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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: May 18, 2020, 03:13:38 am »
Hi everyone, I still log in occasionally. I'm still working on my indie game, thought I'd answer a few questions.

Has this ever been fixed? I know this is almost a dead thread but I'm just wondering if there is still anyone who are polishing FFI and FFIII's text bugs or issues? P.S. Chaos you don't have to reply to my reply as I know you are currently working on your game still, kudos and thanks for all your hard work. I'm just wondering. Thanks!

Redmagejoe has taken over FF2 and has a separate thread for it. To my knowledge FF1 and FF3 haven't been updated since I last did in October. As for that bug, I believe it was the same bug as another issue that someone brought up where certain battle messages wouldn't display correctly, which was fixed. I am not sure if it is connected to the same issue that you are describing but if that issue is in the current version then I apologize.

I felt this is the only place where people understand this game's story enough to give a solid answer.

I played a bit of this game on PC but I hate the look, so I switched to the NES version with Chaos Rush' translation. Great work, the best way to play this in my opinion!

My issue is that the more I play, the less I understand the plot. The FFwiki seems to be stating false information as well. It's clear by now that the Flood of Light took place 1000 years before the start of the game. However, the wiki states that Xande's sinking of the surface world/stopping time happened 1000 years before the start as well. The NES version doesn't seem to state the fact that this second event took place so long ago. I feel Xande's stopping of time only happened shortly before the start of the game.

Another thing the wiki says is that Xande was responsible for rising the Floating Continent into the air. However, the game seems to state it's the Ancients that did this, before the Flood of Light happened.

In the end, I can't seem to piece together when Xande decided to unleash earthquakes and sink the surface/freeze time at all. It doesn't seem sensible if that would happen around the same time as the Flood of Light that destroyed the civilization of the Ancients. The Floating Continent also was already around when Xande did all this.

Anyone who can explain this all to me?
So I've recently played through the original Japanese version of Final Fantasy III and so it's still kinda fresh in my head, although some details might be hazy. I'll do my best to explain the plot. First of all, some of the confusion is because the DS version changed some plot elements which caused a lot of contradictions. Also, some of this information is explained in optional dialogue that the player might skip, such as the texts in the Saronia Library.

Here is the plot of the original FF3:

In the world of FF3, there has been an eternal struggle between light and dark. During the time of the Ancients, some people tried to abuse the power of light, creating an imbalance so that Light far outweighed Darkness, so four warriors - the Warriors of Darkness - were granted the power of the Dark Crystals and defeated the light. After the incident, what was left of the civilization became the floating continent. The Gulgans predicted that this would happen again, and they were correct.

Thousand(s) of years ago there was the Great Magus Noah who had three apprentices: Doga, Unei, and Xande. When Noah was getting old and ready to pass away, he gave each of his apprentices a special gift. Doga received magic, the mastery of and knowledge of it. Unei received the dream world and became the guardian of it. Xande received what was said to be the greatest gift of all: mortality. However, Xande didn't like that, and was pissed that he became a mortal. In order to ensure his immortality, Xande drained the power of two of the crystals, which flooded the land and froze time on the surface world (Xande can't die as long as time is frozen).

Now things kind of get hazy from here, basically because time is frozen on the surface world, but not on the floating continent. But anyhow, the Cloud of Darkness gathers all this power over this 1000 years, and another imbalance has occurred. Remember how the Gulgans predicted it? Well anyhows the imbalance is happening again, only this time it's Darkness overpowering Light instead of the other way around. So the gods(?) or the Crystals(?) or Aria herself(?)* finally choose the current iteration of the Warriors of Light, and thus an earthquake occurs on the floating continent which causes a chain of events that leads to four orphans from the town of Ur to becoming christened as the Warriors of Light. This whole time Xande is chilling at the Crystal Tower on the surface world where time is frozen, so he hasn't aged a day since the two crystals on the surface world were drained.

