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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: June 26, 2019, 08:27:33 pm »
Now, why would I begin coding a Final Fantasy I text editor  :laugh:

(text editor is in a very early stage obviously)

v1.2 has been submitted to the RHDN page, so it should be up by tomorrow. Changelog for this version is:
-some typos fixed
-"Elder" capitalized in the intro for consistency with NPC's
-optional FFVI font patch added

Here is a screenshot of the OPTIONAL font patch:

Thank you to everyone who has pointed out typos.

Are you sure it's not a typo ? Usually in Final Fantasy the name of a summoning spell is 1:1 the name of the summoned creature. That's the 1st time I ever hear of a spell summoning a creature whose name is different from the spell. Exept maybe "Chocobo" who summons "Fat Chocobo".
It might be a typo on Square’s end, but it says Bahamur on the DS, PSP, iOS, and PC versions so I’m keeping it like that because it might also be intentional.

Skip to 5:02:

For whatever reason, they keep calling it “Bahamur” in FFIII.

Edit: Also, in the Japanese versions the monster is バハムート (Bahamuuto/Bahamut) and the spell is バハムル (Bahamuru/Bahamur). It’s not a typo guys.

I'm very pleased that Chaos Rush decided to drop the expansion. The associated bugs made it difficult to enjoy for me.

A couple little things to point out: in your pic of a sample spell list, you have Bahamur instead of Bahamut. Is that a typo?

Also, have you thought about including bug fixes into the game? You can get a standalone flee bug fix from the Maeson Mix patches but it would be nice to have that included by default. Also, I'm not sure if anyone has fixed the bug where elemental rods are supposed to give I believe a 25 percent power boost to associated magic types. That would offer a nice little improvement to the underpowered black mage job.

I hope you stay around for this and continue to make improvements. It's such a spectacular game and deserves a ton of love.

I'll try to do a play of this at some point soon and I'd be happy to offer feedback on the script or any issues I come across.

Once he is defeated the party gains the summon spell "Bahamur".

The summoned monster is Bahamut, but the name of the summoning spell is Bahamur. As for bug fixes, haven’t really decided. I feel like if I do then it should be an optional patch because the bug is something that’s in the original game. Hope you enjoy playing this!

There's always the 1024k translation that uses MMC3.

That being said back then I proved it was largely possible to compress the script with Huffman and have it fit in 512k but few people were interested.
Right now I don't have the ASM skill to modify the game's text routines to implement a Huffman decompressor. It's not something that I've forgotten about, and it is still in the back of my mind. I appreciate you looking into further ways to compress the script, and I apologize if it seemed like your efforts were being ignored. As it is, the new version still uses compression (simple DTE compression). Huffman compression is on my mind, and it's something I may look into soon, but I can't make any promises that I can make it happen.

So where can I download the original 2016 v1.4 translation (I think you called it Refurbished), I don't very much care about HW compatibility and find this abridged script to be a step down.
The 2016 version crashes when using certain spells because the animation routines weren’t adjusted for the MMC5 mapper (I’m not trying to slander the person who made the mapper patch, just pointing out that it wasn’t ready for use yet).

Besides, the 2016 version retained a lot of extra fluff from the DS version. Often times, lines that were just “arigatou!” in the Japanese version were fluffed into, “You brave warriors have my eternal gratitude”. Stuff like that is normal for modern game translations of course (due to English requiring more context clarification in general), but those long detailed dialogs clearly weren’t meant to be used with a NES game with a big monospaced font. If it was feasible to implement a VWF font in FFIII, then in that case retaining the DS script would have been appropriate.

Here is the final release of the text editor I developed for FFIII, Onion Text:

(I just updated it to v1.2 so make sure it's updated in the database before downloading)

Most of it was developed in 2016 during my previous attempt at making a translation hack of FF3, some small modifications were made to it again for this new translation (good thing I still had the source code). It will allow you to edit the text in the game and it will reinsert all of the text data in the allotted data area to make efficient use of space - it literally unpacks and repacks all of the extracted text back into the ROM. Hopefully I've provided enough resources and instructions in the link so that people can make their own translations into other languages.

