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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 07, 2015, 04:30:26 am »
I thought he meant changing the color of crystals in the 4 pillars around the time warp, kind of like how Super Metroid has the statues of the bosses at the entrance to Tourian that change color when each one is defeated.

That is actually a REALLY GOOD analogy. Yes, that is exactly what I want to do. I've got the 4 pillars with the crystals in the present version of the Temple (which I'll take a second to upload in a minute). I thought it would be cool if there was a way to write a routine that changed the palette used for the different crystal images when the different Fiends were defeated and the crystals were lit again. I know I probably won't be able to make them different colors to represent what Fiend was defeated, but it was just an added touch that I thought was cool (and I guess I was kind of thinking of Super Metroid in the back of my head). I figured since it was similar to the door bug routine and the moving tiles, and it only involved changing the colors of the one tile, it might be do-able. I don't know if I'll be able to get my ASM tutoring started tonight like I'd planned. I'm a freelance writer and I basically wrote 2 20 page documents for a local university here since yesterday, and 1 more to do by tomorrow (Although I'll clear over a grand tomorrow for literally 2/3 days worth of writing, so its not all bad). As an aside, I write college papers too if anyone knows anyone who is struggling to complete their classwork.

This is actually kind of what I thought I wanted the crystals to change to after each fiend was defeated. I check my available color choices and I'm basically stuck making the crystals grey when they are dormant and the crystal blue when they've been activated. It would even be cool if there was a way to put the crystals in the main menu on the pillars instead, but again, I don't know how much of that is actually possible until I can get together with my tutor =-) During the few breaks I took today, I managed to free up a ridiculous amount of space within the rom image today and I'm back over 1,000 kb even after all of the edits that I've made. So, I can definitely go back and spruce up some of the previous areas and still fulfill my vision of the past Temple. The only spoiler I'll give about the final level is that the pillar/banner combination in this picture shows up within the final level and I basically used the crystal as the symbol of Chaos and the Fiends. I've already managed to alter the palettes on the individual elemental levels to show a color that represents the element on the banner (i.e. the Earth level has a brown crystal on the banner). I kind of thought it would be a neat flip if the crystals that we have always thought were a source of good in FF1 were in fact used by Chaos and the Fiends originally, but some adventurers (maybe previous Light Warriors) took the crystals from them and used them to seal Chaos in another dimension. Kind of like Chaos planned for the crystals to be restored because that will break the seal keeping him where he is. Honestly, the whole crystal legend might have even been messed up as it was told and the actual story was lost over time. I'm seriously going to alter that because the time warp aspect never made sense and for the warriors to travel to a location that looks NOTHING like anything else in Final Fantasy 1 (Reconstructed or otherwise) really doesn't make sense if its simply them going to the past. I had intended to release the limited beta somewhere around this weekend, but with all that's been going on and all of the work that I've had, that's probably not going to happen. Probably at least 1 more week, but it will definitely be in limited beta testing by June 1. Have a great day everyone.

First of all I must say these graphics look gorgeous especially for the NES :thumbsup:. I see you really went for detail here. I do have a few critiques, I hope you don't mind:

I see that the tables and chairs have brick underneath them. Is this intentional? It would look more nicer if you had the same background as the floor for objects. If you are reusing the graphics in another area, make the floor surrounding the objects a solid color like you did with the pot in another screenshot.

That aside, a great improvement an already good looking game for its time. I can't wait to play it!

While I was trying to figure out how to use IRC to see if I could find Disch for tutoring, I remembered that you had commented and I had rudely ignored what you had said (unintentionally I assure you). You have absolutely hit the nail on the head twice today. I've been pulling sprites from other versions of Final Fantasy NES (most notably Final Fantasy ++ since Grond used a lot of the tiles from Final Fantasy IV and that's my favorite game, which is reflected in this project). But yes, I am aware of the graphical differences and I fully intend to do what you suggested and make the floors match under the tables/chairs/etc. I was basically trying to get the initial layouts of the dungeons/towns done before I went and did what I considered "nitpicky" changes. I know where the sprites are going to be, but I need to make sure that everything matches. I will have all of that fixed before a beta is released (and that's coming SOON). But I really appreciate the constructive criticism and I try to end every post encouraging such comments. I will say that you were a whole lot nicer about it than the last person who basically tore me a new one because I didn't follow the "traditional" Final Fantasy formula. If you look back through this thread and look at the earlier comparison screenshots you can see where yes he was right that the floors did tend to be darker than the walls, but the graphics were also INCREDIBLY dated by this point. I've used Final Fantasy IV Advance for a lot of the inspiration that I've had with color choices, mostly because I'm able to replicate those colors. I really intended to keep the original layouts of the levels and just make them look better, but as I've gone along, I've been inspired to try new things. The positive feedback that I've received for the changes that I was inspired to make kept me motivated to keep trying new things (i.e. the way the Sunken Shrine looks now as opposed to the original version). Also, as I've said a few times, the final level will not look ANYTHING like the Past Temple of Fiends that we know from our past. I've beta tested it to a point, but I changed something and all of my save data/states won't work any more, so I basically started beta testing for real (by for real I mean without the "Super Weapons" that I created and put in the Coneria weapon shop so that I didn't have to grind the whole way just to see how a level looked). I started changing the Marsh Cave again but I realized that I put WAAY too many pillars in the level now and I need to take some of them out because one wall in particular was almost nothing but pillars when I played it earlier. Its been really nice having an emulator on my phone so I can beta test a little when I don't have a lot of time. Thank you for your comments and I look forward to hearing what you think of the finished product. Also, check out the Reconstructed Facebook page if you haven't already. I post a LOT more screenshots and updates there because I can easily upload the screenshots right from my phone. There's a link on page 1 when I first started this thread about a month ago. I can't believe it has been such a short amount of time and I've almost completely revamped the graphics of an entire NES game.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 06, 2015, 12:00:12 am »
I like some of the redesign of the Sea Shrine. Simplifying the layout is extremely welcome too.  The waterfall cavern looks awesome.