*So regarding Aria the shrine maiden of the Water Temple, she somehow managed to survive the flood and didn't get sunken in and frozen in time with everyone else on the surface (along with a random old man). She, the old man, and Xande are all still alive after 1000 years because time is frozen even though they themselves can apparently move around and do stuff. With that said, Aria is sort of the "guardian" of the Water Crystal, and while I don't remember specifically, she either prayed or "hoped" that the Warriors of Light would appear and save the world. So it's possible that her hope is also what enabled/motivated the Light Crystals to finally choose/find the candidates for who will become the Warriors of Light.

So basically, everything Xande did was 1000 years ago, but time has been frozen on the surface world as well, hence why to Xande and Aria it feels like a recent event.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: January 26, 2020, 01:35:32 am »
Hi everyone, even though I am no longer working on these, I still lurk on RHDN and thought I’d mention something regarding an update another user wanted to do.

User redmagejoe is working on fixing all of FF2’s bugs in the vanilla game, and with my permission, has also made a v1.8 for the FF2 translation that fixes some typos.

Also in order to clear up some miscommunication, I am no longer working on these, but I have no issue with people that want to update these further - you do not need my permission. My intent was to pass these projects on to the community.

So to be clear, any further updates are not done by me, and also anyone is free to update them. Should you do so, I hope that people understand that these patches are meant to follow the terminology used by whatever is the most recent official version of FF1-3 by Square Enix, and I know that some people may disagree with the official terminology for valid reasons, but for the sake of consistency I hope people consider what my original intent was for these translations - pretend as if this is something Square Enix wouldn’t mind putting out and live up to those standards. If you want to use these as a base for a new project with a different goal, then go ahead, but make it clear that it’s a separate project rather than a continuation/update of these translations.

I won’t be active much on RHDN but I might occasionally post to give my two cents on something.

Should anyone want to further update these, it might be worth considering starting a new thread in order to not confuse people since I am no longer working on these.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy II Restored
« on: January 24, 2020, 10:12:22 am »
I still lurk on RHDN because I like reading about programming stuff so I thought I'd give a response to something that is related to me.

I haven't distributed it or tried to upload it as an addendum because I didn't get any feedback from Chaos Rush one way or another. I reached out to him, but the only response I got was "I don't do ROM hacking any more".
Well to be fair, you didn't say upfront what you wanted to do, and once you did you left the chatroom before I was able to give a proper response, preventing me from giving a proper reply (since apparently Discord only lets you message people that you share a chatroom with). (EDIT: it was before I saw that you PM'd me here too)

Anyways if you want to make a v1.8, go ahead. I thought I made it rather clear in my last post in the FF NES trilogy translations thread that I'm "passing it on" to the community and people can update it from there, though I apologize if that wasn't made clear. Though I'm not sure if RHDN's system allows owner transfership of projects, if not then you would have to post it as an addendum (I think).

But also I want to say, around the time I said that I'm done with working on those projects, some people harassed me on Discord with questions like:

"Are you going to release the source code for your tools?"

"So you're never going to translate the Wonderswan versions of FF then?"

I want to say, I appreciate people's support for my past projects, but I also wish people could understand that I'm not obligated to work on them until perfection, nor am I obligated to work on projects I never even started to begin with (despite expressing interest in the past to do it - such as a hypothetical translation of Wonderswan FF1). I don't want to be held a slave to projects that I simply don't want to work on anymore.

Also I understand that my text editors might be useful but for personal reasons I don't wish to release the source code (and I no longer have access to the older ones anyways since they were on my old laptop which I no longer have access to).

At this point I want to devote my creative energies fully to my own game that I'm working on, and I am confident that if I work hard on it that it can be successful. There's a good reason why you don't see former ROM hackers like the Undertale dev or the Sonic Mania devs returning to ROM hacking (I'm not gonna state why I think at this time but I will say it's related to ethics).

So yes, feel free to update any of my old projects. However, I will not -cannot- update any of my old text editors, and I hope the community can respect my decision regarding that. I am done with ROM hacking.

