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I'm torn between N and O.  I like the raised effect of N, but the text is hard to read with the white highlight on the darker blue.
I like the light blue and red used in O, but I keep reading the title as "Arp Efence Orce" because the white letters of each word stand out more than the other colors, and my eyes are drawn to those first.

Perhaps you could go with something like this?

 It's essentially N with a lighter blue used on the logo. Less contrast between the highlight and main color on the raised text improves legibility.

In addition to Satoshi_Matrix's post, your sprites are too large.  At most, the playable character sprites in SMB2 can only be 16 pixels wide and 32 pixels tall without rewriting the rendering code.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Help With Gameboy "Yoshi" Sprite Hack
« on: May 11, 2013, 10:47:27 pm »
Here's a screenshot of what Buddermilk is talking about:

This only occurs if you hatch at least 10 eggs in A-Type, then lose.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Help With Gameboy "Yoshi" Sprite Hack
« on: May 08, 2013, 10:37:10 am »
All these sprites are positioned in the bottom 6 pixelsof the tile, with the bottom 2 rows of pixels going on top of the tile to the right.
If you encounter an issue such as this, you should always try pressing the plus and minus keys to navigate forward or backward a single byte in the ROM.  Eventually, you should find an offset where the graphics look as they should. If not, some form of compression is likely involved.

Fortunately, that isn't the case here. The correct offset for the start of these tiles in Yoshi (U) [!].gb is 3853.

Unfortunately, Kishi hasn't logged into this board for a week.  I did send a message though.

This is for real:

It took about an hour for me to put this together and implement it into the ROM.

I also fixed the formatting of the Mushroom Retainers' text:

I won't distribute a modified patch for this unless I can get permission from Kishi.

How's this?

CHR Tile edits:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: bad coding in roms
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:52:46 am »
Not the worst case, but a subroutine which starts at $BF/BF86 in Donkey Kong Country (v1.0)(U), called when swapping Kongs, has unneeded branches and some redundant lines:
Code: [Select]
$BF/C006: AD 6F 05     LDA $056F      (Load active Kong variable)
$BF/C009: C9 01 00     CMP #$0001
$BF/C00C: F0 06        BEQ $C014      (branch if Donkey Kong)
$BF/C00E: C9 02 00     CMP #$0002
$BF/C011: F0 14        BEQ $C027      (branch if Diddy Kong)
$BF/C013: 60           RTS            (this cannot be reached, as $056F is always either #$0001 or #$0002)
$BF/C014: A9 02 00     LDA #$0002
$BF/C017: 8D 6F 05     STA $056F      (set active Kong to Diddy)
$BF/C01A: A9 11 00     LDA #$0011
$BF/C01D: 8D 2B 10     STA $102B      (set D.K.'s behavior to #$0011)
$BF/C020: 8D 2D 10     STA $102D      (set Diddy's behavior to #$0011)
$BF/C023: 20 3A C0     JSR $C03A
$BF/C026: 60           RTS
$BF/C027: A9 01 00     LDA #$0001
$BF/C02A: 8D 6F 05     STA $056F      (set active Kong to D.K.)
$BF/C02D: A9 11 00     LDA #$0011
$BF/C030: 8D 2B 10     STA $102B      (set D.K.'s behavior to #$0011)
$BF/C033: 8D 2D 10     STA $102D      (set Diddy's behavior to #$0011)
$BF/C036: 20 3A C0     JSR $C03A
$BF/C039: 60           RTS

If the code snippet above was replaced with this...
Code: [Select]
AD 6F 05     LDA $056F      (Load active Kong variable, which is either 1 or 2)
3A           DEC            (decrease value in accumulator by 1, making it either 0 or 1)
49 01 00     EOR #$0001     ("toggle" bit 0, changing 0 to 1, or vice-versa)
1A           INC            (decrease value in accumulator by 1, making it either 2 or 1)
8D 6F 05     STA $056F      (store value to active Kong variable)
A9 11 00     LDA #$0011
8D 2B 10     STA $102B      (set D.K.'s behavior to #$0011)
8D 2D 10     STA $102D      (set Diddy's behavior to #$0011)
(the entire subroutine at $BF/C03A can go here, as this subroutine is the only one that calls it)
60           RTS
...13 (D.K.) to 17 (Diddy) CPU cycles and 32 bytes would be saved.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Super Mario Kart music format
« on: August 07, 2012, 01:14:47 pm »
Super Mario Kart uses the N-SPC sound engine, variants of which are used by several first-party Nintendo games, as well as others.

