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yeah, I caught that too late, it's fixed internally so it'll be in the fix patch when it's ready to be released.

Thank you. That answers it but it's harder to accept than the name changes and Nana being Kazuya's younger sister.

Richter and Erika being royalties just made so much sense in the local dub, unlike Nana and Kazuya being siblings, that I thought that it's in the original. Olban was even a regent that rules in Richter's place because the latter was said to be too young and inexperienced and forcing Erika to marry him is supposed to be a way to usurp the throne (the two of them were even wearing crowns during the ceremony). If Erika wasn't even royalty, then I guess he's not usurping but instating himself as a monarch and he's just a dirty old man who wants a beautiful young bride. :o

Nana isn't actually Kazuya's sister, they grew up together so they're almost like siblings, but they're definitely not relatives, only childhood friends. Nana is the granddaughter of Prof. Izumi, who was a friend of Kazuya's father.
Also yeah, Olban just wanted Erika because she was beautiful, he didn't need her to become royalty or anything.

Thank you. I've always wanted to play and understand this because of the classic robot shows it featured.

Reading through the Biographies, I have a question about the original Japanese dub of Daimos: was Richter never referred to as a prince there? I've read the page on Wikipedia and Richter is described as both an admiral and a prince. I've seen a local dub and he was called as a prince and a "commandant" so I wonder if it's one of the changes made by the translators. I also wonder similarly about Grand General Leon, because Wikipedia also describes him as an Emperor (that's his only title in the local dub). I just want a clarification from those with better understanding of the anime because unlike Combattler and Voltes, I didn't find an English-subbed, Japanese-voiced original.

Hello, I hope I can shed some light on your questions. First let's talk about Leon and my choice for his rank of "Grand General". The kanji used in Japanese were 大元帥 (Daigensui), which happen to be the same as the Great Marshal of Hell. Since I used that as an "evil" rank, I decided to translate it in a different way to make it feel nicer. Since he was the highest military rank of Bharm, I made him a Grand General. Leon himself wasn't an Emperor; basically after the catastrophe of Planet Bharm there were no other living important people excluding the top military ranks. There might have been an emperor or a king, but he probably died. Richter and Erika aren't royalties, unlike Heinel (his parallel from Voltes).

Hopefully that answers your question :)


I had a minute, so I thought I'd try doing a relative search for some of those cast names and the credits.  Alas, nothing obvious is appearing.  I don't suppose any of the extraction tools might have dredged them up, i.e. as graphics?

On the off-chance it will help, here's the names as they appear:

Oh those. Many of these are either Japanese names or puns, and would need to be translated. Right off my head there's the following:

ONNANOKO: which is just onna no ko 女の子, or "girl".
OYAZI: from oyaji 親父 ("dad"/"grampa"/"middle-aged man"/"boss"), but as for why the "ji" became a "zi"... maybe because of a drunkard's lispy prononcuation, since this character is an alcoholic?
KANBANK: includes kanban 看板 ("poster"/"billboard", like in "poster girl" for bars), but why the bank part? This part of the pun eludes me. It's just a giant Bowser billboard causing instant wins as far as I know.
BURUCCHO: Same. I get just the first part of the pun, buru which is short for bulldozer in Japanese. But what about the rest? "Block"?
GURUCCHO: Same. I get just the first part of the pun, guru guru which is supposed to be the sound for stuff turning in a circle, just like this ...thing... does in this game.
FORKUN: Forklift-kun?
BURNYA: Self-explanatory, it burns ya. Could be an affectionate cutesy nickname with that nya suffix for something that... burns stuff? Has absolutely no idea what BLONYA or JENYA are supposed to be.
DUMPTY: Related only in name to Humpty Dumpty. Here it's supposed to be a machine that dumps stuff away.
GATA GATA: Literally the sound effect for "rattle, rattle".
POLES: ... Engrish aside, they look in-game like sentient joysticks.
U DOKUN: Has no idea what this name is supposed to mean. Appears in-game as a billboard with a construction worker.
NASUBI KAMEN: is a Japanese word. "Masked Eggplant", fittingly.
ONIGIRI: that one is clear enough ("hamburger"). There's a literal rice ball in the game.