Thanks dude. By the time I started the Waterfall cavern I had started to try a lot of different things that seemed to work, so I just decided to try something unique and unexpected and really turn that into its own area. As was indicated in a few of the recent posts, a lot of the areas were just re-hashes of earlier levels, i.e. the Ice Cavern sprites being used there, Matoya's Cave, Sarda's Cave, the Dwarf Cave, and the Waterfall (although I feel now like I missed one). I did end up making the bright spots on the floor a darker blue color and they do look more like pools of water than they previously did.

Dude.  Those areas look fan-freaking-tacstic!!  Especially the Sea Shrine, I too hate that dungeon.  Least favorite in the vanilla game. 

Thank you once again for the wonderful praise. I didn't realize until I posted that yesterday that I really have just avoided that dungeon when I've played as an adult. I go there long enough to get the Rosetta Stone, go learn Leifenish, and go on to get the class change and final weapons and armor from the Mirage Tower/Sky Palace. Once I've beaten Tiamat, I go back and basically avoid everything on my way to Kraken because the level is just BORING and LONG. That was why I tried to give it its own look since I only had the rest to use for the Temple of Fiends. Speaking of the Temple, what do you guys think of this minor change:

I intentionally left the pillars on the raised dais the brown color because I figured they would be magical. It also seemed that there would be 4 pillars since 4 elements etc. I think I might change those fires to Crystals since I have access to the FF3 crystal sprite. I wonder if I can write a routine to change the color of the crystals as you complete the different elemental dungeons. I probably couldn't make them different colors completely from one another, although I do have brown, red, and two types of blue and grey that I could use for water and air too. That is definitely something I need to ask Disch about. I need to PM him anyway, so I think I'll mention it. Have to finish my work tonight so I will probably see about doing some ASM learning tomorrow. I have decided however that I'm not going to leak any of the Temple revisited images so its a surprise when you get there. I'll see what my beta testers think and go from there. The game just amazes me more and more whenever I pull my phone out to play for a bit. I hope I never get tired of it because I will guarantee its an experience to be had. Thanks again everyone for all of the kind words and inspiration.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 05, 2015, 04:04:50 am »
I love the look of the Temple of Fiends, it looks like an extraordinarily important location rather than the original where it just looked like the Castle of Trials again, a bit underwhelming.  The white floor is a bit strange though, it makes it looks a little too much like Ice. I wonder what it would look like in brown to show a wooden floor? Just a thought in any case. As of now I feel it looks a Little too icy, though I imagine it may be because of shared palettes because it is an NES title.

Not to give too much away about the Temple, but the floor was chosen as that color because originally the Temple wasn't made of stone, but over 2000 years the substance would have probably left a very fine white powder as it broke down. I was really trying to make it look like grey sand on the floor, not so much like wood. I agree, the original Temple was a throwaway location until you had to come back at the end of the game. Half of the time I didn't even go back and open the sealed doors once I got the Magic Key during my initial playthroughs.  The Present version of the Temple of Fiends I'm still playing with the colors and right now I think that I'm only using either 2 or 3 of the palettes available to me. This is similar to my work on the past Temple, although I still want to change it to alternate dimension or something because the present and past Temples look NOTHING alike. I am REALLY digging how the past version looks though and the final dungeon seems EPIC when you're playing through, not just ANOTHER shrine/castle you plod your way through.

You made Bahamut's Lair into a dungeon ala FFIV? Quite an interesting idea!

I actually didn't do this myself. My hack started out as one of Grond's early rebalance and bugfix roms. I liked how he'd already added some things like the run button, 5 letter names, multiple purchases of items, etc. Well, Grond made Bahamut's room B1 into an homage to some shrine or something from the DS version I think it was (too tired to look right now). Well, like I said, I wanted to do something different with the space's look, but not feel. I really tried to keep Grond's original layout of that room, but without the hedgemaze aspect that I felt was very plain. The location of Bahamut's/Grond's room is also NOT in Cardia a la what Grond had done already. That and I wanted to just go wacky with the color scheme. I initially was going to re-use the tile set from the Marsh cave, but when the Waterfall looked so good I wanted to re-use that one instead. I think it will look really cool if I'm able to make the moving tiles, and provided I get some sleep I'm going looking for Disch tomorrow for sure.

Does this mean that the Cardian Islands is all one large dungeon rather than various "dragon dwellings" as in the original?

Look a few posts above and you'll see images of Cardia. Yes, I decided to do away with the single room aspect and just make them all connected in some way. This allowed me to put treasures at the "poles" of the cave and make basically a home for summoned monsters like the Feymarch. Bahamut's room B2 still has Bahamut in it and is accessed via the original location of the B1 entrance. Again, check above and you'll see the reimagining of that as well. I really feel like the Reconstructed version comes off as more of a home for the friendly monsters rather than just some holes in the ground.

I hated the original Sunken Shrine as well, it has so little personality compared to the other elemental dungeons (Tunnel, Volcano, ...Castle again., Technologically Advanced Fortress) You have done a great job giving it a unique vibe!

