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Gaming Discussion / Re: Help with emulating on mobile devices?
« on: September 16, 2021, 11:49:36 am »
UniPatcher is basically it these days outside of the online patcher.  Both are reliable.  Use RAR to extract files and as a simple file manager on top of it.

If you did it correctly and still nothing runs, it's also highly possible that the build NES.emu free is based on is quite old.  Broglia's been maintaining his apps for eons in mobile time, and the free apps always came from an unknown source.  I would not buy it just to figure out what happens (though his emulator ports are great, and the only sandalones I can really depend on outside of emus straight from the source as they tend to be the only ones that list the emulator's new version number in updates), but try something like RetroArch's FCEUmm core instead to rule out the emulator.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: September 05, 2021, 05:00:25 pm »
Is this a vanilla thing? Mismatching the description with the actual tech name?
Yeah, the tech description is a vanilla thing and it isn't supposed to be the name.  There's a lot of shortening involved in the descriptions, because the game wasn't really built to give long descriptions to anything at all unlike what the DS version has (and those are all US only from what I can tell).  That's what made the item descriptions what they are.

Near the Mystic Mountains?
I don't have the scripts in front of me and Chrono Compendium is down at the moment, but that one's unchanged.  I can give it a redressing though, it's probably supposed to say that the portal's near the mystic mountain one.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Infinity is up on Kickstarter
« on: September 01, 2021, 12:03:49 pm »
FYI, they reached the stretch goal for the steam version so you won't need to pledge to get it digitally.  Pretty sure steam's going to be just rom+emulator, they're even giving it to everyone who pledged rom only.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX
« on: August 26, 2021, 09:53:29 pm »
I liked this game, though honestly the most interesting thing about it to me was to "hunt" monsters by trying different CDs. I wonder how that's replaced in this version.
It's still there in spirit, just with keywords instead.  Think of it as a combintaion of the GBA games and the originals.  At least Beck's Mellow Gold is easier than ever now.  This is apparently true for both Switch and Mobile (even though mobile phones can hook themselves up to a CD player still).

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: August 26, 2021, 09:50:23 pm »
Do you have plans for changing the speech pattern of the characters in the Middle Ages to match Frog's? I seem to remember you saying something to that effect. Probably wishful thinking on my part.
I haven't forgotten, last year just was.. itself.  I was in talk with another user over last year I believe about their attempt at it, things kinda just drifted off.

It's still in the back of my mind, and I may redouble my efforts at it after this update depending on the look of the situation.

Gaming Discussion / Infinity is up on Kickstarter
« on: August 20, 2021, 10:05:03 am »
I almost never do crowdfunding stuff, but this is one to notice.  Whether you pledge or not though this is going to be one game to play!

Most of the stretch goals and goodies are taken (they raised 100k on day one), but since incube8 hasn't sold a ROM file yet in their store this may be the only time to get one.  Homebrews selling you a ROM file for your use is common, but these publishers doing it is kinda rare.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: August 16, 2021, 08:33:26 pm »
Noted!  Interesting that all the other patches have the same problem.

Some NPCs in Medina refer to Magus and Lavos in the same sentence/area too.

Ugh... Nintendo of America and its censorship. It was so much easier for the original creators because his original name meant both things.
Hey... Let's censor everything religion related but name three plot characters after mythological christian characters. I am surprised they didn't censor the cathedral after censoring "Ten".

I am not a fan of Woolsey's "translation" myself; unfortunately the DS version, despite what people say, is NOT the definitive version for this game. The graphics look like garbage, the extra areas are awful and the extra items are overpowered to the point of breaking huge sections of the game (see Spekkio lv99).
Yeah, the translation situation is in a weird spot and I'm first to admit it.  There's a certain point where I can't address something because the sources are spotty about it and/or it's out of scope of this hack.  There are times where Slattery does appear to absolutely screw it up in comparison too, but I could see where one could prefer it.  Either way it looks like I'm going to be putting in a new playthrough of the DS version soon to get to the bottom of some of these things.

One day I hope that we see Chrono Trigger get the same amount of script attention FFVI does.  No, I don't mean hundreds of whole script hacks but scripts using whole new sources.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Happy 30th Anniversary Armadillo (NES)!
« on: August 11, 2021, 02:58:54 pm »
I had no idea this existed, but it looks pretty fun.  I'll check it out!

Also interesting, IGS published this.  That's kinda notable if you've played arcade games like Demon Front, Knights of Valour, EspGaluda, or DoDonPachi 2.  They all used IGS's PolyGame Master hardware. Whoops, probably got the wrong IGS there.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: August 06, 2021, 08:29:02 am »
I just saw a video on the DS version and that translation uses Fiendlord for this specific dialogue.
Hmm.  I'll have to look this up and see how it's handled.  My DS script source was partial when making this, so I admit that I'm probably missing a better handling of this situation.

