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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 26, 2015, 02:16:02 pm »

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 22, 2015, 08:03:18 pm »
Bird sounds would get irritating after grinding for a while

Idk about birds man they're frankly a little annoying IRL. And they are downright evil in games, historically.

The first Final Fantasy game that I specifically remember that had "bird sounds" was in VI. I like the idea of adding additional SFX if possible, but I have to agree that unless its random it might get old. I think adding the sound to play randomly during the sea voyages would probably sound pretty good though, as long as it was interspersed in occurrence. Really glad that this project has generated so much interest.

Although I haven't had a chance to do much with the game for the last few days, I did decide to swap my "Sage" and "Black Wizard" sprites, although this time both sprite sets use the Brown/Gold/Blue color scheme. I decided to give the "Sage" a brown colored robe because of his resemblance to a "young" Tellah from IV, and it made sense that the color between White and Black would be a "Grey" or Brown color. Using the brown robe seemed to illustrate that he walked the path between the magical poles.

Also, I am considering relegating the Red Mage/Sage character to the different axes within the game. For real, there's never a reason to give any of the characters an axe throughout most of the game because there's always a sword that has better attack and hit percentage stats. Having one character who only could use axes seemed a way to force the player to use the weapons instead of just selling them every time a new one is picked up. I'm also largely cutting out "duplicates" within the game. Like the 2 Light Axes within the Sunken Shrine are going to be reduced to one. The only item that will probably allow for duplicates is a second Heal Staff that Grond included in his Bahamut's dungeon and the Ribbons. I'm going to leave what I believe is 4 Ribbons in the game just in case the player wants to use all mages or crazy party combinations. I've also allowed the Red Mage/Sage character to use some more advanced armor, and the Thief can now use the wooden shield and copper armor. It just didn't make much sense to me that most of the armor that is available at the beginning of the game can only be used by the Fighter.

The "dynamic action patch" certainly changes the way that the battles play out. Where a 4 monster party of Frost Dragons used to be scary, as long as its not an ambush, the threat level is largely removed. The way that I've been beta testing is basically fight whatever battle occurs and level up accordingly. The only real time that the player has to "grind" is around the Marsh Cave to get to around level 10-12 to defeat Astos. After that, the Giant's tunnel in the Terra Cave basically allows for quick grinding up to level 15 or so, which is pretty much sufficient to make it through the rest of the Terra cave. I did tinker a little with the starting stats of the Red Mage and Thief as well and I basically nerfed the Red Mage a little and made the Thief stronger, and with greater life. While I think that I made him a little TOO strong, I'm definitely going to keep that idea of the Thief as a capable fighter that is balanced by the inability to use heavy armor. The upgraded equipment that is geared towards the Ninja/Master (Genji Armor pieces) make it worth it to have a Thief/Ninja in the party. Just some updates to the project. I am eager to hear some of the new musical compositions that are coming, so stay tuned.

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 3 Improvement 2.0
« on: May 22, 2015, 01:12:07 am »
This sounds awesome! I will definitely be playing this when I have a break from my own project and school work. I love MM3 and anything that improves upon an already awesome game is worth checking out!!  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 21, 2015, 11:11:14 am »
I'm trying to remember what game I was thinking about, but I was thinking more towards kind of a blend between the ending for Mario 3 and the endings from the NES Megaman games. Ideally, like some pre-made routines that showed like a little box with either the player characters or NPCs interacting somewhere. Like the Knight overworld sprite walking through Coneria Castle or something and then have a specific credit roll, and have a type of fade-out fade-in type of thing for the next credit. I was even thinking that this could be included before the actual ending text kind of a "WTF" to the player, who sits through the credits and then sees the real ending text. It was kind of a "wishlist" type of thing that I thought of this morning, but I realized it would need code written and might not work within the existing game framework. Figured you'd know =-) I'll probably get up with you after I write a paper this morning and we can go over some more things. Thanks for the input.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 21, 2015, 09:16:20 am »
I have nothing to add, other than this is all fascinating

"We all speak English. Continue please."

- Gung Ho

Agree and don't agree haha. This is certainly fascinating, but not completely English and I'm a little lost, although the link that explained certain NES sounds was certainly helpful. I've been contacted a few times about the songs that I definitely want included, and I'm contemplating this right now. I think in the end that Matoya's theme should remain because it is the first really recognizable Final Fantasy tune and I remember thinking how cool that song was when I was like 10 years old. Maybe we could add some depth to it, or a more orchestral feel? When I originally broke down the Final Fantasy IV tunes before talking to people about pre-made fsm files, I basically kept a "french horn", "Drum", "Symbols/High Hats", "Snare", "Woodwind", "Bass guitar" types of sounds (I think that was all of them). When I reconstructed the different sounds into 4 track sound files, they sounded amazing. You could still recognize the song with only 4 instruments/sounds. I'm going to offer these to my composers, but I saw a few replies in my thread and wanted to chime in. I've noticed that the boss fight with Kraken is glitchy during beta testing and I need to figure that out. Probably add more later, but certainly continue please. This is truly allowing me to recognize my original vision for this project and I thank you all.