In several of the first-party titles I've looked at, an uncompressed block of N-SPC data as extracted from a ROM usually begins a with header consisting of two 16-bit values:

  • The length of the data block following the header
  • The destination in SPC RAM to write this block of data to

After each block of data, you may either see another header specifying the length and destination for an additional block of data, or 0000 followed by another non-zero value (usually the starting location of the main engine code itself).  The latter is used to tell the SNES CPU to stop uploading to SPC RAM.

Here are some documents about the most common format (which is what SMK uses):

Since the N-SPC data itself relies heavily on pointers to where things are located in SPC RAM, it helps to dump an SPC file of the song you want to edit.  This can be done in ZSNES or Snes9x.

Here is where each song's data begins in Super Mario Kart's SPC RAM. To get the starting location in an SPC file, you must add 0x100 to the address.  The song pointers can be found at 1566-1591 in SPC RAM.

Value       Address in SPC RAM   Description
-----       ------------------   -----------
01          FF00                 Mario Kart GP intro
02          07CA                 Starting lights (Time Trial/Match Race/Battle Mode)
03          D783                 Starting lights with engine sounds (Mario Kart GP)
04          D000                 Track-specific music (normal tempo)
05          3E45                 Final Lap fanfare
06          D000                 Track-specific music (speeds up to final lap tempo in 2nd pattern; unused)
07          D000                 Track-specific music (final lap tempo)
08          10BF                 Using Starman
09          DAF9                 1st-4rd place finish (Mario Kart GP)/Finish with a new record (Time Trial)
0A          03DB                 Finish without a new record (Time Trial)
0B          06F0                 Ranked Out
0C          DD3B                 Mario's Theme
0D          DC37                 Luigi's Theme
0E          0506                 Bowser's Theme
0F          D989                 Princess's Theme
10          124E                 Donkey Kong Jr.'s Theme
11          05FE                 Koopa Troopa's Theme
12          3D24                 Toad's Theme
13          13D7                 Yoshi's Theme
14          DE33                 Game Over
15          D000                 Track-specific music (faster than final lap; unused)
16          D000                 Track-specific music (normal tempo)

Here is the latest evidence I've seen of any progress being made, and this is from around a year ago:

You're welcome, dyson!

May I ask what software you used in order to get the palettes printed in such a way?
I created an indexed color image in Paint Shop Pro version 4, which is little more than your average paint program, aside from having better handling of indexed color palettes than most.
I retrieved the colors needed for the palettes by opening the ROM in TiledGGD, going to the offset where they start, setting the image format to 16 bits per pixel, changing the panel size to 16x3, and copying/pasting the image to Paint Shop Pro. This yields a bitmap image with all three 16-color palettes. I edit the palette in the indexed image to match one of the palettes in the copied image, then with a hex editor (XVI32, although I usually import the hex string to a text editor and add split them into multiple lines so that they are easier to read) opened to the appropriate location in the ROM, use the data to lay pixels of the correct color index down. The text is added to the image using Paint Shop Pro as well.

For the animations, I made multiple copies of the completed image to use as frames, modified the colors to be animated in each one, and then imported these frames to a program that creates animated GIFs (Ulead GIF Animator 2.0).

In short, I don't have a single program that is specialized to do the whole task.