This will be the last version of Onion Text, I won't be updating it any further. Up to this point I've coded exclusively in Java, but since I'm moving stuff over to a new PC and am finding difficulties with running Java programs on it, I think it's about time that I learn C++ lol. With that said this will probably be my last Java-made ROM hacking tool.

This is great!

This is what I thought it was going to be in the first place.

Sometimes the extra polish can be too much at times, As it was said years ago from a kind guy at The Final Fantasy Compendium, Sometimes simple is just better.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Thank you, hope you enjoy it!

v1.1 is up!

The "South Winnd" glitch has been fixed. Here is the full changelog:
v1.1 - June 22nd, 2019
-formatting and text in intro was sligthly adjusted
-fixed minor text display glitch when using items in-battle
-fixed display glitch with Magus and Ninja in the job menu
-some typos fixed
-"Message Speed" changed to "Battle Speed"

Player names that are shorter than 6 characters will no longer display those extra spaces when someone is talking (look at Arc's name):

I've played this up to the Tower of Owen thus far. In addition to the "South Winnd" thing that was reported earlier, the only other thing I ran into was this when talking to the elder after getting the Wind jobs.

Do note, I am also using these patches: B-Button Dash, Job System Improvement, and Final Fantasy III Redux. I have found no other oddities outside of this and the "Winnd" one.

So far so good! Thanks for continuing to work on this game!  :)
Weird, I'm not getting that on my end:

Probably one of the patches you're using is interfering with the text data. Try checking around 0x370BC to see if one of the patches you're using uses that area. The offset in v1.0 might differ slightly simply because my tool repacks all the text in the game.

@star_scream1646 Thanks for the screenshots. The bug regarding the item names having a repeated character has already been fixed for v1.1, just a single byte change. (Put 0xD8 at offset 0x0690CA to fix it)

Thanks for pointing out the typos as well, those will be fixed for next release.

Right now I'm trying to fix an issue that was also present in the Japanese version but not as visible - if a player character's name ends with a space, I'm trying to make it so that it won't look like, "Arc      :hey guys" and have instead show, "Arc:hey guys". This issue was also in the Japanese version but not as visible because whenever a PC talked it just used ambiguous quotation marks, but it could still be seen during certain dialogues when PC names are mentioned. Once I work that out I'll release v1.1.

Currently, the DTE-compressed script takes up 99.97% of the game's original text data area :)

That was fast! A few things I wanted to add

I know you mentioned how you could not include the B-running feature, but I wanted to try adding this hack which adds it to the original Japanese version in order to also have it with the original translation. The game booted up fine with no problems, however, I don't know if the two patches together break something else later in the game or when you meet the first NPC. Since I only had enough time to get the jobs from the wind crystal. Since I have midterms and a ton of homework I won't be able to really try this out now, but I did want to report the first bug. When using the South Wind Item I got this

I thought it could have been because of the two patches, but when I used your translation alone I got the same result.

Thank you for making this new translation Chaos Rush!
Huh, I had no idea that patch existed. If it works with the original, then it’ll work with this.

One thing though, in the old 1mb version, the way I implemented it accounted for disabling it if you had a partner character with you. The ad0220 translation didn’t account for this and caused weird glitches when running with a partner character. As for that hack, I don’t know if it’ll account for that either.

Thanks for pointing out the typo! I must say there’s a reason why I haven’t submitted the project to the main site yet, I’m gonna wait and see until more typos are found before pushing out v1.1. I haven’t done a play through of the whole game, just various parts from save files I have.

Wow! You got this done so quickly! I would love to give this a try once I get some spare time to play it. If someone did want to add a B Button dash, what's holding it back from being added? Just curious.
There’s not enough bytes of free space in the data bank that the walking routine is located in. I’m not on my PC right now so I can’t check exactly, but I need at least like around 10 to account for disabling the dash if you have a following NPC character, and the data bank doesn’t even have 5 bytes of free space lol (its the last bank of the ROM).. It was doable in the MMC5 version because some data was freed up, but I don’t have notes on what data exactly, I just know that the offset I did it in the old version wasn’t free space to begin with. Until I can verify whether or not it’s used or unused data, it’ll have to stay out for now.

