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Progress Screeshots!
Figured out some things related to the various menus...

Original Team Naming Screen:

Latest Team Naming Screen:

Chapter 1 Title Original:

Latest Chapter 1 title:

Original Chore List:

Latest Chore List (Note that I've excluded the last line that essentially said "All Done"... might add it back later.):

Some screenshots showing off the new font (thinking about using ALTTP font. Should look better once VWF is implemented.):

If you haven't seen this, it looks like the palette locations are at least partially documented:

Some of the level data is compressed and it may include the palette for the ooze?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Help with determining Compression type
« on: June 13, 2015, 11:52:21 pm »
Okay- So some of you know about the Marvelous:Another Treasure Island translation project that I picked up from Tashi. So far, I've identified the type of compression used for the graphics and a good portion of the data. Most of it uses a form of LZ compression very similar to that used by Alttp.

I've come across something related to the compression/encoding used to store menu information that I'd like some help on.

I've located the approximate location where the Journal selection menu is stored (ROM Offset E2874). This is the menu at the beginning where you can select a previously saved game, or a new game.

Now, I'm able to decompress the data using the same method that I've used successfully for most of the data in the game. It gives me a tilemap that comes out to 7kb of data for the menu that looks pretty much (At least the first 1kb) exactly like it does when the game decompresses it and stores it in VRAM.

However, I'm unable to re-compress the data using the same method. The re-compressed data comes out much smaller than the original compressed data... Therein lies my issue. I've tried several different methods of re-compressing the data, but all of them end up borking it up.

So... I guess I was wondering if anyone else wanted to give it a go? I'm probably missing something simple. I'm going to keep hammering away at it anyway, but it was bothering me enough that I figured I'd ask.


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: SNES Rom-format patch issues
« on: June 10, 2015, 01:08:26 pm »
The diverse file extensions usually only indicate how the ROM file was dumped. Any recently dumped game will hopefully use the .sfc file extension and be header-less (FOR SNES GAMES). This is just what I like to see, and not necessarily the reality... ;)

.fig and .swc are extensions attributed to the Super Wild Card device.
.smc indicates that the file was dumped with the Super Magic Card device.

The actual contents of the files should be similar. The fact that the patch requires a .fig extension just means that the person who made the patch may have thought the .fig dump of the ROM to be more common at the time. Normally, the only thing that effects the correct application of a patch is the existence or non-existence of a header (depending on the patch requirements). The ROM files with file extensions used by the devices I've cited above often contain extra data at the beginning of the ROM, properly referred to as a "copier header", or more commonly just called a "header".

I don't have an explanation for the file size differences since you don't give a name for the tools you've used. I'm sure the fact that the patch requires a file name extension of .fig will help someone in the future though. :)

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous Progress
« on: June 10, 2015, 12:44:24 pm »

I've been working on this nearly every day for the last few months. Persistence pays off in my case. I'm nearly finished revising the script and translating pieces of the script that were missing in Tashi's patch. I've also fixed several bugs relating to a few missing control codes, and mistakenly missing text in Tashi's translation. Essentially, I've gone over nearly every line in the script making tweaks here and there, occasionally completely changing things so they more closely match the original.

Also: One major thing to note- I'm thinking of changing the name of the troubleshooter bird from "Pirroc" to what I think more closely matches the original intent: "Pluck." So the bird that gives you hints would be referred to in the script as "Pluck"... Feedback? Outrage? Please let me know if you feel that this is incorrect. 

Relating to tile maps:
So before, I was having trouble locating the tile maps for all the stored images containing Japanese text. This was causing me to make sacrifices regarding the re-use of certain tiles in the original image, resulting in a sometimes funky-looking result. Well, fear not, because I've now figured it out. It was only difficult because the tile maps are compressed separately from the graphics data, and since the decompressed data all looks the same if you aren't sure what to look for, it took me longer than I had hoped. This will accelerate the completion of the translation.

What is left to be completed:
(5th) Script Revision: ~85%
Graphics hacks: 40% (but due to recent breakthroughs, should be finished much more quickly)
Chapter titles: 30%
Menus: 15%
VWF: 0%

Percentages are not indicative of time required to finish a particular item. I am considering a release of the game excluding a Variable Width Font due to time constraints and my inexperience with the subject. Most of my time thus far has been dedicated to revising the script, but I'll be focusing on finishing graphics hacks within the next few weeks.

