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Personal Projects / Re: Revenge of the Red Falcon - Final Level
« on: July 01, 2015, 12:37:04 pm »
I really like this game. I must voice one complaint though (providing that I had the most updated version, which I think that I did). I really enjoyed the first level, until I would go just a little too far and 3-4 Red Snipers would shoot like 4-5 shots EXACTLY where I was, requiring some ridiculous dodging or death. Death being the normal result. I understand making it hard, but I honestly never got past level 1 and I was a pretty decent Contra 1 player, although admittedly its been a while since I've played. I really only commented about it b/c I think that some of your audience might be lost if level 1 jumps right to extreme. I downloaded I believe from page 1, but I could be wrong. It is a great concept though.  :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 3 Improvement 2.1
« on: July 01, 2015, 12:30:00 pm »
Actually, the data for the first three encounters is different than the one for the final encounter. Here's my research:

Proto Man (Magnet Man, Hard Man, and Shadow Man encounters):
Health: 28 Units
Needle Cannon: 1 Damage
Magnet Missile: 2 Damage
Gemini Laser: 1 Damage
Hard Knuckle: 4 Damage
Top Spin: 0 Damage
Search Snake: 0 Damage
Spark Shock: 0 Damage
Shadow Blade: 2 Damage

Break Man:
Health: 24 Units
Needle Cannon: 0 Damage
Magnet Missile: 0 Damage
Gemini Laser: 0 Damage
Hard Knuckle: 0 Damage
Top Spin: 0 Damage
Search Snake: 0 Damage
Spark Shock: 0 Damage
Shadow Blade: 0 Damage

That's actually funny b/c I always felt that the true Breakman fight from the select screen was easier than the random encounters within the game itself. Learning all kinds of neat things haha. I've been up too long  ::)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 01, 2015, 12:26:30 pm »
Ken, Guile, Gouki (Akuma).  While the Zero/Alpha series is probably my overall favorite there is no substitute for the original Street Fighter II, no turbo, no Super, just Street Fighter II.   :) *edit* Oh and E. Honda is pretty badass too.

My least favorite characters are mostly females and only because I cannot stand their voices or moves.  Exception is Rose, she is awesome.  I also do not like T.Hawk, Guy, Dee Jay, Balrog/Vega, Street Fighter III in its intirerty, Rufus, and that El Fuetre guy in SF4. 

I would go in depth more but I'm only phone and tired or typing.  :(

We must have been long lost twins man hahaha. I particularly didn't like T.Hawk, although he telegraphed everything, he was just too unbalanced, and had problems fighting Dee Jay unless I just hurricane spammed him in the Super Turbo game for 3DO (anybody else have that gem?). I got good with pretty much the characters you listed too. Guile, Chun Li (even though she was annoying to fight), E. Honda, Vega (Spanish), Sagat, Balrog, Bison (Thai), Rose, and Akuma were all characters that I got pretty good with against the computer, but I rarely had anyone I could fight 2 player who was any good. I literally had to TRAIN my old roommate to play MVC 2 PS2 well enough to actually be a challenge. I used to beat the crap out of him on level 1 vs 5 damage when we first started. When I was doing 2 versus 3 he felt like he'd accomplished something. I've played SFIII here and there, and have it on my PSN games. I LOVED Alpha 2 and 3. I really felt like 3 was the epitome of a good Street Fighter Alpha game, and I didn't even mind the funny throws in that game. I bought that on PSN for PS1 too and wish that I could play that online with other people. Now THAT would be fun!!

Since I hadn't really specifically said it yet, WORST character IMO was SETH!!! Any freaking character that admittedly from the game's developers was fighting with knowledge through the CPU what buttons you were pushing is CHEAP!!! Even fighting that bastard on level 1 difficulty just to get a few extra color choices for characters that I didn't play much was a BITCH!!! That was one of the reasons I stopped playing 4, along with that damn MP + MK or whatever unblockable BS. 4 was such a good game, but its flaws IMO were VERY apparent. Especially fighting online. But I didn't start this as a rant about 4, so I will move on.

I tend to prefer hit and run melee characters, so Rolento and Vega for me. If for some reason CvS 2 counted, add Vice to the list.

Rolento is a good choice. Definitely not one that I was able to pick up easily, and didn't play much as because of that fact haha. I think Vice in that game was an SNK character if I'm not mistaken, but I could be wrong. I think I had that for PS2, and it was a fun game, especially IIRC the customize your character option. Made some cool fighter colors that way.

Been dropping in while I was working today just to see if anyone had been following this dumb little thread. I was watching the E3 footage of SF5 this morning, which was I think what got me inspired to even start the discussion. Feel free to continue  :beer:

Gaming Discussion / Re: The original NES Controller
« on: July 01, 2015, 09:57:17 am »
There's something about having the NES controller in my hand that feels right when I play a NES game. This is, of course, heavily relatable to Pavlov's study on conditioned responses.

I am so used to the shape, the feel of the NES controller, that I beat world 1-1 on Super Mario Brothers smooth as silk as soon as I got it home.