One last thing, @ Disch mostly, would it be possible to program a basic "Ending" for the game that would play after Chaos was beaten? We've included enough people in this project that it would be nice to have some sort of ending credits that played (either before or after the actual ending that basically locks the game after "The End" scrolls)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 19, 2015, 03:48:01 pm »
Glad the work continues without me. To answer again in some sort of semblance of order:

I have no idea how the 'Chaos in another dimension' thing is going to affect the overall story, and you might not want to tell in order to keep an air of mystery until its release, but I was thinking about the original story and have come to the conclusion that thinking about time loops is not good for one's sanity.
I spend a lot of time alone at work, and my mind wandered toward trying to make some logical sense of the story (just going on what's said in the game itself.)
Near as I can tell, after the initial conflict a nearly dead Garland was found by the Fiends and sent back 2000 years. But to go from puny Garland to badass Chaos, he must have been given additional powers by the Fiends from the elemental orbs they drained. However the Fiends would have no reason to do this unless it benefitted them, so perhaps Chaos' job was to spend his time in the past working on weakening the 4 elements so when the Fiends arrived in the future, they would have an easier time draining the power from the orbs. Perhaps the Fiends were even responsible for pulling some strings and causing Garland's fall from grace, thus ensuring his own involvement.
But Garland/Chaos was not content with his role, and his power had grown beyond what the Fiends had intended... but if he betrayed the Fiends he would never have received his powers in the first place.
When the Light Warriors restored the orbs and slayed the Fiends in the past, Chaos was presented with an opportunity. The orbs from the future had shown up at his doorstep and if he could kill the Light Warriors and take the full power of all 4 orbs, and then add that to the power he could take from the orbs in the past, the combined effect of all that craziness would either allow him to break free and exist outside of time as a god, or maybe just screw up the fabric of time beyond repair and destroy all of existence...
Did any of that make sense?

I actually figured it out. I'm not going to discuss any more of the story or ending because I found a way to tie EVERYTHING together that doesn't involve time loops, but will make sense that everything goes back to the way it was prior to the adventure now. I actually almost started weeping when I figured it out (got goosebumps now). Like I said, it ties in EVERYTHING, and NOT just this game either. I am going to have to lose the 5 Leifen warriors probably, but IMO they are kind of throw-away (a lot like the sages at Crescent Lake, although their dialogue changes) Instead, there will be NPC's throughout the game that use their dialogue to basically tell the "true" story in-game.

As for my new music composers, welcome to the journey. And to clarify, I realized from the jump that I wouldn't be able to put the songs that I wanted within the original concept, but I was going to basically cut down to a loop-able part that was recognizable. Now that we've got the new sound engine to work with, I'm sure that we'll have no problems doing everything that I had hoped that we could. I have the Famitracker files for a number of the songs that I wanted to include, and although Disch has told me that this won't be compatible with what he's doing, I would think this would still give you basically "sheet music" to work from. I'll have to speak directly to NARFNra and Chpexo independently about what songs I definitely want to include and what they can flex their creative juices on.

As for my own work (now that my head has stopped throbbing from being sick and learning ASM, jk. So far not as bad as I expected)

I had an idea before for the Mirage Tower that I didn't end up using. Well, I decided to turn the Castle of Ordeals into another "Temple" structure" like the TOF Present. I did kind of what I had discussed earlier in the thread and turned it into a "dark side cave" type of thing like from Empire Strikes back. Namely, the guardian is going to tell the player that they will discover things upon this journey, and some truth will be learned by it as well. I did this for two reasons, 1: I wanted it to be different than just go through this teleport to that teleport, 2: I freed up some teleports for use other places, and 3: I got to be really creative and allow the player to re-visit some of the early maps (although in a VERY limited fashion, and for a specific purpose).

The major thing that this allowed me to do is.... ALMOST ALL OF THE LOCKED DOORS GO SOMEWHERE. Meaning, there are actual rooms that you go to rather than just going through the door and entering a treasure room that you can see normally from the main map. I gave Elfheim a simple opening door because the Elves discuss how Astos attacked and raided their treasury, so why would there be anything left in their treasury? I've still got I think 4 or 5 more available teleport spots now, so I might make the Queen and Prince's rooms into rooms and that gives me either 2 or 3 teleports that can be used to add additional levels to my extra dungeons so they're not just 1 room areas. I also actually cleared out the Castle of Ordeals 3rd floor too, although I don't know if I'll put anything back there (although I believe that I have 1 more entry point left on the over-world map, and I might turn it into another town that sells the "hard to find" equipment, haven't decided yet.

3 negatives that I just can't figure out how to fix:
1: the save sound for tents/cottages/etc. is pointed to the wrong place I think. If I pull out of the menu too quickly, the sound gets killed when the save music finishes. I think I read somewhere that there were 2 locations for that sound, and somehow I think it got pointed at the wrong one.

2: I've F'd up the dialogue I believe by changing a few things. Even though I went back and restored all the dialogue to the way that the hack already had it, I have still lost X-Zone and Death as available level 8 black magic spells. I can't figure out what I did to get rid of them, so either I'll have to find a way to fix those, or figure out a work-around.

3: The Original Titan's tunnel E exit that I messed up early on is just a dead teleport at this point. I wanted to use it for the Northwest Castle teleport, but it won't point right. I thought I'd figured it out, but that exit is just jacked up for some reason and wants to drop me off in Coneria town now, although the warp point to leave Coneria just pushed you back to wherever you came from. So, there is still 1 locked door treasury in the NW Castle.

I'm glad to see that I've got a good crew to work with, and anything that you do, please just message me in case I don't see the response in-thread. Thank you everyone for your help and I'm sure that this will be something wonderful when its done. Have a great evening.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 17, 2015, 12:23:06 pm »
Final Fantasy does build pattern tables dynamically from in-game map data.  So changes made to the map will be automatically reflected in the minimap.

HOWEVER, the game assumes the overworld is arranged a certain way, and if you make heavy edits to reshape the continents, then it's possible/likely that you'll trip up the minimap and it'll look stupid.

Hackster doesn't support editing that part of the minimap, but it's all reasonably easy to edit by hand.  The nametable (including attributes) is stored raw at 0x27010.

The tiles at which to draw the Dragon and Title decorative text CHR are stored at 0x27B9A (for Title CHR), and 0x27CF9 for decorative CHR.

From the disassembly:

Code: [Select]
;;  Minimap Title CHR Dest LUT  [$BB8A :: 0x27B9A]
;;    There are $28 tiles that make up the "Final Fantasy" title that is displayed
;;  in the minimap.  These tiles (along with those for the dragon graphic thing)
;;  are scattered around in the pattern table so as to not interefere with the map's CHR.
;;    These LUTs tell where the game is supposed to put each of those $28 tiles in
;;  the pattern tables.  Each entry is the desired tile ID of each graphic left
;;  shift 4 (to make it a CHR address).  One table has the low byte and the other
;;  has the high byte.