I DESPISE THAT DUNGEON (as far as editing it goes). I agree, it was very bland with a LOT of wasted space. How many empty rooms did you originally go through to reach Kraken anyway? I know one of them was REALLLLLLLY  long, unnecessarily so IMO. So what I did was I basically ran with the idea that the Sunken Shrine had sunk long enough ago that it had basically started to be absorbed by the ocean floor. I was originally going to make the floor look like sand, but for some reason I really liked the blue, especially in-game. I think that I am going to remove that RIDICULOUSLY long tunnel on B5 as well. I still want it to go back a bit, but not across the entirety of the damned map. Keeping that tunnel and making it bigger I'm sure is wasting all kinds of available data. Anyway, I thought that making the Sunken Shrine more of a maze that had different aspects of a shrine (like the bookcases and food shelves, tables etc) would help to tie it all together. I was really impressed with how good the red/pink coral looked on the walls. Like I said before, it didn't make any sense to me that the stone walls would even still exist as stone walls if the shrine had been on the sea floor for a long period of time. And if nothing else, Kraken probably used his magic to make the coral grow around the Shrine.

I've really tried to give all of the changes that I've made some sort of reason, even if I can only justify it in my head. If anyone wants to collaborate on a custom booklet for a cart version, with the background stories I've come up with illustrated, that would be cool. There is still a LOT that I want to do, but my main priority was pushing the graphics as far as I could, and I think I've at least approached the WonderSwan Color version with all of the color and detail. Honestly, there are times that I'm beta testing and I have to remind myself that I'm playing Final Fantasy NES and not one of the SNES games. I really hope everyone else enjoys playing the game as much as I have because I honestly love it more than the original at this point. The praise means a lot, for real.

Thanks Thanatos-Zero! I love FFV as well and have been wondering how difficult it would be to hack that game (the documentation I put into FFIV has been absolutely immense from every spell routine to every command routine including several bug fixes, I have been around that system a fair amount), but for the moment my interest lies with FFIV.

I see why you and I have gotten along so fantastically. FFIV was the last of the great originally inspired Final Fantasy games. It is still my favorite, and I'd play USII a lot even after I had USIII. Personally though, I FRICKIN HATE FFV... (Although not as much as FF++) That was the game where I felt like they started to make the games more gimmicky rather than sticking to the old tried and true formula. Plus, I didn't play an english version until I was much older. FFIV's story was SOOO much better than V's (I'm definitely in the IV camp). I just think its funny how many FFV sprites have wound up in FF1 hacks. I actually edited out the Ninja sprites in FF++ and put my Ninja in place of "Feris" uuuugggghhhh. If I used 5 for anything it would be to do a SUPER updated version of FF1 in the SNES style. That would be cool though. FF1 with all those job classes.

I am definitely interested in this. There just are no real quality SMB2 hacks that I've found. I played the only one that was finished as far as I could tell, and it was difficult to say the least. I don't see any point in these RIDICULOUSLY HARD Mario hacks. I love SMB as a series and I want to play a game that is similar to the originals, not custom built so that only the programmer can beat the damned thing. I played "Newer" SMB Wii at my friend's house in Kentucky and I was like "Now THAT is how its done". I'm very intrigued by the new level being added, and I wish I had gotten your Megaman Origins game before it got pulled b/c that sounds really cool. Were you originally going to put MM3 on that compilation? My same friend was telling me about a combined MM1 and 2 rom file that was supposed to be really good. Would love to see some screenshots too.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: April 30, 2015, 02:03:16 am »
I wanted the light spots to look like pooled water and didn't want to re use the Marsh cave floor.  I'm really happy with it in game. Some colors are still up in the air before the beta release. Disch has been cool about keeping up and after me about helping me, so a moving waterfall is likely.  I JUST got to the past temple of fiends in ++ and I'm floored at how similar my vision was to Gronds without meaning to. I will try a little darker blue, or maybe I'll make the walls a brown color.  Only a few of the current color choices am I stuck on. Thanks for the kind words. Hope my additions were well received too :-)

So, (5/4/15)

I've officially come into the home stretch for this project. I'm about 90% done with the graphics editing within the game. I've re-done every dungeon/level/location up until the final 3 levels of the Past Temple of Fiends (Although I messed up a teleport somehow and materialized in thin air). I don't know how that level is going to be received, but I really tried to get inventive the further I've gone along on this project. I really took a gamble with the Sea Shrine, but I think in the end it really came out looking great. I'm still going to have to tweak some of the colors in certain places, and I've still got to find a Town wall combination that I'm happy with. I'm thinking I'm going to try to recreate the look of FFIV Advance's town walls because they look like placed stones, which will go well with my vision I think. I'm also thinking of a way to entirely remove the whole closed door aspect by having the characters teleport to a separate room like they do in the later games when they go through the door. This is the same premise I think as my "elevators" in the Mirage Tower and Sky Palace, so I hope that it will work. I've eliminated almost every other locked door in the game and I'd really like to get rid of them all because they take up valuable space. Anyways, I'm including my re-vamp of Grond's Bahamut's Room B1 extra dungeon. I just didn't like the hedge maze aspect of it and I wanted to re-use the Waterfall sprite set. If anyone has read the Dragonlance Chronicle Dragons of the Winter Night, you'll hopefully remember the bleeding and twisted trees outside of Silvanesti, which is where I got my inspiration for that level. Well, without further ado:

 That thing ate up almost 3/4 of my remaining space because there were so many narrow walkways that I had to expand. In the end, I ended up just streamlining the dungeon into more of a maze/labyrinth than a building from the surface. Also, I thought that if the Shrine had sank a LONG time ago, 100s of years I think one of the NPCs said, then the walls wouldn't be pretty stone, stuff would have grown right over the walls. I omitted the torches in that level in favor of taller columns, although I want to put some "broken" columns in there too. The coral look on the Sunken Shrine walls was chosen because I felt like I could do something similar with the Present TOF. Not to give away too much, but the Temple was not originally made of brick and mortar in my version and I figured the walls would have started to break down and vines and such would have started growing. Also, the use of the sand on the floor seemed more appropriate since the Temple has been unused for many years and the walls would have started to decompose into powder. I started to run REALLY low on available data when I finished the Sunken Shrine, so I omitted some wall decorations to ensure that I could do the Past Temple the way that I had envisioned it.

