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Hi, are you applying it to an unheadered Japanese ROM? The patching instructions (Also available from the first page of this topic) discusses how to deal with headers using RHDN's online patcher. You could also use TUSH if you'd rather use an offline header solution.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: August 26, 2020, 03:21:17 pm »
Frog comes from the Middle Ages

Thank you for the patch for PSII! Finally fast walking, and less tedious enemies/player impacts! Starting to play it again, and now it is much more smoother. So, again, thank you!

As for crazy requests, I wonder if could be possible to add the same SFX for combat as PSIV, and same feedback impact (instead of that horrible flikering and red screen) Well, to me the ideal scenario is to play PSII script with PSIV engine... (hell, even PSI and PSIII)
Thank you for the kind words, but uh, no, that's a lot of work and beyond my skill level. I'm pretty purist when it comes to games, anyway, so I wouldn't want to do that. I'm content with reducing the time damaged units flash, myself.

Don't forget about the name Lassic which PSII and IV also abandoned.

Also, the previous message I posted about the lore terms, I only brought it up cause the item name "Cola" I noticed in the screenshot is still called "Peloriemate" in the Phantasy Star fandom/wiki webpage.
Well, I'm not going to be changing any wiki pages, that's for sure. But the PelorieMate item was changed to Cola in Phantasy Star I, so Perolymate was changed to Cola in Reparations.

Also, near as I can tell PSII kept the name Lassic. He's mentioned once in the opening by his SMS name. PSIV is the one that mucked it up with Lashiec, unfortunately.

No, I've never played any of the online games. If they ever release the Algol Legends Pack for PSO2 I might try it out, but right now I'm centered in the classics only. I generally go by PSI's names and terms first and foremost, except for the name Noah which PSII and IV abandoned.

In a long time coming, v4.0 of Phantasy Star II Improvement has been released. The mod has been ported to lory1990's Phantasy Star II Disassembly, allowing me to implement not only more bug fixes, but more script changes. I had thought about majorly revamping the script as I did with Reparations, but instead I decided to fix the worst mistakes and make lore terms consistent. I have a lot of praise for PSII's script and general writing.

The philosophy behind the gameplay changes to this update was to rebalance underused characters, making them attractive choices next to Amy or Anna. Rolf and Rudo still reign supreme, of course.

- 2x EXP/MST version provided. (Choose one; do not apply both in tandem)

- Shir no longer steals from Dezo shops. Must still be LV 10 to steal item VISIPHONE.

- Implemented all bug fixes in lory1990's PSII disassembly, which includes corrected stats of weapon LAC DAGGER.

- Fast Walking patch applied again.

- Fast Battles patch applied; allies/enemies only flash once when damaged.

- Implemented unused enemy VANLEADR to Blue and Green Dams.

- Script tweaked all around to fix the most egregious mistakes.

- Lore terms conform to standards set by Phantasy Star I: Palma, Motavia, Dezoris, and Algol all return written in full, even on Gaila's radar graphic.

- Naturally, proper case text for menu selections, etc. return.

- Naming screen revamped; allows dash and period in addition to lowercase letters.

Equipment and Shops:
- Weapon BOW GUN removed; weapon Wave Shot (Equip: Hugh, Kain / 40 damage, one-handed) added.

- Weapon WHIP removed; weapon SilverClaw (Equip: Nei / +59 ATK, +7 DEF, one-handed) added.

- Footwear HIRZABOOTS removed; armor ElastcVest (Equip: Nei / +33 DEF) added. (Amy/Shir equip LONG BOOTS as opposed to Anna.)

- Weapon FIRE STAFF casts tech GIFOI when used as an item again.

- Rolf and Kain can still equip helmet LACONIAMET as opposed to Rudo and Hugh.

- Nei can equip the following:
* SilverClaw
* ElastcVest

- Hugh was once again permitted to equip armor CRYSTCHEST and LACONCHEST.

- Tech FANBI absorbs 30 HP from an enemy.