Lastly, the table to do color assignment for individual tiles in the minimap is at 0x27F90:

Code: [Select]
;;  Minimap Tileset color assignment LUT  [$BF80 :: 0x27F90]
;;    Each entry in this table coresponds to an overworld tile.
;;  This table specifies what color (of the 4 colors available
;;  colors) this tile will be represented by in the minimap.
;;    The low 2 bits specify the color... bit 2 ($4), is set if
;;  the tile represents a town/dungeon and indicates that a sprite
;;  should be drawn on that tile.

This actually makes a lot of sense. I swear at one point the "Dragon's head" and "Skull head" were actually shown in the in-game minimap, so I assumed that Hackster did this for you. However, having gone back into the game today to look, this is what the in-game minimap looks like now:

One of the dragon's "horns" are clearly gone now and the "Skull" is just a flashing dot (which I'm actually ok with to tell the truth since a lack of any landmass is going to give the player a "wtf is that" feeling hopefully). I will certainly have to look into fixing at least the way that Cardia looks on the mini-map in-game.

This is much more interesting:

FF1 is MMC1, but that has nothing to do with the capabilities of the music engine.  Megaman 2 and Blaster Master were also MMC1 games, but their music engine was much more sophisticated.

It just depends on how the engine is coded.  Everybody loves MMC5, but really, Namcot has the better audio.  More than once I have kicked around the idea of doing a Namcot mapper change and rewriting the music driver and songs to be 'fuller', but I never wanted to spend the time to do it.

Honestly, though, the major turn-off for me with the music driver was redo-ing the score.  Writing the engine is super fun.  If someone else would be willing to actually rewrite the music, I think I'd be willing to rewrite the driver to support it.

The downside:  to do what I want I'd probably have to expand the ROM, which means compatability with Hackster would be questionable.  We might have to develop the main hack stuff and the music stuff in two separate ROMs, and then merge them later.  Which means we'd have to be careful not to trip over each other (though I don't think that'd be much of a problem since the music driver is pretty isolated)

Let me know if you'd be interested in this.  I could probably start working on it today.

The big downside here is that the Namcot mapper uses additional audio -- which, while awesome in emulators, makes it next to impossible to make a repro cart (at least for an NES -- you could do it for a Famicom).  So if you want this hack to be playable on a real NES, then you probably don't want what I would do to this game.

I would ABSOLUTELY be interested in updating the music driver for the game. I had discussed earlier in this thread of making a "traditional" version of the game with all of the original audio intact, and then a true "Reconstructed" version that has updated music that is amalgamated from the many different sources out there. I am interested in making at least 2 cart versions of the game (1 for myself and one for my friend Riffman whose Megaman 2 hack originally brought rom hacking to my attention). He did warn me however that having a cart created for an MMC5 game would be much more expensive because it required an additional chip or something when making the new cart. I only used MMC5 as an example because I knew that mapper had more advanced sound capabilities (From my own limited understanding of mappers and such). I reached out to Chpexo to help me with the sound portion of the game, so if he is willing (or not), I would be willing to do the compositions for the new music. Is there ANY way that someone who is making an NES cart could alter the pins or anything to allow a Namcot style to play on an original NES? I really like this idea, but I'm worried about "pigeonholing" the game to be strictly played on emulators. I'm going to PM you in a minute and we can discuss it further. Thanks again for the input and advice dude.

I'm almost done with the majority of the graphics hacking aspects of the game (although I came up with an interesting idea for the Castle of Ordeals that would be more like a version of the "Dark Side cave" in Empire Strikes Back, i.e. the player would go through either an actual cave, or more likely a tower, that would teleport the player to different locations and bring back Garland and Astos for another battle. I actually thought that this might give me what I needed to expand upon the story as well because I'd be able to call the "real knowledge" of the Sages into question.

I'm still really trying to do something where the Fiends are only under the control of Chaos because the crystals were his to begin with, and the Fiends were initially given the crystals to safeguard, but ended up becoming corrupted by them because of Chaos' influence from the "other dimension". Either that or I'm going to alter the dialogue of the Fiends so that they actively question the motivations of the player as to whether they are doing good or evil by restoring the crystals.  I'm not trying to alter the story but so much, but there's SO MUCH room for little alterations that make more sense than a 2000 year old time warp that keeps repeating itself. Personally, I always found that idea pretty dumb and REALLY want to alter it into something that makes more sense. I especially want to make Garland into an unfortunate casualty. Like he knew that Sarah's lute was the only thing that would break the seal on Chaos, so he was trying to destroy it in the beginning of the game, but was taken for an Evil-doer because he kidnapped the Princess rather than asking (Although he might have asked but was turned down by the King and by Lukahn). I actually started altering the Garland/Chaos sprites in the final floor of the Alternate Temple the other day so that they weren't all Garland. It was a way I thought of having Chaos basically taunt the player that they were the reason that he was released because he planned it. Kind of like Chaos has been pulling the strings the whole time, but expected that his "pawns" would be simple to defeat once they had broken the seal upon his "prison".

Off-topic, I started noticing that apparently my alterations were moving bits of code the other day because the overworld map tiles actually shifted it looked like one or two tiles and whole rows of established map had moved. I thought this might have been because I'd added (and removed) NPC's to/from areas. I ended up going back to a version that fortunately I had started earlier in the day and made an ips patch for in which the map hadn't shifted. Do you have any idea what could have caused this? I'm always interested in learning why things are happening that I didn't expect.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 17, 2015, 10:45:24 am »
Wow, I leave for a few days and my thread gets BUSY...

To answer everyone in somewhat of an orderly fashion:

Welp, this is awesome!
Somehow Ive missed this for a while but yeah, now i know and Im hyped.
Looks good, dude!

I do apologize that I didn't acknowledge this comment earlier. I honestly missed it and for that I am truly sorry. I am very glad that you like what I'm doing and I will continue to update this thread with the changes that I'm making. Please check out the Facebook page if you haven't already to see more updates and such.