TO MY FOREIGN FRIENDS: To anyone who wishes to translate the game into any other languages, I can make any and all of my tools available to you which should make it MUCH easier to complete a translation into just about any other language. Also, if anyone would want to work on parts of the game that I haven't spent much time on yet such as documenting and hacking menus, this is welcome as well.

Hopefully, I'll be posting screenshots soon for those who like to see that kind of thing. ;)

You might try comparing file differences between the North American and European release ROM files. The North American version uses a purple color for the blood, while the European version uses a lime green color.

I would compare save states to determine which palettes were actually changed.


Didn't have the time or motivation to work on useful debugging stuff lately, so I spent a couple of hours banging this out instead.

Now that is awesome. :)

I tried all of it and nothing helps :(
If your computer is lacking in available system memory, it can cause the symptoms you are suggesting. Not sure why you are posting about this issue here though.

Fixed (see this commit + comments).
I am eagerly awaiting the improvements to the memory editor. Love what's in there so far. I can see that Importing and exporting from the memory editor will be useful. All kinds of possibilities there.

A few suggestions (for memory editor and other areas):
  • It may be helpful to label the search box. (nit-picky, i know)
  • Would be helpful to be able to add comments to different memory regions-- and be able to save and load these notes from a file-- or have them be automatically associated with a certain ROM. I would prefer to load the data files manually, however, because of how I change the filename of my WIP ROMs based on the current build revision.
  • Ability to save and load breakpoint definitions from a file.
  • I'd like to name/label my breakpoints. Is it bad that I'm obsessed with naming everything? I usually keep notes elsewhere, but this would negate the need.

Wanted to say thanks again for working on this.

I downloaded the windows binaries for bsnes-plus and tried debugging Marvelous: Another Treasure Island, but the application crashes whenever I try to start a new game or load a saved game. This happens with the original ROM as well as with my current English build of the ROM. Just thought I'd mention it.

It looks like the source was updated recently, so I may need to set up a mingw environment on my PC to give building the latest version of bsnes-plus a shot. Maybe tonight.

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous Progress
« on: April 26, 2015, 08:24:56 pm »
Did a little more today graphical work today.... Original, and then Modified graphic:

Nearly final. Probably wont change it for a while, but it's close to how I pictured it in my head.

 Also added multi-threading support to the script builder portion of the Marvelous hacking tool so it is somewhere between 4-8x faster. This just makes it that much faster to check out script changes in game... The preview window has proven very accurate indeed...

This game looks like a lot fun! Thanks for working on it!  :)
My pleasure. Seriously, it's actually a lot of fun to work on. :)

Love what I see so far. Will be testing out SA-1 debugging a bit. Thanks so much for working on this. :)

I'm sure I'll have some feedback once I've actually used it.

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous Progress
« on: April 23, 2015, 01:42:43 pm »
lol... I take it that you like the font? I appreciate all feedback.  ;)

I had to change the intro palette to allow for more shading on the letters. I like it better than my first version. However, I still don't have it all arranged, and aligned to my satisfaction.

Is it weird that I feel like we are old friends mike? I know we never talk now, but I remember 10 years ago or so when we were both on the Emuxhaven forums... Yeah, we talked a few times... briefly. lol

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous Progress
« on: April 22, 2015, 12:48:04 am »
More progress. I've been working on several tools to help people localize the script into their language of choice.

Technically, with minimal or no modifications most of these tools could be used on other projects.  :laugh:

There is also a french translation of Marvelous in the works... Not by me, but hopefully what I'm working on will speed it along.

Here are some screenshots:

This is a script comparison app. Essentially it can compare text file script dumps and display a preview of the in-game text utilizing a quickly put together tile map.
I'm going through Tashi's original English script and moving text around so it feels more natural (mostly timing of new lines and the like), adding a few bits of English where Japanese once was, and clarifying context on a few of the lines. This will probably take me a few more weeks to finish the editing.

Did some work on the Chapter title screens. Still need to figure out a few more pieces of the puzzle, but it's progress.

