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I'll try to explain my problem as well as I can. I've already received some suggestions on the IRC channel but I'm coming here for any extra help I can get.

My problem is that in the game I'm trying to edit, I'm trying to make it in the vein on old school RPGs where an icon appears before a skill or item, like so. Here's what it looks like on this particular screen.

I've made white magic icons. Looks kinda nice in my opinion. My problem is...

This happens whenever I go to the skill menu. The grey color of the icon turns completely black.. I'm thinking that it's the fact that the palette doesn't include that grey color. But how do I add it in? I've been suggested corruption tools but I'm not sure how to work them. Sorry if this is totally obvious. I feel like I'm being completely impatient and looking for an easy way out, but I'm willing to try anything and learn how to fix this.

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