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Hi all :)

this is my first post so plz dont kill/kick me if i say something stupid lol
These days ive been playing alot nes  games due to nostalgia on Double dragon games.
I thought: I should take a look around google if they made a patch for them.
Well i searched and i found in this site(ive used the site before many times for hacks tho)a DD3 difficulty fix patch which
apart from the difficulty changed i realised you can use both of the main characters for the gamethrough.The music was changed in the game :s.I mean its the same but the chiptune sounds a bit different:( i love the originals one more

So my question is... Can someone change  that thingy in the patch so it wont change the music but everything else the developer changed? Im sure the original author wont bother with such insignificant thing cause im sure that he wanted to change it cause he felt doing so.Also i know dd3 suffers from flickering and im wondering...would there be chance the enemies to come as 3 per wave and not 2 at a time?or there will be a problem due to nes limitations?

Im sorry if my english are confusing you guys and Thanks in advance :)

DD3 patch

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