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Hi I'm new here is that there was a problem with the translation of the RPG video "Far East of Eden Zero" in English, but even Hispanic translator games, I like to share a little piece of my FRCBMEX and HEXORD and clear this review is incomplete, but I wanted them to see the fruits of our progress, unfortunately due to other projects we have in mind and the lack of a writer who has a knowledge of the Japanese language and to make this work costs a pretty face, if so huge, there was no choice but to cancel the project or actually not quite, quite some time I decided to share the work of the Spanish translations in beta, so, that I have now decided to do the other translators being Hispanic or non-Hispanic achieving continue this great project and offer to others.:(

Finally I know other groups as "Au-ro-ra", "Byuu" lost temper and are working on versions in English or German but I thought that other groups also would be interested in making their own versions in different languages ​​by reason I share the download link. This project started from 2010 to 2013 and with only two people.
Later! :thumbsup:
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ROM Hacking Discussion / New Hack of Monster in my Pocket
« on: November 05, 2013, 09:32:45 pm »
Hi ! I' am translator of vídeo games in spanish, lately making a hack of Monster in my pocket but based in the movie mexican of the 60's "The Santo and Blue Demon versus monster" hope your help to upload this patch in your page.

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