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Two years ago I played through both Kwirk & AT back to back.
I found AT considerably easier, possibly because of having become accustomed to the mechanics. All in all it wasn't much of an upgrade and to me it wasn't memorable. There is a new "action-mode" where after each room there is an intermission reporting about your advances. If your solving time is about a minute longer than the most time-efficient it will tell you "Spud has stumbled/went in circles". Similar to Heading-Out-mode(now called practice-mode) they really expect you to learn and speedrun those stages, which to me is nonsensical.

Sadly the diagonal-view was removed. Probably most players found it to be a hindrance anyway, but I thought it was okay and certainly prettier. The characters actually had feet and weren't just shifting shapes.

I also don't like much of the music, I particularly hate the intro-jingle at the beginning of a puzzle-stage. It is just a small alteration to the one in Kwirk but it sounds awfully wrong.

I suppose if you exchanged the jingle (or even all of the music) it would be an improvement; or what do you think, did you notice it at all?

Legacy of the Wizard (...) had one flaw, and that is the fact that the game is not linear.

Try saying that about Metroid!
"Lemme tell you, Metroid may be a pretty good alternative to Probotector, only problem is the game isn't straightforward at all."

Or could it be that for some twisted reason you accept Metroid as your patron saint, but lay blame on LotW?

About the map

This game doesn't need one. Every room has its own look and they all are easily recognisable. As you traverse the dungeon you should be able to make a mental map, although I suppose to do that one cannot be the type who would write a shopping list for as little as a dozen items.
The underground world is about perfectly square, within there are the character-specific sub-segments, which take up big chunks of the whole (about a fifth each); those sub-segments are rectangular and are indeed mostly linear parcours, hardly convoluted stuff.
One segment is hidden due to its entrance being obscured. If you made a halfway accurate mental map, you will know which walls are its outline.

Even Metroid has bigger problems because of its primitive copy/paste nature. Brinstar's shafts are distinguishable only by colour and the other zones have several examples of reused corridors. It takes tenfold the effort to memorise Metroid's world.

The other points made are even more uninteresting and reek of modern game-design mentality. Lucky you there is a rapidly emitting faucet of lame-ass modern games.

I feel as if Legacy of the Wizard was designed by Satan himself.

I'm sure many NES-players had similar views back then, and hundreds of 'Mericans (no PAL version) whined to Nintendo Hotline counselors.

"This fu##in sucks, I dunno what to do in dis game. Lemme talk to the game designer! He must be Albert Speer or something! Is he trying to build Hitlerhausen here?! Either a Nazi or a lunatic or even Satan comitted this hideous crime. Make it so this doesn't happen again, your shitty game is broken! And send an exorcist to the goddamn development facilities!"

Developers overestimated the intellect of their customers, and games became dumber with every generation since.

Personal Projects / Re: Capcom Games Editor (NES)
« on: February 01, 2014, 09:36:50 am »
I would wish for an inclusion of The Lost Vikings, preferably the MD/GEN version. That game still offers so many possibilities for smarter unrealised puzzles, as the original ones are rather basic.

One annoyance was a room with two of those wall-hugging wisps (where the beak is found). It seems like it is impossible to get through without getting hit once.
But the level of difficulty is alright, as the player of a hack should be expected to have mastered the basic game.

As for a graphical modification, I meant it would be funny if once you submerge into the boss waters you realise you are in a gigantic bathtub with an angry fat man.

You did a good job. I enjoyed the mixed up acquisition order of items and how it went against expectation. The swordless phase was an exciting handicap and could have possibly been extended even further.
At one moment I feared the action would be too annoying to go on, but in the end although this hack makes things noticably harder the challenge was about right; I died maybe 12 times. I would play the finished product.
Even the cynical dialogue wasn't bad. It will be interesting to see how you rob the key scenes of their sentimentality.

One idea I got after seeing that chunky boss monster was that it would be a nice surprise to exchange his look with something unexpected and bizarre(moreso than before).

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Bionic Commando Retranslation Complete
« on: September 02, 2013, 02:48:22 am »
This really isn't too great. I noticed at once that texts appear far slower now. I even compared with the original, where you can switch between destinations much quicker on the map screen.
Then there is a strange colourful horizontal flash after a level is beaten, just before the debriefing screen. A minor flaw really.

The actual translation is also quite absurd. All those 'v's and 'k's make it harder to read. The instruction txt said profanities were mild. I only played maybe 3 levels until now, but already in the first boss section the commander said "Schweine Ficker"; the meaning shouldn't be hard to guess, it is someone who f##ks swines. This isn't even a common insult, it rather feels juvenile in its "creativity". But maybe it is a good choice for this purpose as an English speaker can easily approximate the meaning. Still, for it to be convincing, a common insult like "Hurensohn"(son of a whore) would be more fitting.

Personal Projects / Re: Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom
« on: July 05, 2012, 06:41:13 am »
I also think this game definitely isn't subpar. It is a nice maze-game. I have seen in video reviews that later on there are some interesting puzzles, which sadly are spoiled for me now. The worst part is the weak presentation. It is lacking colours, and the colours that are there are ugly.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Legacy of the Wizard DX
« on: May 16, 2012, 05:26:36 pm »
Here: *link removed*

Mod note: We don't link to ROMs. If you wish to distribute a hack, please do so via patches.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Hydlide II -- translation patch problem
« on: April 18, 2012, 03:36:22 pm »
It works now, the mapper was different. Thank you for your help, I never had to do this before.
But is this the best solution or just the easiest? I changed the "default rom type", won't this interfer with other games? Can the issue be fixed permanently by means of an editor?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Hydlide II -- translation patch problem
« on: April 17, 2012, 05:07:31 pm »
I got the patch from there:

I applied it on both a .rom and an .mx1 file. The game is in English alright, but as soon as a hero has been created he is immediately forgotten. The actual game cannot commence.
When I start the untouched Japanese game the screen flashes green after the MSX logo, the patched game flashes red.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Legacy of the Wizard DX
« on: March 03, 2012, 08:03:55 pm »
I noticed in the title screen there is already a graphical glitch.
In a dungeon shop in the uppermost and somewhat right section there were two invisible items for sale, both priced at 70 gold, both unbuyable.
In another shop the mother's wings are sold twice, the price is D0 gold each; that surely is more than one can accumulate.

I soon got aware that the old dungeon architecture is pretty much still intact. The changes were merely done within the rooms, as if furniture had been moved around. It mostly results in the removal of auxiliary structures so that some places early on will be too high to reach for the unsuited characters. The original was more ambiguous as to who belongs where.
The macro routes through the dungeon remain the same, and that's the biggest disappointment.
I got excited because I expected a whole new adventure, but now I'm uncertain if it would hold my interest.

I played through LotW in 2010, and to me it was the better Metroid. I loved the amazingly smart exploration aspect and the puzzle-heavy father's segment.
If I decided to replay it I would probably choose this hack or the MSX2 version. But with these few changes I'd rather still wait until I renew the experience.

I played through the translation. There were some typos.

Earliest was when you first meet the witch. She says "afright", and there actually was another typo in the same sentence.

In the Eskimo village I realised the shop girl had a speech impediment. But when the old shopkeeper was alone in the shop and you approached him behind the counter he spoke the same sentence, with the same error(I'm not sure if I remember correctly, was it "pwease"?)

The last occurrence was when the lower lab assistant said "wuit" instead of "suit".

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