Also, as promised, here are the variants of the "solid" colors:
Space palette
Sunset palette
Daytime palette

Here's what I have so far after dissecting the table at $18213:

Most values beyond 0x2F are either additional animated colors, or textures (which I'm too lazy to rip due to the interleaved format they use).
Space and sunset versions of this image can be found here and here, respectively.

The meanings of the values in the second column are in the initial post of the archived Acmlm's Board topic you linked to (it can also be found here). However, I noticed that VL-Tone made a couple of mistakes, which I will try to address now.

Paragraph 5:
At this address you can find 256 2 bytes color/texture references.
There are actually only 109 color/texture references in the table at $18213, because another table begins at $182ED. This means the valid values are from 0x00 to 0x6C.  Also, I counted way more than 9 of the sets when scanning through the object definitions (there's actually close to 50!).

Going into the format descriptions:
XX 00 to XX 08= Nine light sourced colors, the different variations are stored at $19000 in ROM.
The number is actually ten, from 00 00 to 09 09, as can be seen in my image above. The data for them begins at $18E0A in the ROM ($1900A headered). Pointers to these can be found at $18B2A-$18B89.

Here are the 4 consecutive shade variations of these colors, in the space, sunset, and daytime palettes. Each 8x8 square is equivalent to a single byte in the ROM.

I will post images with the numerous variants of the 32 solid colors when I finish them.

Personal Projects / Re: SMA4 Thwomp AI in SMB3
« on: August 05, 2011, 06:23:43 pm »
IIRC, diagonal and horizontal Thwomps don't shake the screen when colliding with solid blocks in the NES and SNES versions.  In the GBA version, they do.

You're correct in stating that altering x10D976 has no effect on the game.  Values from here are stored into $73B, a RAM address which is never read while in a world map!

Setting a read breakpoint on the offset of World 8's first palette and entering World 8 led me to the following 16-bit pointer table, which does change the palette sets:

x14C9BF-x14C9D0 [00 9E 80 9E 00 9E 00 9F 00 9F 80 9F 00 A0 80 A0 00 9E]

x1E2280 = $3C:A080

@aishsha: Here's my attempt. I feel that something isn't right about the first E now, though.

Great work! Glad that I could be of assistance.  :)

Here's some other useful info, pertaining to secret players:

$29/8A7F-$29/8B6E Secret Player unlock data (0x06 bytes per player; 40 players)
Bytes 00-02: Initials
00 = A
01 = B
02 = C
03 = D
04 = E
05 = F
06 = G
07 = H
08 = I
09 = J
0A = K
0B = L
0C = M
0D = N
0E = O
0F = P
10 = Q
11 = R
12 = S
13 = T
14 = U
15 = V
16 = W
17 = X
18 = Y
19 = Z
1A = _(Blank)
1B-1F = invalid, unenterable characters
value+20 = Start button hold letter

Byte 03: Value of Player unlocked
Bytes 04-05: Button combination
X1 0X = A**
X2 0X = B**
X4 0X = Y**
X8 0X = *A*
1X 0X = *B*
2X 0X = *Y*
4X 0X = **A
8X 0X = **B
XX 01 = **Y

Tony Goskie
Jamie Rivett
John Carlton
Sal DiVita
Shawn Liptak
Mark Turmell
Scooter Pie
Kid Silk
Chris Kirby
Steve Snake
Jason Falcus
Mad Mike Muskett
Neil Ziggy Hill
Larry Bird
Carol Blazejowski
Suns Gorilla
Bill Clinton
Prince Charles
Steven Tyler (Can't normally be unlocked due to invalid initials)
Air Dog
Jay Moon
Hillary Clinton
Stud Muffin (Requires a special button combination at the Licensed by Nintendo screen to be unlockable; Left+L+R)
Heavy D
Jazzy Jeff
Fresh Prince
Frank Thomas
Randall Cunningham
Mike D

I've been working on a hack of NBA Jam TE for over four years now, and have found a lot of info related to it. I've hoarded these findings for long enough.