It's called FF:Mobius.

I guess we'll see what it amounts to, but I'm not holding much hope for it.

For reference the girl in the crystal is Sarah Cornelia (I guess an analogue of Princess Sarah) the heavily armored fellow is Garland. And apparently it deals something with the Palamecia Empire from FFII.

Who knows? I could be pleasantly wrong, but the look of it does seem... off.

I checked it out. Don't like it. Simply put, I stopped playing Final Fantasy games after 10. Up until that point, I could deal with the changes. Like I've said before, after FFIV, Square (SquEnix) started to make a LOT of changes that seemed to only last for 1 game (i.e. job system in V, Limit Breaks in VII, Materia) although these aspects did show up again in different forms later, it seemed to me like Square never settled on a theme that could be used for a few games like they did in the first four games (although I understand those games were also radically different between 1-4 as well). When there was no longer a world-map that you could walk through in X and then (IMO) the "craziness" that has come after, those games weren't Final Fantasy to me any more. After X I felt like SquEnix tried to make Final Fantasy into an MMORPG, and I don't particularly care for those. I will still play FF 1-6 before I'll even attempt to play a game after (although I do still like 7 until after Aeris' death when I felt the pacing of the game is just GONE). This new Mobius game or whatever it is, seems to be trying to put the new style into the old games, and I won't be supporting it. I'm an old codger I know, but its how I feel. 

Thanks for the suggestions. I feel is is very kind when you say something along the lines "I don't like this but here's how you can improve it". It shows you like the song enough and know what you're talking about! I am not particularly good at making fast paste songs, so your feedback helps immensely.

Here's an improved song:

I completely agree with you about the way suggestions are worded sometimes. I always appreciate an "I don't like this but here is how you can improve it comment" rather than a "This just isn't right and/or just looks bad" comment.

I like the improved song. I listened to the original as well this morning, and I tend to agree with Disch. The original didn't really have that "Final Boss" feel to it. While I like it, I'm still not quite convinced that it will work as the Chaos theme (although I would certainly like to include it, maybe even as the replacement for the "normal" battle music", or the theme for the Fiend battles if I can free up data to have a "Fiend" battle theme like in IV)  If I can update the music I certainly would like to use your song and I will pm you in a bit to discuss some music changes since you obviously know what you're doing with Famitracker whereas I've yet to really learn how to use that utility.
Its effects are... well... not great...

I just went over the details in another thread recently:,19623.0.html

Pretty much you can just play simple tones, but the squares can have an envelope pattern assigned to them... so tremolo/fade-in/fade-out/etc effects are easy.  Vibrato and stuff is not so easy as there's no built-in support for it (though you could do it if you're clever).

I was worried when I began this idea that the FF I music engine would be fairly simple compared to other games within the series. I could never find out if the game was MMC 1,2,3 etc. when I searched. I was hoping it would at least be MMC3 since I think that this game came out around the time that Megaman 2 first showed up. I am surprised that nobody has ever done an MMC3 or MMC5 conversion of this game. I would certainly be interested in trying to do something different with the sound engine because my music updates probably won't work with the limitations that are there now.

And since I feel like rambling some more about music theory, and because I'm interested in this project...

I am really glad that my humble little project has garnered so much attention, and it means a lot that I have gained as much interest as I have, especially from so many people who have done so much for FF hacking in general regardless of the game. I truly appreciate all of the support and input that you've given me throughout. I don't think its probably typical of most people to receive a "HELP I FUCKED UP" message and actually take the time to stop and help that person. Disch will certainly be #1 on my thank you's and contributions list, because frankly without FFHackster alone I couldn't have done this in the first place. And thank you for the link to MM2 Wily 1&2, that was a GREAT way to start my morning since I'm as big a fan of the 8-bit MM titles as I am of FF 1-6.

Lookin snazzy. I imagine this is what it might have looked like if the Squaresoft of yore had buckled down and put their whole asses into one last FF in the waning years of the Famicom, instead of scrapping their 8-bit FFIV in favor of the shiny new Super Famicom.
I especially like the dragonesque Cardia map.

I know this isn't actually in order, but it was a good way to end my rant I thought  :beer:

I completely agree that this is what Square of yore could have done with another FF NES title. I mean, this is Final Fantasy I, the ORIGINAL game, and I was able to do this much graphically with what already existed within that game's capabilities. Square CERTAINLY could have made FFIV on the NES from what I've seen (the comment was actually made by Grimoire LD I believe earlier within the thread that I've pushed the graphics almost to the point of FFIV's in some respects, so it was certainly possible)

Thankfully, when editing the overworld map in FFHackster, the changes are automatically updated on the in-game map screen (B-select). I know Grond removed the in-game map in Final Fantasy ++, but I felt like you lost something without the map option. So the new areas are included on the world map in-game, although they are small so they just show up as flashing "location" points for real (although the skull is big enough to be recognizable as such on that map)

Ok, into my own comments:
As for the Final Boss theme, originally I was planning to, and still might, use this rendition of the FF IV NES styled final boss theme for Chaos.

Also, stumbled across this this morning too:       (FF9 final boss 8-bit styled)

Both of these songs have the "Epic" last boss feel that I believe Disch was referring to and still sounds like an 8-bit track. It also has that "earlier" feel to it where it made sense that FFIV might have updated it using the SNES sound hardware (although my game was made WAYYYY after IV, I'm trying to in some ways "tie in" things to this game like this was where they originated).


Although this project originally started as something for me to do that was just a way for me to honestly "kill time" and just do something that I wanted to do for myself, it has evolved into (as I said in a PM this morning) an "it takes a village to raise a family" type of project. By this I mean that I have tried to take the feedback of other people into account wherever possible and I am TOTALLY open to collaboration on things. It really means a lot when someone like Chpexo is that interested in this project to take it upon themselves to just actively try to do something that they feel might be an improvement for this project (and I'm not discounting by ANY MEANS the input and assistance that the rest of you have given, I was just trying to not make the thread longer by discussing how each of you have specifically helped me).