It may as well be a NES (it's a Knockoff) if it works with the original controller. I know not every game plays on it, but it sure feels right when I have the right tools in my hand.

Is there a game that you need the original controller you had to play? Are you an arcade junkie who has an addiction to joysticks?

Speak broadly about controllers and your love/hate for them.

I agree. There is something about putting the retro controllers in the hand that just feels right. I am able to play emulated games with my PS3 controller, but it just doesn't feel the same in some respect (although not enough for me to not want to play on the emulator). I really would have liked to play Megaman 9 and 10 with a true NES controller too. Might have been a better experience  ;D

As an aside, I REALLY MISS games using the d-pad for movement (On newer systems, think next post might have been about that, so I clarified). I was always much more accurate with d-pad input than with the analog stick. I might be an old fogie, but I just would rather use those buttons for movement. Would be nice if games would let you swap functionality if they need the inputs, like push up on the analog instead of the d-pad.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Strategy games for SNES
« on: July 01, 2015, 09:54:45 am »
Does anyone know of some cool turn-based stategy games (RPG or not is fine) for the SNES that aren't painfully slow? By painfully slow I mean like Bahamut Lagoon where each character has one single turn per battle and in some cases won't get to do anything again for another 5 minutes or more (ZZzzzz...). I actually like that game but the pacing is so slow sometimes that I just can't take it. Because of that I don't play it too often.

Seems like I remember Der Langrisser being a little faster.

I also remember loving Nage Libre. In that game you got at least 5 turns per battle (and they were card based so that was pretty interesting and different). I guess everything about that game was pretty neat. I liked the whole school girl thing. That sure was different for a "war" game. The basketball girl has a basket ball for a weapon, the tennis girl fires tennis balls at you, etc. What a cool game.

I've played Front Mission before but I don't recall how I felt about it. Other than thinking "Whoa this is complicated".

I guess the four I've mentioned here are the only ones I can recall playing for this system. I've also played some real-time ones like Cannon Fodder and Syndicate that were pretty cool.

I'd prefer them to be in english unless they are as simple as Nage Libre where you don't really have to be able to read it (though I wish I knew the details of the story in that one).

I was playing some really good translations of Dragon Quest 5 and 6 on my emulator on my phone recently. Sounded like you might be looking for something portable. The SNES had a LOT of good strategy type games. I will see what else I can remember that was good  :beer:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 01, 2015, 05:58:47 am »
My favourite is Ken and Sakura (if she counts, only present in some games)

My least favourite is Chun Li. I really *H*A*T*E* her.

Didn't put any limits on the game, as long as it was a Street Fighter character. Although I just edited to rule out NPCs. I didn't like Chun Li when I was fighting against her a lot of times. It seemed like she got overpowered at points. I always liked Sakura myself, and she was a cool diversion in a lot of the games. Personally, Ken became my nemesis in SF2 Arcade and I've just harbored a grudge against him since I was a teen. I remember sitting in my room playing SF2 Turbo for my SNES until I beat him perfect both rounds. I actually turned the game off then b/c I had just destroyed Ken that bad, and THAT was my accomplishment haha.

I seldom bother to take fighting games to the level where learning just one or two characters becomes the only manageable thing, and Street Fighter is not an exception to that mindset. I much prefer to be competent with all of them and allow whatever I have by way of reaction/timing to carry me through. Though beyond that I do not tend to enjoy fighting games, much less two player versus ones and would rather see the engine in a side scroller or general 3d game.

That said for street fighter I do seem to gravitate slightly towards Dhalsim when doing single player on the earlier ones, which are most of what I would care to play there.

I tend to agree with this statement with most games. Like, when MVC2 PS2 came out, I eventually learned how to play with most of the characters rather well, but it helped that I played the game with my roommate like EVERY day, so we tried a lot of different combinations of characters. I have eventually expanded to a lot of different SF characters, like Guile, Chun Li, Cammy, the Shotos, and some others. I just never cared for the charge characters (probably b/c I started with Ryu b/c he looked like me). It just seemed to me that pressing down then up without the 2 second charge would have been better (especially since the computer times the charge to the point that it doesn't appear to charge at all). When I play as Charlie in the Alpha games for example, I tend to "charge block" meaning I'm holding down and back so I can charge and wait for an opportunity to use either the sonic boom or flash kick. Dhalsim did become a lot cooler when they gave him the teleport, and kudos to you if you got good with him b/c he was too slow for me. Liking the responses to this so far, especially since it was supposed to just be a fun discussion.

Gaming Discussion / Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 01, 2015, 03:47:11 am »
Since there are so many characters, I didn't put up a poll. I was just inspired b/c I was watching E3 gameplay for SF5 today and I was just thinking about how my favorite character has always been Ryu (and evil Ryu in the Alpha series). I always felt Akuma was a strong character too b/c he was a good balance for me between Ryu and Ken. While I've learned how to play other characters in the different games, I still find myself coming back to the Shotos when I want to really compete. Figured this would be a neat thread to get some interesting discussions. So please, feel free to share and discuss!