- Amy learns tech GRA at LV 5 instead of FOI, and GIGRA at LV 31.

- Anna and Kain no longer learn tech FOI; Anna also no longer learns ZAN.

- Nei learns more techs:
LV  1 - RES
LV  8 - ANTI
LV 16 - SAK
LV 33 - SAR

- Shir's tech acquisition overhauled:
LV  1 - FOI
LV  8 - RES
LV 11 - ZAN
LV 18 - GRA

It's available on RHDN and Steam. Note that if you've been leveling Shir, to learn her new techs, you will need to start a new game.

Pleas enjoy!

Edit - Oops, I made a boo-boo and Shir's original tech acquisition was left in. This has been fixed in v4.1. It should be live on Steam later tonight.

Happy One-Year Anniversary! v2.05 has at last been released.

- Width of space character in 16x16 dialogue font decreased from 7 pixels to 4.
- Widespread dialogue reformatting.
- Handful of lines expanded, reworded, or rewritten.
- New tutorial text.
- Remade credit graphics at pink title logo screen.

Download the new patch now from the RHDN project page here.


News Submissions / Re: Translations: The Beginning is a New Moon
« on: June 06, 2020, 04:05:28 pm »
Happy One-Year Anniversary! v2.05 has at last been released.

- Width of space character in 16x16 dialogue font decreased from 7 pixels to 4.
- Widespread dialogue reformatting.
- Handful of lines expanded, reworded, or rewritten.
- New tutorial text.
- Remade credit graphics at pink title logo screen.

Download the new patch now from the RHDN project page here.


v1.1 of Reparations has been released.

- Fixed Phantasy Star I references in Uzo.
- Corrected names of Bayamare Gift Shop and AERO-PRISM.
- Revised name of DEZO OWL and Dezo Penguin in anticipation of an update to PSII Improvement.
- LTHR-CLOTH is now Hide Vest.
- Typo fixes. Thanks to nosynose for reporting.

Firaga doesn't exist in Phantasy Star

Thanks for the reminder. I read the readme of each project I try pretty closely before I start said project (Bug warnings are a godsend!) but I know not everyone is as fervent as me. I plan on playing each route at least once, but let's hope the only other things I have to say about this is praise. :thumbsup:

Sorry to derail, but... While on the subject of Sailor Moon games, have you played Sailor Moon: Another Story T-Eng v2.04 at all? What'd you think, if so?

I've been playing for about 40 minutes now, and I must say, this translation is super impressive! It has my seal of approval. And I see that my complaints about Japanese terms and honorifics being left intact in the Genesis beat-'em-up were heard. :p

Edit -

I think I've come across the first small issue.

When the other Four Kings of Heaven come for Nephrite, Zoisite says that they're looking for the Silver Crystal. I'm not sure if it was like that in the written script, but you can clearly hear Zosite say Kurozuishou, or the Dark Crystal (The small black chalk-like crystal that unveiled the locations of the Rainbow Crystal Shards). Later, the loyal section of the Four Kings present Beryl with the Dark Crystal. (This is not to be confused with the Malefic Black Crystal of the Black Moon.)

See what I did (in the video description the various hacks I mixed):
Namingway Edition, being based off of Project II, should already incorporate the following hacks in your video:

-Long Range Fix by Dragoon ZERO.
-Protect and Shell Improvement by Deathlike2.
-Yang's HP Fix by Deathlike2.
-Sing Improvement by Deathlike2.
-Goblin Summon Improvement by Deathlike2.
-Immune Byte Bugfixes by Grimoire LD.
-Critical Hit Fix by Chillyfeez, Grimoire LD.

Further, Rydia's Restored Power replaces Tellah's Recall command, meaning Tellah will also have "Call?" when you get him.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Evermore Scroll Hack
« on: April 11, 2020, 10:23:44 pm »
I have the same request. Although you can eventually get used to it. After all for most Sony game they made O accept and X cancel in japan, but reversed it in the western world. So if you're used to western releases of playstation games you can get used to Evermore control.