Here are my notes and offsets pertaining to players:

$11/F995-$11/FAE8 Lower word of each portrait pointer (2 bytes per player; ordered by player value)
$11/FAE9-$11/FC3C Upper word (bank byte) of each portrait pointer (2 bytes per player; A bank byte in RAM ($7F) means the portrait is compressed)
Each player portrait is 0x6D0 bytes long. The first 0x690 bytes are the graphics data, which are in a unusual 5BPP planar composite format. The last 0x40 bytes are for the portrait's 32-color palette (in the SNES' standard 15-bit BGR format).

$44/8121-$44/83C8 Player name sprite pointers (4 bytes per player; ordered by player value)

Player values:
00: Tim Hardaway
01: Chris Mullin
02: Danny Manning
03: Oliver Miller
04: James Worthy
05: Vlade Divac
06: Dan Majerle
07: Kevin Johnson
08: Clyde Drexler
09: Terry Porter
0A: Shawn Kemp
0B: Detlef Schrempf
0C: Wayman Tisdale
0D: Mitch Richmond
0E: Derek Harper
0F: Jim Jackson
10: Dikembe Mutombo
11: LaPhonso Ellis
12: Hakeem Olajuwon
13: Vernon Maxwell
14: Christian Laettner
15: Chuck Person
16: David Robinson
17: Sean Elliott
18: Karl Malone
19: John Stockton
1A: Dominique Wilkins
1B: Stacey Augmon
1C: Larry Johnson
1D: Alonzo Mourning
1E: Scottie Pippen
1F: Horace Grant
20: Mark Price
21: Brad Daugherty
22: Muggsy Bogues
23: Shawn Bradley
24: Reggie Miller
25: Stanley Roberts
26: Sean Rooks
27: Kevin Edwards
28: Dee Brown
29: Calbert Cheaney
2A: Rony Seikaly
2B: Harold Miner
2C: Derrick Coleman
2D: Kenny Anderson
2E: Patrick Ewing
2F: John Starks
30: Nick Anderson
31: Scott Skiles
32: Clarence Weatherspoon
33: Jeff Hornacek
34: Tom Gugliotta
35: Robert Pack
36: Chris Webber
37: Luc Longley
38: Anthony Peeler
39: Gerald Wilkins
3A: Clifford Robinson
3B: Gary Payton
3C: Kendall Gill
3D: John Williams
3E: Bobby Hurley
3F: Spud Webb
40: Jamal Mashburn
41: Dino Radja
42: Robert Horry
43: Steve Smith
44: Isaiah Rider
45: Dennis Rodman
46: Loy Vaught
47: David Benoit
48: Kevin Willis
49: Hersey Hawkins
4A: B.J. Armstrong
4B: Toni Kukoc
4C: Lionel Simmons
4D: Joe Dumars
4E: Dell Curry
4F: Malik Sealy
50: Rik Smits
51: Vin Baker
52: Todd Day
53: Xavier McDaniel
54: Mookie Blaylock
55: Glen Rice
56: Terry Cummings
57: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
58: Anthony Mason
59: Charles Oakley
5A: Anfernee Hardaway
5B: Terry Mills
5C: Latrell Sprewell
5D: Otis Thorpe
5E: Sam Cassell
5F: Derrick McKey
60: Antonio Davis
61: Pooh Richardson
62: Nick Van Exel
63: Terry Davis
64: Billy Owens
65: John Carlton
66: Sal DiVita
67: Shawn Liptak
68: Mark Turmell
69: Tony Goskie
6A: Jamie Rivett
6B: Wes Little (Scooter Pie)
6C: Scott Scheno (Kid Silk)
6D: Chris Kirby
6E: Steve "Snake" Palmer
6F: Jason Falcus
70: Mike Muskett
71: Neil Hill
72: Larry Bird
73: Carol Blazekowski (Blaze)
74: Benny
75: Hugo
76: Crunch
77: Suns Gorilla
78: Bill Clinton
79: Prince Charles
7A: Steven Tyler (No picture; Looks like Darren Hodgson in game)
7B: Asif Chaudhri (Chow-Chow)
7C: Brett Gow (Brutah)
7D: Dan Feinstein (Weasel)
7E: Eric Samulski (Air Dog)
7F: Alex de Lucia (Facime)
80: Jay Moon
81: Eric Kuby (Kabuki)
82: Aaron McKie
83: Juwan Howard (Definition data removed; defaults to Mookie Blaylock)
84: Rex Chapman
85: Eric Murdock
86: Doug West
87: Armon Gilliam
88: Shaquille O'Neal (has A C Green's picture)
89: Dennis Scott
8A: Jeff Malone
8B: Dana Barros
8C: Rod Strickland
8D: A C Green
8E: Tony Dumas
8F: Eric Montross
90: Jason Kidd
91: Jalen Rose
92: Grant Hill
93: Clifford Rozier (Definition data removed; defaults to Mookie Blaylock)
94: Khalid Reeves
95: Glenn Robinson
96: Donyell Marshall
97: Sharone Wright
98: Hillary Clinton
99: Dwight Myers (Heavy D)
9A: Greg Fischbach (Stud Muffin)
9B: ?Milo Stubbington? (Moosekat)
9C: Bill Curley
9D: Eddie Jones
9E: Eric Mobley
9F: Yinka Dare
A0: Monty Williams
A1: Brooks Thompson
A2: Wesley Person
A3: Jeff Townes (Jazzy Jeff)
A4: Will Smith (Fresh Prince)
A5: Frank Thomas
A6: Randall Cunningham
A7: Mike Diamond (Mike D)
A8: Adam Horovitz (Adrock)
A9: Adam Yauch (MCA)

