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Programming / Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory Help required
« on: February 25, 2020, 09:00:58 pm »
I've hit a wall with the translation project. I can't access the font file. Its a 3.6mb, so I'm guessing it contains images and other stuff. I wasn't able to open it with Brawlbox like the other files. Anyone in programming can take a look at the file?

Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory file : fontbrfna.BRFNA

Here is another project that I am working on. Working on KOOPAMITE has helped me make breakthroughs with Panic Restaurant hacking as a whole and I began working on this before I started working on Koopamite. Right now I have redesigned the entire first level and Wario completly replaces the main character of Panic Restaurant. The story is not changed, but basicly, it will be Waluigi who steals Wario's treasure and Wario goes on to get it back from him.

If you want to help me out with this project, I am looking for some ideas to replace monsters. Right now in the first level I still have the sausages and the carrots walking around. Ideas for bosses based on the Panic Restaurant ones would be nice. The first boss is changed to a big boo, which seemed appropriate for the pattern of the boss.

If you are able to change NES music, go right ahead. I'm not planning to change the music at all, but if you want a challenge, go right ahead.

This hack is quite a challenge, but it's also perfect because each level gives me around 200 combinations of tiles I can use. I'm not planning to use them all obviously, since I want to keep it simple visually like Mario and Wario games.

Instead of screenshots, I opted for a video of what I've done so far.

Newcomer's Board / Adding code to Gyromite
« on: August 19, 2015, 01:46:37 pm »
Before I ask my question, here the basic info. So I've been working on a hack for Gyromite, based on a patched rom using JABU's 1 controller hack. So basicly I'm turning it into a game where you play as a Koopa who has to grab Mario Doll bombs with 40 new levels. Ok, so I don't want it to just be a graphic and level rework of Gyromite. Is it possible to add code in Gyromite for a  Piranha plant that would go up and down, with a collision with player that kills player if touched?

My guess would be to use the same code as the Smick, except that instead of having that code have the ememy move around, it would simply go up and down (Behind a tile) and use another set of tiles that would use the same palette as my koopa. Now I say simply ... but I have no knowledge of programming. My main questions are : Can it be done? If yes, can anyone do it?

Personal Projects / Koopamite (Gyromite Hack) *UPDATE* 08/17/2015
« on: August 10, 2015, 06:02:53 pm »
So I've started working a Mario version of GYROMITE, using THE JABU's one player hacked Gyromite. Most of the tiles have been changed but I still have to work out some graphic bugs. I'm trying to make small changes to the levels using the HEX EDITOR, but it's a pain. Is there any Gyromite level editors out there?

** UPDATED 08/26/2015 **

- Graphic overhaul almost complete
- Mario Dolls replaced with Exclamation boxes
- Turn-ip replaced with coin
- Background no longer just black
- Level editor completed

** UPDATED 08/17/2015**

- Phase 01 revamped
- Phase 02 revamped
- Player 2 palettes match player 1, except Koopa which is Blue
- Gyromite playable with only 1 controller, thanks to JABU's hack
- Hack no longer a mario edition, name is officially SUPER KOOPAMITE SPECIAL EDITION
- Thanks to Quick Curly I was able to build a software to edit levels
- Main character changed from Mario to a Koopa
- Enemies no longer Shyguys, changed to Spinnies
- Added climbing animation to Spinnies and Koopa


Personal Projects / Dragon Quest Monsters Battleroad Victory translation
« on: January 19, 2015, 07:42:30 pm »
(2015 year old message)
Hi everyone, first timer here. Didn't want to actually come here with my project without having done work on it. So I began translating Dragon Quest Battleroad victory on the wii and let me tell you it's colossal work. Most of the menu and battle texts are actually pictures and so I had to make a picture for each word, phrase, spell and menu item that needed translating and I'm still far from done, but a good chunk of the menus is done.
(2020 Update)
Can't belive it's been 5 years since I started this project. Unfortunatly, it didn't amount to anything because I wasn't able to gather the help for translating and modifying files. In those 5 years, however, I did pick a few more skills and now thanks to some folks on the Facebook group Dragon Questers, this project can finally move along. So I did lose everything I did back then, but the good news is that I'm doing way faster now with those new skills. I'll try to update as much I can and when possible, but you know, life and all.

(2021 Update)
I have not been able to gather much help to translate this game. It's quite an undertaking. I am able to dump most of the story mode text into text files now however. Theres like 20 files with over 700 lines of dialog in each of them  :banghead:. I'm still not able to translate the monster compendium or the cards and even the battle texts.

Project screenshots :

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