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Personal Projects / Re: Mother 1 GBA Color Restoration [completed]
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:51:08 pm »
Okay. Now it just gets weirder. Because apparently, the non-translated Smooth(FBX) patched ROM doesn't work either.

I'm using mGBA v0.7.1. I swear I haven't tweaked anything in the emulator.

EDIT: And the ROM that I'm using to patch the color hack is a No-Intro ROM with a MD5 of F41E36204356974C94FABF7D144DD32A and a SHA-1 of F27336B9C96CA2D06C34E07A61A78538DEAC32B3. Which is exactly like your hashes.
What about vanilla Mother1+2 with no patches at all?

Personal Projects / Re: Mother 1 GBA Color Restoration [completed]
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:06:36 pm »
Actually, Chaos, it would help if you gave a ROM hash, allowing Enigma something to compare his ROM to
Using HxD's checksum function I get,

Mother 1+2 w/ no patches:
SHA-1: F27336B9C96CA2D06C34E07A61A78538DEAC32B3
MD-5: F41E36204356974C94FABF7D144DD32A

SHA-1: 3E4001EC0667AA925B3CF10FB259EBF328582A9B

Smooth(FBX) + Tomato translation:
SHA-1: 15E71C24C5A35883925F0F7F01A89129E57F34E9

EDIT: and for the record, the VC patch in the latest release dates to 2015 as a leftover from the initial release, and one has has pointed out any such issue in the past 4 years.

Personal Projects / Re: Mother 1 GBA Color Restoration [completed]
« on: July 11, 2019, 10:58:24 pm »
Since this also happens on the NES Classic and VC Colors, I'll explain a bit.

I haven't messed with the emulator. All I did was patch the ROM using FLIPS: I patch it with the translation first, then I give it an Output File name, and it saves. Next, I try to patch the same translated ROM with the Smooth(FBX) patch, give it the same Output File name, and then it replaces/overrides it.

Could it be something wrong with the patching directions?
I use LIPS, and hadn't heard of FLIPS until now but I'm assuming, is this what you're talking about?:

I did a quick trial run using FLIPS, and still no issues for me. What about the MOTHER1+2 ROM with no patches at all?

Personal Projects / Re: Mother 1 GBA Color Restoration [completed]
« on: July 11, 2019, 10:38:00 pm »
I forgot to mention that yes, I am using the translation. I also forgot to mention that I patched the ROM with Mato's translation first.

And no, I haven't patched the ROM with the SkipSplashScreen or BootToM1 patches.

I do need to test it with the other patches though.

EDIT: Only played it with the Smooth(FBX) with no other patches, except for the translation patch.
I just tested again using the exact patches you mentioned in the exact order, on mGBA. Still no issues whatsoever for me.

I'm sorry but I don't know what to tell you. Did you mess with the display layers setting on mGBA, or any other sprite settings? Because you say it works fine for you on VBA-M. For me, I've had no issues with my patches on VBA, mGBA, and hardware, so I'm not sure why you're having that issue.

Personal Projects / Re: Mother 1 GBA Color Restoration [completed]
« on: July 11, 2019, 10:16:25 pm »
I'm afraid to report that I found some glitches, and a game breaking bug.

Apparently, the latest patches break the game on the mGBA emulator. (Strangely enough, it works on VBA-M.)

I mean, look.

I'm using the Smooth(FBX) patch. I don't know if this also happens on the other patches.
Are you using any other patches? Because the Smooth(FBX) patch by itself works on hardware for me. I'm not using the translation patch though, and your screenshot seems to be in English. What about the SkipSplashScreen or BootToM1 patches?

I just tested using Smooth(FBX) + BootToM1 using specifically mGBA, had no issues what so ever.

I'm going to assume maybe there's a conflict with Mato's translation patch or the SkipSplashScreen patch. I'll test those to see what the problem is, but in the mean time what specific patches did you apply?