$29/A231-$29/A26A Relative offsets for $29/A26B (in order by team value)

Team values:
00: Golden State Warriors
01: Los Angeles Clippers
02: Los Angeles Lakers
03: Phoenix Suns
04: Portland Trailblazers
05: Seattle Supersonics
06: Sacramento Kings
07: Dallas Mavericks
08: Denver Nuggets
09: Houston Rockets
0A: Minnesota Timberwolves
0B: San Antonio Spurs
0C: Utah Jazz
0D: Atlanta Hawks
0E: Charlotte Hornets
0F: Chicago Bulls
10: Cleveland Cavaliers
11: Detroit Pistons
12: Indiana Pacers
13: Milwaukee Bucks
14: Boston Celtics
15: Miami Heat
16: New Jersey Nets
17: New York Knickerbockers
18: Orlando Magic
19: Philadelphia 76ers
1A: Washington Bullets
1B: All-Stars
1C: Rookies

$29/A26B-$29/A2A4 Relative pointers to each team's roster data (added to $16/98CF; in alphabetical order by team name, except All-Stars and Rookies are the last two)
$16/98CF-$16/A1DE Roster data (0x50 (80) bytes reserved for each team; 29 teams)
  • #$FFFE designates the end of a team's combo data if the team has less than 20 pairings.
  • #$8000, when added to the second byte of the first player value in a combination, designates the first pair in the expanded roster of the team.
    (e.g.: 1A 80 53 00 is the first hidden combo of the Boston Celtics: Dominique Wilkins/Xavier McDaniel. Changing the 80 to 00 would allow you to access all of
    Boston's hidden players without beating the 27 NBA teams.)

$3F/B8CF-$3F/C9F8 Player definition data (0x1A bytes per player)
These structures define all of the in-game attributes of a player, including their appearance, strengths and weaknesses.
Or, more specifically:
Bytes 00-01: Player value
Bytes 02-03: Body size flag
#$0000: Tall (height >= 6'4")
#$0001: Short (height < 6'4")

Bytes 04-05: Speed rating
#$13F8?: 0
#$1455: 1
#$14A7: 2
#$14FA: 3
#$154C: 4
#$159F: 5
#$15F1: 6
#$1644: 7
#$1711: 8
#$1777: 9
#$17DE: 10

