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Thanks to Cargodin for his precious help despite his other project :)
If someone else is interrested, that will be a big help and the translation will be finished much more quickly.


I am a french hacker and I'm looking for a motivated jap->us translator to fully translate Atelier Marie + Elie in english on PS2. I've already released Atelier Iris in french and soon Mana-Khemia in french with my team. Here the forum of my team to show that I am serious about that project :

I did all the hacking for Atelier Marie + Elie for the texts, images and videos. I had a translator but he is really busy so I really need of a skilled and motivated new one. Here a teasing of the game with the translation in english:

I made all game's tools for the insertion and others and I did all I can to make the translation comfortable for the translator. If the work is done seriously, I'll go up to the release of the game in english, you can be sure of that. Here a sample of the script of the game:

If you are interested, please contact me by private message on this forum. If you have questions, don't hesitate.

Thanks in advance :)

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