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Glad to see this list exists! I've been hooked on the LttP randomizer a ton in the past and wondered if anyone got around to doing other games. I can't believe how much my original idea of randomizing Pokemon Emerald has spread to so many other games!

Only thing I have to add is that my Pokemon Emerald and R/B randomizers aren't necessarily deprecated. The Universal Randomizer does handle most of what mine does, but mine do randomize palettes and handle a few things (like attack randomization) a bit differently. Granted, I don't mind mine being in that deprecated list, but it's a point of pride that makes me point things out I guess! :)

FWIW, é is also ALT+130.

I agree that Knitt Witt is a better name, if only because 'I won't do that' doesn't really sound like it could be a silly name. I also keep reading 'Ivan T. Douthatt' as 'I want to do that', which is kind of the opposite of the intent, heh.

Also, where we at with who's doing what? I'm more than happy to put in the remaining changes, but I don't know who's working on what. Don't want duplicate efforts. I know the naming screen needs to be tuned up, but otherwise, what needs done?

I'm in agreement with Zynk. I thought the 'for' should have been lower case, but I was kind of blindly following Sakurai's notation. I'm not really in favor of CAPS LOCKing the title, though. The simple title screen doesn't look terribly bad, but if you want something snazzier, I'm open to ideas. If anything, I'd be more for making it look closer to the Japanese title. I may give that a whirl and see what I get.

In the mean time, I'll be away for the next few days, so don't expect much until late this weekend. :)

Good idea with the letter layout. I'll get on that. :)

As for the é, the letters are naturally italicized; the accent doesn't look like it's over the e in your example (at least to me).

Alright, so there's a bit to tackle:

mutawarrior: Truth be told, I did not do much hacking in this title. For the first release, I provided ryanbgstl with the graphics and he put 'em in. I also read over his script and gave him a doc with some proofreading and typos/changes, but I have no idea if anything I gave him was considered or not. Beyond that, this naming screen is the first time I really touched the code.

That said, I've done an extensive amount of manipulation of Link's Awakening, which was said to use Kaeru no Tame Ni as a base. If the two are anything alike, I'd check the save file for a flag. In LA, there's a byte to signify when Marin's following you, so it may be the same with this game. Get a save file before and after getting something following you and do a compare. I'd be surprised if it wasn't in there somewhere. For the flags, I'd be just as clueless you as you going into it. If it were for LA, I could give you a pretty full map of the save file, but that doesn't really do you much good, probably.

As for Sakurai, he didn't have anything to do with the game, I don't believe. Also, I don't think he should get merit based on including the assist trophy in Smash -- I doubt the team really delved much into localizing names for overseas releases. However, his account is the only official Nintendo employee's take on the title to my knowledge, so that gets a little merit in my eyes.

Tomato said: "At that level it's just personal preference I feel, both are trying to link to the original title in a different way". So it's really a coin toss to him as well.

For the wine thing, I'm all for my translations being closer to the real thing than getting the process close to what Nintendo would've released. Let's be honest, here: the audience of this hack are more mature gamers who want to check out old titles for the consoles of yesteryear. We don't need to worry about corrupting kids much I don't think. ;)

As for the é, it looked too flat when adding the extra pixel, and deleting the other side or shifting it over makes it meld into the 'e' too much. The letter sections could be remade to make the caps in the first column, lower case in the second, and numbers in the third, but the Z will always be alone due to being #26 in 5-long divisions. Changing the screen so it doesn't make groups of 5 would require some in-depth ASM hacking for controlling the cursor, and I'm way too busy developing my own game to want to get waist-high in that. Besides, I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to ASM hacking -- I don't really know what tools are handy. Last time I did Z80 reverse engineering, I essentially had to go through tons and tons of subroutines to even figure out what was going on and where functions even started. I'm sure there're tools that make it easier, but I'm oblivious to them. (Though suggestions would rock if anyone has any!)