There's the stuff that already has official English names like KOOPA (good old Bowser) and NOKO NOKO (Koopa Troopa).

Could anyone fluent in Japanese save the day for those puns?

I can't help with all of those, but here's what I could find:

NASUBI KAMEN: Eggplant Man
NOKO NOKO: Koopa Troopa
SPANNER GON: Gotchawrench
BLACKEY: Foreman Spike
KOOPA: Bowser
ONIGIRI: either keep it the same or go for Rice ball
ONNANOKO: as GHANMI said, it's just "girl"
OYAZI: It's something like "old man", "pops", "gramps", "boss", whatever seems right knowing that he's a grumpy owner of a small construction company (probably does all the work himself). Regarding the "z" rather than "j", it's just a different romanization style, with "zi" and "ji" being interchangeable (for an anime example, ジオン (jion) is meant to be "Zeon")
DOGU: a Dogu is a clay figure from ancient Japan. Either keep the name as is or go for "Clay doll/figure".
FORKUN: as GHANMI said, the name is fork(lift)+kun. 
BLONYA: The Blo part probably refers to this guy moving around a cement BLOck. The -nya at the end just makes the name unique and whimsical, no real meaning.
BURUCCHO: as GHANMI said, the "buru" part is from bulldozer (burudoozaa in Japanese). The -ccho part at the end it's just to make the name unique and whimsical, it doesn't have a real meaning.
BURNYA: The Bur(n) part comes from this guy using a welding tool (which is pretty hot, so it burns). Like the other two guys, the -nya part is just to make the name sound cute and whimsical.
DUMPTY: it's a DUMP truck.
JENYA: The "Je" part comes from this guy wearing a JEtpack. Like the other two guys, the -nya part is just to make the name sound cute and whimsical.
KANBANK: this comes from 看板, which as GHANMI said means sign or billboard. The japanese text on the sign reads "safety first". Not sure about the "k" at the end, but I'd take a guess and say it's just to make the name unique and a k flows nicely after an n. I'd go for something silly like "Billboardser", but I'm not a great punster.
GURUCCHO: the name references the onomatopoeia "guruguru", which means spinning; it makes sense since it's supposed to be a screwdriver. Like for Buruccho, the "-ccho" at the end is just to make the name unique and whimsical (though I don't think it has a "cute" undertone like the -nya guys).
GATA GATA: it's a blocking signpost. "Gatagata" is the onomatopoeia for wobbling, which should refer to the fact the sign wobbles a bit when it stops (probably). I'd ignore the original name and just call it something that references that it's a signpost.
POLES: it's three poles, not much to say.
U DOKUN: 誘導くん (yuudou-kun). The word means Guidance, so it would be something like "Mr. Guide". It's supposed to be a panel redirecting traffic. Here's an example of a real life one . you can find pics of the enemies in here, so you can see them.

Now, my suggestion for the names is just to ignore (or at most take some inspiration from) the original names and just write something that feels right by looking at the enemies. Maybe try to match the names of similar enemies, like I don't know: Forker, Dozer and Dumper, or Blocky, Burny and Jetty; but as I said I'm not really good with making names, so I'll leave it to you.

* In the intro, Mario is mentioned to have fought as part of the Wrecking Crew "for peace". Since your rewrite freed up an extra line, you could add that detail.

If you're talking about this line:


I just want to note that "へや" (heya) means "room"; "peace" would be the similar-sounding へいわ (heiwa).

* Girl (onna no ko) dialogue when defeated does mention her going back "to where the others are". MajinZenki missed that part in his translation.