Edit: Technically, I guess the non-playable characters should be ruled out. So if you can't play as the character, they can't be included. And for this topic, please no Darkstalkers or MVC characters, just Street Fighters. Also, to avoid having to distinguish between the different versions of Balrog, Vega, and M.Bison, lets just stick to the American names so that we don't have to specify which one we mean  :beer:

(The American names edit was done on 7/3, so there are a few posts that have clarifications in them)

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 3 Improvement 2.1
« on: July 01, 2015, 03:29:43 am »
Oh of course there were quite a few places in RAM "free" already in original un-modified megaman 3 rom. there somewhere between RAM $80-90 i think.

And yea i can understand the proto thing, well I guess it might make the most sense that he would of had his little transform scene probably in the Doc Gemini level ....if that barrier thing was still there, but capcom just made that happen in the normal gemini level who knows why.

I had no idea where it would have belonged to, so i stuck it in the normal gemini. because...maybe that's what capcom "might" have done.

The pausing thing during proto battles, was so that you can no longer slide-jump past the proto event in gemini to stop the game music and wrong graphics loading. Once i did that edit there, it automatically affected all other proto appearances.

Until I read this response, I had never considered the fact that the Breakman encounter in Gemini made NO SENSE where it was. It would definitely have made more sense to include that in the Doc Robot stages, b/c then it would make sense why the crevice was even capped in the first place. Would be kind of cool if that could be swapped, but I don't know if that's possible. I also didn't know about the slide-jump past the event until now, although I've played that game through from start to finish maybe 100 times in my life. I had originally meant in my comment that it would be cool if Proto showed up for the encounter and then went into "battle mode" with the Breakman sprite. I kind of looked at the sprite transition from Gemini like that, like when he puts on the facemask, he's getting ready to fight. Figured since the transition animation was already there in Gemini, it could be applied to the normal fight encounters. I agree though that replacing the Protoman sprite with the Breakman sprites might just make more sense, and might be easier. Again, I LOVE this hack!!! I don't think that it really NEEDS any changes, but these would be cool if you do decide to do any more updating. I'd really like to see MM2 or 4 re-done by you. I think those would be even more excellent with your ideas and changes!!!

I was playing Faxanadu a bit here recently, and I got to thinking. What if Faxanadu could be hacked to be basically Zelda 2.5. The game already kind of plays like Zelda 2 in a lot of respects. It would be cool to either do a Zelda II hack that incorporated the towns of Faxanadu in a layout like the original game, or IMO a cooler hack would be to change the sprite of the main character in Faxanadu to Link and make some attempt to replicate the interaction physics of Zelda 2 more accurately. A completely overblown project could somehow mix the elements of the two games and have an overworld like Zelda, but now I know I've probably gone into lala land. I have no idea if this is even possible, so that was why I put the idea here to see if anyone could run with it. Would love to hear what anyone else thought about the idea.

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 3 Improvement 2.1
« on: June 26, 2015, 02:16:35 pm »

I decided to have an all 8-bit night last night and decided to really check this out while I was at it. You've basically created what feels like a whole new game here. It was just so.... well, FUN!! The funny thing is, your changes really helped to increase the pacing elements of the game, which until now I would have sworn were perfect the way that they were. MMIII has stood out along with II and IV as my favorites in the NES series, and those were the games that I thought Capcom got RIGHT. Guess I was wrong  :thumbsup: I was especially taken by the visuals. For instance, when I first went to Gemini Man's stage and saw the way that the stars in the background scrolled at different speeds, pure genius. The only 2 tiny, and I mean TINY, gripes that I had was that the ability to pause when "Breakman" encounters were entered into was taken away (what can I say? I always liked pausing the game to hear the whole whistle tune), and while the actual Breakman encounter and the plot event in Gemini Man's stage showed the cool transition to I guess "battle mode" for Breakman, the encounters in other parts of the game (I specifically remember Magnet man's stage) have you do battle with Protoman sans "Breakman" facemask (best way I could explain it). I'm not even complaining, just adding a suggestion if you ever do decide to do any more editing to this fantastic project. I'd love to see what you could do with other games in this series. Keep up the great work!!!

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: June 22, 2015, 05:57:10 am »
Apply Dynamic Action to the un-text-edited version and try to trigger the bug? Idk, best guess.

Same problem. I think that I might have just been lucky that time I played through. I went ahead and sent Grond an email to the address from the readme, but apparently that's no longer a valid e-mail. I'm at a loss b/c I figured that considering it was his hack that I started with, and he made the unofficial update for the DAS patch, I figured maybe just maybe he'd know how to fix the conflict. Otherwise, I just don't know. I did send you a new version Spooniest b/c I found out the second one I sent had color mismatches. I'm still going to see if I can find out what is causing he crash and maybe then it can be fixed. Thank you everyone for all of your help and support.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: June 22, 2015, 05:36:28 am »
Could it be some sort of flag that loads the ending "crumble" of Chaos malfunctioning due to graphics being moved around? Idk, just throwing something out there.

