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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: July 10, 2015, 06:16:03 pm »
Yep, still alive. I just got busy with work, really frustrated that the ATB patch caused a fatal bug and I'd need to change a LOT, and then decided that I just needed to "step back" from the project for a minute and took a week off. I'm probably going to take this week to do some more work and just relax. Since I'm going to essentially be building the game from Disch's disassembly, I'd ideally like to put in 6 character names. The version of Grond's game that I started with had 5, but I couldn't change it when I tried to apply a different set of patches, which I pretty much understand why now haha. The song that Chpexo came up with is just EPIC IMO. Whenever he sends me a new OST, I will just stop and listen to this song for about 5 minutes on Famitracker, even when nothing has been changed. IIRC, he said this was based upon the Rygar song, and I forgot what game it was, so my mistake. Thank you for pointing that out so I can go and change the YouTube page as well.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: July 10, 2015, 05:38:21 pm »
Been a bit between updates. I've had as my wonderful Music Composer called it, "programmer's block"  :thumbsup: Since Chpexo has been SO diligent about working on the game's updated score, we concurred that we should put out an update of another of the game's new tracks. So, I present to you the new Overworld theme for the project. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome. I hope everyone enjoys what really came out as an AWESOME track!!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Lame movie, great game!
« on: July 07, 2015, 09:08:16 am »
I came in here to say the same thing!  Alien 3 was actually pretty good.

Alien 3 the movie disappointed a lot of fans because of how it ended, and it was a total departure from Aliens (which many people including myself prefer and find more memorable), although Aliens was a strict departure from the original film as well. I enjoy Alien 3 the movie, but the game IMO was definitely a good outing, and mixed elements from the 2nd and 3rd Alien films rather well. I enjoyed the fact that Ripley could actively combat the aliens that had infested the penal colony. You could almost have swapped the main character of the game with someone from the LV426 colony and told the story of Aliens (pre-film) as the "lone survivor" fought, unsuccessfully, against the alien hordes (A cool idea for a hack if I ever thought of one haha). The game was good, and I remember renting it a number of times. The film, I didn't see outside of the theater for many years after it was released.

As a reply to your question though, I did hear that the X-men Origins: Wolverine was actually pretty good in a video that I watched a few days ago, and it certainly looked cool. Agree with Disch's comment earlier about Gremlins 2 being fun. The Star Wars Trilogy games (at least the SNES versions that I played) were really fun too since I almost forgot that was mentioned. A Nightmare on Elm Street was fun for the NES since it was one of the few 2 player co-op games that my friends and I played and enjoyed. Actually just went and got the rom of that, although I know I'll get frustrated haha. Other than that, I'm having trouble really thinking of a movie tie-in that I've personally enjoyed. Interesting topic  :beer:

@Duke2go Thank you for your very insightful response.

Thank you. Ironically, I forgot to mention that my own research of the development of Final Fantasy 1 for the NES turned up information that the developers incorporated aspects of Western D&D into development, like weaknesses to fire and elemental weapons, monsters, etc., into their game, which hadn't been done unto that point IIRC in a Japanese RPG. I thought this was a neat video game trivia fact that I would share  ;D

There have been a LOT of good points raised, so I'm not going to do a lot of quoting, just referencing.

I agree that a LOT of modern games in general have begun to show an over-abundance of CGI T&A. While we rarely see fully nude characters, or events with such depictions (although God of War is certainly full of nudity, but still a fun game. Although not an rpg, I used it as an example), "hints of nudity" abound. When I was a young boy, and teenager, I enjoyed such displays because I was full of hormones (I particularly remember the scene of Marion in Double Dragon II's opening being showing a very BUSTY Marion). I have started as I've gotten older to find these depictions less "sexy" and more comical, probably because I've gotten old enough to actually HAVE sex haha (and for real, there are WAY better depictions of naked women to be found on the internet that aren't animated haha  :laugh:) I will say though that Lulu in FFX, while I HATED THAT GAME, I remember finding particularly over-the-top, but remained sexy IMO.