I admit that I didn't mention that detail, mostly because in English it felt a bit awkward to say "Now I can go to where the others are." I settled for "It's time to go" since the game shows the girl ascending to Heaven and I thought it was good enough. Anything from "Now I can join my family" to "Wait for me everyone, I'm coming" could work in alternative. I guess I should have added a translation note mentioning that.

This cheat lets you win even when losing: 7E047202
The instruction reads that you should only activate it when the "CLOSE" message appears when the round ends. I tested it on snes9x and it works. It might be helpful to get to the end of the game.
Edit: hmm, I tested it more and it seems that it only lets you win, but it won't unlock the next stage, so it's not very useful.

I run the game to take a look at the tutorial, so I also translated the tutorial text you dumped.
I only added the color tags, since you'd probably have to move words around anyway. Feel free to edit as you see fit.

Good luck with your project!

Hey, I took a look a the file and seemed short enough, so I took care of the story translation. It's still a bit rough around the edges and needs polishing like puns or a bit more personality for the characters, but it should be accurate.
Feel free to edit it as you see fit.

I don't have a big presence on the message board, but since we're over the 50% mark, I'll take the occasion to say that I'll keep doing my thing and see this translation finished. I hope you'll enjoy it, it's a pretty cool story with a lot of funny moments.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Vixen 357 is out!
« on: October 03, 2016, 11:12:53 am »
I just want to say that it was a pleasure working with celcion and cccmar. Translating is fun when you do it with nice people ;)

Does Boss say "yo" often? I don't recall that being a thing in the source material, but I could be wrong.

Looks pretty fantastic, otherwise.

That is our attempt of localizing Boss' speech (all that "dawasa" he does). It's still very early, so we can change it to something else, as usual feedback and suggestions are appreciated~

Thanks for the feedback, the current version now features "Halberd Launcher"  :thumbsup:

As it was stated, those "kore ga" at the end of the lines are amnesiac Axel's verbal tic. There's 7 instances in his battle quotes only (for a comparable number, there's 8 instances of Lamia having her grammatical nightmare lines in her battle quotes). I thought that localizing that tic as "y'know" is something that is easily repeatable when we get to editing his intermission dialogues, and in SRW AP is probably unique to him. I'm accepting suggestions though.

About naming, until now I've been using Atlus translations; it's really been "all-or-nothing" for now, that's why you can see "Black Warrior" and "Halberd Shooter"; my reasoning for using those is that the players of OG2 (GBA) would recognize those names and terms, but as usual I'm accepting feedback.

Hello guys,

I wanted to showcase the original characters, so I recorded a video with each original robot (Vaisaga appears twice to balance out the pilots).

Please let me know what do you think (mostly for Axel's "kore ga", which I localized as "y'know" and for Lamia's speech impediment).
By the way, you probably will notice that I used Atlus translation of the weapons, let me know your opinion on that, too.

いまだれか 「はげめ」とか
いわなかったか? きのせいかな?
ぶきなら サテライトべ―スの
ファクトり―に ゃってくといいぜ
でも サテライトべ―スにいくには

without kanji I'm not completely sure what's that word in brackets (I'm basing my translation on what I read here): , anyway I think it's something like this:

Did somebody just say "Do your best"
or something? Was that my imagination?
If you need weapons, you should go
to the Factory in the Satellite Base.
However, there is no Shuttle that
goes to the Satellite Base.

(It could also be "We don't have a shuttle to go to the Satellite Base", context will help with that)

Hi, let me try to help:

りゅうしと ガンマ―の がったいは
きゅうきょくの コロナのほのおを
The combination of Particles and Gamma generates the "Ultimate Corona Flame".

はくねつと ちょうでんの がったいは
かでんしの エネルギ―を
The combination of Heat and Electricity generates the "Valence Electron Energy".

コロイドと クりスタルの がったいは
ぜったい0どの エネルギ―を
The combination of Colloid and Cristal generates the "Absolute Zero Energy".