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:41:13 am »
Is the PSX Origins release any good? Didn't these keep the original script?
The Japanese PSX Origins release changed some lines though not as drastically as the GBA version, and while the English PSX Origins has a readable accurate script, it reads as if it was translated once and then no one revised it for smoothness/naturalness. It’s accurate but doesn’t read very smooth, and the Japanese PSX version (that was officially translated) has revisions to the script. I also want to do my own translation of the original FC script as a personal project, and even if I wanted to do a straight script port of the PSX version you would run into issues of space.

Maybe it's just me but I found this font totally unreadable when there's no blank line between the text lines (that also hold for the official FF1 translation by the way).

Is there no way to either add balnk space between lines (like the japanese original) or make a font that's more readable when written compact ?
I’m working off of the Japanese original which did have blank lines between text and I actually manually altered the ASM code to not do so in the NPC text boxes (you’ll notice in my menu and shop screenshots that I kept the blank lines in places where the US release didn’t). It’s necessary for FF1 because FF1 doesn’t have scrolling dialogue boxes like FF2 and FF3. Rather than implementing scrolling dialogue like FF2 (and thereby making FF2 look less “advanced”), I opted to do what US FF1 did and just use single spacing.

With that said I felt the same way about the font myself after doing more NPC dialogue, so I think I will optimize the font specifically for this translation.

This is what I would consider to be the best compromise.
I think having one person in the game, someone with a more formal way of speaking, should call them thus.
I think it would add a little bit of depth to the world to have a noticeable bit of formality like that.
Plus it could help emphasize the rather stark differences between formal and informal speech that Japanese has.
If there’s a chance in the game, like one of those sages in the crescent moon lake town - I believe they talk about the Four Fiends - I think that would be a good opportunity to throw in the word Chaos somewhere.

I like that idea quite a bit.

I know you're using the FFIV font like you did for II and III but I was wondering if you were planning on giving options later on for the NES FFI and FFVI (Chicago). If not, I can always add it to my Font Options package.
Yes I’m planning that. I was messing around with fonts last night and noticed that the US FF1 font works well for single-spaced lines. I’m going to provide optional patches for the US FF1 font and the FF6 menu font (and future updates of FF2 and FF3 will do the same), but also I think I will modify the FF4 font further for this game to optimize it for single-spacing.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 11, 2019, 03:49:20 am »
I'm glad we had this discussion. This project won't be finished for a while so we will have plenty of time to discuss whether or not the entities canonically known in English as "The Four Fiends" should be called something else, but for now I am sticking with canon (even though I personally disagree with it). I think it's the professional thing to do, and if someone were to play my translation and then play the GBA/PSP/iOS remake, then they wouldn't be thrown off by anything.

In other news, I've completed translating all menu and battle text, so now I can focus on the story dialogue. Here are some screenshots of what I worked on today. I can't guarantee that the final text will be exactly like this, as somewhere down the line I may end up having to compress.

While my FF2 and FF3 translations were somewhat of a midway point between translation and script port, for FF1 I want to make it clear (if I haven't already) that this really is a retranslation of the original Japanese Famicom script. I'm still looking at the GBA script (both Japanese and English) of course, but the Japanese GBA version added so much (moreso than FF2 and FF3) which is what became Dawn of Souls in the US and Europe, and in FF1's case the Dawn of Souls script really isn't usable in the same way that FF2's was (FF3's DS remake kept most of the NPC lines the same, but changed some stuff in the story cutscenes to develop the new characters).

With that said, I hope you guys trust me :) I'll try to post many screenshots so if you notice any typos or if anything sounds too "translated from Japanese-ey", please point it out.

EDIT: One thing I wanna point out, I know that official remakes uses "Warriors of Light" as opposed to "Light Warriors". In my FF3 translation I really had to squeeze every byte of space out possible, so in that I went with "Light Warriors" just to save space. For my FF1 translation, for the sake of consistency with my FF3 translation, I am going with "Light Warriors". If I can free up enough space in a future update for FF3 to use "Warriors of Light", then I will update FF1 to use "Warriors of Light" as well.

