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Gaming Discussion / Re: PSA: Stop making FF6 script edits
« on: April 08, 2021, 02:35:23 pm »
why can't we get a script edit for something that needs it
*stares at wild arms 2*
i would love to do a script edit of wild arms 2.

as well as clock tower ii: the struggle within. someone actually created an undub of the struggle within, but it needs the japanese character names. the gasps/laughs are also still in english, unfortunately. as is the true ending FMV b/c the undubber wasn't able to add subtitles.

Phantasy Star II Improvement v4.2 is now available for Genesis and Steam.

- New addenda applied atop the primary patch: Doubler (2x EXP/MST), No Red Flashes (Disables screen flashing red when characters take damage), Original Names (Approximates names used in Japanese version)
- Kain can now equip weapon VULCAN
- Weapon Wave Shot adjusted: 67 dmg, two-handed, 45000 MST price
- Armor ElastcVest adjusted: 29 DEF
- Hugh's tech list overhauled (Requires leveling him from LV 1 to acquire)
- Anna was given techs ZAN and GIZAN (Requires leveling her from LV 1 to acquire)
- Tech FANBI now costs 6 TP
- Corrected typos

ReConstruct: Phantasy Star IV v1.2 is now available for Genesis and Steam.

- Typo corrections.

I was asking for a way to revert it for me personally, not for you to prefer it. But if that's an issue for whatever reason, I understand.
Oh, I'm sorry! I'm so used to people asking me for alternate versions. PM me and I think we might be able to work something out.

Oof, sorry but no. The original walking speed is hell to me.

PSII is the outlier in that it doesn't have a good option to play with the original names. You have SMS Power's PSI, Rebecca/Peaches' version of PSIII, and one of GhaleonUnlimited's versions of PSIV. But no one has made a good version of PSII with the names Alisa and LaShiec, among others. Naflign's Ego's translation is pretty terrible and the new "retranslation" of PSII apparently mistranslates a few things, and its grammar is nigh-incomprehensible to boot since it intended to be quite literal.

*sigh* I guess if it's just character names, I really should whip up an alternate edition of PSII Improvement to fill the gap.

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: March 25, 2021, 11:09:14 pm »
Very excited to see where this goes. I never liked Deranged Mode in UDC.

it does use the original japanese names for psiii techs and characters, so if thats too much of a change i do have an alternate version that uses official terms that i'm willing to privately provide

i know i can't control what you do but don't play my PSIII hack please, play the retranslation by Rebecca Capowski and Peaches instead. it's much much better!

yeah i know the rykros ring is worse than the other helms but i just wanted to offer this as an alternative if people needed an extra space in the inventory

Thanks again, Ben. I appreciate it.

1. "Are you who sent the androids to Zema?" - I know this sounds strange, but it's valid grammar. But I looked over the line and I've changed it to, "Was it you who sent the androids to Zema and the Plate System?"

2. "Then I shall then reveal all that you seek to know." - This one received a revision, too. It didn't connect that well from his previous line. Now it's "It is then that I shall reveal all you seek to know."

Please let me know when you've finished your playthrough, Ben. :) You've reported the most typos thus far and I appreciate it.

I don't think fairness is warranted in this case. travel27 seems to be operating in bad-faith that none of us have played an RPG before because we don't like Working Designs making us pay Magic EXP to save, a change even WD themselves admitted is more frustrating than challenging.

Play more RPGs I guess?

I had no issues playing Lunar.
We all play plenty of RPGs here; paying Magic EXP to save is still awful, especially considering how it wasn't in the original. The all caps dialogue is also objectively bad.

Lunar 2 requiring magic EXP in order to save is pretty bad IMO. Unless you mean the PS1 version, in which case IDK what to say

thanks ben, i corrected them. i'll get on releasing a new version in a few days here.

as for the suggestions, it sounds like a lot of work for someone unskilled like me, unfortunately. i'm unsure if i'd be able to implement them

I'm still gonna play your mod, because it's closer to the original script and don't have any made-up tech names.