As for specific genres of RPG, I have always found Eastern Rpgs (like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest) to be more to my liking. I remember being completely blown away by Dragon Quest 8 when I first played it because it looked like an Akira Toriyama cartoon, and was just GORGEOUS!! Yes, there is often an annoying "grinding" aspect to these stories, and sometimes the plots make very little sense, but the overall design has been more to my liking. I LIKE anime, and I have since I was much younger. I do tend to like characters who are done in a "good" anime style, like DQ series, since "mediocre" anime was discussed earlier and I agree that there are some mediocre anime depictions of characters.

While I tend to stay away from MMORPGs, I did like the dot Hack series, which basically "emulated" the online RPG experience. I particularly remember feeling genuine affection for the female character BlackRose (dark rose, I forget?). For some reason, the anime style female characters always seem to get more affection from me (Rydia from FFIV is another example of this). Celes Chere from FFVI was another good example because of how her scenarios were written. I have genuinely shed a tear on numerous playthroughs of FFVI during the Opera House mission, and she remains my favorite character from that game, along with Locke. This favor was directly related to how the creators really fleshed out the story of those 2 characters, especially how Celes becomes the "main" character upon entering the World of Ruin. I also felt that the treatment of Celes, like basically having the ability to either heal Cid or let him die, really added a lot of depth to her as an individual character also, something Final Fantasy VI did well overall, IMO at least.

For me, after reading through my response, I think the enjoyment factor for me is more related to how good the story and character development within the game is. A game with little story development, or character development, has typically resulted in a bad experience for me. Although games with good stories, but bad gameplay mechanics, have also tended to be bad. If a developer can find a good balance between the two aspects, I have tended to like the game much more. I won't necessarily avoid a game because it as "eastern" or "western" game, and I do tend to read reviews from others in my decisions now since these reviews are much easier to obtain than they were in my youth. Very interesting topic. Look forward to reading more.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Worst RPG Deserts?
« on: July 07, 2015, 03:41:14 am »
The are sharks capable of living in fresh water/rivers ( ), and others that also do OK in brackish water and thus could well end up somewhat far inland.

Also nobody has made a point that would allow a "technically a desert is just a place without water" comment. I was looking forward to that.

Back on topic it seems some have taken to just using the background theme rather than any inherent mechanics. In that case I reckon desert might be second on my list of environments I am pretty meh about after sewer levels.

This is funny because I just watched a program on Discovery's Shark Week programming about Bull Sharks moving into the Louisiana Bayou, and I'd seen on previously about Bull Sharks moving through canals in Australia I believe. Those things scare the $#!+ out of me personally because they CAN enter into fresh and brackish water... where most people think that they're safe from shark attacks.

There was a desert in an RPG (I want to say that it was a later Final Fantasy [9 or 10 come to mind, but I'm not sure]) where the desert just went on FOREVER. I remember there being a lone Inn, and seem to remember some dragon bones being present, but I could be wrong. I thoroughly HATED that entire area whichever game it was, which might be why I don't remember what game it was in. I also seem to remember treasure chests there that couldn't be reached until you had an airship. I agree that desert areas should be wastelands that are devoid of a lot of things, but the one that I'm referring to was just brutal to try to walk around and see what was there (oh, and there were cliffs on all sides IIRC, making it a self-contained area).

I like this idea personally. Would the shards of the triforce of wisdom bestow intelligence to monsters? Maybe the bosses of each dungeon found it first and was granted the wisdom within that shard. The triforce is an intelligent entity is it not? It has spoke to Link before if I remember right and it was not just the gods speaking through it. What if the shards of wisdom actively sought to be brought back together again and to do this they influenced whatever was around them to accomplish this task?

I had never really considered this during the first two NES games, but it is entirely possible that the different shards of the Triforce either "evolved" existing monsters, or somehow magically created the guardians itself as a means of protection. Even the previous idea that I gave about Zelda herself bringing the shards to the different dungeons could have resulted in the formation of the guardian monsters by her own hand, somehow using the magic of the shards to evolve or create a monster like I just described. If there was a process involved in the creation of the boss monster, that would also explain how Zelda would have left before the monster was formed, thus shielding her from harm. I just think that this is an interesting thread, and I admit that my knowledge of anything really past Zelda 64 is limited (although I have played through all of the GBC releases, and LOVED Oracle of Seasons), so please take anything that I contribute with a grain of salt and understanding that I'm not aware of all of the games' stories.  :beer:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 05, 2015, 09:56:24 pm »
Was kind of in a Street Fighter mood tonight, so I played through Third Strike a few times on my PS3. Its amazing how Capcom can build a game that is fairly balanced throughout, increasing at a normal level of difficulty, but then you get to the final boss, and he's just SO overpowered and unfair. I will say at least that even with his resurrection B.S., Gill was a fairer opponent than Seth... Gosh I hated that guy!! Anybody on PSN who wants to spar sometime, in that game or Turbo Special or MVC2, PM me  :beer:

