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Personal Projects / Koopa Kingdom Escape (New Demo 12/27/2014)
« on: July 16, 2012, 10:55:01 am »
Hey guys, I just wanted to share a project I'm currently working on that I'm calling Mario Adventure 3. Is it a sequel to an unfinished sequel?! Sure why not. Is it something I plan on completing? Aren't all projects intended to be finished?

Now that that's out of the way...

Mario Adventure 3 is using the disassembled source of Super Mario Bros. 3 PRG 1 done by southbird. Huge credit goes to him for his work and without it, I would not be writing this today. Using this source and other tools, I've started a project that implements some of the best ideas I had for a SMB3 hack done properly. How is that you ask? For example: I always had the idea of an Ice Flower for Ice Mario. I hacked sprites in the past, but I never went so far to host them in ? blocks like regular power ups. I've reimpelmented Ice Mario and it's now something hosted in ? blocks like any other power up.

What's different about this project is I'm making the disassembly source completely open to the public here: I am constnatly checking in my changes with good comments each check in. All of the changes I've made are marked with a #DAHRKDAIZ tag. I'm using Visual Studio as an IDE to host all the asm files in a solution so I can grep all the files pretty quickly and have multiple code files open at once.

I created a separate program called ROM Merger that will copy the gfx, tile definition data, sprite and level data separately from rom produced by the assembler. This way I can use separate utilities to make level and graphics changes since the disassembly includes hard coded levels, graphics, etc. I've modified the batch file included by southbird to execute this program as well so once the rom is assembled, it's merged with my own hack.

I welcome any and everyone to use my project's source in your own hacks or to see how I did things. I hope this pans out into a full release d hack within 2 years  to celebrate the original release of Mario Adventure.

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