I'll give it some time to maybe get a few more people's ideas on the subject before submitting the revised version. I'll also go ahead and get rid of the extra letters. There'll be a line of spaces instead, but it's probably better than an incomplete set of accented letters.

Alright, so I modded the letters a bit to fit the accents. They now don't match the original Link's Awakening font, but they should be more readable. What we *could* do is just remove the accented letters from the naming screen, just as Link's Awakening had done. Then, it'd be pretty seamless and we wouldn't have to worry about the inverted breve melting into the letters due to lack of space.

As for th' title, I honestly don't have a passionate argument one way or the other. I messaged Tomato, a professional translator friend of mine, to get his two cents. On the one hand, Sakurai called it specifically 'The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls'. On the other hand, getting it close to what it was intended to parody would be great, as that's 2 levels of translation shed off (akin to having google translate translate a passage to and from 2 languages and getting something weird back).

Anyone with two cents, I'd love to hear what you think. Also I love having exact change, and those cents add up. :)

Hey, I'm not sure what all changes still need to be made, but I fixed the title screen and made a better naming screen. For those interested, the naming graphics start at 0x4F599 and the letters that get added to the player's name are at 0xB7D7.

Here's a zip with the patches. USC, I hope I was supposed to use your patch on the translation, 'cos that's what I did. Things worked in the 3 minutes or so that I played of it to test things. If the patch was s'pposed to be on the JP version, let me know and I can get my changes on that instead. The zip linked below has patches for the JP version and for USC's.


News Submissions / Re: Translations: Fire Emblem 1 - Full Translation
« on: March 03, 2011, 04:48:19 pm »
Very nice! I've been waiting for a full translation of this game for quite some time! I'll check it out when I have some free time (riiight ;D).

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Zelda: Link's Awakening Restoration
« on: December 06, 2009, 12:31:02 am »
Ok; Is it appropriate for my 10-year-old nephew?  He's a huge Zelda fan.

You can view the Hippo parts at the bottom of this page:

As far as the mermaid goes, you never see anything except her swimsuit top (also on the page linked above) and the worst you get is that "Kyaa! Pervert!" message when you dive near her. If anything, the patch is rated PG-13 for suggestive content.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Zelda: Link's Awakening Restoration
« on: December 03, 2009, 12:59:45 pm »
Gyah, sorry, I'll admit I was a little rushed when I was writing it; apologies for that.

Man, I am just off the ball lately.  :-[

News Submissions / Re: Documents: Zelda: Link's Awakening Restoration
« on: December 02, 2009, 02:06:48 pm »
Well, I fixed it, so hopefully now everything runs smoothly. I remember downloading a fresh ROM, but I apparently somehow mixed 'em up before modding them.

Jorpho: Thanks, I forgot about that one since it was fixed in the DX version. It's now up too, pending the update's acceptance. :)

Also, apologies Thundercross: I think you'll have to get a new version of the ROM. Make sure it's DX version 1.1, though, as it and version 1.0 are actually very different in terms of some coding!

News Submissions / Re: Documents: Zelda: Link's Awakening Restoration
« on: December 02, 2009, 12:36:56 pm »
Wait, what? I'll have to fix that. D:

I wonder if I somehow created a bad patch from a previously messed around with ROM...? Well, in any case, the non-DX patch works. I'll have the fix up soon, I hope.

Incidentally, is there a way to get rid of newsposts once they're posted? I don't want people to download erroneous patches. :(

Yeah, there was some confusion about whether it was an addendum or an original translation, mostly brought up by my inclusion of the additional 2 patches that turn j2e's version into mine, for the purpose of saving people who already have either of those versions of the ROM from finding a fresh Japanese version. We got things sorted out at the end, so I'm quite pleased. :)

I'm also interested in this project's status. Has anyone tried to go further? I was thinking of taking a stab at it myself, but then I found that it's already in progress...I think?

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