One explanation you could come with is that despite him knowing Magus' name, he uses Fiendlord because the party doesn't know who Magus is yet, which honestly makes sense if you are playing the game for the first time; only some minor mentions of Magus (Medina and statue) up to that point.
Sort of.  I'm a bit clever with the Heckran.  Because that battle uses both names, the party knows what's up there.  But I could change this back around too, I need to see how the DS version handles the Heckran's defeat as well.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: August 05, 2021, 07:26:02 pm »
When Frog says it, the word must be Magus.  I feel like it's more consistent for all party members to just call him by the character name still, because Frog would either need to be calling him Fiendlord through the whole game or at some point just suddenly start calling him Magus (I wouldn't really be writing in new material to the script, so there wouldn't be a point where Frog finds out from the party or whatever).

I internally explain this away with the fact that history has him around Ozzie and Slash where he might have learned it, and I do have the fiends still using Magus's name.

Personal Projects / Re: Bamse (Game Boy) English translation
« on: August 04, 2021, 01:46:13 pm »
So this is what also became Radical Rex and Edd the Duck?  This wasn't unheard of on the game boy (the Crazy Castle games did the same thing), but I had no idea about this!

Newcomer's Board / Re: How would I make an IPS file work?
« on: August 03, 2021, 01:53:28 pm »
The standard for arcade games is softpatching or using a clone (just like Metal Slug 2 Turbo is mslug2t) due to the parent/clone thing.  If you're using MAME you'd have to look that up, but I believe Final Burn Neo's frontend has a special function all for applying patches.

You could also shoot a question out to the Final Burn Neo devs about this; they're pretty nice, and will help you out with setting things up for running on the emu.  They might even throw it inside the database.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Is Xandra no Daibouken (SNES) claimed?
« on: August 03, 2021, 09:44:12 am »
Yeah, this "claiming" thing is a bit of a myth/relic from many years ago.  No one gets mad or anything if you beat them to the end or whatever now, there are still plenty of games to go around.  The only one time I remember where it was actually relevant was when it was used to intentionally make someone salty.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Anbernic RG351P compatibilty
« on: August 02, 2021, 01:47:37 pm »
Isn't there a version of RetroArch out for this thing?  If so, check there for an NES core and see how well you fare.  Should be better than what comes packaged in a chinese emulation console anyway.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Is Xandra no Daibouken (SNES) claimed?
« on: August 01, 2021, 01:23:43 pm »
I would say the best way to go about this is to search for the game translation in google, and see if anyone's talking about progress.  A lot of translators don't give updates very often, but if the last progress update is 2+ years old and the person working on it is not active on anything else, It's safe to say no one's working on it in earnest.

RHDN is far from the only place people are working on translation patches these days, so I don't think we can really say with 100% certainty whether someone else is working on it or not.  GBAtemp, a dev's own blog/Twitter, maybe a random forum, these are other places known to be hubs for translation patch talk that aren't IRC/Discord.

Not sure how far along you are on this, but there are four prime candidates for homebrew on the arcade circuit because they effectively have console versions and have played host to a large amount of homebrew.  Those four are the NES (Console itself and Nintendo Vs.), Sega Genesis (Console itself and a couple of systems similar to the Nintendo Vs.), NeoGeo (AES and MVS), and the Dreamcast (the console itself and Sammy's Atomiswave).

Neither really fit what you're looking for in requirements except the Vs., but I could see no better place to first start at when it comes to this.  Either of these would result in people being much more likely to actually play these on real hardware, a platform that is easier to test with, and the possibility of even selling copies if you wish.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Main site doesnt update its content quickly
« on: July 31, 2021, 05:49:38 pm »
Honestly, I'd be weirded out if the main site did anything quick.  At first I was irritated when random screenshots didn't even update every refresh, but the site's layout redo did cut the perfect pace compared to how relaxed the original layout was.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters
« on: July 29, 2021, 09:48:41 am »
Yeah I'm going to pass on this.  Especially on mobile where I would buy it this font is unreadable, and knowing how Square is about DRM there (it's also online only) I wouldn't be able to change it.  That alone makes me suspicious of the general quality.

Looks like FF1 doesn't have the GBA balance changes though, according to reviews.  That's something at least.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: July 27, 2021, 05:33:59 pm »
This is a very OCD playthrough; I am talking to everything multiple times (damn this disorder to hell).
If you can wait, I'll end up giving you all the lines that you need to fix.
Bear in mind that I don't play every day though.
I can definitely do that.

I also did come across commas inside quotes when they should've been placed after, and this format:
new line: {sentence}
new line: {single word}
new line: {sentence}
But I thought posting them in here would be considered hardcore nitpicking, so I let them slide.
Those commas actually might be worth looking into.  There are some grammar errors in the original script that I didn't correct, and I wouldn't be opposed to addressing them.

The format errors might be a case-by-case basis.  Some of this is probably due to space limits or auto-correcting by Temporal Flux, some were like that in the first place.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: July 26, 2021, 10:45:12 am »

Hoo boy, this is starting to look like a bigger thing than just one or two lines.

I want to make sure that I've hit them all in every patch this time around, so this fix might take a bit longer than I originally thought.

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