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Gaming Discussion / What is the definitive version of Star Fox 2?
« on: March 20, 2016, 05:16:39 pm »
I see there are many versions of Star Fox 2 floating around on the web, but what is the definitive version? From what I've read, it looks like some may be glitchier than others, some are more complete, some are only in Japanese (but may be translated?), there is a rumored actual complete game....I just don't know.

I know you cannot share a link or download here to an illegal item, but for education purposes...what is considered the best version for an English speaker to play? Obviously, since this is a RH forum, this could include a modded/translated version of another game.


Newcomer's Board / Looking for a mentor
« on: July 14, 2015, 12:11:33 am »
Hi everyone,

I have been a long time lurker, a sometimes poster, and I think I am finally ready to sink my teeth into some real ROM hacking. I have several "false starts" under my belt already so am familiar with a lot of the basics. I have been reading about ASM hacking, and I feel like I "understand" the concepts involved in the tutorials, but I just don't get the practical bits behind inserting code and managing a project that requires deleting/changing large portions of a ROM.

There are three projects that I want to eventually accomplish. All of them will require some extensive hacking, and I want to work on them sequentially. The problem is that all three of these are for different systems, so they would require different sets of knowledge.

Anyway here are the projects I want to work on. I have some broad stroke ideas about HOW I would do these, and some concrete ideas, but again. I just need help starting up and keeping going.

1.) A hack of SMW to make a Super Smash Brothers game.
I really want to play a "demake" of SSB, and I have thought a lot about what game could be used to do this. For NES, I was thinking of the original Mario Arcade game, or the Battle mode in SMB3. I ended up deciding that SMW for SNES would be the route I would like to go. I do think that a faithful, fun demake could be made using an NES game, but in the end I decided I would rather play an SNES than an NES game for this project. There are already at least two hacks to make SMW two player, and the source code is available for one of them. I would hack the game here to essentially eliminate the default player 1 character and insert two new characters controlled by the two controllers. I like SMW for this hack because this game already has extensive hacking utilities and it is well documented.

2.) A hack of LoZ for NES to make a brand new experience.

This hack I think might be the easiest of the three. In this hack, I would want to change the game such that world is confined to a number of islands. The raft and stepladder are used to go between islands. On each island is a dungeon. The game can be beaten in any order. I actually did a lot of work on a hack similar to this already. I made an overworld that more or less fit this bill. I would want to change the way the raft and stepladder work using ASM hacking, and change the triforce mechanic as well as some of the items. Items would be found in the overworld or in caves, not in dungeons. The more I think of it, maybe I should just do a hack of aLttP for this. Any input?

3.) Pokemon Red hack to make a Creepy Pokemon Black hack a la the creepypasta.

Read here:

I would change some things from the creepypasta, but more or less that.

I realize that these are ambitious projects. I have been reading and prepping to get started for nearly a year. I understand that these would take a long time. Any help/advice would be great. I am looking for a more experienced user who can maybe take me under their wing and help me get started.


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