EDIT: One more thing I want to add, my FF2 translation was the first one I did, so it's also the least polished under the hood. It used the Demiforce translation as an "engine" (since it already contained DTE code and re-arranged the in-game special terms menu), but redid all of the text. There may or may not be some changes unaccounted for, and also unused data from the Demiforce title screen (which I used a patch to remove), and also just data offsets shifts of various tables to increase space. If you're making a disassembly, I think you should work with the Japanese version and just make a new English version from there - and as stated before I'm okay with you guys using/updating the script from my FF2 translation.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: October 25, 2019, 03:16:36 am »
Updates for the whole trilogy have been submitted to the database queue. These are the changelogs:

FF1: v1.3 - October 24th, 2019
-fixed the typo "Garland was a good knight"

FF1 Restored - 2019 Script Port: v1.3 - October 24th, 2019
-script updated to v1.3 of the translation

FF2: v1.7 - October 24th, 2019
- slightly updated font to match FF3 translation
- typo fixed (poorf --> poor)
- Beelezbub --> Beelzbub (kinda a typo fix but also had to abbreviate a bit due to lack of squish tiles)
- battle typo fixed ("Brea[glitchtile]" --> "Breth" short for Breath)
- "Mana" --> "M.Power" (for consistency with official FF2)
- B-Button Dash now optional patch

FF3: v1.3 - October 24th, 2019
- minor adjustment in stat screen


In addition to that, I am releasing my FF1 text editor, AirshipText. It supports full text editing of pretty much any NES/Famicom version of FF1, and also has partial support for FF2 (can view text in the Japanese and translated versions). I am choosing not to put it on the database for now due to its rather incomplete state.

AirshipText link:


And lastly...

Final Fantasy I & II Multicart Translation!
But sadly, there's a catch. Unfortunately, saving in FF1 overwrites save slots 1-2 of FF2. I tried looking into why this happens, and could not find the cause. I even did a byte comparison of the FF2 portion of the multicart with vanilla FF2 and the only thing that's different is a typo in the Japanese intro text, along with some data bytes at the end. After some testing, I concluded that merely altering a byte in the intro text of the FF2 portion causes the save issue (meaning it probably reads a checksum perhaps?), so I'm not sure how to go about fixing that.

So, when playing FF2 on the multicart patch, please only use save slots 3 and 4. Sadly because of this issue, I will not submit it to the database. With that said, this has my FF1 v1.3 patch and FF2 v1.7 patch on one cart. This is purely for novelty/experimental purposes!

FF1 and 2 Experimental Patch Link:


With that said, I would like to move on from ROM hacking now and focus my time and efforts on my own game. I won't be updating these translations anymore, so if anyone wants to take over and update them further, feel free to do so.

But also, support Square Enix for making these amazing RPG's in the first place. They helped shape the genre into what it is today. While I didn't get introduced to Final Fantasy until my late teens, I grew up playing the Pokemon series, and after playing the early Final Fantasy titles it's evident how much Final Fantasy influenced Pokemon and many other RPG series. So please, support Square Enix!

さよなら :)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: October 19, 2019, 02:32:16 am »
I thought he created a new text editor for both FF2 and 3, but maybe he didn’t finish them. He had mentioned that CastleFynn and OnionText needed to be replaced, but we may be stuck with those now.
I made a new text editor for FF1 and began working on adding support for FF2, but only implemented partial support. Right before I released the first version of the FF1 translation, I started working at my full-time job with a really long commute, and now I have very little free time and would like to use that little free time to work on my own game (commute is getting worse and worse due to the season).

However, I guess the least I could do is release the FF1 text editor and do quick typo updates for the whole trilogy (give me some time). But, there's a reason why I said it's in my best interest not to work on these anymore. I can't say what that reason is right now, but maybe it'll make sense in the far future. I'm sorry that I have to be indirect right now.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: October 16, 2019, 12:16:53 am »
Heheh, that's Chaos Rush for you.

Good luck on your work! What's the title gonna be?
Thank you! It is currently being called, "Starlight Legacy", which may end up becoming the final title.

Wow, talk about interesting! What kind of engine are you using? I've made a couple RPG Maker games, so I tend to get curious regarding indie games.
I am using Game Maker Studio (same program that Undertale was developed in). I'm familiar with Game Maker having used it for years going back to my Sonic fangaming days, plus the syntax is very similar to Java which I'm also familiar with.

Congratulations on moving on to your own game, and good luck!