EDIT: dammit noticed my own typo, I’m aware that in the last screenshot “Princess” shouldn’t be capitalized. I’m aware that royal titles are capitalized if the name is there (such as “Princess Sara”) but not if the name isn’t.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 11, 2019, 12:08:18 am »
Four Fiends vs Chaos Four is one small point. My concern was about the overall situation here. I'm pretty sure this kind of issue will come up repeatedly. Either it's going to be a faithful Japanese translation or it isn't. And the whole reason I'm taking the time to comment on this thread is that this translation seemed to be laid out as a faithful one. No one should try to please everyone with a romhack when they are pretty much the most niche thing in existence to begin with.

To the comments from BlazeHeatnix about how people would play this patch to get a taste of the original experience with uncensored graphics--those already exist. If you are talking about the original US experience anyway. The whole point of this kind of project (if I didn't catch it wrong and it really is about providing a faithful translation) would be to capture the real original experience, which is the Japanese game that Sakaguchi designed--not whatever whims were applied by the US localization team that just so happened to become nostalgic for everyone. And as far as those points about falling in line with modern localizations, that all comes down to what the purpose of the hack is. If it's to modernize, then be modern. Who cares about the Japanese script at that point? If it's to make improvements and decensor, then do that (although it's already been done in this case.) If it's to be faithful, then be faithful, which in the case of FF1 would be something new and fascinating.

I get a clear sense Chaos Rush ultimately isn't looking to aim towards that faithful translation here, which is ultimately fine, but I would suggest that we really focus on what the goal is and not make it a popularity contest.
The goal here is be faithful but in a professional way, where these translations are as to the English remakes as the original Famicom versions are to the Japanese remakes. Item names are one thing people can debate over, but one thing that will ignore 100% whatever changes that later remakes did is NPC dialogue, which I will do my best to capture the tone of the text in the original Famicom version - such as the shop attendants being kind of lazy and casual (as opposed to FF2 and onwards when they use keigo), as well as the game being a bit sarcastic with you when you try to use magic in a place you're not supposed to:

What I'm going for here is a balance between using canon terminology and altering stuff like dialogue to be more faithful to the original (such as the menu text not taking itself too seriously). I don't know if you can read katakana but you'll notice that not all of the canon spell names are the romanized forms of the original - for instance Focus in the Japanese version is actually Shape, and Temper in the Japanese version is actually "Sutorai"(I'm assuming based off of English word 'strike'), and Confuse is "Konfu/Confu". You can see why in these cases I'm just gonna go with what Square Enix does because it would open a huge can of worms if I used the romanized versions of the original spell names.

The "Chaos vs Fiends" debate is one thing, and I only felt it was important to bring up because in the Japanese version they're the "Four Chaos" that lead up to the big bad Chaos (Garland). I can bring up a bunch of other examples that would open a whole other can of worms. In fact I'll do it right now, but I'm for sure just gonna stick with the English GBA version name for these:

FC: めざめのくすり (Wake-up Medicine)
GBA: Jolt Tonic

FC: くうきのみず  (Water of Air/Air's Water)
GBA: Oxyale

FC: スーパーモンク (Super Monk)
GBA: Master

and of course, this is up for debate but:

FC: 4つのカオス (Chaos of Four/the Chaos Four)
NES: Four Fiends
GBA: Four Fiends

Now while there might be good reason to use "the Chaos Four", then you'd expect that I'd retranslate the other terms as well such as "Water of Air" or "Super Monk", but I'm not gonna do that. Sometimes names are localized for a reason.

What it comes down to is that this is going to be to the English GBA version as the FC version is to the Japanese GBA version. Meaning that terminology will be (near)identical to the English GBA version, but NPC dialogues will be retranslated and stay true to the original FC version.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 10, 2019, 10:22:14 pm »
I think the professional thing to do here is just go with Four Fiends. If the game had never been localized and people didn’t have a strong attachment to it, then I would call it “the Chaos Four” (or something similar, with the word Chaos in there), but these translation projects are also meant to be to the modern English remake versions as the original Famicom versions are to the modern Japanese remake versions.

