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I think the graphics you have shown while not many are very good. Working on 8 bit nes graphics is very challenging. Can't wait to play this. I agree with your assessment that the graphics really need to be fully changed to really set off a concept such as this. 
looking sweet keep up the good work
I've heard good things about this hack but have to be honest was a bit put off by some levels not being changed. can't wait for the update hope you find some play testers, glad you went back to this.
All you need now is a prompt when it switches from day to night and back again saying "What a horrible night to have a curse" and "The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night"

but seriously very cool.
This is a really neat idea but you def need to give it more times for people to join. Also might want to create a discord for the event or for LoZ hacking in general. This would serve as a place for people to ask questions etc. Heck there might be a LoZ hacking discord group already out there. If so that might mean more people interested in joining. When I did Hackjam for Z2 it was an event in Zelda 2 discord.

Also you might want to push for the event to take place over 2 weeks and not at such a busy time of the year. The editors that are out there are quite old maybe list some video resources and how to use them. Maybe create a tutorial yourself as you seem to really understand the ins and outs of them.

these are just some suggestions cause I really love the idea. 
Very cool looking great glad to always see a new zelda 2 hack being worked on.
Personal Projects / Re: Quest of Bowl Zelda
October 31, 2020, 01:38:38 PM
Quote from: Trax on October 31, 2020, 12:18:59 PM
Wait, I've seen that somewhere. Wasn't this character in one of the April 2020 Hackjam?

yeah trax it was, it's also a sprite used in Zelda 2 randomizer. :D
Personal Projects / Re: Quest of Bowl Zelda
October 30, 2020, 09:48:37 AM
looking forward to this. Always nice to see a Zelda 2 hack. what are your plans, full hack all new everything ? how hard are you looking to make the game ?
Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
October 22, 2020, 07:38:41 PM
I tried the "keep xp after game over" patch not sure it was by design or intended but it doesnt keep xp on upa, only on game over.
Sorry, thought you were using these to replace the regular drops. My bad.

I like the first Heart out out of the 4 above for whatever that's worth.
Love all the stuff your doing here, but I would say the heart and magic drops look to disproportionate to link. I feel like thy should be smaller. This could be just me and being use to the original game. 
Hi Duke, I use this editor it's super easy just load the game into the editor in the top left corner choose edit then palette editor use the drop down bar and choose palaces inside then go ham
Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
August 31, 2019, 10:11:28 AM
I LOVE these two hacks but they really don't work for vanilla z2 in a meaningful way over what is already there. these would make awesome spells for a z2 hack. where you could build ideas around both spells. The link to fairy to link spell imagine some of the cool puzzles you could base around it. this is just my feeling regardless amazing work DarkSamus
Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
August 25, 2019, 09:25:32 AM
I love the hud mock up. one thing I really think might look better is if it was without the M for magic it would look cleaner and feel more in-line with the hearts above.
I love the red suit. samus is ultra fast XD
Happy to hear your still at it trax. The trap door idea is very cool wondering if your planning to make a palace around this concept or sprinkle it hear and there. I've had to drop a lot of ideas after either not being able to get them to work or getting lower then expected results so I get dropping the overworld concept you had. While I think the overworld is one of the most least interesting things in Zelda 2 I'm sure you'll find way to make it fun and better i.e. the ice overworld idea you came up with. 
Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
March 11, 2019, 06:17:33 PM
I really think of the FDS version as a beta version. NA version is just overall more complete and well rounded. Not to mention the WAIT factor of the FDS version really hampers the pace of the game.
Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
March 07, 2019, 07:55:18 PM
holy fn that is  :o amazing. insane stuff ice penguin.
Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
March 01, 2019, 08:22:41 PM
I've always disliked that forest ground sprite I mean its not awful but the lighter fence palette some how make it look better.
The idea of breaking palaces up into smaller palaces is a fantastic idea. So good that I feel you could make a whole new hack just from this one idea. If you could have multipal small "shrines". Even two room "shrines" the overworld would become so populated but in a good way. You could even have some be more of an open concept. get a key in this "shrine" to open another. Backtracking wouldn't feel like a chore as well.

Right now Helmethead is the only boss I haven't made different in some way or another. Either by changing the room to make the boss fell different or changing the AI.

I was hoping to possibly have helmethead

[spoiler] only be immune to fire. I'm not sure I like this idea though. its at a place in my game were I don't want the flow to stop because you don't have something to beat a boss. Also in thoery one need only stand in one spot and shot to kill him which is boring. I tested this on barba the fight wasn't good at all and was way to and easy. [/spoiler]

The other idea is making his fire/lazer balls shot faster or maybe his heads pop off lower so you can't use jump attacks as easily or a combination of the two.

for the extra map I've tried to plan for it as much as possible in how it would effect certain things in the other worlds. Mainly items, keys and doors. The idea I have for adding another map is also more simplistic.

[spoiler] I plan to have 2 "open" palaces that don't require any keys and have no doors. I have also left a few items availble for this new map the main one being a required magic container to progress further in the game once you beat the new map. [/spoiler]

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