So anyways, the project is almost completed as far as the graphics hacking goes. I'm tackling the Past Temple of Fiends, which I really like so far. I don't know if I'm going to post pictures of the past temple so that there is some sort of mystery when you arrive there. I promise you, it is NOTHING like you'll expect from the original Final Fantasy or Final Fantasy ++. I hope everyone else is as impressed with the look of the sunken shrine as I am. I really didn't expect a pink colored dungeon to look good, but it really does in-game. As always, constructive comments or criticism is welcome. Look for beta releases probably early to mid next week. I've been up for going on 50 hours straight, so I'm going to finish my work and go to bed. Bless everyone.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: April 29, 2015, 08:02:59 pm »
No, the project hasn't been abandoned, I just NEEDED a vacation. So I've been traveling around the U.S. basically. If you're in Pittsburgh area, I'll be here until Saturday. Anyway, no internet does NOT mean that I haven't done anything, but I haven't been able to post. I re-did the Waterfall cavern and added a little twist. I thought about it and for real, it was a throw-away dungeon. Nothing really there but the robot. So I thought about it and it came to me, "Why would the robot GO to the waterfall?" There's NOTHING there. So I thought, what if the Leifein's had like a "backup" base or something behind the waterfall. It would make more sense for the robot to go somewhere he could get help than to just randomly show up there. I mean, why wouldn't he have gone to Gaia? Or Leifein? So I put just the slightest spin and added some Leifeins who don't detract from the story. Also, if you go there before you have the Rosetta Stone, you wouldn't be able to understand them. The robot still gives you the cube, but I just thought it made more sense that they would still be at least attempting to get back into the Sky Palace. So, without further ado, here is my re-imagining of the Waterfall Cave.

So I hope no one minds the slight changes. I was going to alter the dialogue of the one Leifein who mentions that he wonders if the robots built by his ancestors still functioned, but I think I'll leave it. Who knows how long the 2 Leifeins have been at the waterfall, or how long ago the robot escaped the tower, so they might not even know. I liked how the screen was static, kind of indicating that they had lost contact with the robots in the tower/fortress. Ideally, once I have my ASM tutoring eventually (sorry for the delay Disch) I'd like to make the waterfall water actually move. Also, as an aside, I think I'm going to eliminate the time warp aspect if I can. I think transporting to another dimension would make more sense, but I'll have to edit the ending text if I do. Just something that I've been kicking around during my off-time. Thank you to my soon to be father-in-law for letting me piggyback on his internet for a bit today at his shop b/c this place is the BOONIES otherwise. As always, feedback is more than welcome and encouraged. I'll be back home probably Saturday and will be able to do more.

I vote blue. He looks more rugged, I think.
Also, the red and white version reminds me of Ralph Macchio from Karate Kid. Go home, Ralph. Chaos is out of your league.

So who voted Red/White/Peach then???

Hahaha. My sister said something similar. (I've got a notification set to email for this and my general Reconstructed thread, so I'm multi-tasking during work). I really liked how I could basically make either Ryu from SF 1/Alpha with the red and white or Champion ed. with the blue/tan. I think Blue/tan myself, especially since I'll throw off the balance of colors if I change him. Thanks for the input. Check out the screenshots for Cardia in the other thread if you have a chance.

Choices: Left is Option 1, Right is Option 2

So I'm torn between the two different options. I've been using the White/Red/Tan for the Master (who is modeled off of Ryu from Street Fighter). I personally however really like the profile version (Which is based upon Ryu from Street Fighter II Champion Ed). Just wondered what everyone else thought. I know he'll be the blue version in MY version of the game, but for the rest of the fandom, I thought I'd ask opinions. For clarification, the color schemes work like this through the game:

Red/White/Peach                                Brown/Blue/Tan
Fighter                                                 Thief
White Mage                                         Monk
Red Mage                                             Black Mage
Knight                                                  Ninja
White Wizard                                      Black Wizard

I had thought originally about making the Monk character in the other scheme, but he looks REALLY pale with the peach skin, and the red dots on his head kind of make him look evil. Now that I look at the table above, I guess it makes sense to make him Blue, but I wanted to ask for opinions.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: April 18, 2015, 11:19:14 am »

The game does it automatically.

There are two types of map-transition tiles.  Hackster calls them "warps" and "teleports".

Whenever you "teleport", your previous position is pushed to a stack (so it is remembered) and you jump to an explicit new position.
Whenever you "warp" (named after the black magic spell that has the same effect), the new position is pulled off the stack -- so you don't actually tell the game where you're warping to, it just warps you to where you came from.

"Warp" allows for smaller space because the game doesn't have to keep track of teleport information -- it just takes you back to where you came from.