1. Rebecca and Peaches' retranslation is closer to the original Japanese script. 90% of PSIII's English localized script is made up.
2. The tech names weren't changed according to Rebecca and Peaches' whims; the non-combat techs actually do have weird and random names in Japanese. Rebecca notes this on her website.

I have actually made an addendum of their PSIII retranslation that renames the techs to align with PSII and IV, if you're interested? I do heavily recommend the retranslation over the made-up official localization.

I would also like to take this opportunity to make a general statement to please not put down others' projects in order to uplift mine. Of course nothing is above criticism, even free labor projects like this. I know I've made my own fair share of criticisms, but it's in poor taste to entirely shut down others' projects. (Even when I criticized Bishoujo Senshi Translations' take on Sailor Moon RPG, I still noted the positives.)

A little late, but this is the relevant thread, so here.

Super Custom Classes just launched; this is a mod of FFV that allows players more control over how they customize their Jobs, as well as giving each Job a wider variety of gear they can equip. It is not and never will be bundled with Legend of the Crystals; however, it was developed alongside it in order to complement the hack.

pardon me.

this is my favorite way to play re1 original (not counting remake) so i've taken notes on ultimate director's cut. the game is almost perfect except for a couple of issues

1. There is one small bug that was never fixed: on Jill’s route, if you get poisoned by the Yawn, a cutscene triggers of her waking up in the infirmary save room. Should this happen, a small room with candles you have to use the Lighter on will instead warp you inside the Garden’s shed without needing to collect any Crests. As the candle room doesn’t have any plot significant items, it can be safely ignored if the Yawn poisons Jill. This is a direct result of Deranged Mode's inclusion; this room takes you to the Garden in Deranged. Triggering the cutscene of Jill being carried to the infirmary seems to trigger the Deranged exception for this one room and this one room alone on any version.

2. there's an issue with the opening. instead of chris narrating, "there are only 3 stars members left now: captain wesker, jill, and myself. we don't know where barry is," it cuts off after he says "left now" and the audio seems to glitch out. imo this is less of an issue because it makes it fit better with both the chris and jill campaigns.

i admit i haven't read the thread thoroughly yet, but if any progress at all was made on this i thought it would be prudent to point out these issues.

We applied a minimal amount of patches because it was outside the scope of the project. The main patches we did apply were:

"Dash Button: PlayStation" - Inu. This was inspired by Chaos Rush's translation patches which bundle in a Cancel Button dash.

"Multiplayer Sound Effect Fix" - Inu. This was done entirely because Spooniest and I were testing this over netplay and we kept getting confused due to this bug.

"Quick Death" - Leet Sketcher. Added because holy shit, do not play FFV without this. Seriously.

"Sprite Touch-ups" - Chicken Knife. I really dislike the inconsistency between frames of the Job sprites, so I asked Spoons to add this.

"Ginger Battle Galuf" - J121. Spoons wanted this one because it looks nice, and the added consistency between his two sprite sets is great.

Applying any other patches was off the table simply to ease the burden of testing patch conflicts. We also wanted to provide a mostly vanilla experience, and let other people decide if they wanted to add other patches.

As for the knife damage bug fix, I can't say I recommend any fixes one way or the other because I've never used them before.

Personal Projects / Re: Legend of the Crystals - v2.0 Update
« on: February 27, 2021, 11:04:17 pm »
You could always use Advanced Patch Conflict Finder to check if they're compatible, if you'd wanted.

In other news, boy is my brain tired!

Personal Projects / Re: Legend of the Crystals - v2.0 Update
« on: February 27, 2021, 07:22:26 pm »
I think the only major issue right now is the ending poem has a problem where the lines glitch out. I suspect this is the fault of RPGe's old hacking, but I don't know how to fix it.

Personal Projects / Re: Legend of the Crystals - v2.0 Update
« on: February 27, 2021, 11:39:32 am »
Generally we tried to stick with modern names except where there just plumb wasn't space, so the spell lines are still Spell/Spell2/Spell3. I've never found excessive squish tile use to be aesthetically pleasing and I think Spoons agrees. This is meant as more of a tribute to RPGe's translation than FFV itself, so we didn't want to rigidly stick to modern name conventions.

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