I was going off of the original LOZ 1 and 2 for NES because after LTTP, I didn't really play Nintendo games much because I didn't like the N64. In the original Zelda 2 NES, Link didn't have the Triforce of Courage because he earned it at the end of the game after he defeated his shadow. With the Triforce restored to 3 triangles, as shown in later games, he was able to awaken that games Zelda, which I've heard wasn't the one from Zelda 1 NES strangely. Zelda is full of inconsistencies between games and the timeline IMO makes no sense. It really depends on what you're using for source material because the story changes if you're focusing on the whole series and not just the original NES entries, and SNES I guess. Interesting topic though.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 05, 2015, 09:19:11 am »
Alpha 3 was one of the few games I bought myself from summer-job work, new, for PSX.

This was also around the time I discovered the recording of audio and video from different sources, and I recall sitting around with my friend, choreographing fights and building "a story" through our childish voice acting over the fights.

Nothing like pre-teen / early teen nerddom.

I remember doing something similar when I was in 6th grade. My friend and I videotaped the cinemas from Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 and made Ninja Gaiden The Movie haha. We didn't dub in voices, but he couldn't beat either game on his own, so he had me play and do it for him so he could tape all of the cinemas. Fun things that we do as kids huh  :laugh:

None of the other games as far as I am aware have this issue, but...

If the Triforce pieces were hidden away before Ganon came to power, then...

Whose monsters are we slaying in the dungeons to get to Ganon? And why is Ganon himself in a dungeon?

Did some supplementary material ever explain this?

Is Ganon unable to touch the shards himself and thus just hired guards to guard them? So, did he basically pull a Werdna (from Wizardry) and build something around the shards to keep people away (not that that is what Werdna did, but it is somewhat close. He built all of his dungeon stuff [or spellcasted it into existence, if I recall] to keep someone away or something like that if I recall correctly).

Were the monsters placed there by the old guard before it fell?

Were the monsters placed there by Princess Zelda?


I just don't understand because for instance Moblins are definite workers for Ganon, and (although I can't recall if they appear in any dungeons off of the top of my head. I can't remember any instances particularly) some of the other monsters work for Ganon in the future.

So what gives?

Was this explained in the manual or something? I can't recall if it was.

I was looking at a video on YouTube talking about the Zelda timeline. And I remember the original manual I believe discussing Zelda had the 8 pieces of the Triforce hidden within the different dungeons before she was captured. I always took this to mean that the dungeons in the original Zelda game were all that was left of the Hyrule civilization, and the different monsters that were there were the guardians of the Triforce that Zelda's family/forebears had placed there to protect them. It wouldn't have made sense, at least to me, for Zelda to have gone (or sent someone working for her) to dungeons that were protected by fierce monsters and hide the pieces in a room that would have required that individual to pass a BIG FREAKING MONSTER in order to get into the next room, and then sneak back out. This made me think that Zelda's possession of the Triforce, and possibly her Royal blood, either made the monsters ignore her, or obey her. The blood made more sense because she would have been able to get out of dungeon 8, and that would explain why Link got attacked when he entered each dungeon.

I know I was looking too far into it, but this kind of came out of other thoughts that I had about where the monsters came from in the different palaces? It could really be argued either way that the monsters were Ganon's, and he had placed them there to protect anyone from ever unlocking the ability to gain access to the Triforce of Courage IIRC. Or, I think the manual in that game alluded to the guardians placed there by the Hyrulian leaders in the past, but I don't remember that one so well. There are copies of the manuals online though, so easily discovered (although I'm not putting that much effort in right now haha).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 05, 2015, 07:08:46 am »
The thing about the charge moves is often you're charging the block button, or can block while holding the charge direction. So you're not leaving yourself vulnerable during that time. And when you get the move off, it usually comes as a direct reversal to your opponent's offensive.
Guile's sonic boom is sort of an exception to this (because it is a long range attack), but you can also jump while charging backwards, so jump back twice then fire. The charge moves kind of end up shaping your strategy, but it's also a pretty effective strategy.