It REALLY means A LOT to me that this project has been so well received and so many people are actively waiting for the beta release now. I have constantly set the bar higher and higher for myself as I've gone on with the project. From versions 1.0 to 2.0 I essentially said to myself "well, if I can do THIS, why can't I do THAT?! And that idea of trying to constantly push myself, and the game engine itself, has resulted in the game that you see in the screenshots.  I'm COMPLETELY done with the re-designed layouts of the different levels, but I still have quite a few "nit-picky" graphics changes/additions that I feel need to be made before I can release version 2.0 (since I still think that my original graphics hack should be 1.0 even though nobody else saw it). For example, I  just went through the other night and adjusted the enemy color palettes so that the different monsters had looks that were different from their original FF1/2/3/4/5/6 counterparts' colors. I did leave I believe 4 monsters from the original game because I just liked the look of them, or couldn't find another 3x3 monster sprite that I believed would work in most instances. Even with all of the necessary tweaks, I'm still realistically looking at June 1 for my limited beta release for testing.


I don't mean for this to come out wrong, but I would really appreciate it if nobody else would actively post anything to the net with the words "Final Fantasy Reconstructed" within the title. I certainly APPRECIATE the interest that others have shown, and I don't want to limit or squash that collaborative spirit that has come about, but this has become sort of my baby because it is largely the creation of my own imagination, with input from other true Final Fantasy fans. I will certainly post things that I'm happy with and label them as such, but right now I'm running the Facebook page, this thread, and a thread on Board II (although that doesn't get updates as much and I've found that site is actually distributing my pictures online. Do a Google search for Final Fantasy and you'll eventually see some of my screenshots).

I only ask that I be the only one releasing "official" Reconstructed things so that there is a continuity in what is released and nobody mistakes something that someone else did for what will be in the final release. If you've got something that you think might be cool to include, please PM me here, the Facebook page, or at my e-mail If you're trying to show off something in-thread before you've had a chance to talk to me, even adding the word "proposed" to the beginning of what you're posting would be fine. I've already posted a few "Official" releases for proposed changes online and I just don't want people to wonder why something that they found on YouTube or through Google wasn't included. Thank you all for the feedback and constructive criticism and please continue to make comments or suggestions. I really want this game to be THE Final Fantasy I NES game that people want to play because I truly love it myself and can't wait for others to experience it as well.

For anyone who hasn't seen the initial Facebook link on page 1 of this thread, its

Its a lot easier for me to post updates and pictures there than within this thread, so a LOT more pictures and smaller updates get put up there rather than here. It means that I've got to change A LOT more there, but its relatively easy to change the Facebook page without major problems.

God bless everyone.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
« on: May 15, 2015, 01:43:56 am »
Hi there--so I really like what you've done with the sprite editting a lot, and as a huge fan of the "Frank Fnatasy" (sp?) hack, I'm very curious about this hack.

One question, and apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but are you doing any non-graphic hacking of the original?  Like, tweaking the gameplay balance or writing?

Answering the newcomer first so hopefully he'll continue to follow the thread. Yes, ideally I want to change the soundtrack for the final release and the script has been slightly altered here and there to make more sense. I'm seriously probably going to scrap the "2000 years in the past" thing for the final level because it doesn't make sense any more. And I never played Frank Fantasy or however its spelled. I was originally inspired to go this far with the graphics because of Grond's games, his Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy ++. Check out the Facebook page on the first page of this thread and you'll be able to see more screenshots and updates. Thanks for the interest and the kind words.

That sounds like a good idea.  If you needed someone to draw some maps on that project let me know.  :D

If I decide to go ahead with that project sometime after this one is completed, I certainly will let you know and would love to collaborate.

Well your reimagining beats there's by a ton (Have you fellows Seen what they're doing to FFI? It's a bit gross, FFI should not be a flashy technologically culture game, it's not FFVII/VIII/XIII Don't turn it into that Square Enix!)

If I were to ever make an FFI hack I would just have it be "Warrior of Light". A game where you play as what has become the titular main character of FFI (Fellow who looks an awful lot like Erdrick's Descendant from DW1) alone. Just something simple like that. I always somewhat suspected that he was one of the original sealers of Chaos (or was somehow a younger version of Garland himself)

Honestly though I'd wait on the prequel, you can set up a good foundation for your story, snippets here and there hinting to the larger story you plan to tell in your prequel.

All in all I love what you've done to Cardia, it looks like an actual country rather than some holes in the ground. Your locations for the two dungeons also look Spot on!

Thank you. I really took time to create the dragon's head in the ocean and the look of the two additional dungeon entrances. I wanted to do something different with the only way to get to the Chaos shrine be by boat because by the time you can get there, you're really not using the ship any more. I know I already mentioned that to you in PM, but I wanted everyone else to understand that nuance. But, even though you can visit both locations before the 4 crystals are restored, you can't GET IN until that point. This essentially gave me a place to put all of the "final armor and weapons" that would keep the player from going there at any point before going to the alternate Temple. I REALLY LIKE the fact that I can keep the locked door aspect in the Present Temple and Coneria Castle. I'm really thinking of sacrificing one more inter-level teleport to keep the treasure room in the Northwest Castle too. Although I've changed it, there was one more "useless" changeover in the Ice Cave that I could probably re-point for that one. I'll just have to put my Frost staff somewhere in B3. Glad y'all are liking the updates. What is Square doing with FFI? I hadn't heard anything new.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
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This.  Is.  Epic. 

I love it!!

