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It's all fairly murky, I say we just accept the reality of the situation that patches do exist & learning Japanese is not as mandatory as it could be.

I guess when it comes down to it the fan translators can show as much respect to the product they work on as they feel/are capable of, If they feel they are on par with the big boys then sure, throw in a intro, your a localisation powerhouse you are, you deserve all the respect & you gotta make sure people know it, you also gotta remember the vast majority of people are not as smart as you, you need to point out this snes game should not be sold retail because it 2013 and snes games arnt made anymore, people just dont know these things! you gotta let them know if they paid for a cart with your translation on it, they aint buying it from nintendo of america which are now selling snes games soley on ebay under the handle retrogamingboy, you gotta help the people because you are capable and doing so make your pants grow.
a) I do not sell SNES carts.
b) You opinions on this matter are quite toxic, it's a somewhat delicate matter, you are not required to understand.
Wow. Congratulations. You just proved his point.

I took exception to the comments about my somehow being snide & extremely rude in asking how to remove intros from roms, during such occasions I like to take a step back, assess the situation, I felt a rather cruel judgment was cast, it's rude to judge people and I believe I was entitled to cast my own judgment, mine was based on a fact not a delusion or misunderstanding, now you feel the need to team up with the confused naked ken doll rapist avatar for a little handicap action in trying to beat me down and portray me as you feel.

Provocation is not something to be taken lightly, it is always responded to with force, I, however will not allow the force of my retaliation be used to bring me down to your level. It's best if we "try" to understand and respect peoples opinions, and if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.

A fan translator has no rights?

Not as far as altering another personal intellectual property goes, no.
Companies are people, we have to respect their rights.
Well I wouldn't remove Nintendo's logo from PAL Terranigma, or Atlus/Xseed's logos from games they weren't involved with either because those where official releases, when it comes to fan translations though its different, the intent of a fan translation is usually to give the community access to a game that was not otherwise available to a western audience or to improve on sub par translations, the goal of which, I figured, was to keep the experience as close as possible to the original, adding an intro to the game with art work that wasn't produced by the artists is changing the intended experience, this is a bad thing.

Translator credits should be applied as minimalistically as possible, a line of text on the main menu, include yourself in the closing credits, there is no need to deface someone else's intellectual property with your own spin on the ark work in the form of intros, respect the original work don't spray paint all over it.

Death to intros.
Moderation Edit: RHDN does not condone the modification of existing patches.
I have no beef with inserting some text neatly on the title screen, only with adding intros.

@Metal Knuckles
I never played a official localization where I noticed credit for the localization team period, that usually shows up in the closing credits.
If you cannot handle my criticism on this subject, rather than call me bad mannered or rude, why not just play more rape games with you're naked ken doll.
I feel I have somehow hit a nerve with some people in my attempt to remove intros from my snes roms, not to worry though, I have found how to remove most intro with a Hex Editor & Geiger's Snes9x Debugger Mark 9, I'll make a new post with a guide tomorrow, I'm sure some people will enjoy being able to remove some annoying intros, and I'm sure the translators are fine with it.
Do you mean fan translation intros are a slap in the face of the developers who spent 1000's of hours and 100's of thousands of dollars making them, or removing fan translation intros is a slap in the face to the fan translators?
Well I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to things of this nature, while most are not obnoxious and simply require a press of a button to skip, I just like the game to resemble the original product as close as humanly possible, as an example Breath of Fire II Retranslation by Watercrown Productions for the SNES, a lot of liberties where taken, they have changed the graphics of the Capcom logo that splashes when the game starts, replaced the Capcom jingle with the main menu theme & added a flame effect that takes up most of the screen on the main menu, its a completely different intro.

I'm pretty sure translators wouldn't mind too too much if these splash screen & whatnot where edited out, and I keep the translators as part of the rom filename so they are credited for their work still.

So maybe I should just look into how to add a intro then do it in reverse, and I'm willing to spend some time doing so, I am open to guidance on where one might find a good tutorial & or utilities for such a task (I know there are probably a bunch right here, still, please point me to them :P), as I have not attempted to modify roms before, I am mostly concerned with SNES roms at the moment, though I hope to remove translator intros from all the roms I can, It'll make for a nice hobby  ;D.

October 04, 2013, 09:37:47 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Quote from: FAST6191 on October 04, 2013, 09:10:34 AM
To save others a search that would some of the MODE7 GBA intros, were it not unskippable then I might be kinder to it but 30 seconds of unskippable intro....
One video

Wow, thats both hilarious and annoying as hell.
While I understand fan translators deserve recognition for the work they put in translating japan only video games, I feel adding intros and modifying title screens to include their team logo defaces and cheapens the experience. I truly appreciate the effort put in to translating/re-translated roms, and credit the translator/team in the file name of the rom: gametitle (country) [T-En by xxxx v1.0], everytime I select that rom to play I am reminded who translated it, then I start the game, a intro screen pops up with the team logo, yeah I was just thankful for you guyses work, nice logo you inserted, A, A, A, A, Start, Start, A, A, ok now the game is starting, oh, they managed to put their logo in the starting menu too, a little distracting as usually its just the games title, copyright info & press start is shown here, why didn't the team that originally made the game think of that? maybe they did and figured it would look too messy so they just included themselves in the ending credits, where credit for work is traditionally given.

I do not appreciate fan translators taking the liberty of altering title screens and inserting annoying intros, the rom file is named with credit given to the translation team, stick your name in the opening/ending credits sure, but don't be disrespectful and put your teams name above the original writers, composers, producer ect.

I am looking to remove intros & if possible restore title screens, has anyone here attempted this or know of any tools/documentation that can assist in the process? any help is greatly appreciated.