This was how I would play charge characters like E. Honda, Guile/Charlie, Vega etc. I just felt that it took away from the feeling of the game's flow because it didn't seem like the computer opponents needed such block-charging to act in a more fluid nature during the fight. I actually remember enjoying the gamegenie code that would take away the charge in SFII Turbo for my SNES. It did make it feel a lot more like Mortal Kombat in some respects, but the player didn't have to charge-block to accomplish a move. Personally, I felt like I was on a more even playing field with the computer because I could advance and still be ready to accomplish a flash kick for example when I landed from jumping. It really ended up shaping strategy in a completely opposite manner than what you discussed, which I understand as well. The charging factor, at least for me, was a reason to stick to characters who used controller movements and button input. That kind of fighting allowed me to play more offensively, or instantly switch to defensive strategy mid-stream.
I don't care for SF's charge characters or the 360 degree role moves.

Like, it requires Guile more than 2 seconds to throw a projectile when the ryu-like characters can throw them instantly.

One of the reasons I think that the SNK-developed Street Fighter games (SvC Chaos and SVC on the NGPC) is that characters I genuinely like the design of, such as Guile and Balrog (boxer), are for the first time, legit contenders for casual players, because their charge times have been considerably decreased.

I also don't like when the games acquired half-screen sized projectiles or double-screen high jumping. Therefore, I've never enjoyed the Darkstalkers series or any of the Marvel fighting games from Capcom.

Moreover, Capcom's assorted compilations were quite shoddy, as I think having a different resolution background from the sprites looks unprofessional. Moreover, the use of characters from different games with different artstyles, most noticeably in Capcom vs SNK just makes it feel like a MUGEN game, which I've never enjoyed. Some characters had outlines (darkstalkers). Others didn't.

Chaos was boss. It was an SNK game. The Street Fighter characters were completely redesigned with new sprites made from scratch. Some of the SNK characters had new sprites. It played like a tight, SNK fighter, unlike the gimmicky and flashy Capcom counterpart. But it even suffered from the bankruptcy occurring during production. I swear, I'd put money down on being able to pick out which parts were made before and after the bankruptcy.

That said, I still totally dig Street Fighter. Awesome character designs. Solid gameplay in the main series. I enjoyed every entry in the SF2, Alpha, and III branches.

Now that I think about it, the SNK vs. Capcom game, at least 2 because I had that one for my PS2, did look like more like a MUGEN fighter because the character designs varied SOOOO MUCH. I remember being particularly upset when I played as Morrigan in that game because her sprite just looked out of place (I know I said no Darkstalkers but I LOVE her, and I was just using her as an example that I remembered  ;D). Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and many others however looked like they synched up with the SNK universe just fine. I did like the customize your fighter option in that game though, it allowed me to make characters the way that I wanted them to be colored, which I thought was cool. It was also cool to have a team of the 3 main shotos in a different way than MVC2, which was cool too.

Ironically, although I LOVE SFII and all of its different iterations, and III (all 3), the Alpha series was my favorite. Alpha 1 was more of a "proof of concept" to me. Alpha 2 built upon that framework to give us the game that I believe Alpha 1 should have been. Alpha 3 was my favorite, even with the different throw mechanics, at least the PS1 version. I loved that game!! The World Tour mode was just pure brilliance and added a flavor to fighting that felt very satisfying. I remember using a combination that gave me unlimited blocking against special or Super moves, a constantly charging Super Meter, and something else with my personal versions of Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Shin Akuma. I also liked that game because they put Guile in the Alpha series for his only appearance (although he sounded oddly Australian to me for some reason). That game really had a good story too that kind of brought everything together if you played with a bunch of different characters. Alpha 3 also gave use the appearance of the friendship that developed between Blanka and Dan, and isn't that the SWEETEST GD things ever hahahahah (totally a joke, but it is accurate I believe).

