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Interesting!  I've always had this game on my backlog, I guess it was worth the wait.

More stuff I found in the game boy leak:

-Hammerin' Harry is a unique US version, this was Europe and Japan only.  It has a voice sample that appears to be in english!  Other than that it's Hammerin' Harry.
-Space Date is apparently an unreleased european version of Out of Gas
-Unfortunately the YuGiOh games are just Dark Duel Stories, but without the subtitle on the title screen for some reason.  Too bad.
-Edd the Duck actually... isn't terrible.  It comes from the Sonic school of platforming, no loops but you got speed.  Not amazing thanks to the screen real estate.
-Bobby's World was once a Home Alone game: (Strange, this link goes to a completely different place when I place it in the post)
-ZAS is an european version, but heck if I can tell a difference between that and the Japanese one.  This is another game with that "wow" factor when it comes to graphics but for a SHMUP on the DMG.
-There are a few other european games slated to go to the US but never did, like Jimmy White's Cueball or David Beckham's Soccer.  I don't think there's much of a difference here since it was already in english.

Gaming Discussion / Members of Team Xecuter have been arrested.
« on: October 02, 2020, 06:22:23 pm »
Here's a pretty good overview:

And the aricle in question:

Not much to do with ROMhacking and more with console modding, but Nintendo's really playing some hardball here.

Gaming Discussion / Re: I need your opinions on Super Mario 3D All Stars
« on: September 20, 2020, 05:40:45 pm »
I'm not going to get it.  Emulated ports of games easily found aren't exactly what I'm lookng for.

But if you're looking to play SM64 at least in a manner that isn't the DS version without an N64, this isn't a bad version.  I saw some comparison footage and it does look like Nintendo improved their emulator since the virtual console days.  Nice effort, if a little too sharp looking to me due to internal resolution upscaling.

Gaming Discussion / Re: PS Plus Collection (Sonys "Game Pass"?)
« on: September 20, 2020, 03:13:04 pm »
The "generation fight" doesn't exist anymore, or at least not as it was.  Every console is different enough in platform that they run on completely different ideas.  Take it as three opinions on the future.  This time it's not really picking your side as much as just picking what's right for your needs.

Switch is a portable hybrid
Series X is more of an extension of the PC than a standalone console platform
PS5 is a straight console

This means that Sony isn't just fighting the Xbox anymore due to Gamepass, it's going toe-to-toe with most of Microsoft in games.  It will be impossible to keep up right out of the gate due to Microsoft also providing far more backwards compatibility between both the Series X and Windows.

Do companies still actively C&D or threaten ever since then? All I can recently remember is "Another Metroid 2 Remake" (2016) and "No Mario's Sky" (2016).
It was mostly a convenient rash of C&Ds at the time that had people in a panic, I kinda called it.  Sites have switched, Prism still gets maintained, the Gigaleak happens, so goes the circle of life.

The only one that was actually recent was the compiled version of the Super Mario 64 PC port, but we all kinda called that.  There have been a few others not so recent but they've all been fan game related (and let's be real, when making a nintendo fangame being shut down is fully expected).

Gaming Discussion / Re: R.I.P. to the Nintendo 3DS...
« on: September 18, 2020, 12:58:26 pm »
Once a console is discontinued with no updates, that's the point when you can start being serious about hacking it.  RIP 3DS, long live the 3DS.

-Power Blade for the NES.  Not just text, but in about everything else about the game.

-Most of the time, a Mario game that has a lot of text tends to get an improvement for its audience overseas.  Nintendo seems to always have some really good localizers, or something like that.

-One of the most common points brought up is FFVI due to Kefka.  A lot of people also say this about Chrono Trigger, but from my observation Woolsey knocked it out of the park by mostly staying close to the original text (minus alcohol or frog) and not by actually improving it.

-There's big debates over things like Working Designs or Chrono Cross's "accent machine" used to make party characters stick out.  I'm not so sure about either actually improving things.

Is there a good established news source cataloging all these details yet?
Not sure if this is koshier for here, but I found a pastebin with all the file names for the game boy content:

At a quick glance, it looks like the translation patch for Gargoyle's Quest 2 is actually better already.  You can tell that the official version is also at least heavily based on the NES text, but from like the first sentences you can tell that more sacrifices were made.

