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I want to focus on translation patches.

Well, there's CV4 which I don't think has had a translation patch yet. There is not much text to translate as well (prologue mostly). The JP version is superior with the ENG version having a lot of silly or stupid changes. See here for details:

This is like the best romhack ever. I have always loved Simon's Quest but didn't like the localization. Some ideas:

1. Prologue might make more sense to be simply text. Old games may times would do that, such as Zelda II.

2. Speaking of, I really like how in that game it warped you back to the beginning. Would you be interested in adding that as an option at least? I know a lot of people didn't like that, but I love that as a feature in ZII. Or maybe it's something I could do.

3. Could you have it so that sprites go back to disappearing during text? Or at least make it optional? I don't think its the worst thing in the original, and it might be way more work than its worth to have an alternate solution.

4. Would you also be interested in giving the same treatment to CV1 and 3? 1 originally had saving in the FDS version, but not in the NTSC version. Saving in 3 would be nice in 3 too. Plus being able to press down and jump to fall down on stairs would be nice in both of them.

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