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Newcomer's Board / how do I report bugs in translations?
« on: November 13, 2019, 12:28:53 am »
Where do I submit bug reports for a translation patch? I want to report a bug from the English translation of Minna no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen.

Warsong (Mega Drive):
- add an option to disable combat animations.

Langrisser II (Mega Drive):
- introduce permadeath (playable characters who are killed once will not appear in next missions). In this game, some characters are scripted to leave your party and then rejoin. With them, you can do it the following way: if they die before leaving, have them "wait on the sidelines" until they leave the party, and then, after they return, kill them for real if they die second time.

Der Langrisser (SNES):
- introduce permadeath (see above).

Dark Wizard (Sega CD):
- mana will regenerate much slower for the main characters
- add mana limit for spellcasting units
- units that died should not automatically revive for free after battle is over (there are spells that can revive units, but the player cannot cast them until later half of the game, and they are kind of useless, because dead units auto-revive after battle for free).
- stronger attacks on remote garrisons, always getting stronger over time with no limit to their power. Players who take too long to finish the game will have a hard time, or even eventually find themselves losing.
- fix errors from the original game: description for Fan-Shaped Letter item; Elven Ring item having no effect; turn skip for Crystal's peasant units; disappearing sound when battle animations are turned on.
- limit EXP grinding for journeying units (in Dark Wizard, units can gain virtually unlimited EXP by going into secure zones and then Using an item to gain EXP over and over with no penalty). This can be solved by making any actions, such as visiting a town or using an item, progress in-game time (in other words, the unit has to spend a turn on these, like in battle). The time that this unit(s) has spent on a journey will be saved, and the unit will not return to the main party until the party has reached that point of time. Since there is an in-game "clock" that keeps track of month, day and time of day, this should be possible)

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