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Personal Projects / Re: Nick + Andy Love Story (Binary Land hack)
« on: June 25, 2016, 02:22:40 pm »
I'm glad you like it  ;D

Honestly I don't like modifying graphics that much. Dealing with shared palettes and stuff is the type of annoyance I can't deal with. But for something small like this I figured why not.

The new music comes from a long discovery process that I already did a few years ago. I found the music data and decoded the format, then edited the notes. Thankfully Binary Land uses a pretty simple format: 1 byte per note, in groups of three. It goes in the order: square 1, square 2, triangle. I made a small program which only I know how to use because of how glitchy and user unfriendly it is :P and just changed the music.

Since I only used the existing sound engine I don't know that I'd be much help creating a new one for super pitfall.

Personal Projects / Nick + Andy Love Story (Binary Land hack)
« on: June 25, 2016, 10:24:39 am »
The LGBT thread started by 6paklover (which has now gone off the wall) gave me the motivation to make a hack poking fun at me and Andrew's fear of spiders.

What's New
-Graphics represent Andrew and I
-New Music!
-Always in "Love Story" mode

Me and Andrew are wimpy little sh*ts when it comes to insects... He'll jump on a chair and I'll kill the thing but be all panicky while doing it. This game is for us to poke fun at ourselves, and for you all to enjoy some new music in the game! (and graphics too)

We navigate through the mazes bravely killing spiders wherever necessary

Depends how you interpret "brave"...

We help each other in need

And we find each other in the end, which gives us the strength to keep going!

The new music is written by me. It sounds like you're on a fantasy ride at the carnival or something but I still like it :P

patch to Binary Land (J) [!]
Download Link!

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Editor - Sword II - Work in Progress
« on: June 13, 2016, 07:01:04 pm »
I'm glad your back at it again!! So I can ask you technical questions without it being irrelevant to you :P

How do you handle the automatic backgrounds? Can your sideview editor modify them? I've been struggling a bit with this on mine...

Should I refrain from making edits to the original level design?  There are a couple areas in dungeons I feel could use some slight adjustments, to prevent skipping ahead, or to prevent exploiting clipping glitches.  I've made a few already, but I don't want to change it TOO much.  Any feedback on this would most helpful!  :)

I say go for it. The whole point of playing a hero mode is to play the game legitimately. How can a player call themself a hero if they go and take shortcuts? :P ...although stealing was always fun. Does that count as skipping ahead?
When I play (attempt?) your hero mode it'll be neat to see those slight mods.

First off, let me just say that I'm a huge fan of your zelda 2 hacks! Link's Awakening is one of my favourites. I can't wait to try this out!!

Out of curiosity, are you using LALE?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda2MapEdit
« on: June 03, 2016, 09:20:59 am »
Yeah we've been messaging each other for a little while  :laugh:
The current task is figuring out the hidden palace and new kasuto.
For files with header:
0x01df78: the y value to place hidden palace (warp spot) when it appears
0x01df79: the y value to place new kasuto (warp spot) when it appears

These are only for the area warps; they don't affect the visual tiles on the map.

I'll put everything I've got for reading in area information for posterity.

For the hidden palace and new kasuto, I had to find everything on my own.
Information about the area warps:

You know how you have the locations of each area's X and Y values? There's two more bytes to go along with them as you will see in the link above. And it's not 1 byte = 1 piece of info. They went and squished multiple pieces of information into each byte.

So, to loop through the areas, my code looks like this: (this is GML)