かがくいいんかい ト―ゴかいちょうだ
ここには きょうりょくな ぶきがある
バイオぐんとたたかう ゆうきのあるものは
サテライトべ―スまで きてくれ
Satellite Base here.
This is chairman of the Science Committee, Torgo.
We have some powerful weapons here.
The brave people that fight against the Bio Army
should come to the Satellite Base.

サテライトべ―スからきた エンジニア?
ああ モりタさんと マツシタさんのことか
けんきゅうじょなら そこだぜ
Engineers that came from the Satellite Base?
Ah, you must mean Morita and Matsushita.
I'm sure they're in the laboratory.

かがくいいんかい ト―ゴかいちょうだ
ファクトり―では ついに
ぶきがったいで ランク6の ぶきを
つくるシステムを かんせいさせた
Satellite Base here:
This is chairman of the Science Committee, Torgo.
Our factory has finally
completed the system to create
Rank 6 weapons with Weapons Combination.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: A few strings
« on: September 28, 2014, 03:10:47 pm »
Hello, let me help with these  ;)

ところで ぶひんを はずされてしまった
"By the way, the accessories have been removed" (accessories could also mean "parts", and the line could also read "I have removed the accessories" or similar constructions, depending on context)

わたしの たちばは?
"What is my position?"

せんしのながの せんしの カート
this one is weird, it sounds something like "The cart of the longest-lasting among soldiers", unless カート is a name (like "Curt"), then the translation would be "Curt, the longest-lasting among soldiers"

セラミックきしだんの しるし
"Emblem of the Ceramic (?) Order of Knights"

ヂクタークミのしんさつを うけられる
Hmm, that ヂクタークミ sounds like some game-original name (possibly a katakana writing of something usually written in kanji). For the sake of this translation, I'll just give it a quick romanization.
"Received the amulet of Jictarkmy"

Cボタンを おしながら けっていすると ななめんそかモードに なります
Press the C button to enter the "Nanamensoka" mode. //I don't know how to translate that, maybe it makes more sense in the context of the game...

ただ ひたすらに たたかいつづける モードです
It is a mode where you do nothing but fight.

5しゅるいの なんいどから えらぶことが できます
You can choose between 5 difficulty levels.

チームで ふくすうかい たたかい さいしゅうてきな とくてんで
ゆうしょうチームが けっていする モードです
It is a mode where you fight multiple teams and
a champion team is selected with the final score.

せっていを へんこうすることが できます
You can change the options.

バトルに さんかする さいだいにんずうと
プレイヤーと CPUの にんずうを きめてください
Please select the maximum number of
player and CPU characters participating in battle.

なんいどを えらんで ください
Please select the difficulty level.

すべての せっていを しゅうりょうして
キャラクターせんたくへ すすみます
After completing the configuration,
continue to Character select.

チームにんずうや プレイヤーの しょぞくするチームを せっていします
Select the team members number and the player team's member.

アイテムのうむや みかたどうしの あたりはんていを せっていします
Select item existence and friendly fire.

チームのかずと それぞれの チームのにんずうを きめてください。
Select the team number and every team's member number.

かくプレイヤーが しょぞくする チームを きめてください。
Choose the team for every player.

><で プレイヤーを せんたくして <>で チームいどう
Select the players with >< and move teams with <>.

てきを たおしたときに アイテムが しゅつげんするかどうか せっていします
Choose if you want items to appear when you defeat an enemy.

おなじチームの キャラに こうげきが あたるかどうかを せっていします
Select if you want characters from the same team being able to hit each other.

ONにすると こうげきが あたるように なります
ON means that the attacks will hit.

がったいわざを しようするか しないかを せっていします
Select if you want to activate combination attacks.

しようする ぶきのかずを せっていします
Select the number of usable weapons.

ちけいからの ダメージを うけるかどうかを せっていします
Select if you want to activate terrain damage.