Sad we won’t be able to clean up the FFII and FFIII scripts, but happy that you’re working on something you’re passionate about. Hopefully someone else can pick these up and polish them off as you work on new projects. Looking forward to playing your RPG someday.
Thanks for understanding!

Anyways, I don't want to spam up this thread and make it off-topic, maybe it's best if it's closed. But I also felt like I'm somewhat obligated to say something instead of just disappearing. With that said, I've whipped up a discord server that I've linked to in my signature where I'll post development stuff for now (wasn't planning on making one quite yet but I gotta have something up to post content). Although this seems contradictory, I also ask that you all respect my privacy :)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: October 15, 2019, 03:05:37 pm »
Hello everyone, sorry for being silent these past couple months.

I’ve started developing my own 2D RPG that I hope to release on Steam and eventually smartphones and consoles. I think it is in my best interest to stop working on these translations, so there won’t be any more updates.

Thank you all for your support.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: August 10, 2019, 07:46:50 pm »
v1.2 has been submitted in the queue. It alters a line within the shop text when buying/selling to read more naturally (thanks to Neon Streetlight for the line suggestion) and also updates the in-battle "Fight" and "Meds" commands to "Attack" and "Drink”, respectively, and also fixes a small error in the naming screen (thanks to Rodimus Primal for these suggestions and pointing out the naming screen error). The FFRestored patch will not be receiving an update to go with it because v1.2 only alters text that wasn't altered to begin with in FFRestored.

No b-button dash patch yet, sorry :( I just got myself a SNES Classic so I'm spending my limited free time playing it. I'll get around to it eventually.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: August 02, 2019, 10:34:06 am »
Just gave the plain translation a spin and it looks good so far. I tried adding other patches just to see if they worked (nibbles27's Decap font package has a B Button dash and expanded battle background patches), and unfortunately they do not. They are meant to work on US FFI so I figured as much. I would like to see that added as extras to this project, which I'm sure you were looking at doing.

I was wondering if you were going to update the battle screen to say Attack instead of fight, and Drink instead of Meds. I don't know why, but Meds makes me think of it in a negative context.

In the menu, I think that Stats should be Status if possible. Of course, if you still have room in the font. While gil might not be capitalized in gameplay, I think it should in the menu as it is in other releases. So if an NPC were to say "It's 30 gil a night." would be correct, but in the menu it looks confusing to me (probably because of the US font).

Also, in the character naming screen, I noticed that you added some extra dual letter tiles (like "ll") for names. However, there is a double li instead of an il. I'm using the US font so I don't know if that makes a difference.
As always, thank you for your suggestions, I’ll try and come out with an update this weekend. With those battle commands, those were the literal translations and for some reason I didn’t think to have it match the FF2 & FF3 translations and remakes lol, and I do agree that “Attack” and “Drink” makes more sense in this case.

For the b-button dash, I think I will try and do it as a stand-alone patch for the Japanese version of FF1 (but include it with the translation as well). A future update of FF2 will also have the B-Button dash as a separate patch.

I'm pretty sure the other remakes (PS1, GBA) are based of the WSC version which is the "original" remake.
I’m aware of that but the GBA version changed the MP system to that of later FF games and stats of enemies were modified, and overall it’s a lot easier. Still a good game but it’s not exactly FF1 anymore, while the WSC version gameplay-wise is the same as the original FC/NES game but with bugs fixed, it even retains the original MP system unlike the GBA version.

Not sure why for some reason I thought Chaos Rush' FF1 translation was MSX. That's probably not going to happen, I assume. :D A lot more of a technical hurdle. :) (looks like the Famicom game with more colors and more loading time anyways)
Yeah I don’t think I’ll do anything for the MSX version, sorry  :P

However at some point I want to see what I can do for the WSC version. It appeals to me because it seems to keep the original gameplay mechanics unlike the GBA version. (There’s also the PS1 version too but that ain’t easy to emulate on portable devices lol)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 30, 2019, 12:49:14 am »
v1.11 has been submitted to the RHDN queue! All typos should be fixed by now, and any unnatural translated-ey English has been smoothed over thanks to the help of NeonStreetlight. Also, the DTE ASM routines have been perfected, so the glitch where sometimes the wrong letter shows up in the text has been fixed. And lastly, the error regarding the slightly misplaced "Agility" text in the stats screen has been fixed.

