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I'm currently finished with replacing/updating EVERY sprite for this hack.
The bosses turned out nice and I have even got the new title-screen made.

BUT - I have had no success on the locating the music.
Furthermore, even if I did locate the music-data, I haven't a clue what to do with it.
I know nothing about composing music!

Bottom line: I really need help with in the music department.
Have anybody here worked with hacking music on the gameboy?

To convince people to get invested into helping me - I have prepared a demo-patch.
This demo will showcase that I am capable of doing pretty much anything (Graphically and some ASM) to the original game, except changing the music  :(
Apply the patch to a Battle of Olympus rom with CRC32: CA450E93
(Have patience and wait for the Download file button to appear - Do NOT click anything else!)

Below are some pictures taken from the demo.
They depict the modified intro (outro) screens, a modified first dialog and modified player sprite.
The rest of the game is the original Battle of Olympus - with other dialogs messed up (since I did a quick-n-dirty hack of the look-up table).

Here is the modified rolling intro:

Here is the first dialog within the demo:

If you want this hack finished and released - don't hesitate to help out (if you can - that is).


ROM Hacking Discussion / BalloonFightGB TitleScreen Hack
« on: July 20, 2015, 08:54:23 am »
Back Again - this time with a little TitleScreen hack.

The japaneese GameBoy-Color game Balloon Fight GB is basically a colorized version of Balloon Kid for the OldBoy.

This game has one of THE BEST soundtracks in the GameBoy library - I particularly like the soundtrack of stage one.
Don't believe me - take a listen right here:

This hack changes the title in the title-screen into - you guessed it - Balloon Kid.



Get the patch here at FileTrip:
(Remember to wait for the Download File button - have patience and DO NOT click anything else)

Apply it to a rom with CRC32: D2AF64CE


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: gameboy text routine
« on: July 14, 2015, 02:43:43 pm »
Look at offset: 1 17D3 in the rom (which I hope to god you have aquired legally) you se the value FE.
That is apparently the carriage return. If you replace it with FF - it will only print the first line.

Then there is offset: B4DD that contains the value 40. Change this to 20 - then the carriage return will only skip a 'single' row.

But now you'll face another problem: each character is always printed two-tiles high, so you will effectively overprint the row above.


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: gameboy text routine
« on: July 14, 2015, 08:01:15 am »
I ran the game mentioned in BGB and there is space enough for 6 rows of characters:

Below are an image over the dialog as appears in the memory:

And here is a image over the dialog when I edit the memory manually:

So you should probably add a break-point, for when the value 10 is written into ram-address 9943.

That is at least a starting point - good luck!


Seems like you can boot Probotector, just as easy - by adjusting the replacement hex a little:

Same Offset: 1 8B5C

Code: [Select]
3E 01 EA A0 C0 EA A1 C0 3E 08 EA A1 C0
Code: [Select]
3E 09 EA A1 C0 3E 03 EA B0 C0 EA A0 C0
The last part copies the value 03 (which is Probotectors sequence on the rom) to a memory address that I thought 'needed' the value 01 - which happens to be Castlevanias sequence. But - as it seems - you can obviously replace that value with 03 - so there you go.


My vote is for Melfand Stories!

The gameplay remind me of Golden Axe - how can you go wrong with a side-scrolling beat-em up?


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Metroid 2 - Suitless Samus Special
« on: July 12, 2015, 12:55:47 pm »
So I played the game from start to finish again - and realized how much I had missed to 'fix'.

Updated a lot of 'misplaced' coloring and made sure all the pickups now have nice palettes.

Cleaned-up Title Screen:

Nice looking Space Ship:

Noticed that the Missile Launcher was shared between the Suited and Suitless sprite.
So I did my best to make it blend into the different palettes as good as possible:
(The gif-animations seems to have messed up colors - still you should get the idea what I am referring to)

The original game has a blocking wall in the final Boss room, and to counter the flickering - part of that wall is a sprite (probably painted there after the Boss). Since I didn't have any matching palettes (background/sprite) - I decided to remove the wall entirely.