Now, I don’t want to go too overboard with patch options, but if people want the name connection to Chaos maintained, I’m willing to provide that as an alternate patch option. Either that, or call them “Four Fiends” but throw in the full “Four Fiends of Chaos” somewhere just once in the script (though I worry even that would piss people off).

I didn’t play my first FF game (FF1 GBA) until my late teens, beat FF1, then FF2, then read more about the series and began work on translating the Famicom FF2. That was only about 3-4 years ago. So I didn’t grow up playing the series like the rest of you, and I see that people have strong feelings towards what they grew up with (I grew up playing Pokémon), so it might be difficult for me to understand some “Final Fantasy etiquette”. For now, it’s been made clear to me that sticking with “Four Fiends” is the safe and professional choice.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 10, 2019, 08:49:20 pm »
One thing you learn in localization is that if you start changing things fans have known since it was branded into their brains at childhood, you're going to piss them off. When I edited the script for Mega Man Zero 2 to change Elpizo's name to Elpis (his original Japanese name) I got nothing but flak for it. Even after justifying the change, people were still pissed off. People just don't like having things changed after being used to them for so long.

FF4 DS had no problem changing "Elemental Lords" to "Archfiends" because that was never really a memorable term for that group. People usually just referred to each individual fiend by name rather than the whole group. But "The Four Fiends" was catchy, and it was all over Nintendo Power and schoolyard talk back in the day, so of course none of the re-releases renamed them. It's kinda like changing "I, Garland, will knock you all down!"

So maybe renaming The Four Fiends just isn't worth it.
You’re right. If I called them anything other than The Four Fiends it would go against everything I’ve done so far regarding FF2 and FF3.

Four Fiends it is. I regret bringing this up at all lol. Now I’ve opened a can of worms, and I could’ve just called them Four Fiends, not say anything, and nobody would’ve had an issue with it.

Like everything I’ve done so far, when it comes to terminology I’m going to stick with what Square Enix uses regardless of whether or not I personally agree with it.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 10, 2019, 07:32:10 pm »
Discussion is better than a poll because you need actual reasoning behind changes, not just votes. People will vote for something purely out of nostalgia, rather than logic.

I don't like "The Four Fiends of Chaos" since that seems very wordy at a glance. "The Four Fiends" has a certain catchy ring to it that's worth keeping, but the word "Fiends" does not really need to stay. It may be canon, but it's worth noting that their Japanese title has never reappeared in any other games since outside games like Dimensions, and even in English the only vague reference is to the group in FF4 called the Archfiends. Even in IX, the original four are not referred to as the Four Fiends. Instead, they are called the "Chaos Guardians", which is another possible name for them.

One name I came across is that the Mystic Quest group equivalent is called the "Vile Four". I recommend "The Chaos Four".
Interesting, I’d never played a FF game past 4, so I didn’t know about how the “four evil monsters” concept is used in the rest of the series. I’ve looked at the FF wiki article that calls it the Four Fiends, and I’ve played the DS version of Chrono Trigger in English which I recall uses the “fiend” term for a group of characters.

I do like the ring of “The Chaos Four”.

Doesn't the "no" in the Japanese text signify ownership/association?
So if I may be as literal as possible, their title is "The 4 of Chaos" or "Chaos' Four"?
Doesn't really roll off the tongue.

I'm pretty used to The Four Fiends.

Looking at the other games in the series the only recurring title for these 4 is 四天王 (Shitennō), and the only reason it was used in FFMQ is because of FF4, and they aren't even the same characters.
So really, they is no recurring title.

That said, I'm gonna go ahead and suggest "The Fiends of Chaos".
I dropped the 'Four' because it just feels awkward.
Yes those would be the literal titles, but like you said they don’t roll off the tongue, hence why the official localizations call them “Four Fiends” in the first place.