No, that's not it either, b/c the bug would happen whenever I used a higher level spell and then tried to do a physical attack. Ironically, now that I think about it, my version from before I started text editing actually WORKED and didn't bug. I DO still have that version now that I think about it b/c I saved the version that I knew worked and had just been level edited. And I had applied the dynamic action patches to that version when I beat it if I remember correctly. Maybe I somehow broke it when I start editing text, although from what Disch told me that shouldn't have been an issue.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: June 22, 2015, 03:40:20 am »
The further along in this process that I go, the more I'm just realizing that a LOT of my problems have probably come from "hacking a hack" has my friend Allen put it. When I was just trying to graphically update the game, it was fine. If I had stopped there, it would have been fine. Once I started to really realize what I could do, that was when I started pushing beyond the limits of what I had. As much as I hate to do it, I think that Disch is right. I think it will be a much more stable build if I just build the whole thing from a clean ROM and then basically recreate what I've got now. I don't like the fact that I now have to recreate the damned game a 3rd time, but I can't argue with the logic behind it. Still a little concerned however b/c I didn't find out there was a conflict with the DAS patches until WAY late in the game. So I could apply a patch (through hex changes, not ips), test to see if any immediate conflicts, and then find out later during the testing process that there is a conflict that I wasn't aware of. I see now also why the development process is such a lengthy affair. Kind of frustrated and feeling overwhelmed....

Is there any process/program/utility that I can use to basically make the game run through the code itself to see if its going to cause a crash without having to actually play through the game to find the bugs? If not, there should be... Thanks for the help and insight.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: June 20, 2015, 06:16:32 pm »
Savestates are questionable, but SRAM should be fine unless you did some CRAZY asm changes between versions (which I doubt you did).  So rather than starting over, you could just soft reset and start from the last in-game save point.

You're absolutely correct my friend. I did attempt to trouble-shoot as methodically as possible (at least with my limited abilities), so I started trying to eliminate likely causes of the crashes. I did end up re-starting fresh (but dropping Holy Rods in the Coneria Weapon store for 5 gp) so all I basically did was have whatever warrior who came up use the item, casting Holy upon the enemies, easily demolishing the first half of the game, and being pretty darn effective all the way into the alternate Temple. When the "bug" started happening, resulting in this the last time, ironically as I was fighting Chaos:

The majority of the times that the game froze during my beta testing (a significant amount of times early on during the battles with Kraken and then Tiamat, and finally Chaos) the screen would just freeze and the last musical note would just continue without stopping, resulting in a buzzing sound.  Up until this post I've only seen the bug distort the game screen twice. So after consulting with Disch and some of the other members of the Final Fantasy community about any knowledge of a bug that froze the game after an attack was performed, it was somewhat determined that the bug was not a widely known one.

So this morning I started tinkering with different ideas of how to identify what was wrong with the code, like trying to log the error as it occurred using FCEUX. Luckily, a Google search using Final Fantasy game crash bug I think (pardon me, I have forgotten exactly what search terms I used in the intervening hours) started to provide me with clues. The first clue matched me with this post right here from RHDN's own boards:

While you can read the info yourself, in a nutshell a description is given of the Dynamic Action patch by Captain Muscles, and how cool it is and how much it changes the gameplay (and it does). Anyway, about halfway down the page, a user named dudejo started describing a bug that sounded virtually identical to the one that I had been encountering. After reading further, I felt like this was confirmed.

dudejo concluded that thread with the following:

I didn't use the latest bug-fix. Only the original code that I lifted from GameFAQS.

If it can help, I also ran AstralEsper's restoration patch along with a variety of personal changes made through FFHackster.

Changes included weapon stats, armor stats, class stats, spell stats, monster stats, shop line-ups and relocated treasure chests.

However, I had a back-up IPS with the old combat routine. I patched it over the ROM file and the game worked fine.

I also applied the Dynamic combat routine on a vanilla ROM and I couldn't replicate the issue.

For now, I'm trying a playthrough where I only apply AstralEsper's restoration, equipment stats, class stats and shop line-ups. Sadly, the crash happened at Tiamat's battle so I won't know if it works until the late-game segments.

April 09, 2014, 06:44:10 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Sadly, even those reduced settings cause the crash. I fought Lich, casting Fire 3 on it and the game crashed immediately. I also tried a quick test where I only applied the Restoration and Dynamic Action patch by themselves. Same results.

The way I see it, AstralEsper's Restoration patch and CaptainMuscle's Dynamic Action patch are unfortunately incompatible.

If you use any spell of Level 5 and above, the game is guaranteed to crash.

Again, the use of higher level spells right before a game crash further confirmed that I was experiencing a bug caused by an older version of the Dynamic Action patch. Once I had determined that a bug existed with that patch, I performed another Google search for fixes for the patch I believe (not completely sure how I got to the next part, but I did, and I'm sharing haha). Anyway, my queries and the process of following the clues eventually led me to this posting by Captain Muscles himself.