そくしするちけいを ゆうこうにするかどうかを せっていします
Choose if you want instant death terrains to work.

さいしょから はじめるのか つづきから はじめるのか えらんでください
Choose if you want to start from the beginning or to continue.

プレイにんずうを えらんでください
Choose the number of play //I'm guessing this could be the "Continues" when you lose? not clear withot context

たたかうかいすうを せっていします
Select the number of battles //and I'm guessing this are rounds? not clear either

1チーム1人の シングルマッチか
せっていを へんこうする プレイヤーを えらんでください
Change the players for a
1 Team-1 Person Single Match

コンフィグ メニュー
Config Menu

FPSの ひょうじ
FPS Display

Game Speed

Hit Stop //no idea what this is

Same character battle

Damage display

Weapon number

Attack button guard

Random fighting type

Weapon appearance rate

Key config

ONにすると FPSをひょうじします
Select ON to display FPS counter.

ゲームスピードを せっていできます
Select the game speed.

ONにすると ヒットストップを しようします
Select ON to activate Hit Stop.

ONにすると おなじキャラで たいせんできるように なります
Select ON to be able to fight with the same characters.

ONにすると ダメージを ひょうじします
Select ON to display the damage.

しようする ぶきのかずを せっていできます
Select the number of weapons.

ONにすると こうげきボタンによる ガードを しようします
Select ON to be able to guard with the Attack button.

ONにすると キャラを ランダムで けっていしたとき
かくとうタイプも ランダムで けっていされるように なります
Select ON and when you choose a random character,
the fighting type will become random too.

ぶきの しゅつげんする かくりつを へんこうできます
Change the appearance rate of weapons.

キーコンフィグモードに うつります
Move to the Key Config Mode.

Battle count



Battle mode

Player number

Item use

Weapon quantity



Score display



Yeah, I'm perplexed about that one. After some thinking, I'm now leaning toward "Brainwashed men", by using the 肉芽 version (which can make sense in context, as that's the name of the "evil implant" DIO infects people with to follow his orders). "Implanted men" would work too.

Maybe the name is in katakana to make this ambiguous as a joke. In game, and also in the original manga, they make this joke:
「…と!これで肉の芽がなくなって に く め ないヤツになったわけじゃな ジャンジャン ヒヒ」 (That's what Joseph says after Jotaro removes the meat sprout from Polnareff)
This is something among these lines, but it loses the word joke: "..there! Now that there's no meat sprout (niku no me), he's not a such a bad fellow (nikumenai yatsu), tadan! Hihi" I wasting too much time with this minor enemy name? :D

Hello, I want to contribute too to this topic :) I see this was already translated by Paul, so I'll just paste what I think is different

//POINTER #68 @ $10128 - STRING #68 @ $1054A
//<$F0>は ようをたした<end>

I'm guessing that in kanji it would be 用を足した, so:
//<$F0>'s business is done.<end> (that's one weird battle event though)

//POINTER #69 @ $1012A - STRING #69 @ $10556
//<$F0>は ようをたした<line>

Now that I think about it, you can go to the toilet in the game, these lines
//<$F0>'s business is done.<line>
//<$F0>'s stress was reduced.<end>
make sense in that way.

//POINTER #74 @ $10134 - STRING #74 @ $105C3

//defending tightly.<end>

//POINTER #85 @ $1014A - STRING #85 @ $10822
//<$F0>は きがついた<end>

//<$F0>has recovered consciousness.<end>

//POINTER #86 @ $1014C - STRING #86 @ $1082C

//lost consciousness.<end>

//POINTER #322 @ $10D81 - STRING #322 @ $11D98

About this, I can only add that it probably means "Hateful men" like Paul said. I tried googling around and found nothing. In the game it seems to be a random enemy encounter in Egypt, their appearance seem to be based on the first guys Chaka of Anubis kills (if you want to check them out, it's in chapter 193 of the manga)

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