Now I’m starting to understand why people debate about FF6 and Chrono Trigger so much lol. I’m already not liking the can of worms I’ve opened so maybe I should just stick with “Four Fiends” since that’s what’s official. But I’ve only brought this up today so I won’t decide now, I’ll just see how discussion plays out over the next several days(weeks?). I do want to throw the word “Chaos” somewhere in the script in association with the Four Fiends, since the Japanese version sets up the Four Chaos leading to Garland as the final Chaos. Hmm what to do... EDIT: I’m leaning towards “the Chaos Four” or “the Chaos Guardians” now. But let’s see how discussion plays out. EDIT2: Lol nevermind

Question,will there be gameplay improvements for the second & third game?
These are translations, not hacks. I may or may not make a hack in the future since I’m replaying the original trilogy and have ideas, but this thread in particular is purely about translations. And I believe a couple gameplay improvement patches for FF3 already exist that should be compatible with my translation patch.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 10, 2019, 06:34:52 pm »
I meant in names and terminologies. I didn't mean to take the word script specifically.

Sorry if I misspoke. >.<
No worries, sorry about my misunderstanding.

I’m a fan of including “chaos” in their title, and I have never personally cared for the name “Four Fiends.” However, “The Four Chaos” doesn’t sound grammatically correct (even though it is) because we don’t typically pluralize that word. “The Four Chaoses” is also grammatically correct, and sounds more natural to me. Is it typical to pluralize カオス in Japanese?
They’re referred to in Japanese as 4つのカオス (よっつ の カオス)and the way pluralization works in Japanese in most cases doesn’t modify the word itself unlike English. If “Chaoses” is grammatically correct then I guess I can go with that if people vote for it.

Personally I’m leaning towards “The Four Fiends of Chaos” but the votes are showing just “The Four Fiends”. Maybe I’ll make a “canon patch”(Fiends) and a “non-canon patch”(Fiends of Chaos) lol. (Which is more important, polls or discussion?)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 10, 2019, 04:14:54 pm »
Let's not forget, this is a port of the recent localized script for the original NES/Famicom version.
It’s not. The Japanese GBA/PSP/iOS versions of FF1 changed/expanded a bunch of lines. Therefore I can’t abridge the Dawn of Souls script if I’m trying to represent the original FC version of FF1 (some of those extra stuff made it into FFR, for instance in the FC version of FF1 past-Garland never mentions that he was a knight of Corneria, that’s only in the remake versions but it was included in FFR). And no I’m not using that script analysis by that one guy, it is way too literal and unnatural even if that was the intention. I’m translating myself but I’m still looking at what the official versions did of course.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 10, 2019, 04:10:11 pm »
I think you can go with the Four Chaoses. After all, the Four Fiends are known as the Four Heavenly Kings (or the Shitennou), not the Four Chaoses.
From what I could find, that’s only in later FF’s. In FC FF1 they’re always referred to as the Four Chaos.

(unrelated but shitennō is also the Japanese name of the Elite Four from Pokémon lol)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 10, 2019, 01:44:09 pm »
Sorry if this off-topic and im back to awnser this again,
but If leaves me with the intrigue of why not edit the GBA backgrounds colors from scratch using the PSP BG's as a reference, if it's not possible why not use the WSC backgrounds instead.
Again, the GBA FF4 battle BGs is NOT pixel art, it’s a downscaled painting/drawing, and is LZ77-compressed and displays uses a multipalette tilemap. Editing each and every color entry would take a really long time, and the final result would look almost exactly the same as just inserting the PSP backgrounds to begin with. Sure, the PSP backgrounds redid a lot of them, but they did it in a way that kept the same 'feel' of the original background while also making it look closer to the actual surrounding environment.

The FF4 WSC backgrounds can’t be used because they are at a lower resolution than the GBA so they would have to be upscaled, not to mention the WSC version uses pixel-art backgrounds instead of downscaled images like the GBA and PSP version does.