The palette for the final Boss had a overhaul - I think he/she? turned out nicely:


Fixed the palette when beating the game and receiving the Best Ending screen:


Here is the new updated (and final patch):
(Again - wait for the download file button - don't click on anything else...)


ROM Hacking Discussion / Metroid 2 - Suitless Samus Special
« on: July 09, 2015, 07:22:55 am »
A new twist on a old color...

When receiving the Varia suit on the NES version, the developer could simply swap the palette to visualize that Samus changed suit and can now sustain more damage. This technique was not used on the GB version - propably because of the very limited palette available. So, instead the developers added a second set of sprites for Samus equipped with the Varia suit.

There is a hack, called Metroid II DX by Redrum that utilizes this feature of the GB version in a clever way:
The second set of Samus sprites is that of a suitless Samus!
With that hack - you can play the first part of the game as regular suited Samus and the last part as suitless Samus.

So I thought - why not add this feature to the most acclaimed colorization hack, the one made by Dan Davis?
In addition, I wanted a different palette for suitless Samus and also to recolor tiles and sprites that didn't look spot-on.

After hours of gaming and work - I finally reached a point where I'm pleased with the result.

The patch is tested and will work properly (that is, GB colorizer-properly) on:
- WIN emulator VisualBoy
- DS emulator gameYob

- Better looking sprites (Suited and Suitless!)
- Rebalanced palettes
- Numerous palette-swaps for sprites and tiles
- Proper colored Metroids!

Known issues (inherited and caused by the coloring by 'GB colorizer'):
- The rom will (most likely) NOT work on real hardware
- The rom will NOT work properly in WIN emulator 'Bgb' (probably because it is more accurate to the real hardware than VisualBoy)
- Temporary screen artifacts when passing from one room into another that uses a different tile-set. Sometimes the artifacts can form a 'wall' behind you - but they will disappear as soon as the screen rewrites.
- Flickering when fighting the last Boss (at least in VisualBoy)

Since I don't want to spend the rest of the day uploading the patch to (wait until approved, getting it rejected, do it all again, wait some more....) - I uploaded it to FileTrip (in under 2 minutes)

Get the patch from FileTrip:
Wait for the download file button - don't press anything else...
Apply the patch to the rom 'Metroid II - Return of Samus (World)' CRC32: DEE05370

Here are some screen-shots:



News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Warioland 2 for NES Released!!!
« on: July 03, 2015, 01:38:51 pm »
...that's weak...


News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Warioland 2 for NES Released!!!
« on: July 03, 2015, 08:30:31 am »
Whats up with MegamanX - Age of Wily?

Is that a reproduction release only - I can't seem to find it as a rom-patch on your site.


Thanks for the great response - I actually enjoyed making these two hacks a reality.

The first one was really easy, the second one took some more effort to get right.

As for completely remove the other games, there is a famous Swedish proverb that goes:

Det kommer att kosta mer än det smakar.

Literal translation into English:

It's going to cost more than it tastes.

Basically, the effort will overshadow the Kb's saved. That's my opinion at least.


I downloaded the gameboy emulator bgb ( - to help me debug my current hack Zelda: Missing Link (,19530.0.html).

This emulator has a really nice debugger and when I was finished with the modifications I needed for my hack
- I though I'll take a stab at something I (and others on this forum) have been thinking of:

Why not hack the two Konami Collections (1 & 4 in Europe) to automatically boot the Castlevania games.