Usually, dungeons are laid out so that "teleports" move you forward, whereas "warps" move you back out the way you came.  That is... a "teleport" staircase will put you right on top of a "warp" staircase on another map.

However there are 2 notable exceptions to this:

- Titan's Tunnel cannot use Warp tiles because it acts as a pathway that connects two overworld points.  If it used warp tiles to exit the map you would always come out the way you came... which would make it impossible to advance through it.  So it has to use teleports exclusively.

- Coneria Castle has a similar problem because Princess Sara teleports you inside after you save her.  If the staircase on the 2nd floor used a Warp tile, it would take you back to the ToF which wouldn't make any sense.  So that has to be a teleport.  Which means that if 1F used warp tiles to exit the castle, they would take you back to 2F!  So everything there has to be teleports as well.

Cardia, on the other hand, even though it has numerous enterances, it can use Warp tiles for all the exits because they're all dead-end passages.  In the original game, you can only go out the same way you came in.  But... since your hack is changing that... and you are connecting the paths... you are seeing the weird side-effect of using Warp rather than using Teleport.

And coming from one of THE authorities in FF1 hacking, that explains (and means) a lot. I can't remember if I had reached out to Disch for initial beta testing, but you are MORE than welcome to if you have time and are interested (Since this project wouldn't have been able to happen without your utilities and assistance). I had actually learned through trial and error about the teleport vs warp points. That's how I screwed up the way that the stairways worked in the Gurgu Volcano, and had to fix that. I have found even more places that I'd like to have animated tiles, so if at all possible, I will be looking for you for that ASM tutoring tonight, but I have to finish my work first, so it will definitely be later. I hadn't paid that much attention to how the exits were labelled, but it certainly was a neat side-effect that I didn't actually mean to do. These comments also gave an indication to why when I changed the exits in the Titan's Tunnel how I royally screwed myself for a bit. Did you like the idea of Cardia being a larger labyrinth instead of single areas? I thought that connecting everything but Bahamut's chamber seemed to make an area rather than a bunch of rooms. Also, after careful consideration, I actually think that I'm going to have to call them Eidolons also, although I don't like it, because it will be easier to replace "Dragons" than with Summoned Monsters, and we know what Eidolon means in the later versions.

One more addition, I created a poll thread for the color scheme of the Master sprite. Since I thought I'd reach a broader audience, I didn't post it in here since even people who weren't interested in Final Fantasy might vote on colors. The thread is in the General Rom Hacking discussions, but here's a link for anyone who would rather not look for it.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: April 18, 2015, 09:36:34 am »
I just could NOT sleep the other night, so I did Cardia's re-imagining. I did however sleep through the entirety of Friday, so I have to work today  ;D

Yes, it has more variety in its tileset than there are in the vast majority of FFIV's own! You've done a wonderful job sprucing up the areas and making each look unique. Also is that female sprite Princess Sara? Does she join the team in this?

Thank you. I had no idea that I had somehow given the game more variety than FFIV. That's quit a compliment. And no, the sprite is not technically Princess Sara. I found a battle sprite in the FFIII Japan tileset for a princess that I thought looked cool. She also had a map sprite. So I was originally trying to include her, but not as a princess even though I kept the crown for her head. I kind of did a combination of Rosa from FFIV and the Princess sprite from FFIII. I wanted to make 1 character that WAS female and there was no ambiguity to that. As females are the only ones who can bear a child, bring life, and are often associated with healing, I thought making the White Mage/Wizard 100% female made the most sense.

The BEST thing I like about the new area designs are the details.  The extra bits like bones, pots, signs/wall art, and etc really make each area seem full and scenic.

As always, thy comments are heard and appreciated. I really tried to use every tile the best that I could. As I've learned to use FFHackster better and better as I've gone along, I've learned that I can re-use single block tiles to create images, rather than having to have a full 4 squares for a specific image. This has allowed me to cram more and more into each dungeon. I wanted every location to look like people had been there and it had been used. Originally, the Marsh Cave seemed like a valid place that the Elves might have stored their treasures, but then monsters found it and took it over, but there would be elements like barrels and such that indicated it was originally used to store things. Also, the skeletons seemed to indicate that treasure hunters had come to the areas, but had died for their endeavors. You're really going to like the Cardia sprites that I'm going to include in a few. SOOOO......

These are the types of comments that have really pushed me to try to create something unique and different with what I'm doing. Since we've got now I think 14 games, and SOOOO many spinoffs, to borrow from, I've been able to use different aspects of the later games to do different things, although I admit I AM biased towards IV because I still hold that as the pinnacle of the series. While I'm truthfully creating this game for ME, and how I wanted to see it, apparently my ideas have struck a chord and my ideas are similar to many of the individuals who have been so instrumental in Final Fantasy hacking. As I just posted pictures of Cardia, there are only THREE more levels that need to be fully edited and the major graphics hacking is DONE!!! I do think that I'm going to re-do the Waterfall cavern and make it use the tileset from the Marsh Cave since I don't need the other half for the Mirage Tower any more. Then I've got to tweak a few things and I can release a few beta test patches. I was originally thinking that I'd only offer beta testing to individuals who liked the Facebook site, but I had approached JCE3000GT about beta testing initially and I am definitely going to reach out to Spooniest and Bobalicious as well for beta testing. As always, comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

I'm adding this since I almost forgot. I don't know if the game does this automatically, or somehow Grond did this, but even though you can still ENTER Cardia through any of the available warp points, you CANNOT exit anywhere but where your airship is. Meaning no matter what exit you take, you'll ALWAYS exit by the airship where you first entered. I didn't do this myself, and it seems to lend credibility to the "enchanted" nature of the place.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: April 16, 2015, 06:30:39 pm »
Nope, the dude in my dream didn't quite look like you.

