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actually my vwf run at fully speed either in gb and gbc double speed mode :)
gb/c have more processing speed power than anyone can think of, you should only learn to play some tricks
with opcodes like the swap opcode and write tight and optimized code,
i have hacked my code (and sometimes rewritten) a lot of times, with a finished 400 lines asm code fully optimized that
consumes 150-180 clock cycles less than the first version =)

Cless you have a PM, vwf on gb/c? no problem :)

only one other case?
add the other gb/c vwf by me:
Megaman Xtreme vwf edition patch:
Star Ocean Blue Sphere (vwf+dte) :P (currently working on it because there are multiple font routines...)
a little demo for vwf + some others "private" projects, fully working and without glitches ;)

released long time before...

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