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wow. i can't believe i missed that. i've submitted a new version (no new number since it's a same-day update). i removed commas from numbers while i was at it for accessibility's sake.

v2.08 is out

- fixes sell price told by collector's pawn shop when selling studio cap
- alt patch to add manicure to keines item shop

oh wow, this is super helpful actually! thank you kindly. we should've been more diligent.

I think it's taken me over a year, but I finished the new appendices in ReConstruct: PSIV. Upon rereading them, I actually noticed a few formatting errors, but no information errors, so I consider them fine to release.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters
« on: July 30, 2021, 11:47:37 am »
it looks like FFII uses the GBA/PSP balancing even though it's missing their content, so that's a relief. i was worried stat downs and excessively expensive medicine and such would return.

ok thank you. stop talking about breath of fire in my phantasy star topic please.

i'm sure there is but i find the movement speed in PSIV fine. i might try to look into it

ok thanks, back on topic now :)

yeah, but i'll manage. anyhow don't expect it anytime soon, i've had it on the backburner since 2016.

anyway this isn't related to phantasy star

oh no i was going to work off the gba version. it was going to be mostly original. it's just tedious when i'm whacking away only in hex

i had one planned but it's been on the backburner for a few years. i basically have to rewrite the entire script since bofii's translation is so poor.

i hope you've enjoyed psii improvement so far, jackie lyn. :) it's definitely a passion project.

considering nobody had talked about it in 2 months, and the fact that the game's been out for 26 years, i doubt it's a problem

I'm noticing an issue in Chapter 2 with Sailor Jupiter's plot. I'm encountering enemies that are doing 168+ damage and wiping me out immediately. I managed to kill one, and didn't gain any EXP or HP. Is this a bug or an issue that anyone else has had?

mziab told me that he's responded to your PM already, but I thought it would be a good idea to say something publicly with screenshots to illustrate my point.

So, Sailor Moon: Another Story has some wacky stat balancing. An accessory offering what seems to be a paltry stat increase will actually give quite the boost.

For example, here's a LV 6 Jupiter with 17 Defense taking damage from an Atsugessho. She has no accessories.

Almost the same scenario as above, except with 1 pair of Earrings equipped (Def +4).

And the same as above, but with 2 pairs of Earrings (A total of Def +8).

The same goes for Bracelets (Atk up) and Speed-increasing accessories. Wise accessory use is the key to this game. For the record, Medis Village sells Earrings and Bracelets in its item shop.

Formation makes a big difference as well. Aside from Chute, generally girls up front are going to take (and deal) more damage than those in back. The only exception to this rule is Cluster, where the person in the middle takes (and deals) the most damage.

1. [LCH2] Character Names and Terms

We followed the same standard VIZ Media did when the anime was freshly dubbed, starting in 2014.
This means original Japanese names only, names are ordered by FirstName-Surname, character technique
names are retained, no honorifics, localize any terms originally in Japanese as necessary, and
reference Kodansha USA's initial manga release and VIZ's anime dubs for translations of iconic
terminology and phrases. This brings me to my next point...

 2. [LON2] One Patch, and That's It

You read that right: there will be no alternate patch for whatever set of names and terms you
personally like best. DiC and Cloverway's dub has not aired nor been sold for almost 15 years as of
this writing. Similarly, while many fan efforts use valid and well-researched translations for
Sailor Moon's lore terms, we've decided to go the official route and translate it as if it was a
currently-released product. For better or for worse.

Thank you very much! I'm glad I was able to tweak PSII for user friendliness. :)

Phantasy Star II Improvement v4.3 is available.

- Rolf can equip weapon SHOTGUN
- ElastcVest renamed Cyber Vest; now gives ATK +10 in addition to DEF +29
- Rolf learns tech ANTI at LV 18
- Nei's tech loadout slightly adjusted

Spooniest and I weren't able to update the Steam version of the mod. The Genesis Workshop Tool doesn't seem to be accepting mods from either of us anymore. I may try again in the future but now it looks like the Steam versions won't be updated anymore.

thanks to the gay jokes i've headcanoned leo as being actually gay. thanks victor ireland for the canon gay rep, i feel seen :)

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 14, 2021, 03:05:21 pm »
i think it would be best for deli295 to start with his original ideas and then expand his scope once that's done. too many requests like this often winds up with the original project author getting overwhelmed

Personal Projects / Re: Resident Evil: True Director's Cut
« on: April 13, 2021, 01:05:10 pm »
I think it would be best to start with your original idea and expand your scope once that's done.

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