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Gaming Discussion / Re: Chrono Trigger hack recommandation
« on: September 24, 2019, 10:16:40 pm »
hi, thx for the tips. Unfortunately I won't have time to play more than once :( I just finished super metroid, now i wanted to play an rpg that i've never done before which i heard was great.

Wondering if playing it on steam is better than on snes, i've read that are more dungeons/quests.
Aww.  One of the big things about CT is New Game+.  Perhaps you'll have the time to circle back later.

Honestly, the DS/Steam version has some pretty poor added dungeons.  I mean it's there and they're optional, but it is most certainly not why people play that version.  I know that some play SNES just to be rid of it (it's certainly tempting to do so), but once again they're optional.  I actually liked the monster raising/arena addon, a lot don't though.  It's DS only.  Square's mobile ports at the time had to nix stuff for space issues (it's a very old port) and Steam was originally based on mobile.  So yeah.

As for the screen size, I know that and relate to it.  I keep a 9.7 inch tablet around for this purpose, honestly. Well, not the most important reason but it's one of them.

The translation of Holy Diver doesn't appear to be working correctly in Mesen.  Because this is the most accurate NES emulator around, this gives me reason to believe that it's also broken for real hardware.

It is not unheard of to see addendum to translations to fix these issues for hardware, but my knowledge of the NES is a bit poor so I'm really not sure whether or not this is an emulator specific issue.  May as well bring it up here.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 24, 2019, 05:17:09 pm »
Ah, I see.  If you need to, I can always put anything up in my own Mega!

Also I'm sorry about the holdup, it appears that finding the junk space is the part that takes a lot of time right now (longer than I had thought actually). The graphics are just slightly bigger than before, as expected. :P

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 23, 2019, 04:53:26 pm »
Mega isn't always the kindest thing.  At one point I just stopped putting out URLs to single files, because my updating them stopped making the link able to be used. o.O

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 22, 2019, 08:27:18 pm »
THanks for the tip!  I haven't added it to anything final yet, thankfully.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 20, 2019, 02:34:35 pm »
Possibly just someone forgetting to change the Max HP from default (unused enemies have 1 HP), and people killing them easily in testing, since you'll do more than 110 damage against a Peeping Doom at that point.
In that case it might be a Monster status issue.  And I don't really want to change that, because I'd rather leave that data unchanged so that the gameplay would keep the same (it might also conflict with Chrono Trigger Platinum).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Chrono Trigger hack recommandation
« on: September 20, 2019, 02:12:26 pm »
Just play the original for your first time, CT is not some buggy, engrish mess that requires a "hack" to make it acceptable.
As the person behind the above link (and who's even made it able to be used by first-timers), I agree completely.  You really ought to only play a hack for your first playthrough only if it's an unplayable garbage dump without it.  The drinks may sound a bit silly when you get to it but it isn't completely out of place all the time, unlike something like FFVI.  The gameplay bugs I've fixed are honestly few.  For what it's worth CT is a very polished product.

My recommendation is to play the original first, then come back to mine for later playthroughs.  And you will be playing it more than once, if only for the endings.  Chrono Trigger is one of those games that holds up when unmodified, even though there are modifications around.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 20, 2019, 01:51:41 pm »
I'm okay with fixing it, dunno what's behind it though.  I've never run into it due to always killing them on sight, but it's nice to know about! That's two Black Omen bugs, wonder if they had to rush it towards the end a bit...

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 18, 2019, 11:59:09 am »
Quick progress thingy: While I was at it, I edited Prehistoric to Prehistory because that's almost too easy (shout out to Axiphel who had the Prehistory stuff first, if you're still reading).  So the next update will have that in too.  I forgot how much fun Tile Molester is, though my main headache has been getting the q in Antiquity to look right.  I think we're about there.  Also, I only needed to add one tile for the "ty" ending.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 15, 2019, 10:02:22 pm »
I was definitely excited about the fmvs but I dont believe he ever got them ready did he?
Not yet, I don't think he's quit or anything like that last I checked?

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 15, 2019, 09:11:01 pm »
Got it!  Honestly, at this point I'll take original SD2SNES over FMVs since I'd be patching it in.  But would anyone miss them?  Personal opinions needed.

I may look at that line again... I kept it in because it's one of those iconic Woolsey Magus lines.  It also kind of reads like Nizbel's one line did though, and it doesn't fit with the rest.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 15, 2019, 07:04:26 pm »
Yeah, this is a great example of taking advantage of the amount of space I have lying around after the expansion!  I'm betting a lot of people using real hardware are going to be excited to see this roll out.