Off topic: Are you planning on doing a new game with these awesome graphics?  If not you REALLY should.  :)

Thank you once again. A few days ago I thought about doing an almost "prequel", kind of a Final Fantasy -1 that would take place 2000 years prior. It would require a completely new script and a lot of changes, but it would be pretty cool to try to tell the story of the first warriors to originally seal Chaos away, and also to add some depth to the story that I'm creating. I find myself beta testing and I'll just stop and stare at the screen because I am just so taken aback by what I've created and how pretty it is. I wish I could distribute it for mobile gaming, but that would probably get Square on my ass, although it would be cool if they were to offer me a bunch of money to use my re-imagining. Oh well. Well, a little over 2 weeks and the beta should be ready for release to the few people that I've discussed it with.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
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I get it now. Then I don't think that I've probably done that in any of the other maps. If I do however have that problem again I'll at least know how to start trouble shooting before I send you another HELLLLLP e-mail.  :thumbsup:

And kudos on the Strongbad!! I didn't recognize him at first haha

Glad that's cleared up, I'm tapping my foot for this one.

It's been a while since I was this excited for a game. :)

Realistically, since I've kind of put myself behind by re-editing some of my previous level designs, I'm realistically looking at June 1 for the beta release. I need to clean up some of the graphics and just make sure that I'm completely happy with the level design. I started looking back through some of the maps I had done more towards the beginning of phase 2 and I see where I wasted A LOT of kb for no real reason other than to try to keep the layouts of the original levels (Marsh Cave B3 springs to mind since its basically just a big square). I'm also really trying to keep about 500 kb open so that I can try to make a dungeon of my own. I've learned enough about teleport tiles and the way that Hackster works that I think I can basically make a series of rooms that runs back through some of the empty space in the previous levels (i.e. a series of rooms that go from the Terra Cave to the Ice Cave to the Gurgu Volcano to the Sky Palace and then dumps you back out at the Terra Cave since that's the starting example). Come to think of it, since there is already an existing exit tile for the Temple of Fiends (past) and all of the different shrines, it really shouldn't be that hard to just start and end with a dungeon that doesn't use a warp point to get back out, but uses an "exit dungeon" tile. I wish there was a way to make the game recognize that you've beaten it like with the Advance games and then open up the new dungeon as a bonus. I might just have to start the chain within the past Temple of Fiends (since that's what I've got to call it at this point) and then return to somewhere in the blackness of that level to pop back outside of the present version. The setup I know has to be like Grond's Bahamut's room with no warp tile or I'll just warp back to the dungeon that I just came from.  I've seen how what I used to think was like 5 or 6 different floors is actually often 2 distinct maps within 1 level of flooring that are just separated by empty space.

May 12, 2015, 06:32:13 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
My replies will probably get combined, but I posted a message on the general discussion board about a Fantasy artist needed for a collaboration. As I said earlier in this thread,  since I'm changing a LOT of things in that game, I thought that I would re-do the Final Fantasy Nintendo Power Strategy Guide with the new levels, items, enemies, etc. I'm an artist myself, but I just normally don't have the time to spend penciling, inking, and coloring that I used to and if I do it myself it will take me a year just to do the strategy guide. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in contributing artwork. I wouldn't even mind a few different people who might want to help. I've found a lot of concept artwork on the net and I think I can put together something that is at least passable.

While you can get to both of these dungeons fairly early (Chaos shrine after you get the ship and Crystal ruins after you get the airship), you CAN'T get into them before the 4 crystals are lit. I originally was going to put my "super weapons" in existing locations, but since I made these two extra dungeons, I'm just going to put the chests in there. That way the player can't just go there and beat the crap out of the rest of the game. Also, both dungeons are FULL of the most difficult monsters in the game, so you're not just going to walk in there at a low level. I'm not posting pics of interiors of the bonus levels because they share the tileset with the final level, and that is just something you'll have to wait to see. Also, although its kind of a small aspect, I removed the whole door open/close issue in Coneria and made it similar to the later games where the player was transported to a "treasure room". I also went ahead and just opened up the treasury in Elfheim and in the Northwest Castle. This was mostly done b/c I just don't have enough teleport tiles to take away to make every room a treasure room like that. I eliminated 2 of the teleports in the Sea Shrine that took you to "waypoint" rooms that were just there to make you go up one more level. As always, constructive criticism and feedback are welcome and encouraged.

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Technical explanation of what's going wrong that you probably don't care about:

It's a bug in Hackster.  The map compression routine is reading past the end of the buffer, resulting in Hackster thinking there are more 00 tiles at the end of the map than there really are.  This causes it to write an increased run length to the ROM.

So when you enter the map in-game, the decompression routine will write too many tiles to RAM, spilling out of the normal $7000-7FFF range (which contains the decompressed map data) into the $8xxx range ... which is MMC1 control registers.

Writes to MMC1 control regs are no good -- and ultimately destroy how the game PRG swaps.  So when the game tries to jump to code later, it swaps to the wrong bank and ends up hitting bad code and crashing.

How to fix:

Or really, how to "work around" since the problem is not with your hack, but with Hackster itself:

Simply don't end your map with tile 00.  That is, the lower-right tile on the map should not be the upper-left tile on the tileset.

I haven't double-checked but it's almost certain this bug exists for overworld maps too.  And since overworld maps are stored per row, this means that tile 0 should not exist anywhere in the right-most column of the overworld map.

No, I absolutely DO care!! Its like me reaching out to you to help me learn how to do new things with the rom via ASM. I really want to continue to LEARN while I'm doing this. I might be learning something that is out of date at this point, but I'm still learning something. And I SINCERELY thank you for giving me some assistance with this problem. I'm so glad that I've come to be in contact with the person who actually created the utility that I've primarily used to create this entire project, because it was certainly nice to be like "OH SHIT!! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!" and I actually got some help from the person who knows the most about the program, and virtually right away at that. If it wasn't for you I'd literally have been beating my head against the wall. I have made that one simple change, and poof, Coneria is back. I wonder why it has only done that in Coneria? I'm pretty sure that I've ended the bottom right tile with the same as the top left tile in just about every map that I've made because I've been cutting down on the different used tiles in order to keep freeing up as much space as possible. Its also kind of weird that it just happened out of the blue and was working fine before I started screwing around with the Ice Cavern. Just to be safe, I think that I'll make sure all of the bottom right tiles are different than the top left so that I don't have that problem again. Once again, thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH Disch!!!!!!!! I was planning to put you at the top of the thank you's as it was, but there's no doubt that you will be first on my thank you list now. And since I can continue, the saga continues and more frequent backups will be made from here on. Have a wonderful Mother's day everyone.

