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I was recently presented with an idea recently by an older friend of mine, one that I think could be interesting. It would be a super-hard hack of Super Metroid. No serious level changes, in fact, no changes to the majority of the game. Except that our hero is not our well known hero.

I work at Wal*Mart now, and yesterday two guys were talking about Halo 3 and Metroid Prime 3, and they were discussing how neither could do one another's missions, when one turned to the other and said that Samus could totally complete Halo and Halo Two. The Chief, on the other hand, could never complete any Metroid game. And this gave me an interesting idea.

What if someone took out all of Samus' abilities that the Chief can not preform, with some minor creative license to make the game completable. Like, make the morphball stuff possible, but require missiles instead, where you have to blow several holes in the wall. His jump speed could be the same as Samus', but no high jump shoes. Take out Morphball and Bombs/super bombs and just make Missiles and Super Missiles (Ala... say... grenades and plasmas), and then make all the weapons something more akin to like plasma weaponry. For instance, make it like SM:R where only one thing can be equipped at a time, and make it like Spazer could be Needles, this Phase... one... could be plasma pistol, the Ice could be Rifle...

I could do this, making the levels, I would just need a little bit of nudging as to the coding for her jumps and how to alter that. So, essentially... how would one remove spinning jumps or wall jumps?

...Ah, the remnants of mine tortured... um... shit, what was it, Autumn?

I got nothing on that one.

I figured it would be a shorter game with a smaller variety of monsters. Only a few monsters would be able to be duplicated, like there would be three Milhouse, for Milhouse, Isnomeme, and Isameme, probably three owls. O, Ya, and No Wai, tacgnol/longcat... yeah. Stuff like that.

G... G... Goa...OH! I gotcha. Ew...

One of them wouldn't happen to start with Tub, would it?

Yeah. Except not the same game... I've never played Live A Live on my own, so I haven't got a clue aside from what I've seen on RPG shrines.

What about templates?

Like, from what I have seen in my time here and Acmlm and from what I have heard among my friends, it seems that people who want to do hard core hacking start off with Final Fantasy. But what if we made it easier for the weekend warrior variety by making specific genres of hacks for FF alone. For instance, making a western template would involve a gunman, a (bar)wench, a lady(of the night), an indian, a doctor and a chinaman. And no, none of this is meant to be racist or anything, but I'm going with your age old western genre. Swords are made into guns, heavy swords (the kinds only fighters and knights and red wizards can use) become rifles. Knives and axes change just enough to be like knives and tomahawks, and we can just take out stuff like hammers and those things to put in whips and whatnot.

And there could be a Samurai template. A Ronin, bandit, monk, ninja... etc. All the monsters can be from Japanese lore, and become stronger all the way up until like... I dunno a whole lot about Japanese lore, but you get the idea.

Atlantian, were you're mostly the same adventure, except that the cities or towns could be across depths that a Merperson can't swim on their own, things like that.

Cyberpunk, like making it so that more items (computers) lead into dungeons where you need to jack in to go online and whatever.

Hell, alien invasion, ninjas, pirates (that one would be fun, I bet you.) Caturday, the internet. I bet any game on the planet could be made out of FF. I had a thought for the internet one. The enemies could be a series of memes, ending with the all powerful Longcat, and the super powerful sword can instead be Tacgnol, and so on and so forth.

Now... there are a FEW games I could think of for the 64 I'd like to play with some. Possibly something like Starfox 64. I obsessed over that game for some time. But I dunno about any others... The only game I can think of beyond the 64 is Final Fantasy Tactics. I would LOVE to be able to hack FFT. But I'm not N-E-Arly good enough to play with that. But if someone made a map editor, I'd totally go grab an ISO and change that game around in half a second.


FF-Thackster. -drool-

Probably because it isn't nostalgic enough for the people who are old enough to hack, and even if it were, I can only assume it's several times harder to even think about, much less actually fiddle with.

Now, Piot, let's not forget that we all must ignore Tactic's retarded little brother, Advanced. Cause Addy is a little... Dah'hurff.

It's fuggin' hard on the PC, okay?!

That would be awesome.

I still need to finish that game. I never did beat Star Fox. Beat SF64's ass, though.

But Donkey Kong Country and SMW are almost nothing alike. The games were designed pretty specifically, and frankly, I wouldn't want to see the girl monkey in DKC. As for the animals, well... I admit, I don't know a ton, but good luck with that.

All these people saying "let's hack Donkey Kong!" Not a single person has given half a decent reason to hack Donkey Kong. What hasn't been tapped into? The game is pretty much figured out after the first few levels.

As for ideas... I would love to see some utilities for Star Tropics. Or if someone could make a function where you could have more than one point that triggers the "cut scenes" in FF1. Like a chapter selection. At all the important places in the original and they screw with it from there. Like, the opening being in front of Corneria Castle, then the bridge, then the panel where the boat is at, then another outside of Elfland that is only usable after the Prince is awake, then so on and so forth.

Probably way too complex or big, but a thought none the less. I would love chapters in my game.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Dragoon X Omega II - Easy Type
« on: March 17, 2007, 04:06:53 pm »
Then I would suggest you keep things simple and down. And not reference the other games too often.

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