But I haven’t entirely given up on it though, just need to free up some space in the last ROM bank.

I can’t believe how quickly you pulled this off. Plenty of people are going to be very happy!
I still had all of my hacking notes on FF3 and the source code of my text editor from 2016 which also easily let me look at the scripts of both the old version and the Japanese script side-by-side, so most of the hard stuff was already done :) Was able to pretty much start text editing right away and didn’t have to waste time coding a text editor or waste hours doing ASM hacking. (I did do some extra ASM work though, there’s one small tile refresh glitch that’s fixed in this that wasn’t in the old version - the glitch originally occurred due to an expansion of menu sizes in-battle)

In my notes I thought of doing 3 titles, too.
Seiken Densetsu
Sword of Mana
Adventure of Mana (Sans the 's' to distinguish it from the remake.)

And each of these would get a variant based on keeping the Final Fantasy content.
(BOLD is large logo, normal is subtitle text)

Seiken Densetsu:
Final Fantasy Gaiden

Sword of Mana:
A Final Fantasy Adventure

Final Fantasy:
Adventure of Mana

And I guess including a few variants for the European version should also be considered.

Seiken Densetsu:
A Mystic Quest

Mystic Quest:
The Sword of Mana

Mystic Quest:
A Final Fantasy Adventure

Mystic Quest:
Adventure of Mana

Yeah. I tend to go overboard when coming up with ideas.
This should satisfy all parties:

Final Fantasy Adventure of Mana: The Mystic Quest of the Legend of the Sacred Sword

(Sorry I had to, I know this isn’t reddit lolol)

Personal Projects / Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Translations
« on: June 20, 2019, 11:46:36 pm »
Hello, these are my translation projects for the Final Fantasy trilogy on the NES. The purpose of these is to simply provide an English version of the original Final Fantasy games but with terminology that matches the ones used in the remakes made by Square Enix, along with providing an accurate script. Of course, these are NES games so space is limited, so not everything is as expanded and detailed as I'd like it to be, but I do my best to fit as much as I can within the limited ROM space by using DTE compression. The scripts in general are a mix of my own translation while looking at the remake versions as a guide, but the only content present is what was in the original Famicom versions of the games (since their remakes on GBA and onwards often changed and expanded lines, and those changed/expanded lines were translated by Square Enix for the overseas releases of the remakes). I'm half-Japanese and lived in Japan when I was little, so I have a bit of a language background in Japanese, but my education was in English so language-wise I am English-dominant. A few years ago my Japanese was pretty rusty but I've worked to improve it as much as I can.

I want to make it clear that these projects are strictly translations, are are NOT hacks, and I will not do anything to "balance" the game. These are the original raw games as they are, but in English.

Originally, this project started with Final Fantasy II in 2015 (original topic can be found here). In 2016 I moved on to Final Fantasy III, but I made some bad decisions with that translation (expanding the ROM) so in 2019 I made a new version of it that keeps the original ROM size (this was originally the thread for that).  I am now working on Final Fantasy I.

Final Fantasy (original Japanese version, NOT US version)
Status: Complete

Final Fantasy II
Status: Complete
RHDN Link:

Final Fantasy III
Status: Complete
RHDN Link:

Final Fantasy I & II
Status: Complete, but with save issue
FF1 and 2 Experimental Patch Link:
Unfortunately, saving in FF1 overwrites save slots 1-2 of FF2. I tried looking into why this happens, and could not find the cause. I even did a byte comparison of the FF2 portion of the multicart with vanilla FF2 and the only thing that's different is a typo in the Japanese intro text, along with some data bytes at the end. After some testing, I concluded that merely altering a byte in the intro text of the FF2 portion causes the save issue (meaning it probably reads a checksum perhaps?), so I'm not sure how to go about fixing that.