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Go go go!

I love all of it and can't wait to play it

I do not know what to add other than that

Thank you. I ran into a fairly major problem today and might have to re-do a lot of the work that I've done up to this point.

I support this 100%!  I think I might have to devote more time to beta test this myself.  I could use a break from Skyrim.  :)

I actually downloaded the old Nintendo Power Strategy guide earlier and it was all in .jpg format and could probably be edited pretty easily. That will be the next project after I get the graphics and music edited the way that I want it.

Ok, so to the problem that I ran into:

I was editing around some during a little down time today and I was strictly using FFHackster (not a hex editor at all). So, I had beta tested through the Ice Cave and went and got the Floater, raised the airship, and went back to Elfheim. No problem. I went back to Coneria town however and got a black screen, no town. To troubleshoot, I started a brand new game and tried to enter Coneria. Again, black screen, no town. This hasn't been a problem before now and I haven't edited any of the teleports. I don't know what could have possibly changed. I've got a backup of my work, but its from before I went on my vacation, and I've done quite a bit of editing since then. If anyone has worked with Hackster before and can lend a hand I certainly would appreciate it. I don't want to have to go back and re-do everything that I've worked on these last few weeks. I reached out to Disch and hopefully he will know what's wrong, but I figured I'd ask in-thread too. Thanks for any help to save me the headache of having to go back and re-edit everything that I've done recently.

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I personally would love a bit more intrigue into the plot of FFI, and the idea that the Circle of Sages were purposely subverting their own prophecy is an interesting premise. I suppose they would want to keep things in the status quo (they are worried not about the time loop in the original game, but are anxious over the Fiends arising earlier than they should have within these same time loops) and hope that these particular four might restore the time loop to an equilibrium as it was before. They don't seem interested in breaking it in the original game.

If the story is taken in this kind of direction a bit more backstory on Garland could be interesting and why he took the actions he did.

I was discussing doing a "Nintendo Power" type strategy guide that used the original guide as a template and updated the different changes that I'm making. That would probably give me a good place to expand upon the backstory of Garland. I've always thought that it was interesting that in the opening FMV of FFI (from Dawn of Souls I think) showed Garland, and the title logo of that game did too. While we've seen bad guys in the logos before, why show Garland in the opening FMV fighting a dragon. Even the knights in the castle say that Garland was once a good and honest knight. I think you've added a new nuance to the story. I would just have to rewrite Garland/Chaos' dialogue within the other dimension. It wouldn't be difficult to just change it to Chaos taking on Garland's form and then taunting the warriors that his death started the events that led to his release. Like "the blood of the just man must be spilt" or something like that. Definitely something to consider.

You'd mentioned earlier giving Chaos his own battle music. Were you doing anything else different like a special background or redoing his sprite? Of course his original sprite would be pretty hard to improve on, but I've always really liked this picture

If I make even one change to the music, it will be to give Chaos his own battle music. I'd really like to use my own version of the battle music if possible for normal fighting, but it doesn't sound epic enough for the Chaos battle. I would also ideally like to change the images of the 4 fiends/Chaos to different sprites that are in the same vein, just look different. If anyone would like to try their hands at creating some original work I will consider entering it into the game. I want to keep the themes, but not necessarily replicate the later systems like FFI advance or PS1. Personally, I didn't really like the updated looks as much as the originals, that's why I haven't messed with the Fiends or Chaos yet.

Going to things that I have changed, here's a sneak peak at the Alter of Earth. I messed up something when I was editing the other day and I had to start beta testing over. So I decided to test without using the "Super Weapons" that I created that aren't available until after all 4 crystals have been restored. The game plays great and I did some streamlining of a few places. This isn't a representation of the right colors for the actual altar, but I think that was the color I used for the Crystal of Earth. Since I had to share the tiles with the Gurgu Volcano, I had to choose a color scheme for both that would stand out from the floors.

I really liked how the altar tiles looked in the Temple of Fiends Present/Past and I had just enough room to put the 9 tiles into the Earth Cave tile set as well. I don't think however that I will have enough room in the Sky Palace tiles to add those as well. Is it going to throw off the continuity of the game to not have that altar present within the sky palace? I think I will try to make a more hi-tech one if I don't have enough room. Thanks for all of the input and inspiration. As always, comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.

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I must say that temple with the crystals in the pillars looks fantastic.
And I like the ideas for tweaking the storyline. I like those kind of twists on the standard prophecy formula. I'm reminded a bit of Dune, where the "great prophecy" was really just bullshit made up by the Bene Gesserits so they could take advantage of the local population if needed, and Paul ended up fulfilling a prophecy that was never meant to be fulfilled. (Which was a VERY important plot point that the 1984 movie ignored entirely...)
But anyway, great work!

I've actually read the very first Dune book, and I was actually thinking about that storyline when I started slightly altering things within the story. Like you said, the Bene Gesserits totally distorted the prophesy in order to maintain power, but they were feeding the population a line of shiite. I was also reminded of how history is written by the victors, and it would have been entirely likely that the sages or whoever originally sealed Chaos away would have done what was necessary to maintain that control, much like the Bene Gesserits that you discussed. And finally, truth be told, I was also thinking about the creation of the Bible and the canonizing of Jesus' teachings, even though he had risen like 100 years before the first Bible was ever written. Even during the original meeting to discuss canonizing a bible, the different wise men in attendance kept different portions out in order to maintain their control. All of this together got me thinking that it was entirely possible that the legend had either gotten screwed up over the years or the sages/royals were intentionally telling the general population the wrong thing, again for power's sake. So that led me to the idea that the crystals were used to seal Chaos away, maybe because each crystal contained some of his spirit or essence (Kind of like Sauron in the Lord of the Rings). This similarity to Sauron was the reason that I created the "crystal" banners in the first place. I thought that perhaps there the crystals are a means of gaining power and control, and could in fact instill fear into the hearts of people. Or, perhaps since the fiends were tied to the elements, they were able to corrupt the power of the crystals to venture to the main dimension. Again, lots of ideas running through my head, although I promise I'm not going to make the game unrecognizable as Final Fantasy I other than its a whole lot prettier now. Haven't had a chance to mess with my project today and got on to reply since I had an email saying people had been commenting. Everyone have a nice night.

