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I tried this hack out of curiosity and I liked it so much I got to what I think is the last boss. It's a giant face with two small platforms to jump on. Well, if I attempt to jump onto the platforms the game seems to crash and every time, which is the first time I've run into a problem with this hack. Anyone else experience this problem?

I'm using the latest Retroarch with the Bnes core.

Good job with the hack by the way, it was fun to play through.

I never had this problem during testing, nor any of the people who playtested it for me. We just simply never tried the not as popular emulators. There are all little inaccuracies with the emulation of the original too in different emulators, so that's not really my fault.

Virtuanes screws up the weapon meu whenever parallax scrolling is being used.
FceuX has a weird palette by default, and the color $23 is blue-ish instead of the supposed purple-ish. Also glitches with the final boss and a line of pixels is moved to the right.

My case has nothing to do with the "base". I've just had tons upon tons of shitty experiences with the PEOPLE (not the material, the fans) of the fandom over the years, and especially how overfanatic they can be. While they're crying because they can't get x merchandise item, I'm worried about the financial status of my family, and whether we can pay all our bills or not.

Oh, and not to mention that it has false advertising. "Love and Tolerate" oh please. In reality it's more like "Not giving a fuck about anyone else, and covering the shit in a marzipan coat.

I'm done because the benefits (next to none) outweigh the drawbacks for me. That's all.

Say, could there ever be a harder version of this hack some day? Personally, I could do it myself, except I have no knowledge of hacking Boss battles. But hacking levels should be easy enough.

There could be, I just won't be the one making it. As the readme file says I'm not doing this anymore.
I'll sit aroud here until the thread dies and then that's it. Feel free to hack this even further if you want to.

Well I'm something of a brony and megaman fan myself... but when I opened the file, nothing but the ips patch and a custom written exe patcher (which shouldn't be necessary I would think... ?)

So where are the liner notes? Where's the readme file? How am I supposed to know what tools you used, how long you worked on it, what you were thinking in designing levels, sprites, gameplay, etc?

Come on man this is an interesting hack, don't keep us hangin! Inquiring minds want to KNOW!

Hey! I didn't realize there would be people curious about this stuff, but so be it! I'll update the readme file some time!
If that's possible at all...

Edit: Done! Once RHDN updates the project page, the new readme file is ready!

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