Why are you so against using the PSP backgrounds in the GBA version when both of them already use downscaled backgrounds from larger source paintings to begin with?

Take a look for yourself:



July 10, 2019, 03:39:28 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
On a different note, I’d like to hear your guys’ thoughts regarding terminology.

Up to this point, when doing FF2 and FF3, for items, characters, etc., I strictly used the terminology used in the remake versions that were officially released in English by Square Enix, and only made exceptions when the name is too long and had to abbreviate it (such as the “Thor’s Hammer” item which I named “Mjölnir” in FF1 and FF3 due to Mjölnir being the actual name of Thor’s hammer in Norse mythology. If there was enough space I would just call it “Thor’s Hammer” of course)

With that said, there’s something I’m internally debating regarding the Four Fiends, who are referred to as the Four Chaos(4つのカオス) in the Japanese version, sharing a connection with the final boss Chaos, who shares the same name in both the Japanese version and English versions.

Part of me thinks I should just stick with the term used in the official localizations, no ifs and buts. But calling them “Four Fiends” loses the name connection to Chaos. In the Japanese versions of FF1, you travel through the world defeating the Four Chaos, ultimately leading to the final boss Garland, who becomes THE Chaos. Meanwhile in English versions of FF1, you travel through the world defeating the Four Fiends, ultimately leading to the final boss Garland, who is now called Chaos for some reason.

The options I have are:

1. ”The Four Chaos” - call them exactly what the Japanese version calls them, though it may sound awkward in English

2. “The Four Fiends of Chaos” - keeps the connection with Chaos while also keeping somewhat of a connection to the canon English name, letting them still colloquially be referred as the “Four Fiends”

3. “The Four Chaos Fiends” - same connotations as #2 just worded slightly differently

4. “The Four Fiends” - just use the canon name, but sadly loses the connection to the final boss

What do you guys think? For now I’m sticking with “The Four Fiends” just to be on the safe side, but I want to hear the opinions of Final Fantasy fans who grew up with the series (I didn’t play a FF game until my late teens)

I worry that calling them anything else besides the Four Fiends would cross a line that I haven’t crossed up to this point, but at the same time I want to preserve any connections that were present in the original game that were lost in the localizations.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 09, 2019, 05:09:18 pm »
Tents work as they should though. As for Cottages, can we be sure that Cottages doesn't recover your MP before saving your game is actually a bug? Yes, it's stupid but this game have a lot of unusual design choices.
It may very well be a programming mistake, but the fact is that both the Item Menu choice/description and the Japanese manual support this quirk being by design.

Cottage manual description:ふだんは手の平に乗るほど小さくなる魔法の小屋。辺境の地で休むにはぴったりのアイテムです。HP、MPは大幅に回復します。(ただしMPの回復はセーブの後になります。)
I don't have the actual manual but thanks for pointing that out, "ただしMPの回復はセーブのになります。" does clarify that it recovers MP AFTER you save.

Here is the in-game description:
 えーぼたん....はい  びーぼたん....いいえ
"HP recovered! Save and then recover magic?

It does say it'll save first and then recover magic, but it doesn't say it as explicitly as the manual says. Oh well, it's still a weird design choice IMO (but of course such a fix will be OPTIONAL and not forced)

Also I just checked the digital manual for the 3DS VC version and the description for the Cottage has a footnote saying, "MPはセーブをした場合のみ、回復します", which does clarify that it recovers MP after the save. Shame on me for not reading I guess.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 09, 2019, 01:31:14 am »
Thanks for the honest reply. Look--I'm in pretty much in the same boat myself. I've been involved with creating faithful English retranslations of the early Dragon Warrior/Quest games and figuring out how to get them inserted (with a lot of help). As far as dealing with bugs, I know all about feeling painfully limited with that. So as someone who does similar work I totally understand. I guess with FF games I am wearing the fan hat, hence spouting out all these opinions. You're doing the right thing focusing on one thing at a time. Thanks and apologies if I have been giving you a headache.
No worries. I appreciate your support for the project, and while I do this for fun as a hobby (and experience), I should still take other people’s opinions into consideration. I’m not capable of fixing a bunch of bugs in a NES game with questionable coding to begin with (FF1 has a lot more hardcoded strings than FF2 and FF3 which is a little annoying), but I’m more than capable of porting text from one version of a game to another since I’ve already written programs that do that.