In this post, changes to the coding of the patch were provided (which I'm going to post here too)

Dynamic Action Selection

; This modification alters the combat action selection sequence. Instead of selecting all warriors' actions at the beginning of each round, each individual warrior's action is selected when their turn comes up in the battle sequence. The action will then be executed immediately.

313e4: d0 47

31417: 90 0c

3141b: 90 10

3141f: ce ae 6b 4c 1a 94 a9 23 ee ae 6b ( after 6b was originally left out, but was added later. I put it here to save time)

31430: 48 ad ae 6b c9 01 f0 23

31451: 68 48 20 77 94 a9 02 20 0f f2 68 85 88 0a 0a a8 60

31462: 20 77 94 a9 02 20 0f f2

31468: 4c 52 94

3147f: 41 94 41 94 41 94 41 94

321cc: 30 0a

32369: 20 20 94 ea ea

323f3: 30 3d


-Make sure you are in insert mode for the INSERT/DELETE code.
-The address listed for any DELETE code takes into account any previous INSERT/DELETES.
-For anyone who wishes to further mod this code, it's worth noting that the "player strikes first" flag stored in ram at $6bae, will now be -1 (255) if the player gets first strike, or 1 if the monsters get first strike.
-This should not conflict with any fixes/enhancements posted in Astral's opening posts of the bug fixes and enhancement thread.

So essentially, this information should ideally fix the bug. The information that I'm including now is for those aspiring hackers who lack any real programming experience or time using a hex editor other than inputting patch codes that others had come up with (like me, although I have started to learn some things about ASM from Disch, although I'm FAR from experienced at this point). Anyway, I'm going to admit my own ignorance specifically with the quoted response to a question I asked Disch about the hex editing process that was laid out within the bug fix discussion. I was pretty sure that changing the size of the ROM was a bad thing, and as part of the troubleshooting process I went ahead and did that to a test ROM. Needless to say, it didn't work. I had however missed the INSERTION that Disch describes

Family trip is over now.  Parents were only in town for 2 days.  But it was a fun 2 days!

You generally do not want to change the final size of the ROM as this disrupts how it will get loaded in emulators and stuff.

However, in the post you linked to, he actually means literally delete them.  So deleting how you were (and changing the file size) is correct.  The thing is, you are also supposed to insert the same amount of bytes you deleted.  Therefore the overall file size should not have changed when you are done.

So after deleting 8 bytes at 0x31462, and inserting 8 bytes at 0x31430, the file size will be unchanged.

All the other parts of his post are normal 'overwrite' changes, meaning the value you input will replace what is there, and will not change the size of the file.

You can toggle between 'insert' and 'overwrite' modes in HxD (and most other hex/text editors) by pressing the Insert key.  I do not recommend trying to insert/delete in FCEUX unless emulation is paused... otherwise the game is likely to crash immediately.

PS:  I really do prefer answering these questions publicly.  Don't feel embarrassed or anything -- posting questions on a forum is what the forum is for.   :thumbsup:

I hope Disch doesn't mind me including that in this post, but I wanted to give an "explanation for dummies" for people like me who know just enough to mess something up, but can understand the concept when it is spelled out like he was kind enough to do for me. Disch has been an invaluable resource during this project and like my Grandmother used to say, he has earned the stars in his crown (mostly for putting up with me haha) But for real, officially THANK YOU for continuing to offer patient guidance through this process  :beer:

The error that I made that caused the game code to be corrupted was that I found the location where the values should have been inserted, but since I found what looked like those values already there, I didn't insert anything, thus not cancelling ROM size changes when I deleted the code that I was supposed to. I have found throughout my life that I've been pretty representative of an average American, good at a lot of things but great at none  ;D So I figure that if I had this difficulty, chances are someone else in the future will too. I'm sorry that this reply was so long, but I wanted to basically expand the knowledgebase of this community as to this bug's existence, and also to provide a roadmap that will eliminate a lot of the hassle for the next person who attempts a project like this. And this should be recorded in searches now too like Disch has said to me before. I'm also going to go ahead and make a patch for DAS that corrects the bug and implements Grond's unofficial update for individuals who don't want to code it themselves. This seems like a useful contribution, at least I hope it does. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 