Credits (FF1):
* Chaos Rush(me) - translation and hacking
* NeonStreetlight - script revision
* Disch - Final Fantasy US Disassembly (although it's for the US version, the offsets were similar to the Japanese version anyways)
* Lenophis - Battle DTE fixer upper (originally for US version but I ported it to Japanese version)
* Team dCode - for making the Bigram Analysis tool

Credits (FFII):
* Chaos Rush
* Square Enix - for making this game and remaking this game
* NeoDemiforce - for translating this game in 1998
* HackMew - for making Free Space Finder
* whoever made TileMolester
* whoever made TileMolester Alternate
* Vanya - stat name suggestions
* Rodimus Primal - intro text and general support
* vivify93 - formatting inspiration, as well as some item name suggestions
* SpiderDave - B-button dash

Credits (FFIII):
* Chaos Rush
* Team dCode - for making the Bigram Analysis tool (
* Square Enix - for making the original game and remaking it

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games that use font Chicago?
« on: June 17, 2019, 04:11:44 pm »
I wish the new official Seiken Densetsu 3/Trials of Mana translation used this font lol, then it would feel like it belongs.

Would a version that's more console-compatible also be a version that's more compatible with various other ROM hacks (Maeson, Job Improvement)?
It would depend on whether or not those patches alter text data. If they alter purely mechanics data, as in if they work with the Japanese version of the game, then they should work with this too. If they alter any text, then it would probably still work but the altered text might not show correctly and/or it might overwrite text data of the translation.

So I understand and not confuse whats actually happening with my wishful thinking.

You are going to release the translation again but without the expansion and mapper change?

So it just plays with the original Rom configuration just with a re-translation like how your Final Fantasy II re-translation was done?


I am going through the original Japanese script, re-translate it myself from scratch using as little words as possible, and then check the DS script for context and make edits. I dare say that the results of this will be more accurate than any previous translation so far (not that accuracy was the main issue of any of the previous translations).
(For instance, combing through the script I’ve already restored a specific reference to the final boss “Cloud of Darkness” that the talking Earth Crystal does, where the DS translation didn’t catch the final boss namedrop and instead had the Earth Crystal say “darkness that threatens this land”)

I think, I won’t start a new thread until it’s finished though. Not sure how long it will take, it’s not something that will be done in a week but it’s also not something that will take months either. Let’s just say my tools that I’ve already developed for FF3, combined with having archived the entire FF3 FC Japanese script AND the entire FF3 DS English script is making this go pretty quickly.

I'm going to make a new thread in the near future so that people won't confuse this new project with the previous one, and to make sure that people are aware that the new version is hardware compatible running on the plain old MMC3 mapper.

But since I don't have enough to show for a new thread yet, I thought I would at least show this.

* A second pass has been taken at the item names, this time using more squish tiles to get the full name in

* Figured out a new way to give the appearance of abbreviation in the in-battle item menu. Unlike the MMC5 version, this does not use a separate list of item names - its reading from the same text data that the main item menu uses! (I'm pretty sure it's impossible to expand the in-battle item menu's width without expanding RAM due to the nature of it, so this is how it'll stay)

* Re-arranged the job menu to incorporate squish tiles. This also fixes that one glitch where the last job wouldn't show all of the info if you had an odd number of jobs. The full job titles have all made it in.

Again, all of these changes will only be in the new version because I am abandoning the old MMC5 version. As mentioned above, I'll start a new thread in the near future.

That's awesome news. With that, will there be room for modern item, monster, and town names, and will the B Button Dash you added work?
Yes, everything regarding terminology will use the official Square Enix names as much as possible. Monster names, town names, spell names, and B Button dash is not an issue.

Now item names on the other hand, there are some difficult limitations to overcome with FFIII’s in-battle sliding item menu, but I’ll try and explore my options regarding that.

I’m not looking at the other unofficial translations at all so really the only names I have to choose from are the official ones.

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