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I'm mainly interested in bugs resulting from people moving to one place, then being in a different place after saving and reloading, so you can effectively walk through them.

Okay I'll try that. I think I noticed the kid at the stairs moving back in position after saving/reloading in front of him (after guessing the password), but I'll check again

Does this screw up the puzzles in Locke's scenario if you're able to save in town?

Dwedit, I can now test this scenario (which is saving fine btw), but i'd like you to help me out here. Do you have a specific test case you want me to try? Let me know and i'll return with results.

Looks like tents will be a lot harder to come by when this hack is used in someone's patch.

Hi creeperton, not sure how this will affect item drops?

Btw I'll look into that request you made when I get time

September 24, 2011, 08:52:07 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Since Tent use depends on the save bit being enabled, I can safely say without looking that Tents are enabled everywhere as well.

I've just tried this out. Looks like sleeping bags/tents still need to be used at save points or world map.

I believe this is because there must be another "save point check" as you enter the Items menu. I didn't patch this part of the ROM...I actually prefer it like this to make the game 'fairer', but if you guys think I should update the patch then let me know.

If there are broken parts, it is highly recommended to note such places in the readme where you shouldn't save so users are aware. There's so very little information offered.

I admit I haven't tested this in the puzzles in Locke's scenario, and I don't have a save ram handy at this point in the game.
If someone has a sram file handy and is willing to test it out, (or I can check this myself), it would be appreciated.

I'm sorry for the lack of information in the readme, I just haven't had any issues to report. If you want, I can resubmit this once i've done thorough testing and i'll include a more comprehensive readme. This will cause a delay as i'm busy with work at the moment, but when I get free time i'll do it.

Hi KaioShin, thanks for your response. I'll be resubmitting the patch according to your guidelines.

Thanks guys but yeah there's no need for any animosity in this thread, I completely understand and respect the process. It must be rigorous if a high quality standard is to be maintained. I'm just glad that the patch was considered as more than another cheat patch.

A staff member raised the question if the hack is worthwhile if it's basically just a hardwired par cheat, so it's in discussion. But there was no error on your end, don't worry. I'll try to get this wrapped up.

By the way: In the future please use the contact staff link at the sidebar for such questions, there is no guarantee a staff member will see this topic on the board or if he does that he will want to reply to it in public.

Thanks for your reply KaioShin, much appreciated. Firstly, I was about to use the contact staff link but I thought it was used for 'site issues' only. Just trying to adhere to the rules here..

To everyone else:

Look, there's been some dispute about the worthiness of this patch and that's fine with me. After all, it is just a PAR hard hack, but some people might find it useful which is why I thought this site was an appropriate place to post it.
What some (not accusing anyone here) people don't understand is: this isn't just a code that you can simply use a PAR->GG converter to hard hack. The PAR changes RAM values, it required me to trace instructions to find the relevant ROM addresses. There is no game genie equivalent hard hack. I'm not saying that it was rocket science, and i'm not an expert, i'm just saying that I wouldn't attempt to submit a hack that anyone could simply hard hack a GG code into the ROM themselves, otherwise this site would be flooded with these small patches. My point is, I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time.

Here's why I decided to contribute: I spent a few days looking all over the net for a save anywhere hack for this game. I even checked this site. I gave up and just did it myself.

I received the rejection email today and thank Nightcrawler for his candid response and his consideration in my submission.

But I won't be resubmitting the patch now that it's received a critical response and controversy, that wasn't my intention I just wanted to help.
I didn't post screenshots, because as I said above - the patch is self explanatory. Honestly, it's just too trivial. If you want to see what the 'save' text looks like when it's highlighted then visit the world map and press X.
Anyway, how would the screenshot sway your decision to accept submission? It would be quite easy for someone to take two different screenshots (in different locations: one on the world map, one in a dungeon), how would you know that the hack works from the screenshot?

If anyone wants to do this themselves, here's the method:

Code: [Select]
Hex edit and search for:
ad 01 02 10 04 a9 20 80 02 a9 24 85 29 a0 fd 37
(should be on line/rom offset: 33200)
Replace "ad 01 02" with "a9 80 ea"

Next, search for (refer to line rom offset: 32ea0):
ad 01 02 10 10 20 b2 0e 64 26 a9 13 85 27 85 9e
Replace "ad 01 02" with "a9 80 ea"

Thanks guys, sorry for the trouble.

Hey guys

Sorry, i'm new to this site and I made a submission some time ago for FFVI.

It still says pending, so I just wanted to check what the guidelines are for pending submissions? I apologize if i've left out some important details. And, i'm sorry I just didn't see a need to attach many screenshots because the hack is self explanatory.

Hope it is of help to someone out there. Thanks

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