Code: [Select]
//load the action areas
/* REMINDER NOTES from datacrystal and me!
byte0: .xxx xxxx = Y position
       x... .... = External Flag (used in byte3)    (This means that the area takes you to a palace or town)
byte1: ..xx xxxx - X position
       .x.. .... - right exit flag                              (This is the bit for the Right Exit checkbox in my editor)
       x... .... - upper exit flag                            (This is the bit for the Upper Exit checkbox in my editor)
byte2: ..xx xxxx - Scene number
       xx.. .... - Horizontal position to enter within scene
       00 = enter from the left
       01 = enter at x=256 or from the right for 2 screens scenes
       10 = enter at x=512 or from the right for 3 screens scenes
       11 = enter from the right for 4 screens scenes
byte3: ...x xxxx - World number
       ...0 00xx - (requires External) Warp to same numbered exit in overworld #xx
       ...x xx.. - (requires External) Warp to overworld, town, town2, palace, palace2, great palace
       ..x. .... - Forced enter from the right edge of screen
       .x.. .... - Pass through
       x... .... - Fall in hole
for (region=0;region<4;region+=1) //region is 0=west hyrule, 1=death mtn, etc
    if argument1=0 //argument 1 is whether to load from file or just reload from data structure
    switch region
    case 0: pos=$462F; stop=$4665 break; //($ is GM notation for hex value.)
    case 1: pos=$610C; stop=$6149 break;
    case 2: pos=$8627; stop=$8665 break;
    case 3: pos=$A10C; stop=$A149 break;
    default:pos=$462F; stop=$4665 break;
    Ybegin=pos //byte 0
    Xoffset=$3F //byte 1
    Moffset=$7E //byte 2
    Woffset=$BD //byte 3
    while (pos<=stop) //shove all the raw data into the data structure area_raws
        file_bin_seek(file,pos) //byte0 data
        data=dectobin(file_bin_read_byte(file),8) //(dectobin: arg0: decimal value, arg1: number of bits to make it as a string)
        file_bin_seek(file,pos+Xoffset) //byte1 data
        file_bin_seek(file,pos+Moffset) //byte2 data
        file_bin_seek(file,pos+Woffset) //byte3 data
        ds_map_add(area_raws[region],i,data) //add to data structure
        i+=1 //where in map to store data
        pos+=1 //where in file to retrieve bytes
    while ds_map_exists(area_raws[region],i) //store the y-x coordinates as 13 bit binary strings. y first, then x
        data=string_copy(ds_map_find_value(area_raws[region],i),2,7) //extract y pos in binary
        data+=string_copy(ds_map_find_value(area_raws[region],i),11,6) //extract x pos in binary
        ds_map_add(area_locations[region],i,data) //'yyyyyyyxxxxxx'

Then it reads from the area_raws hash map to know where to place the white squares.

So basically there's the y byte, x byte, m byte, and w byte. The x byte is $3F from the y byte. The m byte is $7E from the y byte, and the w byte is $BD from the y byte. All the time.

Personal Projects / Re: Link's Awakening hack: New Awakening
« on: June 27, 2014, 05:36:11 pm »
Dropbox was re-blocked there on June 18th. I know it's none of my business, but I'm curious: whatcha doing in China?

I played all of Face Shrine! And It was pretty cool. It felt a lot like level 9 from the original legend of zelda: full of danger, wrong moves lead you into little traps, and secrets are everywhere. There is one thing though... I didn't get the nightmare key on the first run through, so when I reached the room before the nightmare, I couldn't get in, and I couldn't get out either. I had to use the ocarina to warp to the entrance.

Oh and I did the room with the 4 moving blocks. It was very interesting! I liked it. I had to stare at the screen for a couple of seconds to figure it out. I think it's a good challenge.

Personal Projects / Re: Link's Awakening hack: New Awakening
« on: June 25, 2014, 11:42:33 am »
I'll try and go point by point.

I'm always happy to give feedback if it'll help. Overall I like the hack! It just has those quirks and glitches that need to be fixed. For the colour dungeon I think I know which room you're talking about... I'll try it again. You don't necessarily have to change the puzzle if you give the player the compass beforehand so that they'll know there's supposed to be something in that room.

Turtle rock mid air jumping is clever, but when you were talking about this hack you said that the challenges wouldn't require perfect reflexes, foresight, or guesswork. This challenge kind of breaks that promise. If you don't have the foresight of how the mechanics of Link jumping works, then you have to guess the solution, which requires (almost) perfect reflexes to hit the jump button at the right time.

I like how the dungeons linked together, but maybe it can be done via staircases? Like a secret underground passage that takes you from one to the other. A high cliff in the passage could ensure one-way travel.

For level 6 falling down multiple screens... you're right. It seems like a bug, like something a speedrunner would exploit.

When I said I was getting stuck in walls in level 6... I meant Face Shrine (sorry for the confusion) and it's in the room 1 west, 1 north from the entrance. I used the hookshot on the treasure chest thinking it might somehow open it but I just got stuck jumping between the two walls.

Have you ever played Catfish's Maw in Nightmare's Illusion by jigglysaint? In that one, the locations of the rooms (including the skeletons!) are all different. I think the trick is to swap out the map id, S.O.G., floor tile, animation, and wall tile info with that of an unused room. It's like a copy/paste job with the numbers. I don't know how the skeleton rooms will be affected but it's worth a try. At any rate, rearranging the other rooms around the skeleton rooms is a good idea.

Overall, the only things I truly didn't like were things that looked glitchy but are actually meant to be there. I think a good rule of thumb is if it looks glitchy or out of place, don't include it.

OH and one other thing I just remembered: I went exploring and
I climbed the secret vine beside bottle grotto. I went west in the mountains and jumped down to the area north of the telephone booth and Mr. Write's house. I went into some caves to see what I could find. Then when I went back outside I didn't have the feather yet so I was stuck. I actually saved myself by somehow walking through the set of pits at just the right angle!