More work on the introduction...

And a bit more of the introduction.

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous Progress
« on: April 07, 2015, 01:09:24 am »
I'm excited by these recent developments ! :D I really hope you could share the decompressor/compressor tool somewhere in the distant future eventually (does it work with Snoopy Concert, or the BS Marvelous/BS Famicom Tantei games?)

Thanks man! I've not looked at those particular games recently. Go ahead and send me a PM with your email address. I would be interested in a collaborative effort if you want to share the workload-- since you seem to have significant experience working with the game. I like the font in that screenshot. :)

I've been a bit lazy the last week or so, but here's something I did tonight:


Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous Progress
« on: March 27, 2015, 11:58:12 am »
I can't see the images :(

Should be fixed now...

Also- Thanks for the notes of encouragement! I've added another progress shot.

Working on the menus later today-- last night when I looked at it, I identified the sequence for loading the font tiles into vram (these tiles get re-used), but I haven't found the pointers for the actual text yet (the screen where you enter your team name)... Progress! :p

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous Progress
« on: March 24, 2015, 03:54:47 pm »
I am confused.  I thought this was done already?  I played and beat it about two weeks ago maybe.  Maybe 10 days ago.  It was a very good game, worked flawlessly.
It is about 80-85% completed in it's current form. The game is fully playable in English, there are just a few puzzles, menu text, chapter titles, intro, and title screen , (I think maybe the end of game screen has some glitches in the final ranking...) that contain some Japanese text (compressed graphics). In the few puzzles containing Japanese text, Tashi did a really good job of explaining what you are looking at-- so you aren't missing much. :)

I see.  So would it be worth it to play through again, or did I get a jist of the game on the playthrough with the nearly complete one?
I'll need to do another play-through once I finish inserting the puzzle text and the chapter intro screens, but whether or not you need to? ... I think everyone should play this game once a year to keep their inner-child alive, but that's just me.

But the one talked here is probably a proper version (as the original version lacks a few things from whatt the original author said, VWF for example).
VWF is still on the table as well, but this will be the last thing we address since our #1 priority is 100% complete English localization. Tashi and I have decided that this is something that must be completed before the next public release, however.

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous Progress
« on: March 23, 2015, 08:58:44 am »
I'm very wary of clicking on redirect links like that.  Any chance you could embed the images in the post?

Possibly later today. I'm on my iPad at the moment and don't have the option to embed.

However, rest assured that it's just a link to the file within my OneDrive account.

Hey guys!

I wanted to post a note on here about the hacking progress for Marvelous: Another Treasure Island... All good news, I assure you.

Tashi and I have been in close contact over the past few weeks concerning a recent breakthrough in hacking this title. We have finally identified the compression routine used for a good portion of the game's graphics (also used for menus, and the intro text sequence).

I've designed a new title screen and was able to successfully re-compress/insert it.

Intro sequence has been dumped and translated. We will likely need to relocate the data elsewhere in the rom because the compressed size is greater than the original... We have successfully inserted a place holder that is an abridged translation of the intro for the time being.

New font for the intro sequence completed, compressed and inserted successfully.

I've been slowly working through the game and replacing the Japanese script that appears during some puzzle sequences.

Still looking for all menu text and chapter intro text. (Found some, but haven't had a chance to test insertion. Will circle back after we finish the above.

Early progress:


Update (4/7/2015):

Edit: Swapped out links for embedded images.
3/27 Edit: Moved files to a different file host...

2015/12/18: First Non-VWF Patch Released. (Followed by a game-breaking bug fix.)

2015/12/19: Version 1.02 Released (Essentially expanded the readme and a couple of minor changes since v1.01.).

2015/12/23: Version 1.03 Released.

2016/01/04: Version 1.04 Released.

2016/01/06: Version 1.05 FINAL Released.

Personal Projects / Re: Far East of Eden Zero Translation
« on: July 08, 2012, 04:59:46 pm »
Been watching this thread eagerly since I saw this... I own the original SFC cart of this game, and I love it.

We should start having release parties for the guys who do all the work for these things. They put a lot of hard work-- blood, sweat, and tears into it. They really deserve some kind of commendation! 
:beer: x a gazillion.

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