I like the music selections (the ones I know, at least)
If you want special music for Chaos, I think the best fit would be the 2nd boss theme from FF6, when you fight Atma Weapon.

I was actually going to re-use the Zeromus fight music. I used a program called J-Com (if I remembered the right utility that I used) to listen to, and individually record, individual layers and combinations of the different layers. I cut everything down to basically 4 sound layers, which now I think is 1 too many, and combined them using Audacity (LOVE THAT PROGRAM) and made mp3's of the combined layers, and they sounded great reduced. So I was going to use those for a template. The other songs were found on YouTube where other people had done 8-bit renditions of the FFIV and FFVI songs I listed (By the way, Google or YouTube search the ones you don't, they are pretty cool songs). I think that Atma's theme in 8 bit would sound pretty good. I'm worried that I'd have some of the same problems with the FFIV songs being what I believe is too long to include without cutting them down. I don't really know enough about the music at this point to know if I can expand that part or anything. When I finish the graphics editing I plan on worrying about the music, so this is still a little while off. There are still a few graphics tweaks that need to be made in my opinion first. I worked all night and then couldn't sleep when I got done about 2 pm, so I messed with the Gurgu Volcano and pics are now presented  :beer:

As always, comments are appreciated.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: April 16, 2015, 09:45:54 am »
The guy in my dream looked like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.

Anything like this. (Although I don't feel like i look like Pedro from Napolean Dynamite haha)

Also, this is at least the proposed music edits for the game, although this could possibly change if I am able to implement the changes.

FF1 New Soundtrack
As according to NSF File
1.   Opening theme- Intro
2.   Intro- Final Fantasy IV Prologue
3.   Epilogue- FFIV Epilogue 8 bit
4.   Overworld Theme- Final Fantasy IV over-world Main theme FTM
5.   Ocean theme- The Airship Blackjack FTM (FFVI)
6.   Airship theme- Lunar Whale Final Fantasy IV
7.   Town theme- Town Theme FFII  FTM
8.   Main castle theme- Red Wings FTM
9.   Dungeon theme (Earth Cave) – Tower of Zot (FFIV)
10.   Matoya theme- Giott the Great (FFIV)
11.   Dungeon theme (Marsh Cave)- Cave (FFIV) or Majestic Motherfuckin Castle (Premade FTM)
12.   Bad castle theme- Suspicion, or Golbez clad in dark (FFIV)
13.   Air Palace- Somewhere in the World,
14.   Final level theme- Inside the Giant (FFIV) or Indigant Divinity (Premade FTM)
15.   Shop theme- Lets Go Lightly (Premade FTM)
16.   Battle theme- Final Fantasy Reconstructed battle theme
17.   Save music- Palom and Porom (FFIV)
18.   Dead/game over music- Cry in Sorrow
19.   Victory music- FFIV Victory music
20.   Major victory/accomplishment theme- Paladin Theme
21.   Gain item sound-
22.   Save sound- Good Night (FFIV)
23.   Battle initiate- FFVI Battle theme intro

I'm sorry if this list didn't make a whole lot of sense. Its just a copy of the list that I made myself. I downloaded the original NSF file for Final Fantasy I and used that to figure out how many different songs actually existed within the game, and basically named them what I thought the songs were. If I understand correctly, the NSF file should ideally also be the same as the music files/engine within the original game. Again, haven't reallllllly started much music hacking yet, but that's an idea of the changes that I'd like to implement. I'll have to chop some of the songs to make sure that they fit within the available space I think, but I'm still hoping that it can be done. If nothing else, I would ideally like to give Chaos his own battle theme at least. He certainly needs an epic song like the Final Battle theme from FFIV in my opinion. And as an aside, anything that is a premade FTM file I have already asked permission from the original author to include it in the game if I am able to make it happen. Thanks again for all of the kind comments.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: April 15, 2015, 06:52:27 pm »
Ir. Ma. Gird. I just got here and this looks fan-fucking-tastic, pardon my francais.

I want to play it! Like, now!

I understand you're going to do a new soundtrack? :| I don't know how I feel about that, but I guess it's ok with me. If you have scrapped that idea, then perhaps you'd consider raising the pitch of the music back up to where it was in the NES version? That's the one thing that bothered me about Grond's Final Fantasy.

Also, two things:

You put firewood by the inn in Coneria. That's interesting, it adds a lot of depth and tells a little story.

Also, you put a graveyard in Pravoka.  :( That's sad, but it adds some weight to the story that otherwise was not there.

You're a goddamn genius.

WOW!!!!! Considering the source of this comment, and the others who have shown interest in this project, I am humbled and further inspired. I was not an active member of this site for a long time, although I had gotten some REALLY good patches and things from here, so I wasn't really familiar with who had done what. When I started following other threads and looking through the different Final Fantasy hacks, I started to see who had really done what. As much as many of you have been involved in hacking the different games, it really fills me with pride and honor that I've gotten SO MUCH positive feedback about my project.

In answer to your questions/statements:

- My version is based on a rebalanced / bugfix hack that Grond did. The music right now is classic Final Fantasy I. I also noticed in Grond's Final Fantasy that the pitch was different in some of the songs, but until I edit any music, the game's score is exactly like the original NES version, and I have beta tested through all of the levels before I started tinkering further. I'm thinking of releasing a compressed file, probably zip, that has at least a few different versions of the game, i.e. with the musical changes and without at least. I just wanted to see how far I could push the graphics of the original game at first and then thought it would be cool to incorporate other songs from the games that I loved (mostly FFIV). I haven't fiddled with the score in a while, but I found a few documents that were specific to Final Fantasy I music hacking, and others have been very helpful with questions.

