up my FF2 project a little bit more.

r u sure u don't want to work on a Refurbished version of FFI ChaosRush?
while I do appreciate the work put into FFRestored and Grond's FF, the hacks don't seem to be historically accurate like the work u put into FFII and III.

For example: the logos in the starting screens for FFR and GFF shouldn't be there because the look of the logo is still up for debate back then, and hasn't become established until FFIV.
And the names of the hackers placed in the credits of FFR and GFF kinda ruins the illusion that u're playing an official product.
And although FFR updates the names to their recent localized counterparts, GFF doesn't (at least not completely).

long story short, I would like to play an NES version of FF with an updated script that acts like the real thing (with FFR's bug fixes and improvements as an option), but recently, it's been too much to ask... v_v; v_v; v_v;
It’s definitely on my mind. I’m playing through the Japanese version of FF1 right now and despite its bugs it feels like a well-presented product and an important part of gaming history.

The reason why I haven’t done a FF1 project yet is because there are already multiple “definitive FF1” type hacks and while they all lean towards hack rather than translation, from what I can gather both Grond’s FF and FFRestored uses an abridged Dawn of Souls script (which is probably what my FF1 would end up like) so doing FF1 might feel redundant.

But on the other hand, I feel like the aforementioned hacks leaves an inconsistent feel in their presentation when compared with my FF2 and FF3 and I’m someone that’s all about consistency, and I might as well finish the trilogy so that way people have options. So I am considering doing a simple FF1 translation project and simply approach it in the same way that I did FF2 and FF3 - don’t go overboard with changing the menus, keep the presentation similar, use the modern spell/item names, and try and provide a script that’s plain and simple and doesn’t have any baggage. It won’t be a “definitive FF1” since it’ll have all the bugs and unbalanced-ness of the original FF1, but it’ll pave the way for bringing over a working version of an English FF1+2 compilation.

But again, the reason why I started with FF2 and then onto FF3 is because there’s already enough ways people can experience FF1 with an updated script. There’s other things I want to look into as well, such as hacking in a VWF into FF4’s overworld so that the SNES trilogy can all have a VWF. I can say that even if I do FF4 stuff, I will probably never even touch FF5 or FF6 because the existing patches (FFV GBA script port and FFVI Woolsey Uncensored) are great and I don’t want to compete with other projects and go into “my translation is the true original meaning!!!!1!” territory and worried that even doing anything with FF4 will put me in that territory.

As for FF4 though, the best option is Namingway Edition and a couple years ago I played through about 2/3 of it and it was great and it’s a great way to play a fixed-up version of the original US “Final Fantasy II” release, and Rodimus Primal has done a fantastic job with the project. Unfortunately there’s still some baggage left from being based off the US version, and the script is limited by space which I feel like doesn’t have to be an issue with SNES games, plus I want to implement a VWF in the overworld text box lol.

Sorry for this wall of text, just explaining my thoughts on potential projects. Even though a few pages ago I said I’ve lost interest, well I’ve kinda regained interest lol because I enjoy programming and coding my own tools. I had a couple weeks of free time hence why I was able to pump out a fixed version of FF3 really quickly but I’m gonna get busy again soon (but not as busy as these past few years I think).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best monospaced font?
« on: June 27, 2019, 01:31:34 am »
Sorry it's not a best, but I can say the worst font I see that people really like to use is the Castlevania III English font. It was certainly a stylish font (certainly why they changed it from the fairly standard Japanese font) but I think it is actually barely readable (especially if you go all-caps with it). (though not the worst I've seen. Captain Ed has what I would suspect to be a terrible kana font.)

By FF6, there were a couple different fonts. The English SNES version is a variation of "Chicago" while the English PS1 version and the Japanese versions used the "Square" font. I'm guessing by this topic, that English SNES font is the one you are referring to?
(though I personally like that S-E reused the original FF6 8x8 number font in battle menus on the GBA. Makes it stand out pretty well when it's kind of important.)
When I said "FF6 Menu Font" I meant Chicago but monospaced, whereas I meant the generic "Square" font for what they used in the FF2 prototype, FF4, and FFA/MQ.

Interesting, I didn't know that the PS1 English version of FF6 used the Square font for menus. I just did some investigating and it seems like Square gradually updated their signature font over the years, and the "final" one is the one that's used in Chrono Trigger's menus and FF6 PS1's menus (I'm talking about the 8x8 font, not the VWF Chicago or the 8x8 Chicago used only in SNES FF6).

I'm glad you pointed that out lol, I actually like how the Square font looks in CT-menus/FF6-PS1-menus.

Gaming Discussion / Best monospaced font?
« on: June 26, 2019, 11:23:28 pm »
What NES or Game Boy (or even SNES) game do you think has the best 8x8 monospaced font? There’s only so much you can do to make monospaced fonts look nice and it’s hard to find one that’s aesthetically pleasing. For my projects I’ve been defaulting to a variation of the font that Square used for their early 90’s localizations (Final Fantasy II prototype, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest) but I’m just not satisfied with it. But the alternatives (Earthbound Beginnings, Game Boy Pokémon games, Final Fantasy VI menu font) aren’t much better. In your opinion what games had a good 8x8 font?

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