I recently played through the original Famicom FF1 on my Japan 3DS via Virtual Console, and I enjoyed it for what it is (well actually it sucked that there were no Hi-Potions LOL). I guess what I’m saying is, when I finish my project I hope that people can appreciate FF1 for what it is, but I understand many people already spent their childhoods playing the original FF1, and playing the same buggy game with a marginally better script doesn’t provide much value, so because of that I’m willing to provide... options ;)

July 09, 2019, 03:02:13 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I've been following this thread but only decided to post now. First of all, thank you for the good work, Chaos Rush. I just played a bit of the new FF3 translation and casually compared some of the lines with the Japanese originals. Everything seems to be on spot, and that's how I think translations should be: with accuracy and professionalism above all else. I think you're very qualified to take on any of the 6 original games.

Couldn't agree more. And that's one of the reasons I opted to play through the original DQ1~4 (Famicom) titles in chronological order. It was a very satisfying experience, as I could enjoy all the little updates each subsequent title added (especially every newly added monster, which are among my favorite things in those games). This is the only way you can appreciate a series' evolution to the fullest.

On the note of bugfixes, I agree that any of them should be strictly optional. Unlike some people are claiming, I don't think the original FF1 (even in its pristine bugged state) is unplayable by any stretch of imagination. Even the original Dragon Quest (DQ1 not DW1), which was released 1 year earlier in a 64kb ROM, isn't unplayable. For anyone who thinks FF1 is really that bad, try to play something like Hoshi wo miru Hito.

That's all I wanted to say. Not sure if I will post much anymore after this, unless if there's something else I really want to add. Chaos Rush, just follow Da_GPer's advice and keep doing what you're doing. It's great stuff, really. :)
Somehow I missed this post, in fact some posts don’t seem to appear for me right away. Oh well.

Thank you for your comments! I do appreciate it because I’ve worked really hard to improve my Japanese in recent years, and I’ve been told as recently as a few months ago that my Japanese sounds like “grammatically correct translated-from-English Japanese” which personally sucks to hear for me because I do have a Japanese background and it’s kinda part of my identity and stuff that I’ve struggled with for years (when you're half-Japanese you're kinda held to a higher standard than others trying to learn the language). I know what I said might seem irrelevant because these are English-language based projects (and why I’m doing this at all), but it means a lot to me simply due to related things I’ve been told in the past.

With that said, as you play FF3 keep in mind that I really had to cram the text in there and squeeze out every bytes of free space, so the language in that isn’t as elegant as I’d like it to be (lots of contractions and trying to get the point across with as little words as possible). I’m proud that I made very few omissions (only very irrelevant stuff, like characters that say “Thank you” twice in the Japanese version say it once in my translation) and was able to retain all of the points expressed by characters, but again some more space would’ve been nice. I couldn’t get DTE compression working in battle screens but maybe in a future update I can figure it out, giving the story text a little more breathing room.

My project plans for now are:

1. Finishing the FF1 translation
2. Addendum patches for Grond’s FF and FFRestored
3. Update the FF2 translation since I’m better at compressing text than I was 3 years ago, and do something about that magic menu
4. Update the FF3 translation (hopefully get DTE compression working in-battle and squash a text display bug related to it)
5. Port the FF1 and FF2 translations over to the FF1+2 multicart
6. Maybe do something with FF4 SFC or FF4 GBA

(The FF3 update might come sooner than where I listed it though)

In a couple weeks I’m gonna get busy with IRL work, so these projects will take a while.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 09, 2019, 01:06:09 am »
If the new script were supplied with variant patch options for FF restored and / or grond's version, that does sound like a better solution than reinventing the wheel.