Please continue. This has been a very interesting thread for me so far and I'm enjoying discussing Street Fighter with other people  :beer:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 03, 2015, 04:11:16 pm »
My favorite Street Fighter character is Ryu, I've been using him in every single fighting game he was in since 1991 when I first played Street Fighter II at the arcades when it first came out. He was the very first SF character I selected when I first played the game. Every time I get a new fighting game that has him in it, he's always the first character I choose.

I've pretty much felt just like me. I had the same features as Ryu, even my sister said that when she saw me playing Alpha actually haha, so I really associated with him. And I thought his abilities were cool. I mean, who wouldn't want to throw a blue fireball from their hand, spinning kick the hell out of someone, or rocket into the air sending their opponent flying. Ryu for me became what would probably be considered an avatar today now that I think about it. He was also very confident, calculating, and always strove to be better than he was. As I've gotten older, I think that the early desire to be like Ryu built a lot of my character and personality. Even reading the Udon comic series I was fully connected with that character, although I appreciated all of the others too.

Shin Akuma, he's an almighty beast in pretty much every incarnation.

ABSOLUTELY SECONDED!! Nuff said.  :beer:

The new (fixed) version is up now anyway.

I just added my comment because of something Disch said to me about people who might be searching for an answer. Figured even if someone wasn't trying to play Negative One, they might still find my reply as helpful if they were having an issue with another version of a FF1 hack.  :laugh:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 03, 2015, 06:13:30 am »
IIRC, Honda got Sumo Slam in SF2 Turbo, before SSF2.

Other than that, I agree with you with everything. Gouki is one of my favourite especially in SF0, for the same reasons as Ken (and he can air combo, which is cool). He may be even weaker. Same for Ryu's weirdly basic DP.
And I don't think SSF2 is weak, but rather than the revolutionnary instllments of the game are The World Warriors (remember SF1) and Champion's Edition, who polished every great ideas the WW came with. In comparison, SSF2 didn't invent much (and new chars are lame. How Capcom could create 12 charismatics characters at once - say 8 if we consider Ryu, Ken, boxer and Sagat already existed - and since then can't create a decent one every 10 chars is beyond me).

I think you're right about Honda's Sumo Slam being in Turbo and I'm probably wrong about that one. SSF2 didn't really invent much, but it did change many of the gameplay mechanics for some fighters (like Ken and Ryu's air-hurricane kicks arced, rather than progressing linearly across the top of the screen, like they would probably if such things were possible to be performed by humans), and a few different moves were given to different characters IIRC. I do remember in Super Turbo that a number of characters did get new moves (which was likely where my confusion about Honda's Sumo Slam came from). Also, I remember that Chun-Li's animations for her fireball changed in this game, or Super I don't remember (and she got that odd "butt pushed out" pose that struck me then as more of "fanboy service" than what she probably would posed like, although it is again my opinion haha). I have to credit SSF2T however specifically for innovation because that was the first use of Super Moves by Street Fighter characters to my recollection.

I seem to kick the most ass with Chun Li

I also got pretty good with Chun Li in the different games that she was in. Her Kiko-sho super move in MVC2 was one of my personal favs because it was good for trapping people who liked to jump and perform a lot of air moves.

I was kind of omitting a lot of SF1 b/c you can only play as Ryu and Ken, although many of the characters like Adon, Gen, and Birdy did get re-used in other games. Which raises a good point, Final Fight characters who were used in Street Fighter games I would consider as fair for these discussions too since Guy, Sodom, Cody, and Rolento were used in the Alpha/Zero series. If someone really wants to discuss Haggar, I guess that's ok since Zangief seems to be based upon him in many ways, and IMO he should have been included in the Alpha games since the other 2 main FF characters were, and the 2 bosses. I tried to put limitations to just SF characters because if we included every character from versus etc. we might start discussing obscure characters that people have never heard of (I am personally not familiar with a number of the vs games that came out like SVC Chaos. Although I have played it, I just don't remember it very well). And the inclusion of the Darkstalkers characters just seemed like it would expand out too far. Wasn't lurking this time, had come to RHDN to answer an email from my sound composer and just thought that I'd check for new replies to my posts while I was here  :angel: Will be working most of the day on the pc, so I will likely drop in a few times to answer and discuss. Hope everyone has a great day  :beer:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 03, 2015, 04:40:14 am »
360 (and DP, FB, HK) are MUCH easier to perform with Genesis 6 buttons pad than with SNES or Playstation controllers.