So I took my new self-learned skills and got to work, and wouldn't you know it - here is how you do it:

1) First get your hands on the right versions:

Castlevania Adventure: Konami GB Collection Vol.1 (E)
Castlevania II - Belmonts Revenge: Konami GB Collection Vol.4 (E)

2) This is optional, but highly recommended: Download the speed-up patches and apply them:

Castlevania Adventure:
Castlevania II - Belmonts Revenge:

3) Load up the Hex-editor of your choice and change the following:

Castlevania Adventure
Offset: 1 8B5A
Code: [Select]
3E 01 EA A0 C0 EA A1 C0 3E 08 EA A1 C0With
Code: [Select]
3E 09 EA A1 C0 3E 01 EA B0 C0 EA A0 C0
Castlevania II - Belmonts Revenge
Offset: 6 413B
Code: [Select]
3E 01 EA 0B C5 AF EA CA CC 3E 00 CD 70 49With
Code: [Select]
3E 01 EA 0B C5 3E 02 EA A0 CC C3 75 02 00
Enjoy and let me know if you found this helpful...


Newcomer's Board / Re: Zelda The Legend of Link
« on: June 27, 2015, 06:50:04 am »
 [ REMOVED ] for [ REMOVED ] - you  [ REMOVED ] find the version of  [ REMOVED ] you need for the  [ REMOVED ] there.


Since the announcement of Federation Force - I'm looking forward to this game even more than before...


You need the executable turborip - google it and it should appear at the very top.

That program will split your cd-image into audio-tracks and the game-iso.

How you take apart the actual game-iso is beyound my knowledge though...


Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« on: May 31, 2015, 08:10:52 am »
Making DoomKnocker a boss and had to make him a lot bigger:


June 06, 2015, 05:15:25 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I had the time to play through the NES version of Battle of Olympus.
It was a frustrating ordeal and I REALLY prefer the gameboy version over it, here is why:

- Less grinding.
The prices in the gameboy version are cut in half, which is sensible since grinding for olives is nothing but boooooring.

- Less enemy spamming.
There are some enemies that just keeps coming in the NES version (eagles) - no matter how many you defeat.
It feels like this was less of an annoyance in the gameboy version.

- Less over-the-top hard enemies.
The missing enemy, in the gameboy version, in Crete (short amazon) is really for the better. Crete in the NES version was a nightmare and not enjoyable at all.
Some of the really hard bosses in the NES version are easier to defeat in the gameboy version, for example Cerberus.

There are some weak features of the gameboy version - but these will be addressed.
This is what has been done so far:

- Added missing graphics of burnable bush/wines in Peloponnesus
- Removed the eagles from appearing in Crete - since they would sometime appear with the wrong tiles.
- In Attica I made the satyr go down with 2 stabs (with the weakest sword), instead of the original 6 and the scorpion with 3 stabs instead of 5. This makes them more consistent with how they were in the NES version.


As a visual update - here is a before/after screenshot of the last level:


Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« on: May 17, 2015, 11:54:15 am »
Ran into trouble when replacing the two biggest bosses in the game: Cyclops and Guardian (Gaea).

There simply isn't any boss-sprites that big to rip directly from any Zelda game (NES or GB). I had to come up with something else...

Below sprites are preliminary - I will most likely work on them some more before they are going into the game.

To replace the Guardian I used the Phantom from the DS-game: Phantom  Hourglass.
I think it turned out quite nice:

To replace the Cyclops I tried to tweak the existing one into the cyclops of the SNES-game: Link To The Past.
It looks kinda like the cyclops was forced to wear a dress - and aren't too pleased about it:


Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« on: May 10, 2015, 10:07:14 am »
The selection of bosses are pretty thin to port/adapt from Zelda2 - so to fill out the ranks I borrowed two from the oracle series.

From Oracle of Season, replacing the raging Bull - Dodongo:

From Oracle of Ages, replacing the dark Pegasus - Eyesoar:

Those two took some time to get right, but I'm very pleased with how they turned out.


Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« on: May 09, 2015, 06:38:02 pm »
So the poll was apparently a huge success...

The only vote was for a character I really only entered as a filler - I didn't expect anybody to actually want Tingle in the game.

The only character I can guarantee you to make an appearance (or not) is.....Epona!


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