Edit 7:00 pm. I went ahead and made an attempt to make that combination patch that I described. I was able to make everything work correctly, but there is a really weird delay that wasn't present within the DAS patch that I originally used. This kind of worries me, although the users of the other forum indicated that the changes worked fine. Its like the game stutters trying to figure out what to do next after each action is taken (even though the battle rate was turned all the way up. I also specifically downloaded the Final_Fantasy_(U)_[!].nes ROM since the DAS patches were built off of that ROM image). I was incorrect in my earlier descriptions. Upon looking at the hex values, the DAS patch that I applied has already made all of the changes that were indicated to be necessary for the changes to be effective. I also confirmed that the use of higher level magic is the catalyst for the crashing process. I tried 3 times to cast a magic spell above level 5 and then followed with an attack by whatever Light Warrior came next. Each time, as soon as the attack animation was about to finish, game crash and buzzzzzz. Since I'm not playing the game on my computer during beta testing, I don't have anything to map the way the game is trying to interpret the data. It does appear however that something that was done by Grond during the creation of the original ROM image has had the same effect that the FF Restored patch had upon the DAS patches. I think that one of the pages that I referenced earlier recomended the DAS patch be used in coordination with I believe the evasion fix patch, so I'm going to go back and look and see if I can work around the problem. Ideally, as I am learning to use Disch's disassembly, I'd like to go back and physically code the different aspects of the game that I've changed directly into the game code so there are no conflicts between patches, but I'm not there yet. I might also try using an earlier version of the DAS patch and see if that helps any. I REALLY WANT to keep the dynamic action abilities, but if its going to create a fatal error, I'll just have to take it out of the beta release and see if I can re-implement it for the final version. Any input or advice is welcome.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: June 16, 2015, 04:44:50 pm »
Nope.  Not that I can think of.  As long as there's always at least 1 enemy to fight you should be fine.

I might not be around later this week or this weekend.  My parents are coming to town and I'm going to be spending most of my time with them.  You can pop in to see if I'm online, but if I'm not that's probably where I am.

That's cool dude. Glad that you'll be able to spend some family time this weekend.

As for the glitch, I don't know what the problem is. I went back through the battle lists and there were 2 battles where I'd made it possible to have 0 enemies. I went back and fixed that, updated the beta game that I've been using, and had it bug on me when I was fighting Kraken, and then again when I was facing Chaos. The weird thing is, the battles both went along like they were supposed to for a while before it bugged. Both times it bugged right after I'd attacked either Kraken or Chaos and it showed the damage animation. During the Chaos fight, he'd actually gotten to the point where he cast Cure 4 and then had about 3 or 4 other turns before it bugged. I'm going to go back and check all of my tilesets and make sure that I didn't alter anything that I shouldn't have, but I'm at a loss as to where the problem lies... If I can't figure it out, I'll just have to re-import the maps back into the version that was simply graphics updates and start again from there. I wish I knew where this bug was coming from because its becoming a REAL thorn in my side now with 2 different versions of the game having that same problem. Well, it will delay the beta release, but I have to fix this before I expose anyone else to the same problem. If anyone else has any input, please chime in.  :-\

Added: I guess it could be a problem with the emulator trying to update the old and new information and basically giving itself a conniption fit. I might just start up a completely new game and try to go through it one more time to see if it still bugs on me when I start fresh. I hate having to do that, but it will answer that question. GRRRRR....

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« on: June 16, 2015, 11:45:31 am »
I have never seen this problem before.  The only thing I can think of is you are using conflicting patches.

I was kind of wondering if the Dynamic Action patches might be conflicting with the game b/c I started with Grond's balance/bugfix hack rather than a clean FF1 rom image. To this point those two and the "no menu music" are the only changes that I've made as far as applying patches However, when I was beta testing the maps that I re-inserted into the unaltered game, I was applying those patches b/c I really liked how it changed the dynamic of the game, and wanted to basically test if there were any conflicts with those patches since I knew the base rom didn't have any issues b/c I'd beaten it and never experienced a freeze when I'd just changed the graphics. Are there any other "rules" for battle formations, like the total number of enemies in certain configurations can't exceed X? I was trying to be careful when I messed with those numbers, and I can't remember if the "freeze" happened before I messed with battle configurations or not. If it happens again I will try my best to take a second to write out exactly what happened and take a screenshot of what it did. Maybe that will help to track down the bug. I have come to "dread" certain fights b/c I knew that the game froze during fights with certain creatures. I'll make sure that all of my battle data isn't conflicting with itself and keep you posted. Will try to get up with you to continue my tutoring probably after Thursday b/c I'll be working probably straight through until tomorrow night. Thanks for answering though  :beer:

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« on: June 16, 2015, 09:34:09 am »
Make sure your battle formations always generate at least 1 enemy.  If you use the "Show Min" option in Hackster to see the minimum number of generated enemies, it should never give you an empty enemy party.

If you run into an empty enemy party, the game will do very strange things, including possibly crash.

Not likely.  The Nasir checksum should only get triggered when you enter a non-overworld map.  It shouldn't matter for battles.

Good morning my friend. Hadn't message you b/c I didn't expect that you were awake yet. I know that I have some battle formation issues that I need to fix b/c I'd noticed some errors when I was beta testing. It hasn't been crashing prior to the fight, but most often during the fight when one of my player characters attacks typically. It will register the hit, show the animation for the enemy getting hit, and then it will just give me an "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound and the game just freezes (or last time, the whole screen got corrupted, and still gave me the sound). I've noticed the problem most often during the later part of the game too if that makes any difference. I wanted to put this question in-thread like you suggested so that anyone else would be able to see this if they searched via Google or other search engine (also like you suggested). I will go through when I have time (since I've got a LOT going on with the semester ending) and will let you know if I keep having the same problem. Glad to know how the Nasir checksums work now too =-) Have a great day!!