Keep the text! I love the cute and funny interjections. "Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?", "We're rupees! We love you, Nick!" haha it's great. But you should include how many rupees the player gets: "We're rupees! We love you, Nick! All 100 of us!" (or something like that)

It's kind of better that Marin's gone. Sure, some people think it's fun. But if she causes problems just leave her out.

Prologue: yes there is enough powder thanks to the upgrade available right near the witch's hut. As the number ticked down each time I used the powder it just reminded me to use it wisely!

Tail Cave, Bottle Grotto, Key Cavern: No real concerns about not fighting the bosses. I just thought it was a little strange, but it was ok. Having fewer heart containers made it a little harder but I found lots of heart pieces so I was ok. Except for some reason when I chose the save option, the game ALWAYS subtracted one piece of heart that I had! So if I had 2/4 it would go down to 1/4. If I had 0/4 I would lose a heart container all together. But I think that's out of your control. I used savestates to get around that.

The Key Cavern was okay for me but that's because
I found the level 0 sword in the cave next to Kanalet Castle.
Otherwise it would have been really really hard. You should consider removing some enemies.

Turtle Rock: The room before the wand is the miniboss, right? It was fine. No complaints there! But I've played this game a lot so I know how to fight him even with spikes around the room. I think having him in an empty room might be better just in case.

Angler's Tunnel: I liked that room where you need to use the hookshot to quickly pass through the closing blocks! I didn't like the room below it where the ledge heights were inconsistent and not nice to look at.
I liked the room where you have to do what the owl statue says... with the jars and the water. That was cool.
One thing I thought was weird was when you had to use the hookshot to go across to a block but then there are spikes so you're forced to get hurt. It's in the room 3 north, 1 west from the entrance.

Catfish's Maw: By cue ball I think you mean dodongo snake. Yeah it was tough. Either the fireball or laser should go away. I managed, but, again, I've played the game a lot.
The boss key chest was okay I think... I don't really remember where I got it :$
I think the way to the flippers was fine as well. I don't remember any moments of frustration.

Eagle's Tower: The side scrolling section made me mad. The ground acted like water and the graphics were all messed up! I just walked on the spikes (using up the medicine in the process) to get across.
Southwest corner on second floor: I hookshot across to the block and just got hurt on the spikes. Then I used the hookshot to expand the bridge. If a weird trick is required then I don't think I did it the way it was meant to be done. (I don't think a weird trick should be required in the first place)
Everything else: No troubles. Actually this dungeon was super easy! I was a little bit surprised. I don't remember exactly what I did but those pillars came down really quickly...

Face Shrine: I only made it up to the room 3 east, 4 north of the entrance. I don't know what to do. I'll give it another try today. But I really REALLY don't like the garbage tiles scattered everywhere. It makes me scared to do anything because I keep thinking I'll get stuck in a brick somehow. The red herrings are a neat distraction but I don't think you should resort to confusing cliffs and ledges.
Once I actually get to the rooms you're talking about I'll tell you what I think :)

Keep at it!

Personal Projects / Re: Link's Awakening hack: New Awakening
« on: June 21, 2014, 09:55:00 pm »
Hi there, I know this topic is a few months old but I thought I'd post anyway. I just downloaded the latest version of your hack two days ago and now I'm on level 6 Catfish's Maw. The hack so far overall is a lot of fun :) I like all the new dungeon layouts and overworld secrets. Oh and the new dialogues :) I do have some issues with it though...

In level 1 I got stuck in the room before the feather because I made the treasure chest appear before I got the feather which made it impossible to ever actually obtain it.

In the color dungeon there are absolutely no keys to be found (at least I couldn't find any) so I couldn't do much of it.

In level 4 (turtle rock), that sideview tunnel screen leading to the miniboss room really ticked me off. You have to jump in MID-AIR with the pegasus boots in order to get across... Seriously? I had to watch your video in order to figure that out. I didn't like that. Even in level 5 when you have to do it again except with the giant blob bouncing around it was not fun... just annoying.

In level 5, that idea of falling into the other dungeon is pretty cool! But falling through multiple screens is kind of weird. It looks like it's not supposed to happen. The only reason I knew I was doing ok was because of the owl.

In level 6, that thing where you have to fall down through multiple screens is kind of lame.

Also in level 6, it's really confusing. Since I got the first item there is to get, I though I could go. But after watching your video it seems I missed the bracelet upgrade AND the hookshot (thankfully I found the other hidden one in some cave beforehand.) Three items all hidden in my least favourite dungeon :(

Oh and idk if it's just my emulator (lameboy for the ds), but whenever i did a normal save (e.g. save & continue from gameover), the game would subtract one piece of heart that i had!! so i use savestates now and always choose continue without saving.

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