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Hello, I have a question on Knight Rider for the NES (developed by Pack-in-Video). I'm currently hacking it in an attempt to improve the game's many flaws to make it accessible to other players who had trouble with the game. With that said, I have many questions with this game. Most of these are done by editing hex values but I don't know which ones.

1. How would modify the starting time for missions via hex to give players a bit more time? Or remove the ice effect in Denver? Or where in the level the player starts?
2. Would anyone know the hex for to determine if helicopters/planes are civilians or enemies? and what weapons vehicles use?
3. How would one come up with an option to mute the in-game music?
4. How about an option to cap starting lives at 9? After getting ten lives, the game stops displaying lives properly.
5. How would I change the off-road objects?
6. How about moving the blip icons in the mission select screen?

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