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Hello everyone! :) I'm here with another two lovely little projects.

The first one is the European Font Facelift, used with HoRRoR's wondrous Square Enix Remakes Font Editor. To be blunt, the menu font used in the EU releases of Final Fantasy V Advance and Final Fantasy VI Advance is really, really gross. I don't mean how thin they are, that's understandable. I'm talking about how they didn't bother to resize some of the characters. Bleugh. So I made this! There's also one that slightly expands the font, taking inspiration from the US release, but as a downside makes the menu suffer from various spillover issues in the German, French, Italian, and Spanish localizations.

Click here to download vivify93's Final Fantasy VI Advance Font Facelift, v0.1a. Alternatively, here is a link to the RHDN entry for v0.1.


The edited slim menu font. This is also the music player font.

The expanded menu font. Cute, isn't it? Note the new numbers.

Showing off how I also slightly edited the dialogue font.

The other is the Graphics Reverter. They were trying to get that E10+ rating, and the edit jobs actually look a lot better than the SNES version's, but we are grown men and women and want our hardcore pixel nudity, dammit! So I hunted through the US and European ROMs and I found the esper Siren and the boss Chadarnook's graphics and replaced them with the Japanese version's. The scene where Locke first meets Celes has not been restored.

Click here to download vivify93's Final Fantasy VI Advance Graphics Reverter, v0.2. Alternatively, here is the link to the RHDN entry.


Oh no, a bare stomach and some cleavage! Think of the children!

Personally I'd be happier about restoring Siren if she were male.

I have submitted these to RHDN's database, though the Font Facelift has since been updated.

Please enjoy, let me know if there are any issues that need to be fixed or improvements that could be made, and have a lovely day! :) Happy Holidays!

Personal Projects / The Final Fantasy Legend Proper-caser
« on: July 21, 2012, 02:53:08 am »
Hello once more! It’s vivify93 here, back with more text modifying projects! So we all know that a person called Tower Reversed released a full  English translation for the WonderSwan Color version of the Final Fantasy Legend back in 2011. However, I know there are those who dislike Makaitoushi SaGa and would prefer to play a prettier piece of FFL.

That’s where I come in!

Based off of Skygor’s Skill Clarity patch, this not only follows his textual modifications but adds in an important change: putting everything that was once obnoxiously in all caps in rightful proper case. I also replaced the font with the one used in Final Fantasy Legend II and happened to fix some typos along the way.

Here is a link to vivify93’s the Final Fantasy Legend Proper-casing patch, v0.1a.
Alternatively, here’s the RHDN entry.


Let me know of any errors or typos, even those from the original game. If you're unsure of what qualifies as an error, send it my way anyway. Hope you enjoy!

I also made a tiny patch for Final Fantasy Legend II, but that won't be out until I finish the game. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)


The original intent of Phantasy Star II Improvement was to rewrite menu terms to use mixed case, resulting in easier reading. However, thanks to many talented modders, it grew to become a bug fix and enhancement patch. Several of the project's highlights are listed below.
  • Faster walking speed.
  • Addenda for 2x experience and meseta, approximations of original character names, and no red flashes when characters take damage.
  • Shir doesn't steal on Dezo (Must be LV 10 to steal VISIPHONE).
  • Script update with lore term consistency.
  • Mixed case enemy names, techs, items, menu labels, location labels; characters can be named with lowercase letters.
  • Bug fixes galore.
  • Ally/enemy sprites only flash once when damaged.
  • Unused enemy VANLEADR implemented.
  • New equipment: SilverClaw, Wave Shot, Cyber Vest.
  • LAC DAGGER stats fixed.
  • SHINB allows escape from organic and evil enemies.
  • Hugh can equip more chestplates.
  • Nei, Amy, Hugh, and Shir's techs rebalanced.

