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Newcomer's Board / Re: Problem with The Basics of Bases document
« on: August 04, 2016, 04:49:17 pm »
I tried to open it with Notepad ++ and it's shown correctly now. Thanks a lot, jink640.  :)

Newcomer's Board / Problem with The Basics of Bases document
« on: August 04, 2016, 03:11:21 pm »
I decided to get started in rom hacking, so I tried the Getting Started section of this site. I took a look at the first document provided there, this one. But when I open it, it's shown like this:
I can hardly read it, and there's also a diagram to explain how to convert from binary to decimal, which is useless with that alignment. Am I the only one who downloads it like that? If someone could link me the fixed document, I'd really appreciate it.

Gaming Discussion / Kawa no nushi tsuri 2 translation?
« on: December 06, 2014, 08:32:33 am »
I have played the famicom one, and i saw in wikipedia there's a sequel! Why is the first one translated and not the sequel?
I really like those games, someone should translate it, there's no doubt! This game is about fishing, I don't know its story,  but if you ever payed the GB game (aka Legend of the River King) you'll make an idea on what the game is about.
You can find some screenshots here:
The game is in hiragana, with kanji characters, which maybe will make this game harder to translate.
Please, if anyone is interested, it would be awesome you decide to translate it. Or, i cand send screenshots and tell me what does it says!
Thanks in advance!  ;)

patch against crystal

With the disassembly it was as simple as applying this diff.
Oh, thank you so much!  :D
Is this only compatible with the USA version?

So, anyone interested to do an IPS patch for this?  :'(

Pretty simple to make with little understanding of Z80 and an opcode table.

Maybe I'm looking at a different version, as the addresses seem off. I'm looking at the English Gold version.
Looking for certain instructions, check a few around to see if it lines up.

LOVE BALLLooking around that area for three SLA Bs (CB 20) in a row. That looks to be $EDAB. Since the instruction right before is the bad one, that means $EDAA should go from $C0 to $C8.

EVOLVE ITEMFind the CP 0A. (opcode FE 0A)
$ED58: 0A -> 08

For the speed one, checking the opcode chart, the bad code starts with INC HL CP #FF. That's opcodes 23 FE FF. That instruction is at $EDCA.
Reading the further post, it seems the right fix is to change CP C : JR NZ .next to CP C : JR Z. The bad instruction is B9 20 ?? (?? as that is branch length, we don't know unless we count the length of the skipped opcodes). Looking at the hex, it turns out the instruction is B9 20 0A. 0A is the branch length. 0A is at $EDD1.
That means it skips the next 10 bytes after the instruction. Indeed that would put us at the following DEC D (15).
We need to go back. The following instruction is a branch length of 0. We go backwards by starting at FF when pointing to the 0A. The CALL instruction should be easy to find (CD ?? ??). Find the CD and then it's one instruction before : 3E 0F. The 3E is at $EDC5. We need to count from the 0A to the 3E.
Starting the count at FF with the cursor at 0A, we move back and count down. We get to F3 when pointing to the 3E.
Therefore the fix is $EDD1: 0A -> F3.
Really, I'm soo bad doing those things...  :(
I said this if someone who hasn´t problems doing it would do it, it was only an idea.

This has been done before… see here for an example.
There's no download link in that page...  :-\

Well, I'm not sure if this goes here...
I've seen in Bulbapedia that Pokemon G/S and C has a glitch that makes pokeballs have glitchy catch rates...
Here what it says:
The status conditions of paralysis, burn, and poison, increase the catch rate by 0 as opposed to by 5 as it was intended.

The Love Ball only gains a catch rate of 8× on Pokémon of the same gender and species as the player's Pokémon, rather than on Pokémon of the opposite gender.

The Moon Ball was intended to multiply the catch rate by 4 on Pokemon that evolve with Moon Stone, but was erroneously programmed to apply this effect on Pokémon that evolve with Burn Heal instead. Subsequently, Moon Ball does not have any additional effect and always acts like a Poké Ball.

The Fast Ball only quadruples the catch rate against the first three of all fleeing Pokémon: Magnemite, Grimer, and Tangela.

Really I would like anyone to do it, I don't know/ haven't enought time to do it myself... Any chance any pokemon fan makes a fix patch??  :angel:

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