- I added the woodpiles to the towns because, like you said, I felt it added a story to the town. It looked like somewhere that people actually lived rather than just somewhere for you to come and buy weapons/armor/items and stay at an Inn. As for the graveyard, I felt the same idea. This is a place that people lived. And that town was much more basically just stone floor tiles and buildings without any greenery, and in my opinion a LOT of useless buildings that weren't there other than as scenery. So I cut down some of the useless places and just got creative. Like on the other side of the town I kind of made like a public beach area. There's no point to it, but it would kind of make sense for a seaport town to me to have somewhere the public could go to enjoy the water.

I was inspired to do a new and updated version of the musical score after I was watching Famitracker videos on YouTube. Some of the original compositions that people have done, and especially 8-bit versions of 16 bit Final Fantasy music, and original compositions, really got me thinking that some of the SNES tunes could be put into this version because the title was "Reconstructed". The more I think about it though, the more I think I'll put two different patches in a zip file so the user can choose what they hear. I've totally changed every level with the exception of the Gurgu Volcano, Bahamut's room, Cardia, and the Temple of Fiends revisited. I'm going to do Gurgu and the Temple next so that I know if I need to expand or cut anything. Thank you all for the continued support. It has really kept this project moving.

If you haven't, check out the Facebook page at I typically post more photos there because it takes longer to go through the Photobox linking here.

April 15, 2015, 06:54:38 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
In my dream last night, a man had just gone on a first date and was holding a Ziploc bag of parmesan cheese, muttering to himself "If I had a new suit, I could marry that girl."

So maybe you should go buy a new suit.
Good luck.

That was ironic and kind of eery. Was talking to my new girlfriend about zodiac signs today, love parmesan cheese (although in a container), and I would probably need a new suit to get married. If the man in your dream was tall with dark hair and a goatee, I'm spooked. Hopefully that dude was marrying somebody worth it, because so far, she is.     :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: April 15, 2015, 08:37:22 am »
Thank you for the kind words once again everyone. Glad to hear the edits to the Marsh Cave are meeting with such high praise. I am still tinkering with the colors of the Mirage Tower, and I agree with you about the floor colors needing to be tweaked a bit. I got a message from Disch last night about the tutoring he had offered, and between my birthday just happening and me starting a new relationship, I just haven't had as much time to devote to working on the project or learning to hack more. I'm fully planning to finish it, because I have love for the project, just going to be a little slower than it had been. I have tinkered on and off with the Gurgu Volcano the past few days when I had the chance, but it has been a bitch since it shares the sprites with the Terra Cave and I'm having a hard time not making it look like a Red version of that location. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and updates will be coming as I get more done.

Sounds like an excellent plan to me buddy. I had a very unexpected visitor show up and spend a day/evening, so I hadn't had a chance to reply yet. I am incredibly interested in some tutoring, and my friend would like to learn as well if that is alright/possible. I will definitely keep an eye out for when you're online and thank you once again. Have a great weekend.

April 10, 2015, 07:01:35 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I'm probably going to end up spliced into my last post, but I was able to input about 90% of the patches into a clean Final Fantasy rom from the Gamefaqs listings. I had a few issues with a couple of the patches (like somehow got into a never ending loop of 5 imps coming out of Coneria Inn). I was thinking of releasing an ips file that had all of the different patches already applied because the majority of the things are bug fixes. I figured that this would help the next wave of FF1 hackers to NOT have to do the same thing. What I was able to successfully apply was:

Caravan Landing Bug
Developed by anomie

House Bug
Developed separately by anomie and Paulygon

Party Order Sorting Bug
Developed by anomie

Magic Defense Bug
Offsets provided by anomie, explanation, analysis and proposed solution by AstralEsper

HEL2 Effectivity Bug
Developed by anomie

LOCK/LOK2 Bugs not stated but assumed by anomie

Weapon Data Bug
Developed by anomie and Paulygon, with info/disassembly from Alex Jackson

Running Bug
Developed by Alex Jackson

Mute Bug
Developed by anomie

Multiple Level-ups Bug
Developed by anomie

 Enemy Attack Bugs
Developed by Paulygon with info/disassembly and suggested fixes from Alex Jackson

Status Attack Bug
Developed by anomie

Target-All Caster Bug
Developed by anomie

Waking Bug
Developed by anomie, Reposted by Paulygon, Modification Explanation by AstralEsper

 Enemy Suicide Bug
Developed by anomie

Tile Message Byte Data
Developed by anomie

Dialogue Bugs
Developed by AstralEsper
Gaia Spring tiles
Old man Onrac
Sage Dialogue

Door Bug
Developed by anomie

Enemy Miscoloration
Developed by anomie

Black Belt Antheosis
Developed by anomie, with ideas from DragonAtma and AstralEsper

Respond Rate Default
Developed by anomie

Party Order Sorting Prevention
Developed by Paulygon, reposted by Grond

 Buy 10 in Item Shops
Developed by anomie

 Treasure Identification (Can’t hold [Item])
Developed by Zzonkmiles

Item Menu Order Adjustment
Developed by anomie with adjustment by AstralEsper

Potion-Stay Patch
Developed by anomie

 Magic Window Expansion
Developed by Grond

Improved Turn Order Algorithm
Developed by anomie, from observation by Lee Eric Kirwan and suggestion by beege_man

3. Weapon Elemental Enhancement (Note: This Patch Shifts the Evasion Bug Patch, which is required, and included according to Gamefaqs)
Developed by anomie

I'm going to try to implement the 6 letter character names patch too, but I'm a little gunshy after last time. There were a few patches that required zeroing out of code and some levels of hacking that I'm just not at right now. If anyone would like to team up and help to put in the rest of the bugfixes I would be happy to share credit for an ips patch that JUST implemented these changes. Like I said, this would save time with future hacks, and since I've already done most of the legwork, I figured I could give something back.