Your claim about SSF2 being the first doing it right is highly debatable :)

My favourite char is Ken (on SF2, SF0 and SF4 ; unfortunately I didn't play SF3 a lot, which I regret), because he's fast, combo happy, and weak, so the games last longer (and you can combo more).

But the one which makes the game easiest has always been Honda for me, I don't know why. In VS mode, I used to have good results with Dhalsim too.

Was about to go back to work and saw a response (pardon me lurking haha). I actually agree with the Genesis 6 button controller being easier to use for input (at least as far as my 3DO was concerned). You're also right about the comment about SSF2 getting it right being debatable, (which was why I added "In My Opinion"  ;D) And I also agree that Ken seemed to get "weaker" as the games went on b/c it seemed, to me at least, that they tried to make him the "combo" Shoto, whereas Ryu remained a 1 hit takedown with most moves and didn't have the added combos like Ken did. They also seemed to change Ken so much to distinguish him from Ryu in later games (i.e. fireball that didn't go across the whole screen, upward angled hurricane kicks. I know these were additions of the versus series, but they were made to a SF character, so it seemed relevant to discuss). That was one of the reasons that I chose to primarily stick to Ryu and play with Ken when I wanted a more challenging experience. That was also why I liked Akuma, in the first few installments he was in especially, because he had a good combination of attacks that offered comb-ability, but predominately still worked as 1-hit takedown moves, rarely leaving the opponent standing if you missed with part of the attack. I did like playing with E. Honda on occasion because he was fun, and the Sumo Slam move he got in the Super games (again IMO) gave him maneuverability that he didn't so much have before those games.

Totally off topic though, I do remember being VERY satisfied when the developers gave Ryu a "Super Shoryuken" in SF3. It always seemed odd to me that Ryu's story involved him using a Shoryuken that was powerful enough to PERMANENTLY SCAR Sagat, but Ken was the one who got all of the "Super Shoryuken" moves until SF3 came out. Seemed that Ken should have gotten the Super Fireballs and Ryu the Super Shoryuken (although then Ryu's Shin-Hadoken in the versus series might not have been, and that move was SO COOL to me! Reminded me of Ryu doing a Kamehameha wave from DBZ).

Another off-topic before I go back to work. I made a pretty cool Mugen fighter a few years back and made a custom intro video. Its not great, and I feel like I could do better nowadays, but I thought it was a pretty cool amalgamation of a lot of different source material (and was a story about Akuma conquering multiple universes kind of like the DC stories about the multiverse). If anyone is interested, you can check it out at:

Look forward to hopefully seeing some more comments later. Have a great day everyone!  :beer:

And the waterfall entrance? That's an issue mentioned in a review of your hack.

The version of Grond's Rebalance Bugfix hack that I started with had a similar problem. I basically had to reverse the "use Lute" and "use Rod" tiles for some reason, but you still used the right item. I thought it was really weird that I put a "use Lute" tile in front of the Earth Plate, but used the Earth Rod to open it up. Don't know if this will help you, but it was something that I noticed.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best Street Fighter Combatant IYO
« on: July 03, 2015, 04:07:34 am »
I sorta lost interest in Street fighter after Turbo... I don't remember what the one was that introduced the next set of characters... You know with the Bruce Lee knockoff and the British girl with the... Well, you know. Anyway I thought all of those new characters were super weak, so I think it kind of ruined it for me.
That being said, if it all ended with Turbo, then Vega (Spanish), no contest. In original SF (before the three bosses were playable), I loved Blanka, Guile and (sue me) Chun Li.
I could never get into the characters whose special moves required rolling the controller, so Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Dhalsim, Zangief were all right out for me.

Comments like these are what I was hoping when I started this thread, to get to understand how different people play and why they play that way. Like I said earlier, characters who required charge moves were more difficult for me, and I tended to stay with the "rolling controller" moves like you described. But I understand where you're coming from, and you've given me some insight and understanding that something that I found easy was not for others.