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Don't feel bumped, you can still upload the hack somewhere else, at least the IPS.
If you have a personal blog or something else in the likes of that, you can upload the IPS there so people can still play it.

Or you could pull a Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes or Newer Super Mario Bros Wii and just say that the beta testers must have leaked it. I think you're over-thinking it, but I guess if Square decided to be dicks they could come after me for my Final fantasy Reconstructed hack, although I do own an original copy of that game, and copyright laws don't apply to you making modifications to something that you own. Better to follow your gut though, so no offense meant.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy Reconstructed
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That was weird... I don't know how I somehow quoted myself from a few weeks ago when I re-did Cardia. Glad that you understand now what I was getting at Senor' Disch. That just seemed like a neat idea to have the crystal banners change color when a Fiend was defeated. It works into the storyline I've been concocting too because the placement of the pillars could represent a barrier to keep Chaos from entering this world. I'll put some more screenshots up later if I can get anything significant done today besides work.

I hated those Damn Pink Puff Puffs. Damned puddings and such in that game were annoying to begin with, but the PPP's took the damn cake for most annoying enemies in Final Fantasy IV. I spent 2 days trying to get them to drop a pink tail so that I could get the extra Armor, to no avail I will add. I just gave up. I tried again when I first played FFIV Advance, but same results even with save states, just such a random drop I never saw a Pink Tail. I do remember the music starting and my party members just started attacking. Made no sense to me if the PPP's were going to be so rare that you needed an alert to find them, then why the "F" couldn't you just fight the damn things normal??? I might try once more when I get that far in FFIV Advance on my phone. I was going to switch completely to Namingway edition but I'd already completed about 1/3 of the Advance game before I even knew this existed. I am interested to go through it at a later time though since I know Rodimus is making something special as well. Half tempted to make the PPP an enemy in Reconstructed and make the damn thing weak against everything with 1 hit point just so I can beat the SHIT out of it for the frustration it caused me as a young adult.

Oh no, it's exactly what it says on the tin. Combat Boost. It moves a couple of treasures around, adds in several new enemies, some new events (The Daughters of Artemis" sidequest", and the Switch item for instance) changes most commands, equipment, and armor, giving some of them special effects based on new coding and makes the game more difficult by removing many of the benefits of being in the backrow, adding an entirely different element and feel to the game, and all enemies have had their stats increased and several enemies have some changes to their AI Scripts.

I've kind of dropped in and out of this thread, so if I ask or say something that someone else already has, please pardon me. Didn't have time yet to really go through and read it all. First off, I must say that you have taken Final Fantasy IV and created something that is definitely unique and and interesting spin on that game (Kind of like my Reconstructed project, but on a MUCH grander scale, so kudos for that). I am a little confused however why you took out the back row damage reduction? I've been playing through FFIV Advance recently because I'm going to do a "Lunar Ruins" type dungeon if at all possible in my project. The reason I say that is because Rydia/Rosa/Edge especially seem to get SLAUGHTERED if I don't move them to the back row. I've actually changed my playing style for that game as I've gotten older because I have a better grasp of what everything does now rather than just fighting and using magic. Its not a bad thing that you did that, just know how it will probably make the game that much harder.

Cecil is now a liability as you proceed up Mt. Ordeals rather than someone who can take hits. It is up to the Twins and Tellah to support him up the mountain.

I made Milon into a fairly challenging boss that could make the player pay for several careless mistakes. Tellah can equip Cecil's Dark Swords and with his Elemental Weapon ability he can exchange the Dark Element for a random assortment of elements. So you could use that as a possible strategy. Because of Tellah's more militant role, I decided to get rid of his stat decreases as he levels. This Tellah is a little more Red Mage like than an Aging Sage type. I am right before now where Cecil becomes a Paladin and progress is moving smoothly.

I'm actually really happy that you've "nerfed" Cecil when he is going up Mt. Ordeals, because you're right, he was just WAY too strong through most of that game. I really haven't cared if the rest of the party died if Paladin Cecil and Kain/Edge were still alive. I've actually been rapid leveling up using the fast forward feature of my emulator (I've never been level 40 before I went into Eblan initially before haha). I am also very glad that you've done some things with Milon because he was just a bitch in the original game. Fire2 attack Fire heal was basically the formula you needed to follow in the original game, so if you've done anything to change that you're already doing great in my book. Ironically, you've reflected something almost identical to what I did in my project with your description of Tellah being more of a Red Mage type in this project. When I was trying to come up with custom character sprites I actually modeled what I deemed my Sage character (because Sage sound so much better than Red Wizard) off of Tellah because the color scheme made him look like he did in FFIV. However, I couldn't get used to Tellah swinging a sword, so I swapped the badass Black Wizard character that I'd made with the Sage sprite, thus kind of making a younger looking version of Tellah because his robe is blue, he has a tan, and his hair is brown. This did however present quite a problem with the mapman sprite since I didn't have enough colors to give him a brown beard and hair. He looks ok, but he looked better in the red/white color scheme. I'm very interested to try this out once I finish with my project. Anything Final Fantasy IV I'm all for. Keep up the great work dude.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Megaman Origins for the NES
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I swear Megaman 2 actually looks better in this hack than I originally remember. I'd really like to know if you did anything to fix the physics differences between Megaman 1 and 2. I've said forever that an update of that game with Megaman 2's physics would make that game much more playable than it is originally. I replied I believe to one of your other posts the other day, but the link took me to a page that said the game/patch was no longer available. Its a shame too because this looks excellent.

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