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I found a bug, i think. In the Shin-Ra building, when i fight this enemy (Hammer Blaster), the game crashes with the "scene 424 code 32" message. To fix this, for now, i extracted the original (untouched) SCENE.BIN for the normal game and replaced it in the  retranslated iso. This not affect the translation, only the enemies name, i can live with that.  I am using the last version of Mednafen PSX core.
Awesome. Tested in Retroarch and works ok.
Quote from: Imaynotbehere4long on October 31, 2016, 11:35:19 AM
I started playing this patch recently as my first run of Skies of Arcadia. I just made it to the Pirate Island, and Erinn the Item Merchant told me that healing crystals recover HP anytime and anyplace "unlike spells that require MP." However, I can totally use Sacri outside of battle. Was this a mistake in the original game, a mistake with your redone scripts, or do healing spells have restrictions that I'm not yet aware of?

Erin says that because the healing crystals DO NOT require mp to use (thats is the diference). Its not a error: Erin just establishes the difference between crystals and spells.
Hi. I want to test your hack in the Pal spanish version, but i cant find the pal version, only the ntsc 1.4 in the RHDN hack page.
And i have another question: the Pal to 60hz patch, sync up the video to 60hz, thats ok, but the audio? I remember many patchs of the psx era, pal to ntsc, syncs the video but the audio still have 50hz speed, causing a desynchronization between the audio and video.  In fact, playing PAL converted SOA in my NTSC Dreamcast years ago i have this problem. The more long the in game scene, the more lags the audio.
Thank you for your hard work.
I have patched the Pal - spanish version and at least the game boots ok, but i need time to check... I´ll keep informated.
This patch its compatible with the PAL - spanish version of FFIX? Anyone has tested this? Thanks in advance.