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Wow. The patch was unexpected (guess I forgot, LOL). Unfortunately I tried two different ROMs (both without headers) and both had this sort of issue:

And the game froze once Winky received the 3 keys. Any suggestions?

I'm really excited to play this. :)
Which emulator is that? I would guess by the screenshot, ZSNES?

I recommend SNES9X 1.53 as most other emulators are not capable of running this game properly if at all.

Happy gaming! :)

Awesome. Can't wait.

Also, I've read a few of your recent updates and I like your taste in games. :)

Why, thank you. :)

The time has come to release the final non-vwf english version!!

The patch is awaiting approval under the submissions queue.

Here is a link to the patch until it gets approved:
(Link Removed- Check first post in the topic for the latest patch.)

Personal Projects / Re: [SNES] Super Bomberman 5 Translation
« on: December 14, 2015, 10:50:22 pm »
Sweet! It'll be nice to finally have the whole SNES sub-series in English. Good luck!
Good luck. I've heard it's a bitch.

Thank you so much. I'll need it. ...You have heard correctly.

Hopefully, by breaking the execution into it's sub parts, I'll be able to take this on a bit more comfortably. It's very daunting to read 70+ lines of the disassembly and only partially grasp how data is organized. I keep adding more and more memory addresses to my list of those used by the decompression routine. And yet, I persist...

Personal Projects / [SNES] Super Bomberman 5 Translation
« on: December 14, 2015, 03:01:44 am »
Working on decompression routine now that I'm getting the hang of reading 65816 debug logs. Expect news on this soon. Compression routine will be forthcoming as well...

Didn't want to resurrect the old Topic, so all new updates will go here.

Counting down to release day... This Friday, the 18th of December, I'll release the current version of Marvelous- Another Treasure Island.

I'm currently organizing all of my development files used to translate this game. The release of these tools will coincide with the release of the patch.

I've updated the title screen with a hand-drawn version for the final release:

Personal Projects / [SNES] Super Famicom Wars Translation
« on: December 14, 2015, 02:39:09 am »
After doing some digging on this topic, it appears that no one is currently working on this game.

I've reverse-engineered the decompression routine this past weekend and can now reliably extract graphical assets from the game. I'll work on the re-compression routine in my spare time this week and hopefully I'll have something to show ya'll by the end of the week. :)

Like all of my work, I will eventually be releasing the source code for any tools I make during this process.

Here is a preview of the work I've done so far:

There are still a few things left to be translated within the game. I'll begin by posting the unit descriptions and we'll see how fast we can get a final release for this game... after many years of neglect.

Anyone who wishes to help will be credited. :)

Unit Descriptions:

how's it going? Also did the original game use Alttp Engine?

There needs to be a completed test run of the game and then I'll be doing a general release without a vwf implementation.

I'll work on vwf when I have time... But a vwf release is probably not going to happen for months...

Also this game was designed by some of the people who worked on alttp. The engine seems to be based on the same engine as alttp.

After using the new version a bit- I have a new wish list.  >:D

Would you consider allowing for global debugger hot keys? I find myself with the main screen or the memory editor open when I wish to break/resume/step in the debugger. I love that there are hot keys at all though.  8)

Also noticed that copying data from the memory editor grabs 1 extra byte than what is highlighted. Copying data from multiple rows of data doesn't copy anything at all.

For the search function, which is heaven-sent, I wish it it would highlight the data as it is found and perhaps be able to continue the search without having to click on search to bring up the dialog again. (Unless I missed something.)

As always-- love, love, love, what you're working on here.  :thumbsup:

Bravo! Been really enjoying some of the new features!

This is now my favorite snes debugger by far! Hot keys are the icing on the cake.

Personal Projects / Finally some more progress!!
« on: November 07, 2015, 12:49:22 pm »
Getting closer guys.

I've finally figured out the first puzzle on chapter one! (Noses, bird legs, ant legs, spider legs) This is now displaying correctly!

The chore list is finally complete as well! I figured out the main tile map months ago, but there are separate tile maps for each chore list state.

I've made a YouTube video of me bumbling through the hacking of the chore list. Maybe it will help people who are interested in getting into this sort of thing, I dunno. I'm pretty bad at keeping terminology straight. (I believe in the video I keep referring to the indexed tile definitions as the tile map, and the tile map as the tile index... So if that kind of thing annoys you, don't watch it. lol)

More to come...

Hey guys! As many of you know, I've been working on getting Marvelous for SFC fully translated and hacked since about February of this year. There are only a few items left in order to finish hacking the game.

One of which is a puzzle that you come across fairly early in the game. The Noses, Bird Legs, Ant Legs, Spider Legs wall text.

The actual tile graphics for this section has been successfully modified (though it's not in it's final state), however, the tilemap is giving me problems.

