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Hello.  Help me pls recover text from the game's history. Here it is:

Why did the developers make the text almost unreadable? :o
I read the sample text in the picture:

Summary: Medical experiment the practical application of high-Japan, the word "Human experimentation" negative connotations of the w***ion and criyl listened.

***tations violation of human rights. The ***tion and ***** for TR the human subjects and listen ceneced of medical services *** ethos of traditional polemics.


Help me recover the text. Maybe someone has it?

Hello. Help me! I can not find a coordinate along the Y axis, when Mario dies.

I want to change this value. When Mario falls into the pit, he did not immediately die. It flies some distance down.

I need to Mario died when his hat hidden behind the screen.

It is necessary for my hack. Everything else I've done. But this option can not find. Rom - Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!].nes

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