I agree about the "New Challengers" being kind of lame (although as a 14-16 year old, Cammy being "nearly naked" did increase my like for her haha  :laugh:). However, I felt that Super Street Fighter II, and the resulting Turbo, were where the games started to get it right, at least for me. Although not related to gameplay, I really liked how those games gave you 6 different color options rather than that the previous games had offered. For example, while I LOVED Ryu's Champion color alternate, I HATED the baby blue from Turbo. Offering 6 colors gave you a much more "customizable" feel as a player, before customizing characters was really a thing.

full circle moves have always been a pain for me, although i can sort of do them more consistenty in newer games. Still not competitively.

Now THIS I completely agree with!!! Full-circle moves always seemed to result in me jumping, not performing the move. Even in games like MVC2, I still cannot accurately perform Zangief's spinning tornado (or whatever its called) because the controller movements were just so awkward (again, IMO). In MVC2 to turn Zangief into "Mecha", I would basically charge up to level three and then just roll my thumb around the d-pad over and over while pressing the PPP button I believe until he transformed (often resulting in me wasting at least 1 super level in the process) It always bothered me that while I couldn't really pull off the move because of what was required, the computer was able to use it seamlessly, and even utilize it in combos (resulting in often catastrophic damage). This (and the previously mentioned seeming lack of charging by the computer) really felt "cheap" IMO. I remember hurricane spamming Zangief in later games like I did with Dee Jay b/c if I got close enough, the computer would miraculously reach out and spinning piledriver me into the ground for like 1/3 of my life. I will say however that in the Alpha series, this was not as bad, although it did still happen.

Really enjoying the comments people are making, please continue  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Revenge of the Red Falcon - Final Level
« on: July 03, 2015, 03:51:39 am »
I admit you are totally right about the ridiculous difficulty. As a kid, I would probably have destroyed my console too...

Some of the design, especially at the beginning, is the result of me exploring the way enemies are layed out. The repeat mechanism, that lets you have copies of an enemy with a different Y position but the same X position, lead to the creation of columns of enemies, like the Rifle Men (snipers) under the bridge or the border of the water, just before the rocky wall...

Not too far into development, I thought about a system of difficulty levels, which is still in my plans. However, it does involve some technical planning, and when I released level 8, I didn't want to delay the release anymore. I think some of you understand the phenomenon. You make something (could be a hack, a piece of software, etc.) are you always have this great new idea that you want to add, but you never make anything final, because ideas pile up. The risk is that you end up with vaporware...

So, what are my options? I could create a "variation" of the same hack, where enemy behavior is like the original game...

I completely understand about the development process. I was really bummed out when I found out that a patch I had applied to my project caused a conflict that can't be fixed, requiring me to make a lot of changes that I haven't made yet b/c it was such a kick in the pants when I was almost ready to release beta versions IMO.

If you want my opinion, which I'm going to give anyway haha, I would simply reduce the number of Rifle men in certain spots, like from 4 to 2, at least in the early levels. If I had had time to play through a few levels and get used to it, I think the way that level 1 is designed would work. On the flip side however, to fall right into level 1 and feel like I'm playing what personally I would feel in many games to be considered "final level" difficulty really took away from my experience. I really like increasing difficulty in a hack, but entering into spots like I described in an earlier response (where 4 rifle men spawned and then immediately shot like 30 bullets where I was standing) seems more cheap on the part of the game than an increase of difficulty. I admit, I'm not the BEST Contra player ever, but I feel like I can provide an opinion of someone who is familiar with the game, but is a "casual" player now. I think I tried to re-play level 1 about 10 times, couldn't even come close to the boss, and just gave up. Again, I am not trying to take anything away from what has been created, because it is very well thought out and a really good concept that I think I could really enjoy if the game gave you more time to learn and get used to it. Again, just my opinion.

Personal Projects / Re: Revenge of the Red Falcon - Final Level
« on: July 01, 2015, 06:12:14 pm »
The difficulty level for this hack is perfect for the handful of us who have been playing Contra for 20+ years. For a lot of people this hack is going to be well over the top. Hell, plenty of people find the original game to be very challenging.

Glad that it wasn't just me.

If this were out back in the 80's, think how many kids would be screaming and throwing controllers at TV's  ;D

If I had gotten this as a 10 year old, my mother and father would have grounded me from my NES b/c I would probably have thrown a controller through the TV. Thankfully I've got some years since that point haha. I like it, its just hard as $#!+!!!!!!!!! Would definitely have liked an easy, medium, and hard mode haha  :thumbsup:

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