I am TOTALLY going to take you up on that. That's really one of the things that I'm so happy about while doing this, is that I'm actually LEARNING something. Whether its an old NES language or not, I'm still learning to do something that I didn't know before. Maybe we could walk through the chest opening idea together and then I could try to use that to make the moving ocean on my own, or whatever you have in mind. I certainly am not going to dictate how I learn something from someone who is willing to help me. Thank you again for being so cool to help an obviously new hacker like me. I really appreciate it. Have a great day.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:25:15 am »
So today being my birthday, I've been a little busy the last few days and haven't had a chance to post updates. I mentioned in another thread that I was going to list all of the changes that I've made. This hack started out as simply an update of Grond's Final Fantasy Bugfix/Balancing Hack that I mistakenly at that point thought was an earlier version of Grond's Final Fantasy. The graphics have all come from Final Fantasy II and III (JP), Final Fantasy IV, V, VI (SNES),  Final Fantasy ++, and Final Facelift. Each game has been instrumental in creating what I want to be an amalgamation of the best things that have been done with this game to this point. I also have created a few images of my own, but other projects have been very helpful and I want to thank those who did it so well that I didn't feel any need to improve upon the excellent work. Also, a direct thank you to Grond for much of the inspiration to do this, and to Disch for his direct help with this project, the FFHackster utility that has allowed me to do most of this, and for his contributions to the hacking community in general. Ok, so these are the changes that I've made to anything that wasn't already changed in the balance/bugfix hack that I started with.

Canoe Bug: Developed by anomie

Improved Turn Order Algorithm: Developed by anomie, from observation by Lee Eric Kirwan and suggestion by beege_man

Item Menu Order Adjustment: Developed by anomie with adjustment by AstralEsper

Dynamic Action patch and Unofficial Update: Developed by Captain Muscles, unofficially updated by Grond

Final Fantasy - no menu music: Developed by Bregalad

Fixed House bug: Credit to AstralEsper. Houses now restore all life and magic, and magic restored before saving option.

While I'm at it, thank you to Bobolicious81 for recommending Dynamic Action and update patches and JCE3000GT for all of the assistance and recommendations. I couldn't get his patches to work initially, but still working on it. I know if I start with a clean rom image that they will work. I'm considering finishing my graphics edits and starting from scratch with a fresh image only because I already have everything assembled in this game, so I could re-do everything with a complete set of blueprints essentially. Ideally, I'd still like to put in the patches for:

Status Attack Bug: Developed by anomie

Target-All Caster Bug: Developed by anomie

Dialogue Bugs: Developed by Astral Esper

Door Bug: Developed by anomie

And perhaps the dual-wield patch by Captain Muscles.

I tried to put in some of these patches yesterday, but somehow I changed the mapping of the enemy placements (Ogres, Werewolves, and Ogre Chiefs started attacking right outside of Coneria and would have SLAUGHTERED a new game party, kind of like in II if you went the wrong way). That's another reason I think it might be better to start with a fresh image too, so that these patches will work like they are supposed to. I did some editing to the graphics too, and I'll post some images in a bit of what is different. Hope everyone else had a great day.


Cool. Thank all of you again for the advice. I actually found the gamefaqs document while I was looking yesterday I believe and I linked it in another thread for others who are working on a FF1 hack of their own. Sorry, I should have mentioned that earlier within this thread. My cousin works with a lot of IT guys for the Coast Guard, so he is supposed to reach out to some of them for help. I really would like to learn how to do it on my own just for the sense of accomplishment, but if I can't do it, I will just have to ask for some more extensive help. So far I've really felt a lot of good feelings about doing this, even when I get stuck. I was much more apt to scrap the project in the beginning and start from a fresh version than I am now. Some of the patches that I applied from the gamefaqs document actually corrupted my game, and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I started with Grond's rebalance hack rather than a clean FF1 rom. In the beginning, I was just going to change the looks of the main characters and enemies, but as I got into it I just felt like if I was going to update those looks, then maybe just maybe I would be able to update the levels and locations as well. Honestly, I also didn't know at that point how to implement a dash button or many of the things that Grond had already done.  Thank you again to Disch for the FFHackster utility because I wouldn't have been able to come anywhere near where I am at now without a LOT of learning programming and code. Its kind of a cheat, and I am learning my own liabilities and weaknesses, but I'm still learning a lot more than I knew at the beginning.

Thank you both immensely!!! Especially for the extra effort from Disch. I had hoped to get some insight, but I think you might have given me enough that I can figure it out from this point, and if not, a good friend has more experience writing and editing code, so I'm sure between the two of us we can probably figure it out. I went through and applied some of the patches that I linked in another thread today and I'm going to probably put up a list tomorrow of what I've added to the base rom as far as bugfixes that might not have been available when the base was created. I've heard Grond is no longer active on the boards, but I would love to pick his brain about his projects. Thanks again guys. Have a great week.

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