In addition to that, the Final Fantasy Restored script port v1.11 script has been submitted to the queue as well. This also updates the title screen very slightly:

AE for AstralEsper, the author of FFR, and CR for Chaos Rush. I made this small change to help indicate much quicker if it was patched correctly.

I've also began work on expanding my unreleased text editor AirshipText to support FF2 as well (I want it to support the whole trilogy):

I'm a lot better at coding now than I was in 2015, so this will be a lot more stable than CastleFynn. I think I might end up redoing the FF2 translation on a fresh Japanese ROM for the sake of cleaner data and also refining the script a little further. I want to update FF2 before porting both FF1 and FF2 to the multicart.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 29, 2019, 04:01:09 pm »
i found a bug where the stats menu are bad positioned in the chaos version, i don't know if it's because of the font patch or if there it's another thing
Thank you for reporting this, I will fix it for the next release!

@everyone I apologize for the glitches present in the initial release, I will prioritize fixing them for v1.1! In addition to that, I’ve been working with NeonStreetlight to polish up the script even further. Hopefully I can get the update out during this week, as well as providing an optional b-button dash patch.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 29, 2019, 02:04:33 am »
I noticed a strange typo in the "Default Edition" of 1.0 in which the Leather armor is spelled "LePther" in the shop, but is spelled properly in the armor equipment menu.

I think it’s because the way DTE is implemented in menus isn’t 100% perfect (works fine in the overworld dialogues though)... for some reason it occasionally displays the wrong tile. I’m not on my PC right now so I can’t post my ASM notes, but it’s something I want to fix for a future update. Right now a temporary “fix” is to just compile the string with no DTE compression. I’m sorry about this!

On a different note, I’m afraid this script can’t be ported to Grond’s Final Fantasy, as it turns out that hack shifted around a lot of the text and the new translation won’t fit in the smaller space for NPC text that GFF uses.

As for Final Fantasy Restored, I’ve managed to port over the new translation to it and have already submitted it to RHDN and it is waiting approval.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 26, 2019, 11:08:41 pm »
Right. I forgot.

Does your tool also support FF II (NES), and FF III (NES), or do you have tools for these specific entries?
I haven’t added support for FF2 and FF3 yet (hence why the tool hasn’t been released) but I’m planning on doing it so I don’t have to maintain three text editors. I’ll get to it when I have time to update the FF2 and FF3 translations. I do have older tools for FF2 and FF3 but I don’t recommend using the FF2 one.

July 27, 2019, 07:41:12 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
The upcoming v1.00 will have these changes reflected in "Chaos Edition":

Four Fiends   --> Chaos Four
Fiend Orb   --> Chaos Orb
Power of Earth   --> Earthforce
Power of Fire   --> Fireforce
Power of Water   --> Waterforce
Power of Wind   --> Windforce
Warmech      --> Deathmech

SQUAREENIX(abv.):   D&D:
Oxyale      --> AiryWater
WargWolf   --> WorgWolf
HillGigas   --> HillGiant
IceGigas   --> FrostGiant
FireGigas   --> FireGiant
Sahagin      --> Sahuagin
SahaChief   --> SahuaChief
SahaPrince   --> SahuaPrnce
Bigeyes      --> Flo[ti]ngEyes
Bloodbones   --> BloodyBone
GigasWorm   --> GiantWorm
Hellhound   --> HellHound
Ankheg      --> Anhkheg
Remorazz   --> Remorhaz
KittyTiger   --> Tiger
B[la][ac]kFlan   --> B[la][ac]kPuding
Baretta      --> Bulette
DsrtBaretta   --> DsrtBulette
Tyranosaur   --> T-Rex
Ochu      --> Otyugh
Neochu      --> Neo-Otyugh
FireHydra   --> Pyrohydra
Rhyos      --> Gorgimera
Mindflayer   --> MindFlayer

In order to maintain continuity with the FF2 and FF3 translations, I am choosing not to rename "Mythril" to "Mithril". I'm also not going to rename any of the spells for the same reasons. If there are any more D&D references, then I am willing to rename them for "Chaos Edition" as long as they don't conflict too heavily with later FF's. At this point, if anyone has any issues with the terminology in either patches, then I recommend making your own addendum patch once I release my text editor. My goals are to preserve the continuity present in the Japanese Famicom trilogy in these English translations, hope you guys understand.