I'm glad that this thread has at least reminded everyone of the Super Show. I've got the entire series on Netflix, and I started watching the ones that I apparently fell asleep through last night, so I'm getting a better idea on what was done where. I'm also getting tutored by Disch regarding ASM programming, so I've got a much better idea of WHAT can be done, and I'm fully aware that it probably isn't going to be necessarily a simple undertaking. Like I said earlier in the thread, the MAJORITY of what I've discussed is graphics editing, which can be accomplished by someone without ANY ASM knowledge via tile program like TileLayerPro. I'd already completely graphically altered Final Fantasy 1 without knowing the first thing about programming by the time I started Reconstructed (or this thread). It is also true that the information about what characters appeared in what show is probably on the Internet somewhere, but if someone is going to be nice enough to offer their help, I welcome it. Collaboration on a project seems to spark aspects that the original creator might not have thought of as a lone individual. I like the responses this idea has gotten, but I would ask that if you're going to comment, make it constructive. I'm not singling anyone out, but I like positive thoughts and comments, and negativity just takes away from the otherwise positive aspects that have been brought up in this thread. Anyways, I hope that people will continue to comment and enjoy the silliness that I'd intended this thread to be about from the get-go. Have a great week everyone.

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So does this mean this isn't really any much more than just graphics only ?? I did read your post about the whole 2 versions thing.

I'm defintely more interested in the "real" patch with ASM hacks and stuff. not the plain regular "graphics only" patch.

But ...will there be anything changed like enemie's HP amounts or stuff like that ?? Or a whole different world map to explore (not the original FF1) i was just wondering was all.

Sorry, I think I might have misunderstood what you were referring to in my original response. In case you didn't read in the earlier posts, this game actually began as one of Grond's rebalance/ bug fix hacks where he'd already done a lot of modifications and bug fixing, so some of the things in the game he'd already implemented like bulk item purchases, removed in-battle borders etc. I liked it so much that I just started tinkering with the graphics to just basically make it "prettier". That evolved into the full-fledged project that I've made. Grond specifically mentioned within the readme file that I had with what I downloaded that he didn't mind it being used as the basis for more advanced hacks, and he and Disch will be the first two in my "thank you" sections.

As for different versions, it was specifically requested by a few people that I do two versions. The first was just basically a graphically updated version that didn't change any of the musical aspects for Final Fantasy I "purists". The second version is going to have the new music etc. I hadn't really thought it out much, but I think that version 1 will probably incorporate the ASM changes that I'm making too, just not the musical changes unless we introduce a theme for Chaos that fits into the original music engine scheme.

As for the changes that you can expect in the game:

I'd say about 25-30% of the game's dialogue will be altered by the end of the project (maybe more). I'm trying to keep the same tone as the original, but to flesh out the dialogue into something that makes more sense.

I am NOT overly changing the world map. The game isn't really supposed to be a new game, just an updated spin on FF1. I want old-school gamers like us to have that "familiar" feeling when the game loads up and to be able to largely just dive straight into it, but stick close enough to the original that an entirely new Walkthrough wouldn't be necessary to complete it. So far I've added a cave near Provoka, re-done the Cardia overworld layout (to look like a GIANT dragon's head), and I'm going to put in an island that is my "Chaos shrine/Crystal ruins" level that is new. I AM going to have to make some changes to the in-game map data so that the map actually looks right when you press b-select, but I'll do that towards the end I think since its not messing with the main game right now.

Grond also added a "Leifen dungeon" that is found in the Leifen village. I left the dungeon and just slightly altered the layout and look of the dungeon so that it wasn't just what looked like a "bush maze" like it was in the original game. He also incorporated "dark soldiers" that attack the player when spoken to that cannot be passed without speaking to them. I liked all of this, so it remained in the finished game, just graphically altered to look more like the other dungeons.

The ASM work that I'm doing (that Disch has been kind enough to tutor me in) is going to allow for "movement" in the ocean tiles, waterfall tiles, and more than likely with the rivers as well (although I don't know if I'll do that in-town or not yet). He also helped me write code the other day as an exercise for what is probably half of a routine that will allow the treasure chests to be seen as "opened" once they have been opened (i.e. the in-game view will change to an "open" chest). I have to get back up with him to actually finish the exercise. But when its finished, it is going to be released as a separate patch too for others to use so that we've got opened chests available in FF1.

As for changes to the enemies. I think that I kept like 5-6 of the original enemies (not counting Fiends/Chaos) because I just liked the looks of those enemies better than later NES graphics (Like the Frost Dragons and Kyzokus). A good number of the enemies have had their HP increased, and a fair amount of them can now do new attacks. A specific example is my "Sylla" enemy that replaced the Sharks. A shark does not look like a giant sea serpent, but the Sylla does. So I gave the Sylla enemy the ability to breathe fire by giving him the ability to tap into Cerberus' abilities with the "scorch" attack I believe it was. The Shadow Imp (Grey Imp) also has use of one of the Golems' abilities to caste haste and cure I think it was. I wanted those enemies to be a little more "beefy" and to be feared when encountered. I had given a few too many enemies the ability to cast scorch, so I altered that a little. Additionally, I pretty much eliminated the abilities of enemies who were weak against fire spells (like undead) to cast Fire spells. I largely just changed it so that instead of casting Fire, they cast Ice or Bolt instead. I didn't see a sea monster being able to breathe fire as being as questionable as an enemy that is weak against fire casting a Fire based spell.