Bytes 06-07: 3-point rating
#$02BC: 0
#$02EE: 1
#$0320: 2
#$035C: 3
#$03A2: 4
#$03CA: 5
#$0410: 6
#$044C: 7
#$0460: 8
#$0492: 9
#$04E2: 10

Bytes 08-09: Dunk rating (0000-000A)
Bytes 0A-0B: Block rating (0000-000A)
Bytes 0C-0D: Steal rating (0000-000A)
Bytes 0E-0F: AI Level
#$FFF5: Dallas
#$FFF6: Minnesota
#$FFF7: Miami
#$FFF8: Washington
#$FFF9: Philadelphia
#$FFFA: Sacramento
#$FFFB: Denver
#$FFFC: Milwaukee
#$FFFD: Indiana
#$FFFE: Atlanta
#$0000: Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Golden State, L.A. Clippers, New Jersey
#$0001: Detroit, L.A. Lakers, San Antonio
#$0002: New York, Orlando, Seattle, Utah
#$0003: Phoenix, Portland
#$0004: Chicago
#$0005: Houston, Rookies not assigned to a team, Secret Players

Bytes 10-11: Pass rating (0000-000A)
Bytes 12-13: Power rating (0000-000A)
Bytes 14-15: Clutch rating (0000-000A)
Bytes 16-17: Skin color pointer
B775: black duplicate(unused)
B77F: black
B789: white

Bytes 18-19: Head graphic pointer
B793: Brad Lohaus (NBA Jam)
B797: White Skin/Black Hair
B79B: White Skin/Black Fade
B79F: Tan Skin/Black Hair
B7A3: White Skin/Red Fade
B7A7: Black Skin/Black Hair
B7AB: James Worthy/Horace Grant
B7AF: Black Skin/Bald
B7B3: Black Skin/Black Fade
B7B7: Black Skin/Balding
B7BB: Black Skin/Bald/Goggles (Unused)
B7BF: Dennis Rodman
B7C3: Vlade Divac (NBA Jam)
B7C7: Stacey Augmon, Dell Curry
B7CB: Isiah Thomas (Unused)
B7CF: Robert Horry
B7D3: Isaiah Rider (Unused)
B7D7: Todd Day
B7DB: Benoit Benjamin (Unused)
B7DF: John Starks
B7E3: Charles Oakley
B7E7: Derek Harper
B7EB: Nick Anderson (Intended to be A. Hardaway?)
B7EF: ? (Unused)   (Intended to be N. Anderson?)
B7F3: Clarence Weatherspoon(Unused)
B7F7: Gary Payton
B7FB: Isaiah Rider, Cedric Ceballos (Beta)
B7FF: Vernon Maxwell
B803: Larry Nance (Beta)
B807: Kevin Willis, Alonzo Mourning, Sean Rooks
B80B: Joe Dumars
B80F: Small/White Skin/Black Hair
B813: Small/White Skin/Black Fade (Unused)
B817: Small/Tan Skin/Black Hair (Unused)
B81B: Small/Black Skin/Black Hair
B81F: Small/Black Skin/Bald
B823: Small/Black Skin/Black Fade
B827: Small/Black Skin/Balding (Unused)
B82B: Scott Skiles
B82F: Tony Goskie
B833: John Carlton
B837: Jamie Rivett
B83B: Sal DiVita
B83F: Shaun Liptak
B843: Mark Turmell
B847: Larry Bird
B84B: Dan Feinstein
B84F: Eric Samulski
B853: Eric Kuby
B857: Jazzy Jeff
B85B: Heavy D
B85F: Scott Scheno
B863: Alex de Lucia
B867: Jay Moon
B86B: Wes Little
B86F: Asif Chaudhri
B873: Brett Gow
B877: Chris Kirby
B87B: Steve Snake
B87F: Carol Blazekowski
B883: Benny
B887: Hugo
B88B: Crunch
B88F: Suns Gorilla
B893: Bill Clinton
B897: Prince Charles
B89B: Jason Falcus
B89F: Mad Mike Muskett
B8A3: Neil Ziggy Hill
B8A7: Darren Hodgson (Steven Tyler placeholder)
B8AB: Stud Muffin
B8AF: Moosekat
B8B3: Fresh Prince
B8B7: Frank Thomas
B8BB: Randall Cunningham
B8BF: Mike D
B8C3: Adrock
B8CB: Hillary Clinton