Gameboy ports of Rockboard and Sutte Hakkun :o are much cooler news.
I wonder if anyone will give translating these a go?  One of the first things I thought about Rockboard was "this would be great if it was portable."

Also gimmick world!  Alphadream's unreleased RPG!  I can't say much about it other than it's most definitely a looker, as nice as Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.  Supershot Robot Golf is also unexepectedly very good too, if it wasn't for Mario Golf it would probably be the best golf you could get on the system.

It appears that an english version of X named Lunar Chase was also found.  Also Towers II, but that was already given out for free here:

There's a few other unreleased titles (and some released already), but I don't have the details about all of them.  Looks like at least one of them is supposed to be a movie tie-in?

EDIT: We have a translation patch for X now, and the dialog is actually better there:

Another interesting thing I found though, was that Robopon Star Version is in the batch (ouside of Japan everyone got only Sun).

Another gigaleak part, this time we get Pokemon Picross GBC, official english Gargoyle's Quest II, and some other unreleased content.

Like we'd get much out of it. They lost some of the finalized source code so quickly back in the PS1 days.
And code before that has been lost.  It was confirmed that this at least happened to FFV, which is why it ended up the way it did on Mobile/Steam.

Though, that may have been just a simple excuse as that release was based on the GBA version.

Emerald source is almost useless when it comes to any hacking use because of disassembly existing, again.  More beta sprites and music would be nice though (kinda doubt placeholder sprites will be a thing this time around since this is third version).  Unfortunately, I think we're about done with early Pokemon revelations for the most part but I could be wrong.

Everything else might have something useful though.

EDIT: Oh hey, interesting that they used spreadsheets to localize.  Reminds me of a lot of stuff I've done before.

And it's a conversion of a fantastic board game. HeroQuest was one of my favorite board games of all time. Had some good expansion packs as well.

What's the best version of it? I know there was an Amiga, Atari ST and other ports of it.
When I looked this up, I saw a lot of people preferring the Amiga version.

It's always great to see a prototype get the treatment it needs to be played properly in a console.  Well done!

We've seen some really great unreleased things pop up this year, and not just because of the Gigaleak.  A great time to keep an eye out for this stuff.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: August 27, 2020, 07:36:09 pm »
Excited to try this patch! Just found it for the first time, looking into using the canoe patch.

Curious, how many changes are missing from the Canoe patch vs the most updated version now? How would someone go about trying to implement all those new changes into a new Canoe patch?

Thank you for all your work! It's very much appreciated and quite inspiring.
By now, I can safely say "a lot" and just leave it at that.  You can probably go back to the last time that version was updated, and then after that everything was either not done or needs looked at.  Canoe was behind on updates before the Fiend/Fiendlord change, not to mention stuff like missing the whole item description shakeup and a bunch of smaller changes.

Temporal Flux doesn't work with Canoe since the patch basically converts it into a whole other ROM.   Way back when Primpinelephant was doing canoe updates, it was  basically examining the code via hex and making the changes that way.  But now that there's a new graphics hack in the mix and no one left any clue as to how sluffy did this, it's kinda anyone's guess how to handle that.  Last graphics issue had to do with banks, but I sure couldn't tell you the location.

Also thought Tom retired? Either way, if he's back, awesome news! Because that is such a loss to the scene, if not, glad he was able to finish these ones off to complete the series.
From what I understand he still does things, he just does things in a tiny bit lower profile than before.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Ganbare Goemon 4 translation patch
« on: August 26, 2020, 08:42:24 am »
Looks like the other two patches did end up in the database.  I'm gonna keep an eye on this, but if anything else happens I probably won't say it here due to dramu.  EDIT: Oh nevermind, it seems to be up again now (though only at v2).

no, it was during the debacle last year or whatever i think
I don't know much about Twitter, but there are these living lists that you can use to block people and there are a lot of false positives on them.  I've seen this happen to people with so-called "pro shippers" blocking "anti shippers" along with the opposite, and other strange group-related blocklists you wouldn't know about otherwise.

Honestly?  Chrono Trigger.  I know that it's not just me because I've seen many people agree that CT has that quality.

I think the reason is because it's not just the game itself.  Every time I hear tales about its development, it just gets me into the mood to create and move forward with things.  If a guy can work to the point of developing ulcers making music for a SNES game,  you can do your thing.

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