Specific to the Reconstructed version, Disch was kind enough to re-write the entire music engine for us from scratch to reflect the Namcot sound engine's capabilities. Chpexo has been producing some PHENOMENAL original tracks and covers that will be found within this version only (that's another reason I was thinking about "locking" version 2 b/c SO much will be changed that it might be difficult for someone else to come and alter it further without knowing what we did). As of 6/16, he's actually come up with a total of 13 new tracks (although 2 are not entire songs to be fair, but are the music that plays when the player is "surprised" or gains a "major item"). I did release one of the new tracks as a "teaser" a week or so ago and I'm going to talk to him about what we should release as the second song. That song can be found here:[url=http://]]]

I've been VERY nit-picky about how things get included, what color schemes are used, what enemies were swapped out, music included, and how. I was actually inspired a LOT by playing through the first half of Final Fantasy ++. I really liked that game, but I felt like it changed too much and reached too far. It DID however show me how the graphics COULD be changed. I also didn't like how I seemed to encounter 4 large enemies ALL THE TIME that had ridiculously high damage and HP levels in that game. I've been very careful to stick to the things that made FF1 a great game to begin with, but add to that in little increments so that the core game remains, just with little enhancements. Once I start getting feedback from the beta testers when the game is released in limited beta later this week (I hope), I'll know what else to alter and what worked or didn't. 

I wish that Grond was still active around the boards, because even though I never finished ++, or even played + or Grond's Final Fantasy, as I've gone along and looked into what he did, I'm finding that our inspiration was very similar. When I looked at the tileset for + in fact, I realized that some of the tiles that I created myself were strikingly similar to what he did previously. When I did play a littler farther in ++, I also realized that he had changed the tiles used for the Mirage Tower just like I did, and to the same tileset. I'm going to send him a message though and see if maybe I get a response. If nothing else just so maybe he can see the changes that I made to what he provided to start with.

Well if there's plenty of "Final Fantasy Zero" hacks, then you could always take Capcom USA's approach and call it Final Fantasy Alpha, or Final Fantasy Beginnings, or even Dawn of Chaos.

You know, this Final Fantasy Alpha idea actually kind of stuck, and I kind of like it. Doesn't hurt that I LOVED the SF Alpha games too. Dawn of Chaos has a decent ring to it also.

A quick trip to turned Final Fantasy into "Terminal Hallucination", but probably not the vibe you're looking for.  :D

But anyway, I'd agree with what Disch said, and as an example, Nintendo finally releasing Mother stateside is awesome but "Earthbound Beginnings" is a horrible title.

Haha. Final Fantasy: Terminal Hallucination is a title that we might have to try out some day hahaha. I don't really like "so and so beginnings as a title" for most things. It kind of reflects back to a video I watched about the "All New" Captain America that Marvel is going to be putting out. I just think that adding "All New" or "Beginnings" to a title is LAZY on the part of the publisher. If for nothing else than a book that has All New in the title seems silly after about 3 or 4 years of publication and seems like it will necessitate a name change from the outset of publication. I agree with Disch (whose response is a little long to quote) that the title needs to be original sounding. It might be silly, but I was tossing around the idea of Final Fantasy Pre-Constructed as the name for the prequel. Seemed more original sounding than Zero and kind of established a link between the two games.

As a last item,

@Disch, I'm still having a problem with the game freezing up during some fights. It doesn't happen often as it was before, but the freezing up like that during the Chaos fight was the original reason that I started from a fresh ROM image and just exported and imported the map layouts from the old game. I didn't have this problem until I started changing dialogue/text/battle formations. Could this be a result of me not changing values for the different Nasir checksums before I started text editing? I saw in another thread that you told a guy to change the value at offset 0x3CFDB to '60' in addition to the other change that you suggested via pm (that I have somewhere on my computer, but it was a different offset I'm pretty sure). I'd like to try to fix it myself without you having to play through the game to find the bug, although I had intended to send you a beta copy once the limited beta is released. Just didn't want people to play through the game, enjoy it like I did, and then not be able to complete it b/c of a bug that crashed the game.

Ok, now that I've spent an hour replying to my thread, I hope everyone enjoys the game when its released, that I've answered all questions, and that you all have a great week.


Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: June 14, 2015, 08:53:39 pm » says "hi" as well as "Sorry, I'm dead".

Hahaha. Thank you my friend. I definitely needed that smile. What was that project anyway? Seems like its been abandoned. I had a neat "play on words" idea for the prequel title of the prequel anyway, so I think zero isn't even an issue any more. I'll let you know when I pm you later about the new OST file.

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