Alright, if anyone doesn't want to wait I have the main ending's King line fixed in only the Mega link (I won't be submitting anything to RHDN until I have all these upcoming things finished).  I'll be addressing the rest pretty soon, I had a surprise work hold up. :P

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 13, 2019, 12:51:56 pm »
I guess you are right, until you'd mentioned it, I wasn't aware that hard lemonade involved alcohol. In my country we call such a beverage caipirinha, which includes, ice, lemon juice, sugar and cacha├ža (a brazilian hard liquor similar to vodka).
Thanks for the feedback on this one though, I honestly wasn't aware.  Here in Eagleland it's somewhat common today to add the word "hard" to something with alcohol added.  It's important that everyone gets the point with my edits, so it's worth replacing anyway.

I don't really think caipirinha quite fits, but a Lemon Shandy is basically the same thing (with less proof, which might actually make it more fitting with how I've handled the fair).  That'll probably work the best.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 12, 2019, 05:03:54 pm »
I've found some inconsistencies at the "Floating Away" ending. For instance, the Middle Ages king says "Magus's army" rather than Fiendlord's army.
There was another one at the same scene (throne room), but I can't seem to remember what was it.


The second one was Taban clearly getting drunk at the Fair, but still calling it lemonade, lol.
Noted, I'll take a look at that inconsistency!  I'm pretty sure that's in all of the patches because I didn't realize there was a mention in that ending.  Whoops.

Hmm.  I remember changing the lemonade to hard lemonade (that means lemonade with alcohol in it) in a similar way to hard cider, because I couldn't really find another alcoholic item suitable for switching in other than your generic beer/wine.  I don't want to change the variety of items presented in these lines by Woolsey, but I do want the alcohol back in.  Thinking about it, it may be smart to go ahead and leave the lemonade behind (though I don't know to what just yet).

Looks like there's just one more in the series left to go.  Good work!

By the way, if anyone's looking for the whole series through the search... keep in mind that the first game is FDS instead of NES.

Gaming Discussion / Re: HD Mode 7 is on bsnes v108!
« on: September 12, 2019, 09:20:44 am »
I don't know if I'm just doing something completely wrong here, but Snes9x supports battery-backed saves. Bsnes HD does not seem capable of doing that. Is there some option I have to switch on? The heck?
Odd.  It should support the same format as 9x and everything, both standalone and hte RA core worked just fine with saves.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Square-Enix is doubling down on re-releases.
« on: September 12, 2019, 09:13:07 am »
Well, you weren't wrong about SE re-releasing ports of Dragon Quest. Of course, people are saying that these are ports of the mobile versions. They also plan on giving it an English language option for the Asian release.
I hear it might be the PS4 version, which was also never in english.

Either way, that just torpedoed this entire thing if it isn't localized.

Gaming Discussion / Re: HD Mode 7 is on bsnes v108!
« on: September 11, 2019, 02:02:22 pm »
And now we have Bsnes HD as a Libretro Core.  All other bsnes cores are of much older versions, so just ignore that nightmare and download that one from the updater.  One thing of note is that it's faster than even mercury with all the speed settings, so you should try it even if you're on mobile and don't want the HD turned on.  For me it's just a straight upgrade from Snes9x.

This also means mobile is on pretty much the same page as PC in the accuracy of most nintendo consoles now, since Mesen is also in Libretro.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 08, 2019, 03:32:51 pm »
I've another revised version of the code with some very minor improvements, if you already want to include it in. I haven't heard from qwertymodo though, and I've sent him some private messages with all the issues I've found within his code and some other suggestions.

I do highly recommend that you never edit your patches after applying the MSU-1 code. Just do whatever you need to do and then always cross-assemble the code last. This way we can keep improving the MSU-1 routines directly from the ASM source code.
Alright, I read you loud and clear.  I think the best course of action is to let you know when everything's prepared, just in case.  I do have a couple more things to do before MSU-1 is the last item on the list.

Could you describe, in details, what this HP-to-1 bug is and why you had to remove the old fix? Maybe I can fix it myself.
This is a bug which Mauron made an attempt at fixing, but had to pull due to it messing with the Nu fight in the Dark Ages.  The bug is that when an enemy attacks you with an ability that is made to only reduce your HP to 1 (Queen Zeal for example), Barrier and Shield are not functional for the rest of the battle.  Now, here's the thing... there's a reason for that:

I believe the original fix Mauron had is also in the Chrono Trigger Plus thread, I can't track it down at the moment though.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 07, 2019, 11:09:16 pm »
Sounds like that portal bug was intended behavior.  The fact that I'm still finding out cool things about some areas of CT is a testament to the level of detail they went to.

Anyway... if no one has anything to interject with, I believe I'm safe in putting MSU1 into all six patches all at once (don't worry, I'll carry an antipatch in my tools in case of major update).  This week I'll tackle Antiquity, and I'll probably put up a beta because I know better by now than to just ram it in.

And then we'll have v8.  And then... huh, I guess we'll be done for now.  I'll be honest, I've never truly been in a spot where I can safely say I have nothing left to add.  Well, not quite.  If a new HP-to-1 fix appears in a box it'll be added.  And yeah the 600 AD NPC thing is next in the horizon, but that's removed from this project.

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