I may or may not release v1.00 this weekend but I'm not sure yet.

EDIT: Also, huge shoutout to NeonStreetlight for reading over the script and making small changes to fix typos make things flow more naturally, and these changes will be in v1.00 for both editions. They will be added to the credits.

EDIT: v1.00 has been submitted in RHDN's queue. Let's hope it goes through without any issues.

July 28, 2019, 04:45:26 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Looks like FF1 was approved to the database and the page is up now:
I've also submitted v1.01 to fix a small typo in the Chaos Edition patch.

In addition to that, I've ported the translation to Final Fantasy Restored, and have submitted it to RHDN as an addendum to Final Fantasy Restored. Here are some screenshots:

Since FFR has an expanded DTE table, I had a little extra room in the text space, so I was able to expand some of the text for clarity (but not that much), therefore the script port is not 100% identical. None of the item or monster names have been changed since they were near-identical anyways. The shop text and story text was mostly unchanged, because FFR's text area was repointed all over the place so my text editor wasn't fully compatible with it (mine is designed to pack everything exactly where the original text area is for each bank), and any small changes in those areas were done for consistency and was done via hex editor.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 26, 2019, 10:57:03 pm »
My question is how will you be doing this?
I make my own tools, and my tool already supports any version of FF1 as long as I have a table file for it.

Rodimus, I would just keep doing what you’re doing. There will always be people who disagree and as I’ve learned just by working on a FF1 retranslation, you can never please everyone. Sometimes you gotta put your foot down and don’t let other people steer you away from your goals. When I get around to playing FF6 in English, this version better still be around, because quite frankly no other English version interests me lol.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 24, 2019, 01:08:38 pm »
I will admit that since I don’t know jack shit about D&D, which has a huge influence on FF1, I’m probably not the best person for choosing new names for these items.

In the “Default Edition”, I am keeping the SE spellings, that’s a given, and I used them as they were listed on the FF wiki for the terms as they’re spelled in the PSP version.

However, in “Chaos Edition” I am open to using the D&D spellings for anything that originated from it, since in this case the source material was in English to begin with.

Would it be possible for someone to provide a list of what came from D&D and how to spell it? I can even provide a list of the Japanese item & monster names later today if it helps.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: July 24, 2019, 11:59:00 am »
It's くうきのみず in Japanese, which is the logical way to translate "Airy Water" into Japanese, so yeah. Direct reference Straight borrowed term.

I know it's kinda dickish, but I can't help but chuckle at how the above "localization needs to happen for a reason" thing turned out to be arguing that an English term that was translated directly into Japanese shouldn't be directly translated into English. Reminds me of that one SNES Wizardry translation patch that renamed all the spells because "the original names are just meaningless syllables that wouldn't mean anything to English speakers".
To be fair I was using Oxyale as an example, and wasn’t what my whole localization happens for a reason point was about - I was talking about items, spells, and monsters as a whole. The context in-game is that Oxyale is a thing naturally produced in Gaia town’s spring, and only the town faerie can extract it. It’s an item and not a spell, so it may or may not be based on the spell. I haven’t been dickish at all and have been explaining my logic, situation, and thought process, so I would appreciate it if we could continue this discussion in a respectful manner.

With that said, on the topic of names based from D&D, I hardly know anything about it so forgive me on that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using the SE spellings in the default patch, but would you guys be okay with using the D&D spellings in the Chaos Edition patch? Because it’s not much different from later localizations of FFIV renaming monsters to be spelled correctly based on how they’re spelled in the mythologies that they’re based from.

I’m just gonna but in and give my two cents about something being talked about a while back that’s somewhat relevant:

Submarines exist in FF1 and FF3, both of which feature settings with technology significantly less advanced than FF6. FF6 looks to have a level of technology on par with the industrial revolution of the 1900’s, give or take a few anachronisms. I think it’s okay for submarines to exist in that world.

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