Other tilemaps in the game are in a pretty basic compressed format. This one does not appear to be compressed, but it's not really in an easy to recognize format either.

Here's the original text:

Here's where I'm at:

The tilemap is stored right around PC Address x2D0D00 in the unheadered ROM.

Here is a savestate that will take you to the correct spot:

The issue I'm having is controlling which tiles are repeated in the tilemap. As you can see, the "NO" from "noses" repeats on several areas of the screen. There are a few more instances of repeating tiles in there as well.

If there is anyone who feels motivated enough to teach me where to look for the answer, I would be immensely grateful.

I'm so excited for this! I've been waiting for a complete translation to play Marvelous. Fantastic work so far, many thanks for putting in all this effort!

If I can offer my 2 cents: did you include the hyphens in the "Camp Tips" to make it clear that the lines on the left correspond to the actions on the right? I'm a layout artist by profession, so this sort of thing sticks out to me. I think the meaning would be clear without the hyphens, and it would look cleaner. Just my opinion, take it or leave it.  :)

Thank you so much! I appreciate your take on the layout. I knew something looked odd, but couldn't put my finger on it. I'll change this for the final version.

I'm currently trying to identify the VWF routine in Zelda ALTTP. My theory is that since so much of the engine is similar between these two games, that I should be able to port the text display routine. My inexperience with such things is slowing me down. :) I'm persistent to a fault, but if someone wants to step up and just do it for me, you are more than welcome... 'cause this will probably take me a while to figure out.


Yeah, it's a nice new!

Your tool will support auto-wrapping? (It's could be easiest for foreigners translators)

Well done :)

Thanks for the support!

I'm working on getting auto-wrapping added as a feature for the script editor. This is something that I will also need before I can finish the English script-- unless I want to go through the translation line-by-line once more... Which I am tempted to do, but would like to avoid. One thing that I've already implemented is the automatic addition of the control codes for new lines, so at least that piece is done.

Coming soon...

This isn't implemented yet in-game, but it'll probably end up looking somewhat like this. I just coded the preview in the script editor.

Great to see that this is being worked on!
Would love to make swedish version, did you release the tools you built?

I have not released my tools to the general public yet. Send me a PM with your email address and we shall discuss. I can help you get started. :)

You misspelled "Remember" in one of your screenshots. 3 E's, not four.

Thanks for pointing that out! I appreciate it. I blame it on lack of sleep.  :D

Still need to modify the tile map, but here is a quickly corrected version:

I've finished translating the credits for marvelous. I've been working on various other graphics in the game as well. Here are some screenshots.  :D

Chapter 3 Sign Before:

Chapter 3 Sign WIP:

Chapter 3 Sign After:

Worse in that there's probably not too many crap SA1 games with saving. Good games destroyed! >:(

Indeed. I can't think of any I wouldn't be sad to see mangled. I hope SD2SNES adds support soon. Would make things much easier.

June 29, 2015, 08:02:59 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
More progress!

Control explanation - Before:

Control explanation - WIP:

Control explanation - Done:

Camp Tips - Before:

Camp Tips - WIP:

Camp Tips - Done:

Neither of these are literal translations, but it give the essence of what is there.

I've got 3 or 4 more of these to go... Hooray!

What, are you kidding? The vast majority of repro makers are in this for a quick buck. I have no doubts that it's Tashi's old patch, and that they just don't care so long as they make a few dollars.
At least they seem to have put some thought into the artwork they used... I've followed some of these guy's older projects like the custom consoles and such. I guess that's why it surprises me that they'd use the old, incomplete patch because from what I've seen of them in the past, they've had some really nice-looking products. Of course, I don't know much of what goes on in people's heads who sell things like this. I like to think it's for the love of the game. But... I suppose I'd probably be disappointed.

By the way, I've just started playing through Dark Half. I'm always pleasantly surprised at the quality of your work. You get on IRC much nowadays?

These look really nice, but I'd caution you about using an overly thin font when the SNES's 512px width mode is enabled. Your Ch1 "Island Summer Camp" screen will be very difficult to read if anyone runs this on a flash cartridge if any ever get SA-1 working.
Thanks for the warning. I've been working on an SA-1 flash cart just for my personal use-- You've given me motivation to get it finished so I can test out different fonts on a CRT. :) I want to avoid moving things around on this screen as much as possible. This means we may end up with more abbreviations... eww...

very nice work. Are you working with Rosedcoloredgaming, or are they releasing a repro game with the old patch?
No way!! I had no idea they were working on this, so unless one of my testers has leaked a patch, it's very doubtful. It seems strange that they would use Tashi's old version though. Maybe they are working on their own patch??? That would knock the wind out of my sails a bit... But at the same time, I really think this game deserves a well-polished release... I hope they don't screw the pooch.

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