At long last, I can deliver the Phantasy Star IV project I've always dreamed of, all thanks to lory1990's Phantasy Star IV disassembly. ReConstruct: Phantasy Star IV is a complete script tweak that fuses naturally-spoken, more succinct English with the game's original script. With this careful method, players can experience a revised PSIV that heavily respects its official localization. Below are just some of the features of this proud accomplishment.
  • Implements all fixes from lory1990's Phantasy Star IV Bugfix.
  • Script tweaked to read more naturally for an overall more polished experience. Lore terms now conform to standards set by Phantasy Star I and II.
  • Location labels and several menu selections expanded.
  • Updated soundtrack titles for consistency with the international names and terms, and to avoid poor English.
  • Proper case menu text, replacing most mid-string dashes with spaces.
  • Updated ability names where appropriate to avoid abbreviation. Esper magic skills renamed to standards set by Phantasy Star I.
  • Adjusted inventory descriptions.
  • Item RYKR-RING is now a helmet for Hahn, Gryz, Demi, Raja, and Kyra.
  • Gryz can equip most knives; see the readme or equipment list for more details.

To Steam players who would like to use these mods legally with the Genesis/Mega Drive Classics Simple Launcher:
Please refer to Spooniest's guide Mods in the Simple Launcher: How I Did It.

You may have noticed that I also have a Phantasy Star III mod; please play Rebecca Capowski and Peaches' retranslation instead.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Breath of Fire GBA palette restorer.
« on: March 13, 2012, 05:32:34 pm »
Hello everyone! With the advent of gukid's release of his Breath of Fire II palette restoring patch, I thought back to Asaki's projects - he was doing the same thing for a bunch of GBA ports. Breath of Fire was one of those, and I was looking around for it today, but to no avail.

I was wondering: does anyone have this still? I mean, I sure as heck don't have it, and I don't know anyone who still does; I'm the only one in my circle who's really into the Breath of Fire series.

Thanks in advance, and have a lovely day! :D

Hello! I was wondering if there's a way to write a GameGenie or Pro-action Replay code as a permanent change to the ROM. As we all know, Lufia & the Fortress of Doom has a walking speed for dungeons and the world map that can only be described as "slow to the point of being comically absurd." However, there exists a code, 01982920, that allows the hero's team to walk at the same speed as they do it towns.

Rather than turn this code on everytime, I thought it would be more convenient to have this as a permanent patch. However, I'm a bit at a loss as how to get started on this.

Thanks in advance, have a lovely day, and Happy New Year's! :)

This is a humble little thing that cleans up a bunch of the menu text in the third installment of the Lufia series... and a tiny bit of dialogue.

It can be downloaded here (22.8 kB). This is for the US ROM.

View the readme and the nomenclature changes log to read up on what's new to this patch. Enjoy! :)

EDIT: To whoever uploaded this for me, thank you! :D

ROM Hacking Discussion / Genesis checksum issues
« on: April 06, 2011, 12:18:42 am »
Hello, everyone! More Phantasy Star troubles! Long story short, I suddenly got the urge to try this lost little series again one day. I ragequit before and lost all my info and hacks--good thing that I was only doing simple text hacks. I did lose the Phantasy Star IV .TBL data, though...

Anyway, for some reason, Kega Fusion won't read my modified Phantasy Star II and Phantasy Star III ROMs. It says, "Checksum incorrect!" and displays a red screen with no sound. I know for certain this is my ROM, but I can't seem to find anything that will lead me to modify, correct, bypass or otherwise alter the checksum after some searching on the Internet.

Any help is welcome and appreciated! :)

The font in Phantasy Star II is...the most hideous thing I have ever had the displeasure of gawking at. I've gone through the ROM a few times in YY-CHR, but I can't seem to find it. I've also poked around in a hex editor to see if the miniscule text I wanted to edit was in ASCII with no luck, and hunted for a .TBL file to no avail.

While here, I'd like to ask about editing Phantasy Star IV's font and text. Similarly, I've looked through the ROM in YY-CHR, but I'm unable to locate the font. Though it's actually quite pleasant to look at, I dislike the fact that the font is thick and the numbers are thin. Also, I'd like to see about editing a tiny amount of text here as well.

I'd be appreciative if someone could direct me toward editing these--or hell, at least the font in PSII.

Thanks in advance.

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