But as to this argument about preserving history in such a strict sense, doesn't that view kind of invalidate the majority of the work that this very community has produced? This was a time when developers had tiny teams and were typically given only one shot at getting a release correct. I know of specific bugs in the early FF's that Sakaguchi became aware of that, confronted Nasir the coder about, and was nonchalantly blown off and told that it was good enough. Today, game companies take in feedback, release updates, etc, but not for these classic games. I think we as hackers have a unique and important responsibility to revisit history and offer an alternative where everything was done correctly, from capturing the essence of a script faithfully to delivering a bug free product.
Oh I definitely agree, and I do recall reading that about Nasir when asked why Ultima was bugged in FF2.

I guess my view point is, I’m just here to translate/update scripts, and I think my specialty lies in making programs that can unpack and repack text. I still consider myself rather new to NES hacking and being asked to fix a bunch of bugs seems like a tall order when all I set out to do was to just do translation stuff. With that said, I would love patches that fix all of the bugs in the original FC/NES trilogy, but understand that I’m not this magical NES hacker that can fix anything. Sometimes it feels like people are looking to me as this expert NES hacker when I’m not. (I’m a little drunk right now so excuse me if I’m speaking too brashly)

But also, these bugs have already been fixed in other projects, and I’ll see what I can do about them in the future. But for now, I want to focus on the script, and we can talk about the technical stuff afterwards. I know that I have to be a bit more sensitive towards how people feel about FF1 in particular, because unlike the other two in the trilogy, it did have a western release and a lot more people grew up playing it and have strong opinions over it, and I want to respect that.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 09, 2019, 12:03:20 am »
Can't we just port the script later?
Yeah I was gonna say I don’t see the point in making my own bugfix hack when other finished projects that already fix all those exist. It’s part of why I ignored FF1 for a while and started work on FF2 and FF3. Plus, while bugfixes are nice, with anything that affects gameplay balance that much, is it even the same game anymore? Sure it’ll provide a more fun experience but to me FF1 is supposed to be an unbalanced buggy game. It’s a reflection of history.

Though I will say, the MP not saving when using Tents and Cottages, that’s a high priority bug that doesn’t directly affect gameplay, and that’s probably what I’d be interested in providing an optional patch to fix.

With that said, with my tool (that I’ll eventually release but not for a while because I’m working on it as I work on FF1) it would be really easy to port the script over to other versions of the game (though some adjustment of parameters might be necessary). I could even inject the original FF1 US NES script into the Japanese version right now and release a patch tonight if I wanted to lol.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 08, 2019, 04:15:51 pm »
I just want to say that I'm extraordinarily intrigued by how different the Japanese text is by what you've demonstrated and how little all previous official and fan versions have done to capture it.

I'm looking forward to playing this. I only regret that it probably won't include the bug fixes that are somewhat necessary for me to enjoy and recommend a version of this game. I really hope someone takes on a complimentary bugfix patch.
Just out of my own curiosity, would you happen to know where I can find a list of these bugs present in the original game? I’ve only played through FF1 twice - the GBA version in English and the Famicom version in Japanese, and I’ve never played any other version. When I played through the FC version the only bug I noticed was that reviving spells don’t work in battle and that Tents and Cottages don’t save MP if you reset. I’m sure there’s more bugs though. In terms of gameplay balance I was expecting it to be a grind fest but it wasn’t bad at all, the toughest part was probably getting the first crystal but after that everything was smooth-sailing.

I am interested in making optional bug fix patches, but I want to focus on the script first. Some time ago when I tried fixing the lack of level cap in FF2 (if you max out your stats it’ll rollover to 0) and ended up breaking it in the process, so I’m kind of afraid to attempt bug fixes at the moment.

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