SoM allows to swap the buttons and saves it, SoE you need to swap them every time you load a saved game (that is, if you don't use savestates obviously).
mziab has us covered.

Thanks for the report. Those are good suggestions, and I'll consider them. Right now I want to keep them, because most of the other games in the series have notices for searching and finding nothing.

I also found a couple of references to PSI that I missed in Uzo (There's a reason he discusses the Frad Mantle despite it being ages since you picked it up...). I'll probably wait to release a new version since these are pretty minor changes.

For Phantasy Star IV?

Phantasy Star IV (USA).bin
CRC32: FE236442
No-Intro: Genesis/Mega Drive (v. 20180824-045026)
SHA-1: BC7FF6D6A8408F38562BC610F24645CAD6C42629

It's on the main page as well, below the description. :)

The long, long struggle of ancient times finally ended...

The victor sacrificed the vanquished to the heavens.

Four bells tolled.

Four torches were lit.

And the world continued for thousands of years...

At long last, presenting the final incarnation of my Phantasy Star IV mod...

Reparations: Phantasy Star IV v1.0 for Genesis

Reparations: Phantasy Star IV v1.0 for Steam

The script has undergone a thorough examination, but unlike previous rewrite works of mine, I aimed to fuse the official localization with more naturally-spoken English. The only exceptions to this are where I fixed translation errors as provided by The Cutting Room Floor's comparison between the 4 leaked prototype scripts, the final, and the Japanese original. Characters will often convey the same information while saying less, leading to a snappier, more immersive experience. Additionally, lore terms have been carefully cross-referenced to adhere to standards set by Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star II. No more Algo, Parma, Dezolis, Lashiec, Laeruma, STAR-DEW, or Hydrofoil!

Some additional features:
- Expanded location labels of up to 17 letters
- Slightly expanded several menu selections to permit readability and avoid abbreviation
- Proper case menu terms return, with dashes instead of spaces between inventory names
- Items, equipment, and abilities renamed to take advantage of their full letter limits as necessary; at times renamed to avoid truncation
- Gryz can equip all knives (Except for the MAHLAYDGGR)
- The RYKR-RING is a helmet for Hahn, Gryz, Demi, Raja, and Kyra (18 DEF, 10 MDF)
- The planet labels of the unused map item have been translated
- The unused axe's stats have been adjusted (82 ATK, 30 DEF)
- The unused, unequippable armor has been changed into a body armor and had its stats adjusted (DEF +120, MDF +45)
- All of lory1990's bug fixes have been incorporated

Thanks so much to lory1990 for his Phantasy Star IV disassembly and mziab for his guidance, location label expansion routine, and additional tools.

Please enjoy! :)

Personal Projects / Re: New FF4 Advance Editor
« on: March 01, 2020, 12:09:26 am »
This editor looks exciting for sure! I'd love to be able to port the DS translation to the European GBA version, as well as some of Project II's command and equipment enhancements. :)

Personal Projects / Re: Breath of Fire GBA improved
« on: February 23, 2020, 11:29:45 pm »
sure. you need to walk outside arad and warp to tantar though.

using my v0.2 breath of fire i text cleanup beta, with asaki's color restoration and bregalad's sound restoration applied

Personal Projects / Re: Breath of Fire GBA improved
« on: February 23, 2020, 04:51:45 pm »
The Lament Woods don't look like that on mGBA on my end in a BoFI that doesn't use Ben's project...


So, I've finally figured out how to use Lory1990's disassembly, thanks to mziab giving me some guidance. Phantasy Star IV: Consistence is officially in development.

- Expanded location names
- Slightly expanded menu selections (One extra letter makes a difference!)
- Character names and lore terms conform to the first two entries
- Acacia and ShadMirage restored
- Script update! It looks like I might be doing more than I had planned regarding this, but I'm aiming to fuse more naturally spoken English with the official localization.

No estimated release date, but those who have been following my project history know that I work fast. Be on the lookout for this!

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