$12/B0C9-$12/B8C8 On-screen stat ratings (0x10 bytes per player; players are in the same order as the player definition data, except ratings for the secret players do not exist (the last player is Glenn Robinson))
The ratings themselves are in the same order as what you see on the screen: Spd,  3pts, Dunk, Pass, Power, Steal, Block, Cltch.

Player Definition data order:
Mookie Blaylock
Stacey Augmon
Kevin Willis
Dominique Wilkins
Dee Brown
Xavier McDaniel
Dino Radja
Eric Montross
Larry Johnson
Hersey Hawkins
Alonzo Mourning
Dell Curry
Muggsy Bogues
Scottie Pippen
B.J. Armstrong
Tony Kukoc
Luc Longley
Mark Price
Brad Daugherty
John Williams
Gerald Wilkins
Jim Jackson
Jamal Mashburn
Sean Rooks
Jason Kidd
Tony Dumas
Dikembe Mutombo
Laphonso Ellis
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Robert Pack
Jalen Rose
Joe Dumars
Terry Mills
Oliver Miller
Grant Hill
Bill Curley
Tim Hardaway
Chris Mullin
Chris Webber
Latrell Sprewell
Hakeem Olajuwon
Vernon Maxwell
Robert Horry
Otis Thorpe
Sam Cassell
Reggie Miller
Rik Smits
Derrick McKey
Antonio Davis
Loy Vaught
Stanley Roberts
Malik Sealy
Pooh Richardson
Anthony Peeler
Vlade Divac
James Worthy
Nick Van Exel
Eddie Jones
Glen Rice
Rony Seikaly
Harold Miner
Steve Smith
Khalid Reeves
Vin Baker
Todd Day
Eric Murdock
Eric Mobley
Christian Laettner
Isaiah Rider
Doug West
Donyell Marshall
Derrick Coleman
Kenny Anderson
Yinka Dare
Kevin Edwards
Armon Gilliam
Patrick Ewing
Anthony Mason
John Starks
Charles Oakley
Derek Harper
Shaquille O'Neal(unused)
Horace Grant
Anfernee Hardaway
Nick Anderson
Dennis Scott
Clarence Weatherspoon
Shawn Bradley
Jeff Malone
Dana Barros
Sharone Wright
Dan Majerle
Kevin Johnson
Wayman Tisdale
A C Green
Danny Manning
Clyde Drexler
Terry Porter
Clifford Robinson
Rod Strickland
Aaron McKie
Bobby Hurley
Mitch Richmond
Spud Webb
Lionel Simmons
David Robinson
Dennis Rodman
Terry Cummings
Sean Elliott
Chuck Person
Shawn Kemp
Gary Payton
Kendall Gill
Detlef Schrempf
Karl Malone
John Stockton
David Benoit
Jeff Hornacek
Tom Gugliotta
Calbert Cheaney
Scott Skiles
Rex Chapman
Terry Davis
Billy Owens
Monty Williams
Wesley Person
Brooks Thompson
Glenn Robinson
Larry Bird
Chris Kirby
Steve Snake
Carol Blazekowski
Suns Gorilla
Bill Clinton
Prince Charles
Jason Falcus
Mad Mike Muskett
Neil Ziggy Hill
Steven Tyler(unused)
Air Dog
Scooter Pie
Kid Silk
Jay Moon
Tony Goskie
Jamie Rivett
John Carlton
Jazzy Jeff
Sal Divita
Heavy D
Shaun Liptak
Mark Turmell
Fresh Prince
Frank Thomas
Randall Cunningham
Mike D
Hillary Clinton
Stud Muffin

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